Email between Marion Bowman, Valerie Caproni, Thomas J. Harrington and Others re: Interviews with FBI Personnel Who Toured Through Iraq

<p>This email is collecting a list of FBI agents who toured through Iraq in 2003, and obtaining statments from them concerning their understanding of FBI interrogation procedures for detainees.</p>

Wednesday, May 12, 2004
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

b6 -1 b7C -1 From' BOWMAN, MARION E (OGC) (FBI) To Capron', Valene E (OGC) (FBI) CC Subject 1FW GTMO Oplan I SENSITIVE BUT UNCLASSIFIED NON-RECORD -I FYI i 1 -L --On inal Messa e--- From b6 -1 Sent Monday, March 15, 2004'10 40 AM isi7c -1 Td .7.48m1.1„magi. pN E (Dii.r09) (FBI) .I Cc I I(Div09) (FBI) Subject GTMO Oplan ' 1i Gents, Attached for your reading pleasure is the GTMO Oplan Enjoy Thanks 1-1 i,6 -1 , , „„, Apk..T1.1FcRKATxoN:,t.or;TArTNAP b7C -1 „6, „ ISS it C96 • SENSITIVE BUT UNCLASSIFIED DETAINEES-1503 50 I Y. DOJFBI-00211 6 _-Page 3 -. b6 -1 ..1 b7C -1 I I Valerie UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED i DETAINEES-1508 • DOJFBI-002121 - -. -- b6 -1 b7C -1 UNCLASSIFIED NON-RECORD 1 Thanks Who can get me a list of all the agents who have been OSC in Iraq? I have that info for GTMO and Afghanistan already ----Onginal. , From BRIESE, M C (Div13) (FBI) Sent Wednesday, May 12, 2004 8 50 AM To Canrnni ValeriP F tpliv09) (FBI) Cc!. i(Div13) (FBI), HARRINGTON, T J (Div13) (FBI) Subject' RE DOD guidelines ,UNCLASSIFIED .NON-RECORD 1 1 1 1 Valerie, I ;edthougli I was in Iraq in January for a couple of weeks, I have not been an OSC However, when I toured Abu G, DOD did discuss:the FBI signing an MOU that outlined the limits to interrogation procedures To my knovi dedge, we never signed the agreement I will see what I can gather relating to this issue for you Chris 1 Message----! From Capron!, Valerie E (Div09) (FBI) Sent ,Wednesday, May 12, 2004 7 44 AM b6 -1 To BRIESE, M C (Dw13) (FBI) b7C -1 Cc;. I I(Div13) (FBI), HARRINGTON, T J (Div13) (FBI) Subject IDOD guidelines CJNCLASSIFIED 1 NON-RECORD Chris, liam hoping as an OSC fOr awhile in Iraq you can shed some light on this According to the papers, there were rules promulgated far the treatment of detainees in Iraq by DoD on October 12, 2003 In my collecting of all stuff the Director needs to know about this; I haven't seen that Are you aware of such rules? Do we have a way to get them from DoD if they exist or confirm that the paper is wrong? DETAINEES-1507 /SOF DOJFBI-0021 20 Page 1.: I 1 . b6 -1 :i !i i b7C -1i I Ii, From BATTLE, FRANKIE (CTD) (FBI) 61 To BRIESE, M C (CTD) (FBI); Caproni, Valerie E (OGC) (FBI) b6 -1i CC Iil(CTD)'(FB1), HARRINGTON, T J 1 (CTD) (FBI) b7C -16 Subject lRE DOD guidelines6 I UNCLASSIFIED NON-RECORD ./alene,1 b6 b7C -1.After conversing with.Assistant tolthe DD), I was able to obtain the OSC's for the early part of our mission in Iraq.Most of us were