DOJ-OIG Questionnaire of FBI Personnel re: Detainee Treatment

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A DOJ-OIG questionnaire for FBI personnel who were involved in detainee interview or interrogations at assigned locations in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Iraq; Afghanistan; or in other areas controlled by the U.S. Military. Questionnaire primarily focused on personnel training regarding detainee treatment standards and reporting of inappropriate treatment, and on knowledge of certain interview or interrogation techniques. Example techniques of the latter include: "depriving a detainee of sleep," "beating a detainee," "using shackles or other restraints in a prolonged manner." Document paid specific attention to the difference between training, reporting and activities done by FBI and non-FBI personnel. Document name: DOJOIG000601.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

PAR e U N 4I
A. Personal Information
Department of 3,ustice Inspector Genera' Questionnaire Regarding Detainees
QUESTIONNAIRE ID: test-00001640
ASO the last time this questionnaire, was saved, some required fields have not been c9rnpIeted.
Ple.aSe,reVievg your responses.
PleaSeprovide the f011Owing itiforniatiOn:
1. First name
2. Middle initial:
1 Last name:
4., Entered:On Duty Date (EOE
$,:airretf ,DIvistoydFieki 'it)ffipo:
Direct:dial OffiteAelephotie nurnber:
8. FBIteiI h0110`, nurtiber:
9. f pagernuMber::
lg.. Best contact: number for'yow
-6, 4:7C
0 A. 7C
SpeCiatAg,ent FOrensic Examiner,
6 440-PERA04:0thiratiVi'
4' 70 PER A001111E10- ,
B. Background of Specific DeployMentS or ASSignMentS
11. Many time afterlSetiterriber 11, 2001, did you terVefas.-a Mel -fiber of the:U.S. Military, or as
employee,or contractor or the FBLor.any other government agency, at ,Guantanamo Bay t tiabal Iraq;
Afghanistan, or in areas:cantrolled by the VO. Military or:a U.S.:intelligence service in connection with the
gt01.;or VAT on .terKol a Yes 0- No,
12., Enter the number Of' timet yOu,Were.dePloyed oraSsilnad,to each oriffe„. ioilOwirig loPations.
Gdantanarna Bay, tuba Iraq Afg hanista n; Or in any areaS . centralled hYthe,.U.S. Militarybr a U.S.
serVice):lraq, -,1 time
For each deployment oreSsionni-lent .complete 'the:following Section..
DOko,lo*rriAnt O,Ir'nnlinn-ierit-tildfiari on fit
Location (select onnI,
01/1412004 03/11120.04
1 Za. What was Trie:oep:ogi riature0.04 ligrpl5A0, 0,:f Yolk-a ssighTniprit4(10 aalvit,*7 •
am a Forensic Examiner with the Computer Analysis.kesponse Team (CARTI. My>job was to provide
computer forphsic assistance for the rotation of FBI personnel in Iraq,. also worked with military
forensic On-10liter ttaitifiets.
12tr. Please provide, the'riatties of th:sge'cific:t -onirts, bases, or facilities where
Baghdad International Airport (BIAR) r Camp Victory and Camp Slayer
ale. Mite: If infarmatiOn about a Aiecifitcarno,orfacilit,y it olaSSifd 'above SECRET,
„ .
DOJOIG 000601
Pe 04** riP Or*gidniiOnt ppded on,
ar atiout.
A. Training Prior to Overseas Deployment or Assignment
please check here O r include in youranswer that, yon,haveadditIonalinforrnation'classitied above
r$EgilEf," and, if you knoW, identify the clasSifiCation level, tiCket, cOmpartrnent,, prOg rem,. Or other
designation thatapplies to theinforthaticirr, DO not incluclethe additional clasSified informatiOrr idyôur
questiOnnalre responses. 016 personnel with the necescary 'clearance will contact you to receive it.
Name. Piasitioti
Deputy On Scene .Cdnitnalider
On 'Scene coMMarider
112e. Did you jointly interVieW or interrogate ariy detainee with ifon-,FSI personnel? ,
I "0 YeS '® No
11.2f. Did you jointly plan any detainee interviewer interropatien:strategy,, objectiVesiiii tactic S with hon-
FBI personnel? ,
t -0 Yes " .0 No I -
.12g. Were,you ever otherWiSeinVolved in detaineeinterviewsor interrogations With non-Fm - personnel?
0 Yes .0 NO
-,talease destrli?e:Qrle time. One evening I was. sit±ing at ItY:wOrkstation (Wb) in our bonding within the;.,
BIAP working' on m"Y comptitet Ari agent walked by meson his way tO the kitchen' to get sOrrie ftiod/vvater,.:
When he Carrie back out he asked if I could help him (bean extra body for security re -astir-is) as, he Was
assisting two Iraqi law enforcement-officers k and some military,.guy interviewing three Iraqi' bomb, makers
in a building down the road from our place; I was told that these guys were being interviewed because
41loy-knellY of a `91 IY:1410 -wag going to use a tar bomb' to:. blow up: Within the ,Greett.zono'r :cloontovvri.
13. Did you receive any training/ instruction, oEguJdance specifically In preparation for any Of your
overseas deplPyrnents or assignments?
,0Yes "ONO ' ODoNotRecall
13e. Who provided this training,,,instrnotion i or guidance, and where did you -rgcP,IYP,
- At the' FBI Academy priorto deployment and Ft. Bliss El Paso -Texas
13b. Describe the salad on Whibh you received thiS' training,. itiStruttiob Mance.
F13/ Mission in Iraqi Iraqi rei 0y7rarti,QvervieW.,-fiftT Situational Training, Bomb
Scene Investigations,. QI$/MEK, TFQS.MisSion s, DOCEX, ERT, Medical QvarView. At Ft.
BlisS, El Past)." Obtained Millie ry identification (DOD CiViliah)
oyes C)No OD0 Ns:A Recglt
15, In preparation for ariyof yOUr rSeas dePlOyTherits r assignthents, did you receive ari. training,
instruction/ ,or. guidance concerning thestandards'of:conduct applicable-to 'the,treatment i
detainees by ncirt-rE4 pqrgormel? interview or interogation of
Oyes Q ODo Not Recall
DOJOIG 000602
16. In preparationfor anyof your overseas deployments or assignments, did you receive any :training,
instruction, orguldance concerning what ;you mere:supposed to doif you observed or heard about
the treatment, interview, or interregatiOnOf detainee by Fin personnel, 'which you believed to
Lie i nappropriate utiprOfeSiOnOttc.Oettlfe f.ab4siVe, bruillaWfu
:OYes CINo: 0,Do Not Recall
172,1n, preparation fOr a:rlY Of 49Pr .overs;eas, deploymentsOr asSignrnentiS, did. you, receiveany training,
inStructiOn„or.guidance concerning what ;YOu were sUPPOSed to do if you observed Or heard about
thetreatinentrintervieW„ Or interro,gatiOndf detaineeS hiph-FBI tiersonne( WhiCh yOu belied
to be. inappropriate,. unprofessional, -coercive, abusive, or unlawful?
.0yes ()No .0.09 Not Recall
1B„ Training, During Overseas Deployments or Assignments
18. During ariii of yarn, overseas deployments or assignMeritS, did yob' receive any,training, ilistruction„
or guidance-concerning the standards of 'conduct :applicable to the treatment, iriterView.,, or
interrogation of detainees by FB!
:0 No 0-Do, Not„Recall
During-any of your overseas-deployments or assignments, did you receive any -training ; instruction,
"orguidance:concerning the standards of:,conduct: appliCable to the treatment7 interviewi.or
interrogation of detines by non-FBI personnel?
0)les (:t.DONot•ReCall:
lb; Ouring'.any of your overseas deployments or assignments, id you receive any training, instruCtion,
or guibMe'conoprning what you were §qOpo'secl, to 4> ifyou observed or heard about the
treatment, interview, or interrogation Of detainees by 'OBI personnel j, which you believed to be
inapprbPriateUtiprOfeSsional, ajetthie,. 'abilsii4e,. or Unlawfd I?
0,Yes ONO' ODo Nbt.Recall
During YOut OV.erseasdoloyrrierits or assig nrnehtS 40 'yOP rreecçeiyve riytraining, iostritctiorr,
or guidance concern ing what you we supposed to do if you observed or hofci \about the
;treatMent, ititerviekbr iriterrogatiorrtif tletaineet non-FEIrjjei- ohneti, which y61.1 believed to
be inappropriate, unprofessional ycoerciverabusive, or unlawful?
Oyes -0 Ncr OD 9 Not,Recall
IC. 'Adequacy of Training
22. Iii your opihion,, 4,1d YOU receiVe adequate, training, instruotitin„Orguidance relating to- standards
of cOliclUet by TIN arid nort-FBIperSdel reling to treatMent, InterVieW' r. or interrOgationOf
detainees prior toyourdeploymentor assignment?
DOJOIG 000603
ayes a No
22a. Please deScribe the.ways.iri which you believe the training, : InStruttkin .or gnidarite WaS
My-assignment in Iraq was to -conduct-corinpliter forensic examinations,ps ,a COmpyterAnalysis
Response T.e,am, (CART) member when needed. I Oontlutted :exams in our building on the DAR. 1
worked With Military-forenSib'eXartifners,at:Carrin'Victety/CaMp . Slayer, I Was not on this rotation to
--i-n-t-e-rv —iew detain-e es. Other age-n-t-S-eo -n -- rotatio-n Wereassig tied dOtha-t. --- - - ----- - -
23 .:In ybUr opinkinaid. you receiVeadequate training, inStructibrif.Orguidante relating to Sta ridards„
of conduct by FBI and non-FBI personnel ..telating tOtr,eatment„ interview or intetrOgatiorr.of
detainees during, your deployrnentor=assig nment?,
(5'Yes a No '
Please OStribOttle'VtfqS irl which you believe the training,. instruction or guiddriCe was
My assignment in Iraq was to forensic .examinationsas.a Computer Analysis
Response Team 0100 member when needed. I conducted exarris in our building On the BAP. I
worked With Militaty, forensic examiners:at:QampViOtOry/Canv, Oaytr.„I was ribt , on thiS rotation to
tervieW detainees. Other agents On this rotatiOnWereaSsigned to 'do that
,y,OUi- opinion, did you receive adequate training„„ instruction, (;)1--91,ticrante ce,ricemirig what you
Were supposed to do if yOu ObSerV,eci or heard about the treat -hent, interVieW, Or intetrogatiOn Of
'detainees:, by FBI or non-FBI personnel, that you believed was Inappropriate ; unprofessional,
.coercive, abuSive i or unlawful?
:0 /es 0. No
24a. Please deschbelhemarSin,W.hiCh ydu belie the training, inStraCtionor gOidance .WaS
My assignment in Iraq was to conduct computer forensiq,examinations as a Computer Analysis
geOgimPO Team :(CART) member When nePlecl. 1.00040 e)orns, in our building on the
worked with in iiitaiv forerisic,OarninerS - at: Earrip:Victory/Slayer. .rWasntit'ori this rotation to interview
detainees, Other agents On this ittatiari Were assigned to do that
25, (OPtiOr'sial): In what ways Cen the FBI irniVOke, training on this ,si.lbjedt for futur tlePlOyinents, or
My aSSignment lb Iraq 3ivastd..cdridtibtcornputer fbrensic earninatibriSras COrriptiterAfialysis Response
Team (CART) member when needed 1.condUcted exams in our hugging on the BIAP. I worked with
military forensic examlners atOrrriftifictOrsti(eMP Stayer I was not on this rotation to interview:
detarheeS. Other agenM oral* rotation Were-assigneci: TOO that
26. Please provideany addittnnal,information, concerning-training forOverseas deployments or
assignments of FBI personnel you believe is re, levant..
I, believe that a GAIO examiner was not neegel Iraqi:Itwas War ,deocred that would
. 6„ 0 on Call to travel to Iraq if needed, ind no be part of the rotation travel to IratifOr 69 - 90 days.
