Email between FBI Agents re: Allegations of Detainee Abuse at Guantanamo Bay

<p>An email from an FBI agent responding to a question about alleged abuse at Guantanamo Bay. The agent stated that he was stationed at Guantanamo Bay from June 2, 2003 to July 17, 2004. During the agent's time at GTMO, he/she occasionally witnessed sleep deprivation being used. The agent was told that one interrogator gave a detainee a lap dance (possibly detainee #114). Also, another interrogator bragged to the agent that he/she made a detainee listen to &quot;satanic black metal music&quot; for hours and then dressed up as a Catholic Priest and baptized the detainee.</p>

Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Monday, January 1, 2007

. • .• 'JUN. 27 . 2006 - 4: 34PM • 0 NO. 704 P. 5 ?age 1 of I " • . (INS D) (FBI) From: (CV) (FBI) Sent: Wednesday, July 14.2004 ZIT PM To: (INSCI) (FBI) • 041•••¦ OW% &ukase GTMO perarnvK suit UNCLASSIFIED -rtrfl NON•ECORQ •. I was MY to G.2110 from the dates of June 2. 21,03 le J1417, 2064O M that time lIfid hIbl:obtenre . D aggressive treatment, interrogations or inters*/ illehrtiqUes on GTMO detainees which was not consistent with Bureau interview pnlicylgrAddliiris FBI personnel or the interrogators from FT. Belvoir consisting of Air Force OSI, Naval Investigative Serfs* and Possibly a few other amine although I ain't recall which ones. However. Ida mall seeing some techniques Wiled by other in torn not associated with the Fill or the Ft. Belot Inlerrogatom. I obasionally saw aleap depravation Interviews yeah strobe lights and two different . kinds of loud music. I asked the•one of the Interrogators what they were doing they said that It would takeapproximately four days to break someone doing an Interrogation 16 hours on with the lights and music and four hours off. The sleep depravation and the lights and altemabrig beats of the music would wear the detainee downThus was a time period wharf the interrogafions.were abbsetve enough that the Interview rooms for an entire ewer were not available if one of these techniques were beim) I heard many rumors about Minis that I did not observe:. I spoke with one Interrogator (not sure If military orcontractor or ower) that oragoso about doing a lap canoe on one Detainee (possibly 0114). Mother interrogatorMgt sure if military or contractor or other) bragged about making Detainee 0114 listen to satanic busk metalmusic for hour and hours. Than the interrogator dressed as a Catholic Priest and baptized the detainee in order t save h.m. t. ONSITTV E EIUT UNCLASIVFIED r AR 15-6 GTMO Investigation% Exhibit _AV... of Exhibits ropy.), -nor? I err • 7 q et DOD JUNE 3758 DOD057565