Email between General Donald J. Ryder and DOD Officials re: Excerpts and Highlights from Major General Antonio Taguba's Report

Email discusses six hot button issues [redacted] found in a Captain's report that is written in response to Major General Antonio Taguba's report. Also, the Captain's report comments on omissions made by MG Taguba in his report, omissions the author believes could be 'deceptive in fact finding evidence.' There is mention of ghost detainees being held at Abu Ghraib and being hidden from the International Committee of the Red Cross. Further, a quote from MG Wojdakowski is highlighted in the email, in reference to providing medical care to injured detainees, MG Wojdakowski was quoted as saying '[p]risoners are not priority right now and I will not take away doctors from U.S. facilities to accommodate prisoners.'

Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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Subject: CP eport Responds to MG Taguba Report
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Sir, here are some of the hot buttons included within CPT report provided below my notes. I think we could see some additional outcomes as a result of this report, such as:
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While extracting this directly from MG Ryder's report, MG Taguba left one sentence out of his report that was the middle of the paragraph and states, 'Specifically, the 800th MP (I/R) Bde and its subordinate units are not well equipped to defend its I/R facilities (e.g., few crew -served weapons) or escort prisoners in a high threat environment (e.g., no M1114 HMMWVs, and few M1025/6. HMMWVs and organic cargo vehicles.' With force protection being a critical issue and highly publicized concern at Abu Ghraib, this sentence should not have been excluded from his report. This omission is- perceived to be deceptive in fact finding evidence."
"Page 20, paragraph 13 references ' Another obvious example of the Brigade Leadership not communicating with its soldiers or ensuring their tactical proficiency concerns the incident of detainee abuse occurring at Camp Bucca.' This statement is misleading, as the 800th MP BDE contacted Criminal Investigative Division to investigate the incident. In contrast, the Bde should be commended for taking immediate action not criticized."
"I would suspect that training would be force fed rather than having to be requested. If MG Ryder, the top military police officer in the Army felt a dire need for additional Military Police or training, he should have provided the resources."
"Additionally, a non commissioned officer on MG Ryder's team conducted corrections training at Abu Ghraib on 28 October 03 In fact, this same soldier was on MG Taguba's investigative team..." Sir, we believe that she is referring to SFC
CJTF-7 requested MG Ryder's Team and the Inspector General to conduct a thorough review of detainee operations. The 800th MP Bde made corrections to the deficiencies that were under its control and responded in writing to both reports. Many of the deficiencies identified were directed to the CPA Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, CJTF-7 Staff Judge Advocate and other organizations...(Response to MG Ryder's report not included for classification reasons)."
Immediately upon mortars killing 6 detainees, BG Karpinski persisted and fiercely requested assistance from CJTF-7. She spoke to the CJTF-7 Deputy Commander (MG Wojdakowski) and according to a conversation with her; MG Wojdakowski stated 'Janis, they are only detainees."
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"Page 26, paragraph 33 references ' various facilities operated by the 800th MP BDE have routinely held persons brought to them by Other Government Agencies (OGA) without accounting for them, knowing their identities, or even reason for their detention. On one occasion, the 320th MP Bn at Abu Ghraib held a handful of "ghost detainees" (6-8) for OGAs that they moved around within the facility to hide them from visiting International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) survey team. This maneuver was deceptive, contrary to Army Doctrine, and in violation of international law." I HIGHLY recommend the Senate Armed Services Committee obtain a copy of CJTF-7 Fragmentary order #1099. (Attachment not included for classification reasons.)"
"Per conversation with soldiers at the meeting and through written accounts, MG Wojdakowski stated 'Prisoners are not priority right now and I will not take away doctors from U.S. facilities to accommodate prisoners.' The officers at the meeting expressed to him that according to the Geneva Convention we had to provide the same level of care to detainees as we do US soldiers. MG Wojdakowski stated 'No we don't."

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