DOJOIG 000604
Intl-0009h tØ Pert III: In this section., vve2ate eekiti.g lmhatiOri.regatdthq a vide mime, Of'
interview o1 interrogation techniques and Other types of 'detainee treatment alleged to have occu rred
Ybd should :hot assuiiie, jd St becauseWe4reAsking a bOut a particular technicide or practice, thatwe have
concluded that it in fact occurred., We recognize that some of these techniques or practices. may at times
be necessary for safety and security in a detention setting: In addition', we recognize that,Some of these
techniques Orpractice5; may have been authorized -for' use by militeryOr other gOVernrrient perSOrinel.
With respect to each identified technique, practice, or type of conduct described below, weare seeking
Information about its occurrence during or in connection with the interview or interrogation. of p
detainee,,,Or during the detention of a' detainee beyond what Es. heeded for safety and security
In that context, wewill ask you to tell us Whether one or more Of the following >statements are true
t I personally observed this conduct,
2. I observed detainee(s) in a condition That led mato believe that this conduct had occurred .:
Detainee(s) told :me that this conduct had occurred
4. Others who Observed, this conduct described it to Me.
5, have relevant information classified above "SECkEr;..
6. r never Dbserved 'this conduct nor heard about 'it from someone who did.
2,71 Depriving ,adetainee of fpgd or Water
. • it personally.cibterved thiscondtiCt,
, ,b,
I C'.
• Jr Observed detainee(s) in A,coriditioh that led Me to believe that this conduct had OctUrred,,
• petainee(s) tad me that this conduct had occurred. , .
d, Ill ' • thers who Observed this condikt described it to me.
Illi have relevant information' clasSilied Above 114CkET-s'. ' .
r-A• 1 nawar "heart/cal thre ;",-.-, mat ii,t nor I-imm rri 'n kim tt it from someone Antini-, ,ilei
128, Depriving a detainee of ctothing
La. • II. persdnallyobSerVed this conduct.
• 1 obserVed, deteinee(4 in a:condition that led me tO. , believe that this Conti (let had occurred
• petainee(s) tOld me that this conduct had occurred.
d • Others who observed this conduct described It to me..
'e • II have relevant information classified above l' ,5ECREr.
f, 2 jr. neverOlgtseryed this conduct nor heard about it from sorheorieWhO did.
DOJOIG 000605
. Depriving p -ceimnpe- of sleep, or it*erhirtiog jeep by frequent 'poll relocations, or other methods
• I. OersonallY"ObserVed, this'Condutt. •
rbbserved ,detalriee(S) In 'a cond MO that led me to belleVe that CondUct had occurred.:
• Detainee(s) told hie that this conduct had occurred. ,
al Others, who observed this conduct-described it to me.
I. have relevant Information classified above t ,SECRET".
lit never observed this 'conduct nor heard a bout it from someone Who did.
50. Beating a detainee
• I: personallrobserved this ,conduct.
El rObterveddetainee(4 in A,c.ond.ition that led me to believe that, this whoa had Pclatrit' ...
MICIDetainegs) told me that this Conduct had Occurred: ,
• others: *IP observed This cOri,dtrOt,00g.Cribe4 it to me. .,
e. • ' I: have relevant iriforitibtibin' tliffOtil'oV,e.. 1„1 St.CRET"'.
f. • I fieVerObServed this tOrldt.ICt nor heard 'about it fibi -ii;ecirrieone hd did.
•g. Please, groviclO.theapproXtrnate tithe frerrie ;during, Which. ANS, CONKCLOCICarred ,
From ,01/14)204
to 03/1/h. The sietainee(Sytreated in Ibis, way were located at the tirriOltl:
Y. El 'Ora ntanarno
2 l Iraq,
, 3 0 ,Afjhanidtari
4 LI 'Other Location
S U Do Not Recall
P.lea§eldentify the sietainee(S). by nettle fid ritirritert
Do not know
"i, 131paso. identify the person (4,-Whg treated, the,detaine4S) in this Manner, including their
iiame(s5 arid, 4oVorrimontag'e'n"cytis).:
TWO Iraq lawenfOrcernent, military Otiy„d6, nOt knoi4'harbe or Military diViSidh.
k. Please Identify anrother FBI personnel or non-FBI personnel 'Whd-Obsen(eddeteinee(S) treated
in this Menne, including their namers) and anenoV(ieSY
This .Conduct occurred ginnPc1011 With!:
DOJOIG 000606
DO() Nat, Recall

1 Q :one detainee
2 0 Several cietairie,es, (2=4)
30 Many detainees ftriore than 4):
; 0 be Not Recall
iTi. cOPtIonal)Pleasedesalbe the. releva rit CirdieriStandeS in More'.detall:
Refer tti 12g.
Using water to prevent breathing by a 'detainee or to create he sensation of drownirig
. El Is persoriall,,V , ObserVed thiS'O.onduet.
b. • I observed detainee(s), in .a.condition that led 'me to believe that this conduct had occurred.
c. • Detainee(s) told me that thiS eontluct. had OctOrted.
d, • Others who observed this conduct described it to. me.
. , . ...._
• L have relevant . tnformation classified above "SFCRET'L. '
" • I never- observed this conduct :nor ,heard a bout It from someone who qid.
.g Please prCaide the approximate time frame .dOrind Which this. cOndtietoceilrred.
From 01/14A004 to 03/11/2004 OPP No R0q0
h. The detairiee(s) treated in MIS Way Were located atthe time in
EI : Guaritariabib
2 1E- 'Iraq
4 El Other Location
5 0 Do. NOt Retali
Please identify the by name and number:
,j. Please, Identify the. person (s) who treated the detainee(s:), In this manner, Including their
rime(s).orid goyernment-fagemY(ieq: .„
'TWO t-ati JW enforcement, military'guy, do not know namepr Military dIVIslOn,
Please identify a'ny other FBI personnel or non-FBI personnel who observed detainee(s) treated
in thlS aVnneri, indluding their n8me(g)
L ThisoOnduCt occurred in connection with
1 0 Ohe. detainee
2 0 Several detainees (2-4),
0 Many detainees, .(more than 4)
DOJOIG 000607
'4QDoNot RecaH
(0,0911PJ), Please describethereI evant circumstances in Tpore
Refer to 112g.
32, Using hands, ro0e, Or ;anything else' to choke Of strangle a :detainee
• I; personally observed this oonduct,
• I observed detainee(s) in axond ition that led me' to befieve thottnis conduct had pecnrivc1,
• 00Pirft, ,(s) told me that This uct ha:ct Qccurrect:
N ---, Others who observed this ccinduCt described It to me: • I have relevant infOrmatiOn clasSified above "SECRET'.
0 I '1)..Air ObserVed' this Coridna:nOr heard abbirt it 'from S ieioneWhO did,
:4.1-Neatening other acticirttp cause phySical Oain, injurV,4 isfi,guromenti or'death
a. CI 1-0erSOnally-observed this„condutt. .
b, • "observed detairiet(s):irib,Cond than that fed me to belleVe thatthiS conduct had 0C -dirt-pd.
c. li Detainee(s)-told Ind that thiS-COndUtt had .oCCUrred.
d, • Others Who obSerVed This conduct described it to Me.
e. • I. have relevarit information clasSified above "SECRET'
f. I I never observed this conduct nor heard about it from someone who. did.
4. Other treatment: Of action causing Significant bhVskal in o iñjUry. or causing diSfig Ureinent
. . , ..
t' personally Oi)served thfs,:cOn,clua.
I t 0 b:str.vd , dere iriee(S) in a ,,cOnditiOrt that led me. to believe that:this conduct had Occurred.
Detaineek, toil hie that this Cord uct had sicorr. .
dl : • ethers who observed Thisconduct it ter me. ;
e. • I haVe releVarit infortnation ClaSSified a be' "SEC RET".
f. I neVerbliserVed this CtOritititt -rior beard abOUt it from sOnlecifid,WhO did.

DOJOIG 000608
85. Placing, a detainee'on a hot surface or burning a detainee
a4 0, it PeMnthiyobserved this coriduet,
• 1 0,12.SerVed datairiee,(4, 1r) .a COnd ition that Led Pie to bellaVa that this CdridtiCK, had ,Qc0.1rre0.
. • 11D'atainet(S),told me that thi§, tori.04 64d ;occol-r01,.
d. • Others who cibServed this conduct described it to rile.
. • it' have relevant information - tiastified above 'SECRET'
f. 10' II, never obberVed this COriduCt 'riot ,heia it about it ftbm,Sorneorie'WhO did.
:USing shackles or other rearaInts in-a proldriged .manner
a. • I perSdnally observed this CendUct. ,
b. II E. observed detainee(S) in a ,cond ition that led me to' believe that,this conduct had occurred.
c. • iletainee(s) told me that this condirct: had :occurred,
d. • [Others who observed this conduct described it to me.
e. • I have relevant infOrrnation classified above "SECRET'. -
f. I II, never,otiserlmrl this conduct norheard:about it frorrLsorpeone who did.
Requiring a:detaineeto maintain, or restiiins a detaineein, a -stressful or ainful :position
a. E[ il pers,bnally-01)5ent4,1 this:condUct
b. 0 r ObSerVed.dethirieetS) in a'cOndltioll that led The to believe that this conduct had ,occurred.
• Detainee(s),,tOld rrie that thiS cone uct had OCCurred.
• !°tiers': itvhb observed this cOnatIttfiesCrited It to. me.
. • ,I hVe relevant information classified aboVe 7SECREr.
. • a neVer Oberkied this Clitititletnifirhea rd ;about it fibili -sarneOhe iklio did.
g, Please prove the 'IlllrP.Xirriate. time frame during Whi:c6 -,this:cdnilt-KtroCciirred.
From 01f14/20104 to , 03111/2004- Ebb Not Recall
ft the detaime(s) treated in this Way were located at the -time
I 0 ,bpantariarrio
2 la Iraq
DOJOIG 000609
i. Please' identify 'the detainee(s1 by name and number:
j, Please identify the person(s) .who treated the detainee(), in this ma n ne4 including their ,
narrie(s) and 9oyernmentagenty(ieS)::
TWO' Idw'enforcerrient„ military guy, do ht know namê br
k. !lease Kentify..arty-other = FBI personnel r nori-F61 perOnr101:w119 Qbser\ted, detainee(0.treated
: in thig:rn*Anner their AerrFif AfiP I-17V( re) :
This conduct occurred in connection With: ,
0 One detainee 1
20 Several detainees, (2-4)
Many detainees (MOM than 4):
40 DO Not Recall
m, (0000) Please descri be the'relevant circumstanceS rriOr,OPtP1 1 ::
Defer ,2g
38. Forcing a:detainee toTerforrn ; demand ing physical exercise
. III I; PersOnallyObServed thi OOndUOT.
, • I observed detainee(S) iri:olconti ition7that 10, ille to belleVe -that, thi .S, cOriductillad OccUrred.
o. • Detainee(s) told rrie that this Corichict had oCtUrred:
• Others. who Observed 'this COndiict,desCribed it t. rne,
I have releVant inforrriatiOn classified a bOve "SECRET'.
I rieVer, obSerVed this conduct hot heard !a -haul it friorri SOrrieone,Wh6 did.
30. .Usin9 electrical ShoCk ôha detainee
a. • I. personally observed thisoonduct.
,, II Iobserved detainee(s) in a condition that led me to. believe - that, this conduct had ;occurred,
• D'et'ainee(s) told me thet this conduct had 'occurred,
• Others who observed this 0nd:4ot -described It to mg..
e, • I. have relevant information classified aboveSEOREr'i
DOJOIG 000610
30 AfghniStOn
4 0 Other LOcation
SO Do t Recall
I f. El I never observed this, conduct nor heard about - it from someonewho did.
Thieateniitto use.16Ctric",-A I shociCbri a :deth
• I persorially observed, this=ndu,ct.
