DOS Cable re: Prosecution of Non-Afghanis Fighting With Al Qaeda Or Taliban

<p>This State Department cable is captioned &quot;Subject: Prosecution of Non-Afghanis Fighting With Al Qaeda Or Taliban&quot; but contains no discernible information on the subject matter.</p>

Friday, December 14, 2001
Monday, November 22, 2004

N D S N UNCLASSIFIED SECRET / U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE RELEASED IN FULL IMMEDIATE OUTGOING OFFICE: TF1 COPIES: 1 DECAPTIONED POST: State DTG: 140055Z DEC 01 MRN: 212937 DISTRIBUTION: SSO SSOX SWCI TF1 SUBJECT: PROSECUTION OF NON-AFGHANIS FIGHTING WITH AL QAEDA OR TALIBAN COMMENTS: VES AUTHORIZATION: DATE/TIME: S INR SES NSCE D UNW READ CIAE P SP STTP DR T EUR CA DODE SNIS L SESO E NEA DES SESS DS ACDA G AF EB AID PA SES/RM M WHA PM DEL USTR R EAP INM JUSE PRM C SA SCT IO FBIE This NODES message will be. automatically decaptioned after 5 years, unless exempted by the Executive Secretary or designee. Check box to exempt telegram from automatic decaptioning. The attached document may be seen only by the addressee and, if not expressly precluded, by those officials under his authority whom he considers to have a clear-cut "need-to-know." It may not be reproduced, given additional distribution, or discussed with non-recipients without prior approval of the Executive Secretariat. Addressees outside the Department of State must handle the document in accordance with the above instructions and with current Department of State instructions on NODIS. When this document is no lon7er needed, the recipient is responsible for supervising its destruction. Executive Secretary UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATES SECRET REVIEW AUTHORITY: WILLIAM E LANDFAIR DATE/CASE ID: 09 NOV 2004 200303827 UNCLASSIFIED DOS-000001