Email from DOD to DOD re: Executive summary of internal investigations into detainee abuse

Email includes an executive summary that discusses the DOA's investigations into detainee abuse, including the different types of support they have received thus far.

Friday, June 25, 2004
Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mr Army G3/AOC
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Subject: FW: Detainee Operations Support to CENTCOM

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Her is 4.0 on the tasker we crashed on yesterday, due Tuesday, 1500. I plan on incorporating the information I sent you that laid out all we have done to support CENTCOM since detainee Ops started. COI .C6)00) 7 2-
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All, Per DAS's guidance, please update the information contained in the attached DRAFT #3 and return to me by 1500 TUE. DAS's guidance:
Shape information to show what the Army has done to help/support CENTCOM.

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HODA Support to
OSD Detainee T...
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(U) HQDA Detainee Operations, DTG 221500JUN04, HQDA has aggressively supported the Office of Secretary of Defense, Members of Congress, Joint Staff, CENTCOM Combatant Commander, and media in regard to detainee operations. The Army is conducting compressive internal investigations and is supporting CENTCOM's Detainee Abuse Investigations and has taken a holistic view of Detainee Operations from the point of capture through release. Below is a sample of the Department of the Army contributions to this effort.
Media Support:

Of 1050 total queries over the past 7 weeks, fielded over 540 media queries on
Detainee Abuse Issues (51 %)

o 270 inquires on investigations (50%)

o 135 inquires on UCMJ issues (25%)

o 108-interview request (20%)

o 27 inquires on training (5%)

Provided three full time public affairs officers in direct support of public affairs operations in the CENTCOM AOR. (64) ?'"

Conducted one on one media training for MG Ryder, MG Taguba, and LTC.

Facilitated 3 media "backgrounder interviews with senior officials of OTJAG

Devises, compiled and coordinated more than 65 Q&As on Abu Ghraib in
support of MG Ryder and LTC .C_L)Clo)-2-

Produced talking points, themes, and messages for Abu Ghraib for Army Senior
Leader web page

Served as clearinghouse for diverse DoD components including OTJAG, OGS,
CID and OASD (PA) for all Abu Ghraib related information

Media Day events were held at Fort Huachuca, and Fort Leonard Wood resulting
in positive stories on all major networks reference training and doctrine

On a daily basis Chief Media Relations interacts with National Media on detainee
abuse issues focusing on Title X responsibilities

Congressional Support:
• Prepared, Escorted, and/or scheduled fifty-two hearings, and/or briefings to
members of congress and congressional staff. This consists of 43% of the total
engagements for OSD with Congress. In comparison, OSD & Joint staff met with
Congress 36%, CENTCOM 9%, SOUTHCOM 10%, and SOCOM 2%. These
statistics clearly show the aggressive nature the U.S. Army has used to address
this issue with Congress in relation to the Title 10 responsible agencies for the
actions in Iraq.

OSD/JS Support:
• Army Staff Senior Leaders and staff officers have attended and contributed to
every OSD Detainee TF meetings at all three levels (3-8 meetings/day) since the
OSD TF was founded


Army Staff (SJDA/ODAS) has provided twelve analytical products to the MG Maples/Geren group since 12 May and provided twenty full time field grade officers to augment various OSD directed staff efforts.

All personnel provided are above and beyond or in excess to where the
personnel would be normally assigned

Army has met 100% of our tasking from the Joint Staff

Secretary England's Team 6 personnel / 3 Army (50%)

VADM Church Team 47 personnel /13 Army (27%)

Schlesinger Panel 8 personnel / 2 Army (25%)

VADM Moore Team 77 personnel / 23 Army (30%)

Geren / Maples 1 Principal .2 Liaison.(100%)

MG Miller Detainee Ops 45 personnel / 25 Army (55%)

Detainee Operations, Policy and Doctrine Support

MG Ryder briefed Congress and OSD on six separate occasions, which required OPMG to re-task its Initiatives- and NDRC staffs to conduct policy review and analysis, and staff coordination in preparation for testimony. Preparation for testimony required a 50% staff emphasis across a six-week period

OPMG provided 13 analytical products to the OSD TF. Product development and staff coordination employed Initiatives and NDRC staff approximately four hours per product, including the time required to collect, collate, analyze and produce final products in response to OSD taskings

OPMG conducted a 30-page analysisiito review a multi-service policy for detainee operations. This analysis provided supporting documentation for a policy-doctrine-training crosswalk to identify and amend potential gaps for the implementing interim policy (rapid revision) to meet Field Army requirements

OPMG coordinated a tasking for 30 correction specialists to CENTCOM (since the beginning of OSD support requirements) for 120 days to train/support detention operations. This initiative balanced acceptable risk to support CENTCOM detainee operations against the adverse impact on personnel manning at four confinement facilities in the U.S. The Ft Lewis Confinement Facility was reduced to 71 % manning, which required the facility to operate on 12-hour shifts. Ft Knox was reduced to 87% manning, which required 12-hour shifts, no training, and restrictions placed on soldier leaves. The U.S. Disciplinary Barracks was required to move to 12-hour shifts and only authorized use or lose leave. Ft Sill also transitioned to12-hour shifts

Criminal Investigation Support

MG Ryder and the Deputy Commander provided information on investigations to the House Armed Services Committee Professional Staffers. Information consisted of case category, type and location analysis, status of investigations, and summaries of investigative actions for over 103 criminal cases

Over 140 media responses, which is approximately a three-fold increase over the normal number of media requests and responses that CID receives in a similar period of time

FOUO 016260

Initiation of an investigative task force at HQ, CID, to review all detainee cases and identify commonalities, trends, patterns and leads. The forming of the task has basically shut down the command's Inspector General office, the investigative policy office, and two-thirds of the current operations office

32% (283) of all CID Agents assigned to CENTCOM or working detainee abuse investigations

Intelligence Operations Support

Congressional Hearings: LTG Alexander participated in 13 (41%) out of 31 Congressional hearings attended by DoD

LTG Alexander and other DA G2 personnel participated in 4 (13%) out of 31 congressional staff briefs with DoD participation. G2 percentage of Army effort is 24% (4.16)

Provided 31 Military Intelligence personnel in support of MG Fay to conduct the Procedure 15 Investigation (100%)

Provided 11 Military Intelligence Personnel out of 41 Army personnel assigned to OSD TF on Detainee investigation (26%)

Inspector General Support
• 1/3 of all Department of the Army Inspectors dedicated to DAIG Detainee Operations Inspection supported by 8 augmentees from across the Army. This inspection required the DAIG to postpone the Army Home Station Training Inspection, which was one of the DAIG FY04 Army-wide inspections.

Provided 16 analytical products to OSD/CENTCOM in support of OSD TF

Provided 1 DAIG I/O Inspector to Navy IG planning team

Legal Support

Army Judge Advocates have testified to Congress or conducted staff briefings on detainee-related issues on six occasions

Provided 12 Army Judge Advocates for dedicated legal support to OSD,
COCOM, or HQDA on detainee-related issues

Provided 39 analytical products in support of OSD TF

Provided three formal legal opinions on detainee-related issues

Training and Doctrine Support
• HQDA G3 has been primary lead for OSD Detainee TF in obtaining information on training and doctrine support for detainee operations. It has provided 22 of 24 (92%) for training and doctrine related issues. The other two request were provided through JS/CENTCOM and JS/ SOUTHCOM
do)(to) LTC. ODAS Cbgb)-z_ US.arm .mil 10(6)--z-Approved By: CO
FOUO 016261