'.- IN I, observed detainee(s) in a cord ition -that led me tO• believe thatthisconducti* Pectirre ..
c, I. Detainees)told me that this,, coed uct had ,,accurr:
d, • Others who obseryedAhis conduct detbeci it to me.
• • II have relevant. InfcirmatiOn Classified abOVe."$ttRET'.
f. Et ',F never Observed' this:cot-Wild nor heard, about it' frOrri' someone-Who did.
:4,1: Intentionally delaying or ,donying Otairet,rnd)C0 tare
td I
• ' I personally observed this ciifiduct.
b. • II bbSerVed -detainee() in a.Cond MO that led :Me to, believe that thiS Conduct had ,bectirred.
. 0 Detainee(s)'fold ,rne that this cOnduct had OctO tied.
• Others who observed thigdindiictdeSdribed it tel ine,,
0 L have relevant information classified above , 8'ECRET"„
i f. El I never observed this:conduct nor beard about it,from someone who did.
AZ. Hooding of blindfolding a :dthineeother than dUririg transportation
-P- ,PgrPonaPY`Pb5014e4 it..115-:cgriclu4
b. irobserved'detainee,(s), in a cond Mon that led me, to t hat , this conduct had occurred.,
c. • potainft(s) told me 'that thiS conduct had occurred.
-d • Jbther s Who ObserVedthisCOnduct described it to rne,
, ,
e. • I hav,o rele,vant infortriatiOnclaSSifled a boVe: "-EOR:E1-1'. —
. • I never thi§4otici wet nor heard -about it fi-ohi scitneOrie:WhO did.
g. Please provide the approximate time frame Opting which this:conduct occurred.
(rOm'.0./14&004 to 03/1„ii2004 ,I3Do Not Recall
DOJOIG 000611
h. The :detainee(s) treated in this way Were located at the time in:
'1 :0:Guatitanartio
3 0 Afghanistan
4 1:1:9ther Location
NPI, RO.c.a..11
i. ,p sejd erkt f y the detainee(s) . by name and; number
09: not know
j. .Pldsë idaritify-tha oaitsohf sywho li'eathd. the detairiee(S) in thiS rnanner ;, iricIddiri ,their
name(s) and government agencylles),..
1PW el*r.celitntr -rrillitarY gPY,e cIP -OPtictIPIN name or rrillitArY
k. Please. identify„arorother FBI personnel or non-FBI personnel who:.observed detainee(S) treated
in this manner. includina their nam(s) and aaencirties):
I. This'-cOridtret occurred 11-r d3nriectiOn May.,
0 'ohad6Wnea
21 0. S&eral detainees (2.4)
(P Many ,trr!9re' ttirr.
4 Q Ntit ReCe)I
m. (Optional) Please describe, the relevant circumstances in 'more:detail: ,
Refer to:I:2g,
43. )511ajecting a detainee tø extremely cold of hbt room tem peratureS for extended perk:ids'
• t personally observed this 'conduct. . .
• Vobserved,- delainee(s), In -a, condition that led, me to believe that this conduct had occurred.
ci. • DetaineOW (OM me that this :Conduct had 'occtirred.
• Others who observed this -conduct desCrtbed it to rrie:•
e„ • it have relevant information:classified above "S EçRET.
t. Ef 1r neVer pliterved this conduct nor heard about it frpm . sOmeone:Who did.
44. Oubjectirig a detainee to loud 'music
a • I persdnally observed this Condutt. Diu ObSerVed detainee(S) in ,a0riditiOn that led me to believe that:this ocinduct- had occurred.,
DOJOIG 000612
c. I Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had occurred:
d. 0 Others, who observed this conduct described itto me.
e. • r have relevarit information classified above ":pECREr. Oa never ohserved, this nor heard ;about it tram someone who did.
45. Subjecting a detaineeto bright flashing lights or darkness
a, • I peronallycktrved this conduct:
• 1 obserVed cle:W I tieets) In a cond itiOn that led rrie to believe that,thIS can:duct had atc0i -ed.
• Dttainee(S) told me that thi$'Canduct had acturred.
d. 0— Others Who Observed this aindUCt described it to me.
e. U is have,televant information classified aboVe "SECRET''-
f: neVer obterVed thIS:CoriduCt nor heard :abut it fratri,S!dthearie who did.
.1$0,18ting ,4 aOtaitio Wan eXtended: periad
a. • I 0er-tonally: ebServed this conduct.
b. • Lobserved detainee(s) in ,Acorid iticnn that led me to believe thatthis conduct had occurred.
,, • Detainee(s) told me that this conduCt had occurred.
cif M Others who observed this conduct described it to me:
e. • I have relevant information classified above "SEMEr.
El I never observed this 'conduct nor heard 'about it from: gomeanewho did.
47, Using duct tape. to restrain, :gag, or punish a detainee
a: • ' 4 personal , observed this conduct.
C • I.Observed detaineeks). Ina canditiori that led Isle tolselleVe tna.t,this, conduct had oaourred.
. • Detainee(S), told, rile that this conduct had oCCUrred.
. in Others whbObServed this, conduct described it tei Me.. . . .
e. • I haVe releVarit infortnation Classified ebOVe ",SECRET"'.
f. ' El I never ab'SerVed thi§.canduCtrior‘heard ;abbilt. it fibril saitiearie*ho, did,
DOJOIG 000613
48. Using rapid response teams andfor forced cell extractions
• I personally observed thiStondUct.
• IS observed detainee(s) in :a cOndltiplithat led tne to beljeVe thattniS CoriduCt had Occnrred., • betairiee(s),tOld me that this: tOrich44 liad Coccia teed.
• there who obServed this conduct described it to me.
I I' have relevant infotmation ClasSified above 'SECRET".
l 1 never Observed this:COnduCt riot ,hciard "about it frOrnetirheorie 'Who did.
49. Using a military working '1:10g an or near a detainee, ,other than during detalneetransportation
a. • tperSonally ObseiVed thiS,CondUct.
b. • ILobserveddetainees ) In a condition that led me to-believe thatthis conduct had occurred.
c. • iletainee(s) told me that this conduct had occurred,
, • Lpthe% who observed this conduct described it to me..
. • I t have relevant information ciasSiffed ahOv : "OgRET" ,
f El il never observed thistonduct nor heard about, it frorri ,someone Who did.
50, Threatening to usetrillitary working dogs on or near a detainee:
a. • persOnallyobserved this
4.1:11L,O4SerVed delaineets) in a Orid.itiOri that led trie tb: believe that thiS crinduct had Occorred.,
,-. ri • DetaineeN told 'nib tiiet thiS. COM UCL had Oeturred. • Others who ObSerVed :this conduct-described It to me
e. • I haV.e teleVarit infOrrnatiOn classified Obi:We "SECRET'.
f. Efi L neVerObSerVed ttiiS t bhd utt 'nee:heard ;about it frOrri; behteszirieWhO did.
51. Usini' Si id ert- Sttir thàkès Oêränimlstih Or near adeteihèe
a. 0 II personally observed thisconduct:
tio I:observed detainee(s) in a condition that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred.
DOJOIG 000614
....... . .. .. . „ . „ .. „ .. „.. .„ „ .„ „
told me that this conduct had occurred.
• Others who observed this conduct described it to me.
have relevant information classified above' '$,FCP.Er.
I never observed thistoricluCt,nor heard a WO it from- soMedne Who did,
Threatenin to uses ders, scorpions snake%.. or other animals on a detainee
11 ,
• '
I, personally observed thisconduct.
r 06:served dataineeksy In. a 'Condition:that led me to belleve.tb„t this conduct had occ.urred..
• Detainee(S) told me that this: cOrid:Ott had -citcorred.
• Oth.ers; who observed 'this, cdnd uct described it to me.
'. • 1' have releVant Iriforthatidn:ClaSsified ,aboVe nSECRE17.
RI neVer.abSeiled,thisconduet nor ,heard - about it -frorrLsornebrie Who, did.
"5.$. laiPrepectrol‘$,WOments; ha ridlin.6„:OractiOns iriVOINiin the, Koran
i fETi
I peFs..ti.n.a..ll.y.-.O..b..S_er ved thiScon.d l.i ct. .................___:_______
I.-observed detaineets)" in a-condition that led me to believe That this conduct had occurred..
“c: • Detainee(s),trild me that this conduct had occurred.
d; • others who -observed this conduct- described it to: mg;
e. •
f: 1E1 1 neVerpbserved thistoridu,Ct .ndr- heard about it frorn:stimednewhO did. .
.54,8havin,g a detainee's facial or other halrto embarrass or humiliate a 'detainee;
• I personally, obserVed thiSOncilict.
ib, • I observed detalnee.(s). in a ,cOnditiOn' that led me to belleVe that this conduct lied 'occurred,
o. 1 Detainte(S) told the di& this condutt - 60doCcurred. .
. • ' Others, whb observedthis Cdndtiet desCrilled It tO Me.
. . .
. III I have ,relevant infOrMation Classified aboVe "SEcRET" ..
f. RI I never obterVed thiS„cOndtict tiOr,he:ard frorn.:SOMeorie'Who did.
DOJOIG 000615
Placing a woman'stlothing on detainee
a. • I personally:observed this conduCt.
"., • I. (*Served detainee(S) in :a condition that led me to beileVe that tills coridUCt. had occurred.
P. • 1.1!etaineeKtOld me that thiSCOriclutt bad Occurred.
d. • Others who observed this tranduCt dettribed it tb. me,
. . . .„
' II I have relevant Information' elassified above g,S,EcRET"„'
.. M I neVer ObterVed: thistdridUct nOrhea it 'a bObt it fecirriSOrfieOrie —W,Iiii did.
Touchinga 'detainee or acting toward a detainee 'hi a sexual manner
0 1 pel-ScinaliV Observed this conduct.
b. 0 Lobserved detainee(s) In 'a coed ition that led me to-believe thatthis conduct had occurred'.
c. 0 betainee(s) told me that this conduct had occurred',
tr, 0 Others who observed this conduct described it to me.,
e. III L have relevant information classified ave 'SECRET.
I neverobserved, this ,condu.ct -nor .heard -about it from someone who did.
57. Holding detainee(0 who were not officially acicnowledg.ed or registered as such by 't heegency
detaining the, person.
III L personalirobserved this.Cdritid„Ct i
• I„ObServed detained(Sy in a-cOnditiOn that led me to- belieVe that; thiS tondtitt. had ,occurred.
• Detainee(s) -told Me that thiS conduct had .occUrred.
d . • Others Who observed this tonduCt. deScribed It to bie.
I have relevant information , classified above !!SECRET" ,,
lEt L never observed this conduct nor heard about, it from 'someone who did.
58. '8endinga detail-leek) another eatintrj far more' -a§qtesstvekiterro akin
I personally observed this conduct.
DOJOIG 000616
b. • Lobserved detainee(s) in aoondition that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred.
c. El Detainee(s)told me that this conduct had:occurred. • Qthers who observed this conduct described it to rrie:, .
I have 'relevant information classified aboVe "SECRET".
neverobserVed this conduct nor heard about it from sOrneohe who did.
51'. Threatening to send a detainee to another country for detention' ormore aggressive, lntermgation
a. • f persorially, ObserVed this conduct..
...•...... I ObSerVeti detainee(s) Ina condition that led Me to believe that this conduct had OcCurred:.
c. • betainee(S),told me that this conduct had occurred.
. • Other who Observed this cOnduct;deSdnitted it to. Me.
• I have relevant information classified above "SECRET".
f. El L neVerbbserVed thiSoOnductilbr heard about it frotivscirrietine'who did.
Threatehing to take against a detainee's family
a. • I personally -observed thrsoonduct.
I observed' detainee(s) in a condition that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred.
Detainees) told rn,a that this conduct had occurred.
• • Others who .observed this conduct described it to me,
- • 1 have releyant inforrnation classified e0Ove "SECRET".
