Email from NCIS Personal Crimes Division Chief to NCIS Officer re: Detainee Abuse Investigations at Guantanamo

The NCIS Division Chief of the Personal Crimes Department reports that they have received three (3) referrals from the Criminal Investigation Task Force (CITF) regarding alleged detainee abuse at Guantanamo. NCIS held off initiating action pending DOD/Navy IG’s input on “abuse criteria” and the determinations regarding individual Military Criminal Investigation Organizations' areas of responsibility. The email reports that “it’s come down to Gitmo and IMEF in Iraq belonging to NCIS and everything else to Army CID.” With respect to criteria for accepting cases, “the key will be to determine the 'aggravated' factor vs. simple assault.” The Division Chief anticipates working on three cited cases and mentions the need for "manpower" at Guantanamo. The reply states that “the manpower in Gitmo is already critical and they are swamped” and requests additional information.

Monday, June 28, 2004
Monday, November 22, 2004

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To date we only have the 3 referrals mentioned below but I'm not sure how many more could come over from CITF or other entities. Do you have your SIPR account set-up? I'll forward these packages down so you & your ASACs can review and then we'll discuss further coa.

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Better late than never. Sorry, I am just now getting through my emails.
The SSA at GITMO will be PCSing out shortly. He has also volunteered for the first wave for Iraq. I don't know where that stands so it could be that he is out of there in the next week. He will definitely be out by AUG. Because HQ is having difficulties finding an SSA, our SSA's here will be rotating through down there.
. _..... Why am I telling you this? That means we will only have three SA's there. We can mange to take some more out of the FO and send them TDY. But my question is, how are you looking at working these cases. Are they FO case investigations or are they HQ directed/run? The manpower in GITMO is already critical and they are swamped. But that doesn't mean the FO can not send in reinforcements. What is the theory and strategy behind the investigations. I see the case category, but I am not sure of how many cases there will be or how involved or even what the allegations might be.
Any info would help. When do you think the investigations will be initiated and by whom, you or the FO.
Thanksglignd again sorry for the late response.
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Just a quick update on some recent developments ref NCIS investigations involving detainees. To date we've received 3 referrals from CITF regarding alleged detainee abuses at Gitmo. We've held
off initiating any action pending the DoD/Navy IG's input on "abuse criteria" and the individual MCIO's AOR. Well it's come down to Gitmo and IMEF in Iraq belonging to NCIS and everything else to Army CID. After lengthy discussions here in the building its been determined we plan on using our 7G and 7H agency criteria for accepting cases. Of course there will be some flexibility at the field level to consider the totality of the alleged abuse as it relates to the specific environment. The key will be to determine the "aggravated" factor vs. simple assault. The Navy IG team will begin a 10 day TDY detainee review next week to include visiting Gitmo. Blaine advised that one of
the team members will review these 3 specific abuse incidents then make an 1G determination to further a referral to NCIS. ewe can anticipate working these cases so I'm providing this as a heads up to prompt \O°
discussions ref manpower needs at Gitmo.

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