just arriving here at FBIHQ's when the Iraq mission was just getting 1 good start 6 (was the first OSC (90 days), he was relieved by ASAC Mike Folmar of the Memphis b6iDivision :(45 day tenure), although ASAC Tom Powers of Boston came over to provide assistance to Mike during th:e transition of one OSC to another Pdwers onlylstayed for two weeks pnor to departing for the b7C -1 States The operation duringi Is tenure was based out of Kuwait, and eventually moved to Doha, then to Baghdad linever ran the operation from Baghdad After Folmar, SAC Tom Fuentes was OSC,:followed by DAD Chris Swecker, then former SAC Ed Worthington Fuentes, Swecker and Worthington served between 60 -90 days The present OSC is ASAC Ed Lueckenhoff We are currently advertising for the next OSC to began service JblylAugusl, 04 fb ALL xsat:kmArzo* CouTAirlep HERE .X2 IDICLAO2T.FIED Messagt--- DAT1T X1-01-2004 -0Y 41.574 E¦ tcii ats:,rAc .4 151 From BRIESE, M C (Dni13) (FBI) Sent Wednesday, M4 12, 2004 10 44 AM To6 iv09) (FBI) b6 -1i Cc 6 (Div13) (FBI), HARRINGTON, T (Div13) (FBI), BATTLE, FRANKIE (Div13) b7C -1 (FBI) Subject RE DOD gu delines UNCLASSIFIED NON-RECORD 1 Frankie, ! l Can you provide that Chris ---Original Message--- From Ci•,proni, Valerie E I (Div09) (FBI) Sent Wednesday, May 12, 2004 9 59 AM T.01.tDiv1) (FBI). b6 -1 iCc i i(Div13) (FBI), HARRINGTON, T J (Div13) (FBI) b7C -1i Subject RE DOD guidelines DETAINEES-1506 • I 5-0 ( : DOJFBI-002119 -FBI Disc Letter pdf Page 1 iI b6 -1! , b7C -1 'CW4TAINSO NERBXNIZ WiCLINSSIFIeD 0,0M-13:403r2004AY :61574 Dr4HILETJAc'ai.;cv74151 DETAINEES-1505 / S-05 DOJFBI-002118 -.- 1 Discovery Letter At f Page 1 b6 -1 b7C -1' , •.I DETAINEES-1504 DOJFBI-002117 ••••¦•¦¦•••••-rrr•Ir.•••••¦•¦•'•••Mr I . 1, ,. ; 1 1. .. From Capron', Valene E (OGC) (FBI) b6 -1 Tof6 11(INSD) (F13.1) HARRINGTON. T J (CTD) (FBI) cc iVTD)1 (FBI)1i I (INSD) (FBI) b7C -1. Subject IRE GTMO Interviews UNCLASSIFIED NON-RECORD b5 -3 b5 -3 b5 -3 b5 -3 b5 -3 b5 -3 I6 I. -1---Ongrnal Message r---- I 1 From6 (INSD) (FBI) b6 -1 Sent6urs ay, u y,64 8 34 AM b7C -1 -co HARIRINGTON, iiJ (CTD)"(FBI) Canrnm Va ere F i(OrC).(FBI) Cc'6 I(CTD).(FB1)1 6(INSD) (FBI) Subject GTMO InterViews linportance High61 AlaitcrraRmAT.T.6N6i.iwAii.rso I H6V EREINIIINPTAFSIFIP6 /61ZAT7.1.2.*o.s.qay.61.577mrif.Ftmetqx.777:4151: i6 UNCLASSIFIED NON-RECORD I 1 i 1 i6i6 6 Valerie /from We've reCeived:about a 50% respOnse solar regarding the GTMO personnel We think many are on vacation In the meantime, we've Identified 'a few people whose responses require follow I I up interview I've attached a draft of the question format we're proposing to utilize when we begin the interview process Take a look:and let me knov:( if you haVe any concerns or areas of inquiry you think are not covered but should be 6 1 •'Than s b6 -1 b7C -1 UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED ' DETAINEES-1509 DOJFBI-002122