(f T, never observed this conduct nor heard about it from some-One -M-19 did-
:61 ,Other reatment or actforpcausing severe emotional or psychological trauma to a detainee
a . • I, personally observ,ed' this 'cond.uCt. • tbbserVett detainet(s) Ina condition that led me to believe that this conduct had octurred,
' . • Detainegs) told rne that this conduct had Ocattred.
4. • Other Whit, Obteited this cbnduct. described it td me.
. • 1 haVeltelevant !effort-nation' tlaSsified above "SECRET'.
f. lEr I rieVerdbSerVed , this conduct nor heard abotit it from ,Soineorie'Who did.
DOJOIG 000617
Other religious or ;sepal:harassment or burnillaijonvota detainee:
• , personally' . I =i ,- • , - • • Litt.
b. • I observed .detain** In a condition that led ine to believe thatthis conduct:, had. occurred_
M' DetaineeKtold, the that this conduct had 4fica.irred.
• • Others, who observed this conduct described it to me:
L have relevant information classified above. ) , SECRET''..
neverobserved this ,conduct ,'norheard 'about it f rorrisomeone who did.
Othertreatriient of a' detainee that in 'Our dOiriicirilivaS:-LinPrOfesSibriai f unduly :harsh Or agg reSsiVe,
coercive, abusive, or unlawful
. • t rers,onaN observedthis.COndkiet. .
III LobserVed detaltiaet* Ina 'Corti ititm that led rne to believe that this; COnduct had Oteurred.,
, • Detainee(s) told hit that this conduct had OCCurred,
,d • Others who 'ob.serVed thiS Coriductdesoribed it to Me.
e. • I haVe feleVarit inforrnatiOn flasSified a boVe ",SECRET".
El I' never this conduct nor heard ';a boa it frorii:scirrieone .Wha did. ,
raw TLEJ
Didyaw:observe:an:Y. iMriersbnatibrl :of FBI per'sonnal byanycinedurhig an interview or interrogation of
a„detairiee? -
Ye-s Nib
:65: Did any detainee or other Perstin tell you that ' f'slie -had witnessed the irripersonatidn of FBI
personnel:in- Co.linectiOn with 'a detainee: interview r interrogatiOn7
Yes 0' No,
:6a.: Are you are of any "sharp." orstaged" detalriee interviews; or Interrogations :conducted for JrnDrs
„Ofthe:LI.S., COngrasSOrtheir Staff?'
0 Ne's 0 No
67.. TO your knOwletig e, ,d id, any military or :inWigeppo personnel eYer.depY nrc101aY f131I ,P.Oegti? ,,a
detainee the FBI wanted to question because sustained Injuries -after be was captured?
DOJOIG 000618
bYes. O No-
6.0.; Did you Byer end your liertkipatiOn in Or abterVation Oa detainee: interlile* Or interrogatial
because of-the IntervierAl• or interrogatbri methods being used?
, Yet O No
'f;lriefly destrib.e :the Interview or Interrogation methodt beidgusecl, and when
and where This including the names of FM and/Or nOn-FBI personnel
Refer to 12g
Other Personnel Involved
II ':FI31, Person!
wirolr.91-1WPO41441At :44P.theM " 1413.4WC.q"et144)14 PPIIPS.P.gtiqij-l00.11jn.or PSPrv.gticlrof;
detaineejhterview oi interregation-btcau,seof the interview priuterrogagoronetlicids-'beingused?
?4, NP'
76. During any -of:youroverseas.deployments or assignments did you report any,concerns.regarding
any -detainee interview or interrogation practices i or othertypes of-detainee treatment, to an FBI
(PfeP '
-7-1. During any .of yotiroverseat deployMents oi assiglirriehtSr did -yOu report atreonterndleOarding
any -detaineeSintervier or interrogation practices Or othertypeofdetaineet reatment you
observed or beard abOtiti to-a non=FBI supervisor or other non-FBr personnel?
Yes, ® No
72 I-laveyou ever "been ordered Opittrecteci MAO- report, or '-.discburaged In any way frorri reporting,.
Obse'nfatibhS :allegatforti. related to detainee treatment 6e interview or lelterrog'atiOri 'aCtions. af
0, yes. .C5No
Have Qu :exberierKeri anY actual or threatened retaliation for rebOrlidg observations allegations
detaineetteatment o iliteryler or it rio4ation'aCtiOns 'oiti?
0 Yes, N'o
74.. 00004 Pfoam PrOviciO'tny.00itiotiot Orrin-lents:regarding the repOrting-;af conternk reole0 to
interview or intettoptiOn:teeliniciesi, detentiOn Practices, .6t 6tiier:46Weige tigarnenx,
75. Weite-yoil debtiefe.d y.Otheelhaii the&andald debriefing FD-772,- & l-114 overseas
assignments ) ordeploymenfics) .gfter you completed the -dep loyment(s)' or assi9 nment(S)?-
6' Yes 30- No
DOJOIG 000619
76. Additional Corrirrients4and Reabrrirriendatibris:
understand that 1am 'comp elled 0, answer this .queptionnaire and I understand that if 7, do h9t answer
this cRigstIOrinalre'l could b dciplined 'for inpOordination..
toitirrietit§: QtlestiOn9 -I heard ttorie:abOutthi§ happeriitigr not nec.e'§arilyiri Iraq but in War tirrie
in ,general.
Trfatik- ycit1 fdrypurccoeratidn I ccoomippeletitningg this .cigeStjb rol ire,

DOJOIG 000620
A. Personal Information
Department'of lust ice In,spector Genera( pupstionnaire Regarding beta inees
D NOT •FoRipiAttapkoi.$$EmiNkrE
QUESTIONNAIRE ID: bast-00001658
As of the last time this questionnaire was saved,- some required fields" have, not been completed.
PieaSe,reView yoUr rdsponSes,
PIëàserovidé thef011oWing infant atiori:
FirSt name
2. Middle initial:
Last name:,
4. Entered tin Duty Date (E0D):
..iirtebt"Dlyisio/Fitld Office:
6. Current ,rob title:
:7: Direct:dial offiCetelephone nutriber:
8. FBI taII Phone number:
9.; FBI pagernurnbert
Best contact number for yot.g,
Special. Agent
B. Background of Specific Deploynierits or AssignMents
It. At any time afterSePteinter 1i 204, did ,yd,ti Serrifeethr.a Mehl bar Of the U.S. Military, of "at an
employee or contractor or the FBLorany other government agency,. at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Iraq;
Afghanistan, or in areas controlled by the 1)4.. Military or e U S intelligence service in connection with the
&hal war on terror?
C) Nres 0 NO
112,. Enter the number Of timegyoU,WeredeplOyed Ora:SSW neci tO.eacti oftheidilowing Mations.
KGbahteharrio Bay, Cuba;, IreqAfghanistak o iriany meas toriita led by:IF:le:LIS. Military or a U.S.
Foraach depsloprent or assignment .Complete The fottOwing sectithi.
Location • Deployment or g6101rurrien't6e0fi Oh* DeplciYrii.00t assignment ended on - about - or about.
Giiantatiaitid Bay 02/10/20.0a "03/2:7120.03-
120. What was the general nature and putpdse,, o1 youressigrimeht and
IfiterVieWdetainees- re§a'rdingtheir activities and associates prior to their detentiOn
ib. pleaseprovidethe;names cif thespeCificcamps, bases,- or facilities where you worked.
Camp Del0?,,G,Clntnarrio- gay, .t4ba
Note ; If infOrmation'abotit a Specific camp, hase,. or facility is-t;lat`sified above
please cheek here 0, include in your 'ansWer that you hae -netlii itional, information 'Classified ,.ahove
1$ECRET,7 and, if you kribW,IderitifylbeclaSsification level, tiCket, corra Pertinent, program, or Other
designation that,applipstg the Information Do not inclugehe,edditjonet'elassified information Jr) your
DOJOIG 000621
A ttairiing Prior to :Over6Oat; Deptoymerft ot AS"sigti meitt
questionnaire responses. bio personnel with the necessary clearance will contact you to seceive it
Name Positio
Supervigory 'Special Agent crbyj
2.e., Did intervieW or it)1.0i-r9pate,:ny detainee with 1:16n- MI 0,erSOrinel1
:0 No-
: W)tlptyhat Kirlds .Of non-FBI personnel c1,1c1 you work jointly?'
MPOtheriL. Military
0 JJ. SS. intelligence agency
'Eofergil litliltary or lettlliqerie, , age'ricy-
0 Other
:12:f., Did you jointly plan any detainee interview or Interrogation strategy, objectives,., or tactics with non- ,
FBI personne0 , ,
' Q' Yes 0 Ob.-
-.).„--- -,—,......,-.....„--„,........— nrA,..•,•n• n•n , ,,... V ,.../.. 1••• ..77 ' 7, , .
,,: With 'What kinds of non-F13I personnel did .yoti WorkjOintly?,
ME". : 0
: IZI Othert.I.S. Military
El, U5: intelligence agency '
El •Foreigp, milltary- pr intelligence agency
0 tni-rof
Wgi-gyou ever Otherwise Involved. In detainee interview or interrOgations With non-FBI persbnneR
Ye ON0
Please desCribe. During MY time in Ctiba'PWaS partnered With ibree,differebr
i3:. ilid - you receive any training,'Instruction,-,or guidance specifically. in preparation thr any of your
'Ores 0119 ..,0Do,1\lot Recall
14. In preparation for any of your:overseas deploymentsor assignments e did you receive any training,
ihstrcictiOnor guidance concerning the standard v:or conduct a pplicahle,to 'the treatment
interview or interrogation of detainees by FBI peitscihnot?
DOJOIG 000622
°Yes No Do Not Recall
15. In preParAtion for anY', of Our overseas deplayMerits Or assigninents,:d id, you receiVeariy training,,
instruCtion,orguidantm concerning thestandardS of.donduct applicable to the treatment,,
Interview, or interrogation of -detainees by non-FBI personnel?'
'O Yes s 'ON° • CID° Not Recall
16. In preparation for any,OryOur overseas deplenimentsor aSsignments,,did you reCelveany training,
instruct,ionporguidance concerning what you were-sumosed to do „if you observed or heard about
the p-oatment,,in*yiew; or friterrogation of :detainees by: PO personnel,. which', you believed to
be triariPtopriate, UnprOfeSsiOnal, Cbettive, a busive, or UnlaWhil?
17.Ill preparation for any of your overseas deployments or assignments, did you receive any training,
instruction, or guidance concerning what iou were supposed to do if you observed or heard :about
thetreatment, interview, or interrogation of detainees by non -FBI personnel, which you believed,
:tobe ina'pOciPriate, Li ôfésioniäF,.bodfdye, ausiiie, or Li nlaWful?"
O' Yes ONO' .0,Do NotRecall
B. Training During OverseAS Deployments, or Assignments
1W. Wring any f jour oVerseasdeplOYMents Or a8stgnineritk did you receiVe ytrairiing, instrudtierV
or gu idance,concerning thastandards ofconduct applicable to thetreatmert,. Interview ror
tritgrrOg4tiPP of detainees by FBI Pe.rs9PrIqP
0Yes, ® No Db Not Recall
19. During any Of yolk, oVerSeaS ,,depliwitielitS Of asSignrnerits, did you receive ant training, itanktibn,-
orguldanceconcerning the-standard oficonduct applicable to the treatment, interView r.or
interrogation of d'etainges)oy non-00,i per4onnet?
.0Do Not Recall:
20'. During any of your overseasdeployments or assignments, did you receive a ny- tra ining y instructibn,
or guldancedoncerning what you were supposed to do If you observed or heard a bout -the
treatment, interViewi, or interrogation 'of detainees by PBX personnel, Which you. Ina piprOpriate, uriprofessional„ -coercive, abusive, Or unlawful?
(5Yes o 0130 Not Re-tali
bur;ing,any, of your overseas deployments or assignments, did yOu-redeiVe ArlY:it.rqinir4t, 111P,filIct19:171 t,
Or guidance concerning what you WeTe•st1.000sed'tO do if yOu o.bserverl orheard outthe
treatirtent„, interVieW„Or iriterrOgatiOn of :d.etaineeg Which yo!..clj'eliO-Ved'tb
DOJOIG 000623
b inappropriate, unprofessional, coercive5..abpsive, oru niawful?
