Email from DOD to DOD re: Media coverage of detainee abuse

<p>Email includes a PowerPoint presentation entitled &quot;Detainee Operations Summary,&quot; which outlines different events surrounding detainee abuse cases, including Private First Class England's pre-trial investigation.</p>

Monday, August 9, 2004
Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Page 1 of 1 Mr Army G3/AOCUC 6N-6)- z- From: MAJ PMG COLO" Z Sent: Monday, August 09, 2004 2:36 PM To: 1111111111111111r PMG (0C 1 )-Subject:UUSACIDC VCSA slides.ppt (UNCLASSIFIED) Attachments: USACIDC VCSA slides.ppt OPMG Document /VI Il Inc DOD-048445 Detainee Operations Summary [As of 1700, , 9 Aug 2004] 1. Friday / Monday OSD Schedule (9,10 Aug 04): * Monday: NSTR * Tuesday: NSTR 2. Media: * Overall, 120 percent increase in media attention to detainee abuse with. 165 stories detected over last seven days. * The majority of articles reviewed the testimony during last week's Art. 32 for PFC-England * AP recounts the circumstances surrounding the August 2003 death of Nagem Hatab, an Iraqi detainee, at Camp Whitehorse, Iraq. -Eight marines were charged in the crimes associated with Hatab's death. * NY Times sponsored media ( reports a civilian contractor, Nakhla, committed most hideous crime at Abu Ghraib• in the raping of a young boy_ * AP headline incriminates interrogators based on a former sergeant's testimony that intelligence led and directed prisoner abuse, bringing attention to the Army's recent rehiring of civilian contractor, CACI, for interrogations. * USA Today lead article describes Abu Ghraib as a chaotic place where "confusion reigned" and nobody knew what they were suppose to do." * On a positive note, the AP ran a positive story Saturday on the accomplishments of the 372 nd MP Company in Iraq. The story used extensive quotes from 372 nd Soldiers that felt personally smeared by the inappropriate actions of a few. * THEMES -Military intelligence and private contractors implicated in prisoner abuse; witness testimony raises doubt about "few rogue Soldiers" theory FOUO Exempt From Mandatory Disclosure Under the Freedom of Information Act 016287 OPMG Document DO D-048446 -PFC England's defense hurt by witness testimony that no orders were received to commit abusive acts -Testimony paints Abu Ghraib as prison in chaos; no minimum standards, procedures or rules 3. Congress: * Working with STRATCOM and OSD on Kern/Jones/Fay Rollout Plan * Working to schedule LTG Alexander to brief the HASC and SASC reference Afghan interrogations. Window is 9-13 August. * Working to schedule briefing to Rep Hefley reference 4ID cases (bridge cases). * Working to schedule briefing to SEN Mikulski reference 372d MP CO pre-deployment training issues. * Working to schedule HASC and SASC PSM update on detainee-related investigations and disciplinary actions. * Working-to schedule HASC, SASC, HGRC PSM update on CACI single source contracting for interrogations and the role of contractors in interrogations. Team will include Tina Ballard, Ms Myrick, LTG Alexander and OSD rep. Tentative date is 25 August for this session. * Working to answer a query from CONG Meek's office ref investigations Update. 4. OSD / Joint Staff: * Mr. Waxman, OSD-Detainee Affairs, met with Army CID officers to discuss the investigation process that occurs from the point of capture (CJTF-76) in theater into the Army. * The Geren/Maples Group discussed the issues within the Senator Wyden's letter to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld that was published in the Earl Bird. This letter was in res I onse to an Ore • onian newspaper editorial that guardsmen saw dozens of Iraqi prisoners being abused on June 29, one day after Iraq's interim government assumed FOUO Exempt From Mandatory Disclosure Under the Freedom of Information Act 016,"„sa OPMG Document DO D-048447 power. G/M Group has asked the Army for any information they had on the topic. The development of policy is dependent on the methods. the Iraqi Government uses during their operations. * The Geren/Maples Group tasked the Army for information relating to a Denver Post July 14, 2004 editorial. The Army typically remains quiet until after all criminal investigations are completed. * The Geren/Maples Group received a copy of the VADM Church briefing rto the SECDEF on the Gaps and Seams within the current set of investigations. * Provided the Geren/Maples. Group a status of Abu Ghraib Courts Martial. * Provided a copy of the errors within Mr. McGraw's proposed letter for the SECDEF's signature on explaining USD-Policy towards interrogations and holding of detainees.. The Geren/Maples- group is collecting comments from each of the military branches -. This letter is part of the Strategic Communications Plan being developed by Mr. Richard McGraw. 