Email attaching Memo: CTC's HVT Interrogation Efforts (re: al-Nashiri)

<p>Heavily redacted description of the interrogation of Al-Nashiri, nearly identical (if not in fact identical) to ACLU-RDI 4614, but with fewer redactions. [OIG Remand Vaughn #Email-196]</p>

Non-legal Memo
Wednesday, November 20, 2002
Sunday, August 23, 2009

1/4. • (b)(1) TOP CRETHX1 ' 0 0 19 6((b)(3) 8000827 TOP -8E T//X1 TOP CRET//Xi Sent on 20 November 2002 at 06:54:55 PM SOD-0323 TOP S CRET//X1 k Date: SUBJECT: CTC's HVT Interrogation Efforts 1 . Summary: CTC's interrogation efforts. with the interrogation of Al-Naehi ' 2 . . IAl-Nashiri - With the recent captUre of a high-ranking Al Qa'ida operative, Al-Rahim Ar-Nashiri, CTC's interrogation efforts. Al-Nashiri is believed to be responsible for planning the USS Cole attack (which he has admitted a role in this) and future attacks on US interests in the'Arab Peninsula region • inclUding attacks bn US Worshiped .Al-Nashir has Undergone] interrogation with the HVT Interrogators using and, Al-Nashiri is becOming more compliant and is providing actionable intelligence. 80G0829 SUBJECT:. CTC/g HVT Interrogation Efforts 3 4 . 8000.830