®No ODo Not,ftecali
C. Adgquacy of Training
22,'In yourOpinititi, did you receive adeqUate training, inStrUctiOn r, or guidance relating to Standard:
0 CoridOCt bYTBIand non-FBI Personnel relating tO treatthent f interView, Or interibg ationbf
detainees. prior to you r deployment or assignment?
O'Yes 0 No
2in :your opinion, did, you receive adequate training, instruction, or guidance relating to standards
Of Conduct by FBIand non-FBI personnel relating totreatment, ihterviewr or interrogation of
tins during 'Our deployment Or assignment?
)2, Yea 0 11Io
,24.1n your opinion, did yOU receive adedUatettainingi instruction, Dit,gu[dance concerning What you
were supposed to:do If you observed or heard about the treatment interview, orinterrogatiOn of
detainees, by fig or non-,FYI personnel,, that you believed was inappropriate, unprofesiOng ,
90rOivetabuslye, or unlawful?
O'Yes No
1.:(00,tiorialj In What way. Cantle FB1 improve training on this.Sribjt for future depidyrrientsror
ID Comrneits
26,Pse PrgvideanyadditiOnal infprmation!concerning training :for9vefsa54ePlOyments -or
assignments of FBI - personnel you :believe is relevant
IntrodOetiOn to Fart this,,gection, wo.--7areeelcirtg 4-don-nation regarditig. a ,wido; range of
iriterYieW 0 'interrblaUon teghfikiii.P. and Other tYPOS of detaineetreatmeiitaii0ged to have OCCUrred.
)?Ou should notasSUrne, just becaOseWe are:asking, about a particular techniqUeOt, PrectiCe rthat "We have
concluded that it in fact ‘occurred, We recognize that some of these techniques or practices may at Limes
be necessary forsafety and security Ina -detention - setting. In addition, we,recog nize 'that -some of these
,t0O1liltltieS liractigP:.% ItCPY' -ifm/0beenOPihOrizOd. •fO vk by aillitah/ Or Other ,0,0\/:.erlititent Pe:raOnnel.
'With respect tcreach identified teChriique„ practice r:ortype of conduct:described below, weare seeking
information about its occurrence during or in connection with the interview or interrogation of a
detainee,or.dtiring the detention of a ,detainee beyond what ia:needed for safety and 'security:
In ,that tet'wwill.$v ybp to:to ti:§ WheitieroneOr more Of the f011oWing ,statementS ate true::
DOJOIG 000624
1„ I persorIPIIY -P12selY0P1.§P.duct.
4;Pbsarve(tciatainaaK in a cpndition that led Mo to h.elialte, that this conduct hd occurred.
3, DelainONIOld -the that this obn4Utthed, tnCtUrred,
4,- Other's who observed thiscOnduCtdescribed it to me.
I have relevant information clasSified above "MET":
6. I never observed this con d uct nor heard about - it from 5pmeort:who did.
DepriVing-a detainee- dr,fOckl or water
• til' personally observed this conduct.
b. 0 iT observed detainee(S), in a cond ition that- led me to believe that't* Conduct had occurred.
Ed LL:3
...p ibeteinee(s.) to10 me that tilis-tonciuct. had 'ocOirMi,
I (), ther who observed this conduct described it to mg.
e. • I have relevant information ' classified above "sttiT''.
IEI It ver Observed this cond uCt nor heard lia.i.q. it TrOM VzOleljne, Who did.
78. Depriving azdetairied bf clothing
Ia. - • lit: p,ersonallrobserved this conduct.
,iy, • 1,1 observed-detainee(s), in a condition; that led me to balieve'tharthis condnct had cccurTed,
, . • Detain(s) told me that this obnd tiet had Occurred",
d, • Others who Obsenredthis conduct described it to me;
0 It have relevant information: classified aboye"-S.,EtkET-n: . .
IE1'jr never observed this con-duct nor :heard about it from someone Who Aid.
79, .De riving a detainee ctsleep. --,-- or interrupting,slab frequencell relooat lonsorother methods
. , • I perOriefly observed. this conduit.
b. • 1 obser-Veddetaitioe(s): in a -COnd itiOn that led :me to believe- that.thiS conduct had "oecurred.
o. • Detainee(s). tOld ft ie that this conduct had OctUrred. , --
.d, • iOthert.WhO ObseiVed thiS conduct described it to me. .
e. • I haVe-relevarit friformatIbti tlassiffed above; 0.-SECRET".
f. 10 I neverobserved this,conduct nor heard about it from someone. who did.
DOJOIG 000625
O. Beating a detainee
a , 121. X personally:observed this conduct.
.: M. 11, observed detiairlee(0 lila ,cOnditiPh' that led mo10, belie,tlIM 0110 c0tIctua, had ,c,c4irrad,
M '13,tetaineets)TOid Me that thiStoridutt, had 'occurred.
d. III Others Who observed this etindUtt described it tO me.,
e. • I have releVarit information 'ClasSified above "SECRET".
f. 21 II never obSeNed this conductrior"heard aboutit frOrri,SateorieVvhO did. "
1. Using ,wpto prevent breathing by a detainee or CO create the sensation - of drowning
a. • ,
I peitonaliV, observed this Concitict.
b, • - tI I, observed detainee(s1 In a..condition that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred'.
c. • netainee(s) toldme that this conduct had occurred. ' , II
0 Others who observed this conduct described it tp me.,
- e. NI I have relevant information clasSified above "SEcRET". .
neverobserved this conduct npr,hea -rd about it froni someone who did,.
32. Using hands, rope, or anything else to choke or strangle a:detainee
a 0 II persdnally observed' this-cOndUCt.
'b„. 0 g. ObterVed detairieets) in a cOnditiOri that led 'me to believe thatthis condutt had occurred.
0 !Petainee(s) told 4fie that thiS conduct had 'OCturred.
d. 0 iOthers whO obserVed this conduct described It to, me.
e. 0 I haVe relevant infOrtnation classified above "SECRET".
f.ItI rieVer obSetVed, thiS C4ziriduct -norheard ,a bout it :fibril -sOrneonewho did.
33, Threatening oottbheerr atioñtoaue phys:_talpairi f 'Oar?, diSfiguretnent, or death
la. 0 I personally observed thiS:conduct.
. 0 I observed detainee(s) in acondition that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred.
DOJOIG 000626
• petainee(s)' told me that this conduct had occurred.
d. •' 'Others who observed this conduct described it to me.
e, • have relptant information classified above''S,,ECIIFT%
Er I never observedthisconduet,nor h-eard :about it tropi -,s9r,netw!who Old.
34. :Other treatment or action cauSing, significant physical pain or Injury, Or causing disfigurement or
.a b. • II-ObserVed,detairiee(S)- in a cOriditibn that led me, to belie that.this COnduct had &Cuffed..
c. • Detainee(s) VA me that this cond Uct had occurred.
d. • Others: Who .ciliserVed this Conduct described it to Me.
ei • k have teleVant inforrnatiOn classified aboVe 'SECRET',
: -- f ffi II never observed this conduct nor -heard about it from.sorneone who did.
36. Plading a. d eta] née Ona riot 'surface Or brirrilmi a detainee
• I. perso nal hrobserved this conduct. •
. • r,obserVed, detaineeW 10 a tonditionthat led me to. b,oliyp harthis conduct had Occurred.
Vii `71"
El q
betainee(s) told me that this: conduct had -QCCUrre.d.'
Others, who obserVO#Ais. condifct405Cribec1 it to
e, • I have relevant Information classified ab:ove"$EtRET ."-,' '
t. Cif r never observed this -don't! udt rior'heard, :a hout it itorn ,sorneoneWhO did. :
%. Using shackles or otherrestraints in a prolonged manner
• , 1 perscinally-ObServed thiscOlidira. ,
r observed detairite(S) in a ,COnditibn that led 'me to believe that this conduct had 'occurred.
DetaineeN tOld -Me that this had ,octurred.
d ., IN" ()theft: who observed 'this conduCt described it to Ma
• • I have releVarit inforrriatiOn Classified above n,SECRET".
IIUL never observed this 'conduct nor 'heard a bout it 'from someonewho, did.
DOJOIG 000627
.aqviriti9:.t,a111PP:tP mOinigin; pr restraining tletal neon, p ,strefiti or painful position
, • L personally observed, this conduct,
b. Lotiserveatletainee(sy in a ,cond doh that led Me to believe thatthis conduct had occurred.
• Detainee(S) told Tile that this conduct had occurred.
• Others who Observed this conduct described it to. me.
al 1. have relevant Information classified above ",SECRET".-
1- neverdbserved this conduct 'norbt rd about, it from„someoneWho did.
Forcing a.detairiee tdiperfonfhdernandinOphYSical exercise
• personally observed this :conduct
• r db,Served detaine(s) itiacondition that led rue to belieVa,that,this dctncipct had occurred.:
Detainee(s) told rne that this conduct had occurred.
Others Vii,6:0 observed this„ CON t.i:dt described it to me.
I 1 have reteVant, infOrinatiOn class fled a tidVe 'SECRET;
lif L tieVer observed, this:On :duet nor ‘heard abOut it from .SdrinedrieWhd d[d.
Using electrical shock:ona 'detainee
a-. • L personally obserVed this cOnduCt. .
. • r observed detainte(s) in a .cond ition that led 'me to: belieVe thCtThis conduct had .occ:urred.
c. III Detainee(s) tcild me that this conduct had :occurred.
d. • Others who observed this conduct described it to me.
. • I have relevant information- classified above ''S,CREI"'..
f: E1 I neverobserved this-conduct nor heard about it from sorneone who did.
Th reaten in to useelectricaI 'shock on a detainee
DOJOIG 000628
11. personally observed this.,conduct. , . . •
b. • I,:observed detainee(s) in a-condition that led me to believe that this conduct had .bccurred.
c. . Ill iDetainee(s) told -me that this conduct had occurred,.
d. • Others who 'observed this conduct=descrihed It to me;
e. • I have relevant information 'classified above
f gineyer observed this tanduct nor liegrd 'about it from -sOmebne who did.
,Intentionally delayin9 'ordenying 'detainee,rnedical care
a. • ;I persOnally observedthis'condUct.
b . • t observed detainee(s), 0 ,aCOnditiOn that led me, to beli eve that this conduct had occurred.
• iDetainde(s) Old mel that this conduct had OCOurred:
• Others: who observed this conduct described it to Me. . .
• IL haVe releVarit. infattnatiOn classified a bOVe "SECRET".
f. 121 its never Observed' thiS. ,conduCt nor' heard about: it from son:labile Who did.
Hai:ding, or bliftdfooirig detainee' Other Thati during transportation
U 1 personally observed th&condu et,
• -I observed detainee(s) in a 'Gond iti:Pirtbgt led me to believe thatthis conduct had -occuTred,
• 15'etainee(s) told ,rr,ie that this. conduct Jia d :occurred.. . . • Others who obsryed 'this c91104otdesCribed it to P1P.
• t have relevant Information - classified above "SECREI"
El I'. never observed this MicilICt nor brd '.1), it .frornsomeoneWho .ci id,
gu,bjectin a detainee 0 extremely cold or hot room temperatures for extended periods
a. • I, perSOriatly observed thiScOridrict.
• obseyed-detainek(S). In :a toriditibri that ied me to believe that this canduct had occurred.
a • Petal nee(s) , told file that this CandUct had otturred.
:d. M Other, whip :obserVed this Caincluat -destribed it to me.
