Email from DOD to DOD re: Message from CPA MOJ Representative

Email lists the names/ numbers of detainees cleared for release from Camp Bucca [detainee names/numbers redacted].

Wednesday, June 15, 2005



Subject: Message From CPA MOJ Represen
MA Qi3
ope you had (are having?) a great day. As usual, knowing th you are working as u do has again inspired me to try to also bust my butt. We did 188 file reviews today ( a lithe help from CP -reguirnot bad when you consider that all of last week we only were able to get through Unfortunately, the declination rate was not as high as it has been, and I only authorized 61 releases today. 39 of these Wever were at Bucca, and two prisoners from last nights lists also belong to you. Hopefully this will be about how many we will be able to clear for you each day. The prisoners from Bucca who may be released (subject to clearing CID and MI, of course) are as follows:
I was just speaking with 1 LT egarding your suggestion to out process your prisoners there and then just ship them here to be re-united with their pr erty and then taken to the drop off point, He has agreed to try it this way, but has asked that you have the manifest marke learly as to who has already been outprocessed versus who is transferred (i.e. to make a court appearanc . Speaking of transporting for court, I have suggested to !LT at once a prisoner leaves Bucca for an on-going court se, he should never be returned there. If the case is_ow r a is sentenced, he should be sent to the prison wh e he will serve his time (Abu Ghareb?). If the c els over and no jail time is imposed, he is out of the system. If the case i not over, but the Court paroles him, he is I wise out of the system. Only where the case is adjourned and the remand continued would there potentially be problem. In such a case, the prisoner should be transferred to a Baghdad facility the duration of the case, partic arty if the trial will be starting soon so we will not be trnching on hi confer with s client. I of course lack the thority to make this a hard rule, but I suggest you propose it to MN He will unde tand this instantly and e it happen. This policy will also help reduce your numbers based on ers of cases w are recommending n go to court.
Right now I can't think of any othe ways to help you fr here. If you can send me a message a e-mail address. I will not be able to get it un the morning, but at ast then no on- else will have reap. ntil we meet again, keep the idiots at bay; outshine them h your usual exemp ry performan•I will let you rsow if I see or hear anything. Be well.

pi 228
DOD 11176