Email from Stephen Wiley to FBI Official re: Guantanamo Trip

Email from Stephen Wiley to FBI Official re: Guantanamo Trip. Email discusses pending trip to Guantanamo.

Wednesday, November 27, 2002
Sunday, February 5, 2006

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From: orEPHEN WILEY To: I[ I Date Wed, Nov 27, 2002 12 45 PM b7c -1 b6 -1
Subject: Re Fwd GTMO Trip
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Steve Where do we stand with the strategy torn I sths still an issue with the TF/ Please see ire
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SS[ GTMO Task Force, FEIHQ called earlier abut the plans for a trip to GTMO next wee planning to leave on 12/5, returning 12/6 Andy Arena hes a conflict and will not 1:e gang briefed me on the meeting he had with you on this issue I agree that there should be
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a higher rank HQ person o3presenbng FBI issues with th lf±seral The issues are not just CIRG/NCAVC b7C -1[issues k seems we need a decision from HQ rather then or I reiterating the NCAVC opinion yet again, to tho General er ha staff at GTMO . l
i decide one of us needs to go well:Ill volunteer sinceCDmade the last trip there)
STEPHEN WILEY 11/26 5 50 PM » IfArena is going, one of you should also go You can discuss your thoughts with him on the way down I suggest that you ensure an appointment has been made with the General I have previously a-marled Andy to this effect srw
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11/26 5 30 PM »

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b6 -1 rid I ere interested in your thoughts abotr one or both of us making the trip to GTMO At this point, we o not know the agenda concerning this tnp
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