. • I have relevant inforination classified aboVeSECRET". '
DOJOIG 000629
Et I. never:observed this,conduct nor heard about it from someone who did.
guuiectiffy detainee:to.loUd rriasio
a. • t, personally observed this conduct.
b., • I observettdeteinee(S) in a .;coriditionthat led me t4;1 believe that this conduct had 9ccurred„
.e., • Oetainee(sItOld :me that this conduct had 'occurred:-
A, • Others who observed this`Conductdescribed it to me. ,
e. III , t have relevant triferniafion classified abOVe 'SECRET.
f. 1 La I never Obs,erved this ,conduCt nor abbut it frOrri Sornetine who d I.,d.
'Su hjecting' a detainee to bright flashing lights or darkness
a: 0 1,, perSdnalIV , ObserVed this conduct:
I. • I bbry'ed detairiee(SI in a.cOndition that, led me' tObelleVe thatthiS ConduCt, had ,ItiCdi.ltred. ,
. ,
• Detainte(s)'told Me that thiS- corid Lid had 4Cdirred.
ii i a
Others Who obSerVed thiS eitifiauCt described if to the
t. have relevant information classified above ,`:SECREV,.
1 I2( I never observed thisiconduct nor heard about it from 'someone who did.
,46. Isolating' a detainee for an extended period
'... • I. PP,P0P4IJSrOPPNed this toncl!-ICt .
El, I -observed ,detainee(s) In .aocknclitlop that led 'rn 'to' believe tharthis conduct, had .occurre&
OP(ainee(s)hild me that thK conduct had ,occurred:
Ue • " -- ' ', "s 'it' "- = i I " 01. 1 I . ' II '' - r II '' 1 i II' • I haVe relevant iriforination . classified above "SECRET'.
f. • I never ObServed thiS ,,Obtiduct nor heard a bciut it . froiti scitnecitie-who did.
g. Please, p,mvide apprOxl1314to time frame during which this conduct occUrred,
From 02/17/2003 10 03/00,8 - .1:1D0 Not Recall
DOJOIG 000630
h. The .detainee(t), treated thiS way Were Icicated at the time
110 Guantanarrio
2 "Iraci,
3D Afghanistan
, 4 El Ottlor Locatjon
p.o. Nos. R II
iPlease identifythedetainee(s) by name a,nd. number:
Please ideritifythe PersOti (s)'who 'eta the detairiee(0) in this. malmer,
name(s) and governmentagency(les);:
Unknown ,
k. Please identify-anyother FBI' personnel or no ri=FAI personnel 'Who-observed detainee() treated
in this manner, Including their name(s) and egenc/es,:
I. This.donduct'Oceurred 14 conneotiori-With:,
1 0 One:detainee
2 0 5eVeral detainees (2-4)
a 0 Many detainees trnore than 4)
4 00 NPt eil
m. (Optional) Please describe the relevant circumstances in moredetail:
I,Was 'in orre - of twb,bilildings:Which we:Used for intervIeW,s bellevethey Were referred to. as
yelloW and brown, I. do nOt remember-44 -one., I was; in a,iii observation :room which, was placed
between two interview' rpbril, Thedetainee ,whpm I was interviewing was in one interview MOM'.
In the "other interVieW :rOciin was detainee. lying on the floor whose leg -ShatideS, were attached to
'the eye-bolt placed lit the Ceriter.Of the fldOr.. LA id not obberve a Chair in the'vitinity in which the .
'detainee could sit. I:did not Observe anyone else in :the room. Ldo not know how- long the
detainee had keg]: there in that condition or :how long jhe ;; remained there.. I,do not know what the
teniperaturein the room was or If meek Conditioning was turned'Qrvor off. The detainee did not
,ap'Pear distressed to me and may hd‘v:ben aSleep. I do not krog who lcias responsible for :the;
'detainee. do not retail talking fo,anyhod y; thed etai nee: :the time Is-aw- the detainee dr-
, later 1 do not remember the 'name of the detainee who I was interviewing t ,r,wijo-sny interviewing
Counterpart was thaidaV,
47. Using duct ta e to restrain Sal or punish a detainee
, • E ptrsorially oboervedttitriCiu0.
. • g observed detainee(s) ; in a condition that led me to believe that this conduct had :E)Ourre .
c„ • Uetainee(S) told rue that this tOrld Opt had °tante&
d, I Others who observed this bond Uct-deStribeci it to Me. ,
I have relevant information classified above ,SECRET .
DOJOIG 000631
including their
013 L never observed this:conduct nor heard about It from 'someone who. did.
48.,Usidj rapid 'response reams hiliat forced 'cell ettactirins
a. I : I personally observed this 'conduct. . • I observed -detainee(s): in ','a:condition 04 led rne to believe that this good Oct- 400 -Pcotgred. • Doolnee(s)-to-10 me, that his cord uct had vcc'ki rr. , :
I OftlOrs,. KO db$eryed 't1314: orictpa,c)vsPribgd it to- hio-:.
1 • f haV, relevant trifOrmatiOlici.05..ilfied P'llPVe: ust.R'Er1".
f; • I her obserVed* this conduct nor heard abbtrt: it frOM'SomeOtie Who did. -
'g. Bleape, provide the approldmate time frgrneAuring which Itkist'cOhductoccurred.,
r.Orri '02/10,003 td ONOV:403. :ElDo Not R"ecall
h. The detainee N) treated In 'this way were located.% the time Iyt;
g uantanao mo
8 0 ,AfghatiKtan
' 40 -Other Location
5 0 Do Not Recall
• r. Pleaseldentlfy the detainee by nateand, riUfriber:
uhknoWri •
j. Please identify he pergbn (s) •WhP treated. the, aetarnae(e) in this manner, including their
narnees) and ,gOvernmeritageritYkies):
:Which Ver ArM-yunit Wa'adting athe 'ng.fua'rd fake at BUaritananio at thetiMe,
1 theif- narne(s) and ogericype4:
FBI, Anchorage. "
I. ThkdonduttocCurred in OnnettiOn with:
0 brie detainee
2 Q ;3evera I detainteA (24)
3:0 many d.atoihee..5 ...thyoe than 41
:40 Do,Not Recall
- rh, (0,1otibrial).PleaSe deScribe,thereleVant•clrcurnStariceS, Moredetail: :
L heard:Si I 0,0SCOhe:the incident cluttro, SOCial ihtelattiOn aWay trOm (arrip". Delta,
DOJOIG 000632
bb C I
.S41Wat Cbriducting"-tnultiple interviews With the same d.etaineeWhorn SA I 'felt Was
providing, turn 'relevant information, ;One day, S14 I regLietted the detainee's Presence for
an Interview, When' the guards wentAo get the de a nee, tle detainee ,.,refused to kneel to be
handcuffed' OS per he atandard =Operating. I5,rooedura. The guards:used the F,t.api,d kesporiseTeann
to Ubdu-e the prisoner do not kridW, if SAI
[heard this from n the detainee or the guards.
'.as. Upset- beCaLis,e thistauSed a ,et. batk in,intetvieWing: a e ai ' ee who appeared to
be:cooperative during interviews and providing relevant information. '8 aid the detainee°
'did not want to kneel :because he had arthritis in his knees which $ ew prior to
requesting the detairieethran intMieW,..
A-9, Using a military wOrkin do .,ort ,Ot near a detainae.other than during detainee -trans ortatioh
., • t per$OriallyolierVetl this Condubt.
b , • r-ObServeddetainee(s7 irfatOrid Non that led me to belieVe that. this conduct had OCCurred.
• Oetainde(s) told Me that this conduct had Ordered. • Others who observed this cdriduCtdescribed it to tne.
e. • I haVe relevant information elaSSified above 'SECRET.
f. l I never,observed this !conduct norheard about it from someone, who did.
50. Threatening to use Military working dOgS.,01-1 Or near a detainee
a. 0
I'. personally observed this conduct.
, . • I obseryed , cfetaingeksy, in a:gond itioil that ted me to believe that Oli'corlductallgO occurred.,,
0001160,('§) -told ,inth Pt this' cOnd.Pct had Igt.q0
• gthers, who 'obsetyed this: 0004 described it to rne. . . .
IN I have relevant lnfOrrnatiorr classified aboVe. nat00714' ..
El I' never ObSerVedithiS .cOndtiot nor heard .abut : it frOM:SOMeOneWhO did.
01: Using, spiders, scorPionsi :snalkes, or-other nima15-00 or near Opipee
e. • I: perSOnallyObServed this t b.ridtiCt.
b. • I ObservedAetaihee(q in 'acOnd itionthat led tile to believe that,this corid LiCt had add.' med.
C. • Detainee(s) told ine that this COndiitt had kw:Cared. . .
:d.' • Other. who observed this conduct deScribed it tb trie,
. e. I have relevant information classified above "SECRET". •
f: Iii I neverobserved thiS,conduct nor heard a bout; it from someone who did.
DOJOIG 000633
'Threatening to use:solders, .scomions, s,nalces', or other animals one deteinee
• ,I personally . el)Served. this conduct.
b.. • I'obServed detainee(s) in a ,concittion that led me to belleVe thatthis conduct had occurred.
e: • - Di etainee(s) told' hie that this conduct had .ocairred . ,
d. • i' Others who observed this conduct described it to me. .
e. I, il. have relevant Information classified above "85CRET,II.
.._.;. 1
11/_1 IT hevergbserved this'conduct nor beard about it from someone who did,
53. Disrespectful statements, handling, or'aCtioriS involving the Koran ,
• T personally observed this conduct:
" ; • "lir observed detainee(s) in :a .Condition that led me to believe that this conduct had oceurred.,
c. • iDetainee(Slteld rrie that this conduct had gogirre4,.,
d.. • ptheis who tiii,ervli this cOnduct ciesCribed it to me., . j
. • II have relevant infOrination- tlasSifieci abOv'e.-, 48.ECETIL.
. El li ileVel- Observed this:Celina her heard abdut it frOrp SOrtfetbneWhe'd id.
-54. 5havitVa detairie,e's facial or ether hair to erhba rass,or humiliate a detainee
a; • it personally observed, this .64-ititict:
0 LobserVed detainee(S). In a Cend Merl that led rne :CO believe XhatthiondUdt had OCcurred,
c. • Iletainee(s) told me that this conduct had occurred.
d. 0 Qthers who observed this conduct described it to me.
e. • t have relevant information classified above ''S'CREIT''',
f. Ei ki never observed this conduct:nor heard about it from someonewha did.
„55. Placing a woman's. `clothing on a detainee
DOJOIG 000634
,. • I personally observed thisxonduct. ,
b. • Lobserved detainee(s1 in a-dond ition that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred.
c. III Detainee,(s) told me that this conduct ktad-d-ccurred,.
d, • Others who 'obsetyed this cOnclUctdeseribed Itto me.,
e. I I have releva. nt. info.r m„a.t io. n classifie.d ab. ov.. e "s. Et. ilEr. .
f I71' 1 neY0,1-'01qsentied this conduct nor heard 'a hp,ttt it frorrusdmoone ,Who. did.
-56. Touching a detainee or acting toward a detainee 'Ina sexual „manner
. • I persOnalivObserved thiSdOnduet.
• I observed .detainee(S) in aeoridition that led me to believe that this, conduct had occurred.
• Detainee(s) ttitd nle that this COnd 44 had .oOeurreC1,.
d. • Others Whb observed thiS conduct described it tO. the. -
. • I. haNie releVarit infOrthatiOn Classified a b,Okrd "SCRET".
. Ei r never obteived thiS.,ccinduCt nor beard :a bait it horn. sornebne Whó did.
„57. HOldirig:.detairiee(S) Who Were "bit Officially acknowledged Or registered aS,uCh h-si the agency
ifetaintrid the. person.
,, • 1. personallrokserved thiscondua
,b • 1 observed cletainee(s). in a condition that led ,me to believe that this conduct had occurred;
• DatatnakS) told Tria that tik conduct had occurred .. ,
• OtherS wbo observ,ett thiS Condutt described 1j to roe.
e. • f have feleyaritirifortrtatiO6 ClaSSified above. "-SECRET",
'; l I never observed thisiconduOtnor heard ,about it Who did.