5. PMG / CID: * CID - 17 additional photos seized from a non-DoD affiliated female friend of SPC Hannon 372 MP Co. -photos do not depict any new incidents * EXSUM attached (Tab 5) on how many criminal investigations opened as a result of the MG Fay investigation -CID has yet to initiate any new investigations as a result of the MG Fay investigation. -MG Fay investigation identified 24 physical or sexual assault detainee abuses -CID had previously investigated 18 of those incidents. -MG Fay's legal advisors declined to allow HQUSACIDC to send the remaining 6 incidents to the field for investigation until 6 Aug 04. On 6 Aug 04, those 6 allegations were approved for release to CID field elements for investigation. FOUO Exempt From Mandatory Disclosure Under the Freedom of Information Act 016289 OPMG Document DOD-048448 * Detainee Summary reflects 17 new cases. * Provided updated case summary attached (Tab 5) * 131 Criminal Investigations of Detainee Abuse in Facilities * 55 Criminal Investigations of Detainee Abuse Outside of Facilities 6. G2: * LTG Alexander tentatively scheduled to brief HASC and SASC staff members next week. Coordination is still on-going. * 13 Aug 04// LTG Alexander scheduled to participate in Editorial Boards in local area (Washington: Post and USA Today). * Editorial Boards in NYC (New York Times, New York Post and Wall Street Journal), and Atlanta/Miami (Miami Herald and CNN) have been postponed. 7. DAIG: NSTR 8. TJAG:. * Updated EXSUM attached (Tab 8) on Army Court Martial completed of PFC Edward Richmond -PFC Richmond,11D, found guilty of voluntary manslaughter - charged with unpremeditated murder of an Iraqi detainee -Richmond was assigned to 25 th ID at the time of the incident -sentenced to dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowance, reduction to E-1, and 3 years confinement * PFC England's pretrial investigation under the provisions of Article 32, UCMJ, continued Saturday with arguments concerning the extensive requested witness list (which includes VP Cheney, SECDEF, DEPSECDEF, LTG Sanchez, and others) submitted by the defense. The FOUO Exempt From Mandatory Disclosure Under the Freedom of Information Act n in.r4qn 1.•U1-7 OPMG Document DOD-048449 Investigating Officer will consider the request and issue a written decision. The next session of the Article 32 hearing is set for 30 Aug 04, because of defense counsel unavailability before that date. * In reply to Mr. Geren's question, "Does Army Treat Abuse Seriously?" Response to a 14 Jul 04 Denver Post editorial may create the appearance of unlawful command influence and would likely be limited by Privacy Act concerns. EXSUM attached (Tab 8) 9. G-3: * G3 preparing to start writing Army Detainee Operations Plan s (ADOP) . * G3 continues to staff DA IG Corrective Action Plan, and prepare support for planning phase of ADOP. -Awaiting complete DA IG assessment of tasks from TRADOC * Assisting with SEN Mikulski request for data on 372 MP Company. Provided interim FORSCOM response with data. -Coordinating with OCAR to provide SME to brief information to staffers. 10. EOH Staff Group * For ADOP timeline, today is D+18. * Planning Directive is ready for approval and signature. Critical staff principals -- OPMG, G2, and G3 -- concurred. * DAS approved OPMG lead for Phase 11B and Phase III, with G3 and G2 in close support and providing maximum effort. -EOH and OPMG briefed VDAS on DTF current operations and planning staff transition plans. Bottom line — Current Operations: OPMG will begin liaison with Geren/Maples Group and ASD-DA on Wednesday, 11 AUG 04; conduct "right-seat-rides" with VDAS regarding DTF meetings and EOH SG regarding reporting processes, . FOUO Exempt From Mandatory Disclosure Under the Freedom of Information Act . 016291 OPMG Document DOD-048450 with a goal to completely assume current operations in two weeks, 25 AUG 04 (D+34). Bottom line — Planning staff: OPMG-led planning effort, with G2, G3, and EOH in close support, will commence tomorrow, 10 AUG 04 with the goal of completing the ADOP NLT 6 SEP (D+46). -PMG will brief DAS on this transition plan, composition of the planning staff, framework for the plan, and planning milestones on 13 AUG 04 (D+22). * DTF will meet Mon, Wed, and Fri mornings at 0730 in Pershing Conference Room. * DTF received a DRAFT copy of the VADM Church briefing to the SECDEF on "Gaps and Seams." DTF will review and comment on the briefing. EOH will compile comments and forward to VADM Church's group NLT Wed, 11 AUG. * Location for Detainee Task Force planning staff offered at Presidential Towers. -PMG working to resource the location (computers, phones etc). -Members of phase IIB team will start occupying this week, 9-13 AUG 04. 11. STRATCOM * Brief DAS on Roll —Out and Engagement Plan week of 9 Aug 12. Current Focus: * Continue to support OSD Detainee Task Force with corrective Action Plan and Congressional Engagement Plan. - * Develop, coordinate, present, and simultaneously execute corrective action plans subordinate to, or in response to DAIG corrective action plan. * Develop and present Detainee Operations Campaign Plan; a multi-phased, multi-faceted approach to adapting Army and Joint FOUO Exempt From Mandatory. Disclosure Under the Freedom of Information Act 0.1629 4 OPMG Document DOD-048451 detainee operations; integrate all key findings and recommendations regarding detainee operations for success in the COE. * Continue to support USCENTCOM, Schlesinger Panel as required. FOUO Exempt From Mandatory Disclosure Under the Freedom of Information Act . 016293 OPMG Document DOD-048452