Email from Betsy A. Lippman to Edward R. Cummings, David W. Bowker and Others re: Discussion with International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) Legal Division

Email from Betsy Lippman to State Department officers concerning discussions with the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) legal division in a follow-up to discussions with ICRC President Kellenberger. The email is heavily redacted.

Wednesday, February 13, 2002
Thursday, December 16, 2004

From: Lippman, Betsy A B 1, 1.4(D) Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 20026:19 PM To: Cummings, Edward R (Main State)(Main State Room 5635); Bowker, David W(Main State Room 6429); Tarpey, Dona R; Alan Kreczko; Betsy Lippman; Douglas Hunter; Eugene Dewey; James Foley; Kevin Maley; Linda Thomas-Greenfield; Nicholas Miscione; T Peay Subject: FW: Confidential-Discussion with ICRC legal division CONFIDENTIAL Steve. Dona and I met with leRC's Jean Philippe Lavoyer and Catherine Deman from the legal division to fol/ow-up on Friday's discussion with Kellenberger! \It was envisioned as a short meetin to define issues that both sides seek further clarification on but ended u Visits to Washington: The visits of Beatrice Megevand Roggo and Kellenberger were raised with Lavoyer. He did not have much detail on what Roggo would be doingl B 1 On Kellenberger's visit -Lavoyer said it was too early to come forward with information. I will check with other sourCes to get the thinking on a possible visit by the President. . Lavoyer will also be visiting Washington on/around March 11-13 for the American Society of International Law Conference. He would be pleased to meet with DOS/DOD officials for further discussion of these issues. He will be in NY beforehand for a course that leRC participates in on IHL for diplomats. Areas for clarification: It was decided that the following areas should be put on the table for further discussion: Details on each of these areas will be provided next week. UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE REVIEW AUTHORITY: FRANK E SCHMELZER CLASSIFICATION: CONFIDENTIAL REASON: 1.4(0) -t: n.. T D05-002231 DECLASSIFY AFTER: 12 FEB 2027 Ul'4CLASSIFIED DATE/CASE ID: 03 DEC 2004 200303827