54. Sending, a detainee to another country for more aggresgiye interrogatton
• I perstinallyObServed this 'Coridtiet.
b, • t :observed ,detainee(s) 16 :a condition that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred
c., • laetainee(s)-told ,nie that thK conduct had .ot6ufred.
'd, • Others who observed this conduct described it to me.
DOJOIG 000635
1311:11 have relevant Information classified above "SECRET".
f. RI I, never,observed this:conduct nor heard about it from-someone who did.
5,9. Threatening 'to Send,a detainee to ariether-Cdurit' for detention or'rhore aggresSiVe,interrOgation
a:,. 0 I perspnallrobserved this -conduct.
• tlober.Veci detainee(s) in ‘P'c'PriclitiPri that led Tne, to belie.thafthi§ conduct ha,occpyroci,,
• OetaineeN told ma that this: cptiduct had CO:)rred,
• others whO pbseryed this onduct described it
• I haVe releVarit infOrthatiOrf cia"sSified above "SECRET".
never obs,erVed,this:ConduCt nor heard a bPut it frarn.someonewhO did.
670. Threatening to take-action against a detainee's family
. • I. Pei-serially observed thisCondutt.
III I:observed' detained(S) in a cord itibruthat led me to, believe thatthis 6dlndtict had ,ocetirred.
Detainee(. s) told me that this. . conducthad OC:CUrred. ...._ ...._.
Others who 'observed this conduct described it to me.. l
• r have relevant Information' clasSified above. "SECRET".
Et t never observed this ,conduct nor heard about It Thorn someone who did.
61. Othertreatment or action severe, emotional or psyChOlogical traurna to a detainee'
• I per,sonallsrobserved thisconduct:
b. • 1 pb.Serveddetainee(s in -a 'Condition that led me to believe that this conduct had ocairred..
o: Illi Detainee(sJ told me that this PondPpt had Ow:Irreg.:
d, • Others' Who :cibs'ert;p:( 'this, cord;uct.deScribed it to me.
el. El I have relevant 'rift:kin:atoll classified a'bOVe "SECRET".
f Er 1 neVer observed this lCOntlu,Ct norheard about it from.scimednelWho did.
DOJOIG 000636
62. -Other bus or :tieguelThotarnerit or itimihtion'fife detainee
• I personally, observed thisconduct.
b, I Lobserved'detainee(s) in akcond Mon' that led 'me to believe that this conduct had occurred.-
-c, • Detainee(s) told 'me that this conduct had occurred.
a, • Others' whoobserved this pond uotdescribed It to me. ;
e. • I, have televeritinfOrrnation classified above "$.ft.RET",
t: El I neverObserved.this'conduct.nor heard .about it from,someone -whp did.
r63.. Other treatment cif a detainee that in your opinion vyas ,uhVgit§siorlal,
coeltivei ebuSive, or unlawful
' ,. I IlierSonally obServed thiscOndtitt.
V. • tobterVed,detainee(ST in a4driditiOrythat led tne to. belleVethatthiSCOridtict,had OCCurred., 121 • Detainee(s)tOld the that this Cohdutt had IOCCurred.
CI • Others Who obServed this .cOnduCt described it to me.
'e. •
I have relevant information clastified above !!SECRET" ,. .
never observed' trils.:conduct nor-heard -a bout, it from someone who. did.
fa_Rir £t-Et ®,F Pr ave.,
64.. Did yOti -ObsetVeany frnperSonation Of FBI persOrinel by,anytine during an interview Or interrOgation of
:a detainee?
0 Yes ,C) No
65_ Did any' detainee or -Other Felton tell:Sion thathe or She had: Witnessed the impersonation of FBI
'person nel,in, connection with a detainee interview or Interrogation b. 'Yes .C) No
66. Are you aware of any "sham' or "staged 'detainee interviews or interrOgations conducted for Members
of the-U.S.,ConareSsOr their Staff?
C. Yes: 0 No
`67. TO,yOur knOwiedger did 'any' , military or intellfgetiOe PerSOnnel oer derW or. dt10 FBI .aces - tO,a,
detainee the FBI wanted to question becaUse the:detainee had sustained injuries after he 31cra calitUred?
0YeS- -0 No
DOJOIG 000637
YOP ever end your partiCipatiOn in or Ol)spryationof P'‘Idelaistee interVIOW or interrogation
because of 'MO interview or interrogation Toothod§ ! being used?
QYOP, ko
6. Were you .evertold that -another Fnemployeeended his:or her participation in or observation of a
detainee interview or interrogation r because of the ;intervievy , or',interrogatiOn methods being used?
Yes, No
11 During any of your overseas deployments or assig iirneritS,, did you report any -concerns regarding
any detainee 'interview -or interrogation practices or othertypes of detaineetreatment, to, an FBI
71. During any of your overseas ,deployments or assig nrneritSt did you report any concerns regarding
ny,:detalnee ;IntervieW or interrogation 'practices ik other types of detainee reatment you
observed, or heard about, to-a non-FBI supervisor-or other non-F,BIDersopne0
Y,es , No*
74171:Va;y,ou iever been ordered or d irected ri.OttO report, Ar,0i.l1#e0rOd in any "way frOrri "reporting,
observations Or allegations related to detainee treatment Or interview or Interrogation actions or
74:,(0.0tiOn:01) - New provide any c.14i0On61, ornjienh1 gadfti ihTe .reooi-fino '.ol'Kerti$, related to
interVieft Of interrOgatiOntecnniques,deteritibri 'praqice§, or otherdetaine'etrearlient.
75. Were 'you .iJebriefed t otherthari the 'standard debrief in ED-772, toridernihg. your civet'Seas
aStinent(s)ot,tlePloymeritcSI affer you :cOrriPleted thedebloyrrierit(S) or aSSignMent(s)7
0 Yes, 0 No
76. Additional "(omments-and'Recommendationsi
Thank yait for your coperation. in 'complieting thisi,quostionnaira
./ Yes; :0- No
Have!you ,expororiced any actual threatened retaliatiOn for repgqii ipg bSerya-nfigsOr allegations
.,of'detaineetreatitent br interview rintefrOgtiOn actions or ptioes7
0 Yes, NO
DOJOIG 000638
PA Bi\
A. Personal Information
Department‘of 3,ust ice inspector General 'Questionnaire Regarding Detainees
QUESTIONNAIRE ID: test-00001941
As of the lest time this questionnaire was saved, sonle required fields have not peen cOmPleted.
PleasereViemt your responses.
Please provide the 'folio:Wing itifOrhiatidrif.
I. First harri0
2. ,,Middle
31 Last name:,
-4. Entered, On .Duty Date (EO{):
CurrentDivision/Field Office:
'0, Current job ,title:
7., Direct, d ial Offidetelep hone number:
,B. FBI cell Pflonenurriber:
9. FBI pager number:,
10. est' contact, number forN0P':-
B. Background of Specific DeployMents or Assignments
11., Atany time after Sefiternbet 11, 2004. did YOu:SerVeaS. :a member Of the U.S. Military, of AS an
employee or contractor of the. FBI orany ot her government agency, at Guantanamo Bay t 'alba; Iraq;
Afghancstam or in areas controlled by the u4-, Military or.a U.S. intelligence service in connection 'with the
1/Mr terrOrI
VeS 0 No.
Enter the number Of timeslal,Were,deployed assig ned toeach 'orthe,following loCatforis.
,(Gbantananio Bay, tubaf,lreq5,Afghaiiistan;„:61 - in any afea controlled by the U.S. Military& a ti„5„,
intaibArice stC,6)
FOr eath. deplOymerit or assignment :complete the T011Owing
atmitt p
Deployment began beli,lOitriicop or - assignment ended on ,
sedicit:. D about.
05/0912004 07/1612004
What was Vie :0'0100 nature and utcs cillrourssfgriMpriR 000 activitieS7
Question detainees. in' cUStody ofi I b2
12b. Please ,providethenames of the.speciffocamps, bases t or facilities wtiereyou'worked.
Camp parna Qo)3aglidacl international Airport. : Embedded with
Note ; If infOrmation• about a specific camp, base, or faCility is classitied above S ECRET,
please CheClc here 0, iriolude in your answer that you baveadditional information classified /above
'SECRET, and,. if you lerioW,identifYthezelaSSification tiCketi lcoinpartinent, ,prOg rain, brother
designation that applies to the :information-, not Irkplucle%-oe.-adOiqoal classified information In your
All FBI Information Contained Herein is Unclassified
Date 3/27/09 by UC/BAW 60324
DOJOIG 000639
P 7c
speclaj Agent
Location (s'et4,x on0
A. Training Prior to Overseas. Deployment or Assignment
questibrinaireresponses,. 01t. personnel with the necessary clearance will contact you to receive it.-
mo - PosirT)
>charge :of au.r team:
.12e. Did )1914.1010Y interview 0 liftrrOqate any detainee with hon- FBIriOtsOfi.nel? ..
0 Np . . ..'
With what kinds-Of non-FBI personnel did 'ppm wOrk.iointlY7' - :
Alf. Did you jointly plan any detainee interview or Interrogation strategy e objectives„ or tactics with non-
FBI personnel?
'CY yes —
With what kinds of norvFBI. personnel did 'you Work jointly? '
7." El .0ther.U.S.. Military
1441$ intelligence agency
0 Foreign military or intelligence a,gencY.
112g, Were yOu ever otherwise Involved in detainee Interviews or Interrogations With non-FBI personnel?
. . , .
Please describe The res. d S 6 ility for questioning a high yaluedetainee was &eh to the FJ while We =:
Were ditbedded wit heidetainee, While in U.S. rhilitary ,enStody, Was also ti Uestioried by
-members:of the PUK. °ensure that , the PUICIreated the detainee:appropriately.i. I was asked to - sit
:outside the door of the interview Mtn d uring their interview The: interview was done in Kurdish .s2,1 was
'notable to understand the substance, but the atmosphere of the 'interview was very non-onfrootatiOnal. :
:The intefteleig. was also oliSeNted Iiii-e U.S. aiilitahl KiffdiShtrarielatof via CCIV;so the.ulis'riceWs -,
:being monitored eisewhere.,The PUK provided the detainee/with soft drinksend snacks. Thelrgoal, as
was the Mrs during its questioning of the detainees was to rapport with ,thetletainee, treat him --
Mil respect and keep him' talking Diherwlse I never participated Iii an interview with The put.
b 2
13. Did'yoll Tkelve tfi'nFng. inst,rUctióri, Or guidance specifically in OIGQ-000640
DOJOIG 000640
• •

p cn-F
lEk)ther LI;S. Military
intelligence agericy
CI Fa refg'n Military or intelligenceagency
ID ()Aberoverseas
deployments or assignmentS?'
c,Ws 'ONO 0 'Jo Not Recai(
1,3a, Who provided this training, instruction, or guidances and where clic! you ,receive it
RDLU at:FBI Academy, quantito, VA
13b. D'escribethe subject 01010i yoLi reteived this training, instruction or guidatte.
What I Can reCallit'Wescouritly Issues, cultural issues and threat issues. Training On
deadly force polity as well at hands on training with H,RT.
:(5'es Otto :6Do Not Recall
14a Who provided this trainingy, instruction ror guidance rand 'where didyou receive it?
140. Briefly d escribe the Substance of the training, instruction, pr g uidance grovidect PY Y014
Leprtriot- recall if the EC came out prior to our deployment or during our deployment
regarding standards of Conduct by FBI ,personnel during overseas interviews. The EC
was in response to Abu Bhraib. ;Other than that EC, rttO not recall any sPeCifictraining
that WaS given to i pride to our ,departUte. WereceiVed a:.rlay-aticIta:half of
presentations, but I do not recall a presentation regarding the above.,
14c: Viias-,any, of-the training, Inetitztion,, or guidance provided InVriting?
'01‘10 '0 Do Not Recall
.0.Yes ONO :0:DO Not .Recall
1$. Th : preparation fOr anyot . your OVerteaS trePloyrnetits or :assigrirrients,,d id you receiveany training, -
instruction, ,or.guidance concerning What you Weretup posed to do If you observed or heard about
the,treatrtient, intervieiv,„ or interrogation of detainees by FBI rietsortnel, -whithYoU 'believed to
be inappropriate, unprofessional, coercive, a buse, qr. :unlawful?'
OO TQD9 „Not Recall
10,a, Who provided this trOjnfrigt instruction, Pr guidance, and where did - you receive it3
nerd etcribe the the training, instruction Or guidance, provided_ toyou-.
I don't recall receiving any training other than the EC-above .I -am sure the EC,
nliltiPTIPd:Vhqt:P2 Oa if anything was -:observed and who to report to within-tne,0:fl,
16c. Wasany of the training t -instruction, or guidance provided in:writing?
(Pees, 'ONO Do, Not Recall
17. In preparation for anyoryour overseas deployments,or assig nments,..d id you receiveany training,
instruction,,orguidance concerning wh at you su pposed td do if you observed or heard about
thetreatrnenvint:ervieW„ Or interrogation „of detainees by non-FBI personnel, which you 'believed:
tO be inappropriate, LI rprOfestion'al,'"Obei-CiVe, 761111SiVe, Or unlaWful?
Oyes ONO', C‘Do Not Recall
L Training During Overseas Deployments or Assignments
13. During ,any of your OVerSeaS,deloYrtient,sor assignMentS, did you receive anytrairling, inttruCtion.
DOJOIG 000641
,prguiclanceconoerning the 'standards of corldulqt-applicall le to thetreatmerit interviewror
Interrogation of detainees by FB I' personnel?
'Qp 0D5 40t. letal I
Who provided this training, , instruction, or 'guidartel
18h. Briefly:describe the ubsthnceofthe train ingr instruction, dr guidance provided to yciti.
We vsiere-told, ,thatiAre: could not participate norvieWi nibteterrrorogtaitOionn military
'persOrinel involve. Military !liarbh," up" procedUres. 58AI [21 id ,a gtIod job
Of reinforcing that -the military, had, different Standards than the FBI. I. also. recall seeing:
an EQ'tbat.waS,either distributed right before or during our rotation, that emphasized
Lh FBI's policy oryintervieWS, The kc WaSin response to Abu GJirait
:18c Wqsrrrf, of training, Instruction, or guidance provided in writing ?
'OYes øNb, '0 DO- Wit Recalt
19. buring any of yoUroverseas, deployments or a,osig at-merits, clid 'you receive any training, instruction,
cir.guldthce .Orieerminb the ,stthidards of Obriduct aPpi ic6b le to, thatreatment, .interVieWtOr
ibterroljatiOM,Of detainees by hon-FBI peitsorinel?
0YeS ON 0Do NotReeall
19a. Who provided this training„; instruction, orguidance?
1911 nett tlestribe' the substance of the training, instruction, or guidance proleded, to you
'SSA told us that the military had different= sta ndards In their interviewing
process We were not to participate in those types of interviews or even observe thern'ccurred.
19c, as:any, ofthetraining, instruction i or guidance provided in %TV ri0
?D'Yes ONO, 0', 00 Ncit ReCall
'20; During any or your overseas -deployments Or as,sigriments, I OU recelye, any training ,„ instructiOri,'
or guidence;conterning What you were supposed to do if you observed or heard about'the
treatinent, interView, it interrogatiOnofdetaineeS by FBI peroiméi, Midi ou belidiied ,be
inappropriate unprofessional, coercive abushie e or Unlawfti
0Yes- 0'No ttDo Not Recall
=21., ii,6,dpy•rifiiitversea dIô iidnts or you inStrUctioni,
or"gpidanceconedining -in:that r you were:5U pPOsed to do if yOUOtiSerVed Or heard abode. the
treatmente interview, or inteirogatiorr.oriletainees by nort,,,P4i personnel, which you believed to
be inap,prcipriate, unprofessional, coercive,,,abUsiVe,,'913.46.1aWNi7
0'{es co 000 blot Recall
C. Adequacy of Training
22 In your -opinion, did you receive adetpiate trai fling r InStructiorit;Or'lu dance relating' to Standards
of conduct by FBI and non-FBI personnel relating to treatment, interview, or interrogation of
DOJOIG 000642
detainees 'prior td your cietilOyriieht assigitmnt?
-0 ,YeS C) NO
22a. Please describe the waysitnwhich you believe the training, instruction orguidance was
inadequate: •
We understood the Mrs- Standarclb,hotWevere not fully:aWarabf the military's Standards. Even
though Lam-a-Winer Army officer,.I was unaware:of the Army's interrogation procedures as I vitas not
. an interrogator. 'FBI training could focus on the U.S. military's standardsfor interrogations and what
the military legally 'can and cannot do in their interrogations. The FBI relies on the military in Iraq, for
many things,. if not eiterytbing. To ensure that theFBi is not looked upon unfavorably by the military,
all FBI agents should be fully aWare of the military's interrogation policies to ensure that information is
not, unduly -reported. What may be loOked at aS !nap pro:Priate by an 'agent,. Ma'' infect be doinfiletely
legal under military law and executiyedecns.
23.ln youropinibti, did you receive 'adeqUate training, itittriattiOn, orgUidahce relating:10 Standards
of conduct by FBI and non-FBI personnel 'relating to treatment, Interview, or interrogationrof
detainees Owing your deployment or assignment
0)rep O No
24. In your opiniOn, did ,yOU reteiVe:adequate training, instruction;orgy idanpa conOrrting what you.
were Supposed to, tic; if 03(‘ obSeNed or heard: abetit the treatment, interview,-Or interrogatitin Of
detainees, by'FBI or non-FBI personnel, that you believed was inaPpropriate,Unprofessional'„
coercive, abutlyei or unlawful?
()Yes CNo
25„;(0ptionall Inwhat ways can the FBI :improve training on-this Subject for 'future deployinentslr
The Fig can send agent*TdAtiO lillilitdryisiinterrogatOs:Cdurte as well as to. the Military' SUMVer EVader:
Resist,, Escape (ERE.) COW:se:The FBI's interview 'techniques are otimitoh technlq ties Used Wall law
enforcement, but the military's approach and techniques are quite different and the FBI should begin:
training with :the milita ry learn-and understand their techniques in pr-Oro better deterrnine w hen
°soldier hag .crossed amilitary Standard.
ID. Comments
26. Please provide-any additional information -concerning training for overseas deployments-or
• rents of FBI personnel you believe is relevant.. ••
introduction to 'Part this section, )Areare
types of detainee: treatment alleged to have occurred.
Ypu ShOUld_ficitaSturne, just hecaUte we ara:'aSking about 4 "particular technique or practice, that we have
Concluded that it in lct,occurred. We recognize that sortie of these techniques-or practices Maya times
be necessary forsafety and security in a detentiOn setting. In-addition, we recognize that some of these
- OIGQ-000643
DOJOIG 000643
techniques or pr4c-tices pay shave been authorized:fortle by Military ordtlier government personnel.
With resp.edlOtaCh ideated tediiiitiu:e, pte:ctie t:or typerOf cOnduotdeSoribede1QW,, tnrore:seOldn0
ihformatiOti a bbUt its betUreerice dui1ñ Orin tOrr erection with the ihtiarvietv-oe intertegatieri of a ,
detaine, or during, the'detention of a detaine beyond what is neded for safety and security.
In -that :contoxt.WP:WiJI a'Ak ygu to tell us yyppthpx ore or more of the fQIlQwing tatmeptsretrkle;
1. LperSbriallrobSerValthis Odnduct.
2. I obseected'kletalnee(0 in a >Condition that led die to believe' th'at this:tondUct had &tufted
3. Detainee(s) told me that th is:conduct had locciArred. ,
Others-Aktho observed this conductxtescribed#V rne
I have relevant infOrtnetiori classified abOVe-''SEC.RElt
5,, Lii0Ver '6,b$erved this conduct nOt .hearcI bôUtjtfscfle.Who
27 Depriving a detainee or food or water
• 1.1 persciffally, (lb-Served this. cbriduet
U. I -ObSe.fVed -detainee(S) in '.'0':.tdliditIOAt 11.4t. led the to` believe t Of: 'is dooduct KO,
O.,: • .Detainee(S) told me that this; OnOubt had occUrred.
. • 1Othert, who 6bsefitOd 'this: cOnduct tie:Seri bed it td, the
'''. • I beve releVarit iriformatiOn classified a beiVe "SECRET".
IF I. never Observed thicotidutt -ner heard a bout it frOtrisbrilednei‘Vhd did,
'28. Depriving a,detainee of clothing
- a r personally observed WIonduct.
b 0 jr„obErved.cietairree(s) 10 a Odd itiorf that ied me to believe that:this conduct had Otcprrect..
O. 111 p'etairreets) told me that this', cdridtfet he; Om(' rreli .
a. • ptheeS:);;Nilid ObterVed this ailicitict4Otribeil it to me:
• O fr have tele-Vent infOrmation Classified abOve 4sECRET".
f. g ': never btiser'Ved, thiS,:cond uet 'nor .heard about it frorrtsOrdebrie who did.
9. Depriving a"detaiefee of sleep, or interrupting "sleep: by freO0ent.cell:relocationsor other MethOds
a. Er 1 06es5irialiy, bbseived thiSCorithiCt.
b. • ',observed detainee(s): in acondition - that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred..
o. • betalnee(sltOld me f }let this conduct had occurred, .
DOJOIG 000644
d. • Others who observed this conduct described it to me.
n I have relevant Information classified above. 'SECREP.
n I new observed. this 'conduct nor heard about it from -sorneone-who did.
g. Please prcivide the approximate time frarneduting which this.conthiet occurred,
From :05/09i2004 to 0746/2604 Obo Not Retail
h. The detairiee(S)„treated in thiS way. were located at the time in
1 q Guaritanarrio
2 RI Iraq
3 0 Afghanistan
4 CI Other Location
5 0 Do Not Rebell
i...Please identify thedetainee(s) by, ame and. number:
1. Please identify the persons) who 'treated the detainee(S) in this rnanner,;, including their
narhe(S) and 'government agency(ieS):
k. Please identify-any other FBI perSonnel or non ,FBI personnel who observed detainee(S) treated
in this manner/ including their names) and agency(les):
This conduct -occurred in connection with;
0 One:detainee
2 0 Several detairieesA2=4):
3 a many detainees (more: than
0 DO Not Recall
(Optional) PleaSe deScribe the relevant circumstances in more detail.:
The military conducted 24 hour operatiOns. So tietaifiee_s t especially new West 'Were:questiOned
by the day-shift and night shift. DetaineeswOuld not get MuCh„sieep, the, first few tio'y4=ps, the
.detainee may have ,pOsitive Intelligence regarding ; terrorist OPetations: BeW detainees were
therefore queStioned throughout the day and nig ht in order to gain timely 'intelligence.
Beatin 'detainee
,.. n I, personally -observed. this ,:conduct: .
bti /•.ObSeryed detainee's). 1(1'0:Condition:that led me tb believe th4this COridPCt had occurred
c: n petainegs) told .me that this conduct had Occurred.
DOJOIG 000645
• have relevant information classified above "SECRET".
f. 0 I never observed thisxonduct not- heard about, it from someone.who did.
Please tiirOide the aPProkirriate time 'tattle during Which' thiStOridu,ctoCCUrred.
From 05/69/1604' to; Ci7g6/201)4 Clbo.Oot reci
, h. The,detainte(s) treated in this (4/ay were located at the time in:'
:1 0 'Gila iitanarno
g Cl .Afghanistan
.4 El 'Other Location
5 El Do,,Not. Recall
Please identifythedetainee(s) by name and nom her:
Ep riot know,
Please identify 'the tierScin(s)::Who treated the - detainee(s) in this manner, including their
name(s) and goyernmentagency(ieg);:
• k. Please identify any ',Other FBI personnel Or non -FBI perSbrinel:WhO obserifed detainee) treated,
. in this manner, irtgiuding their name(*) and agency(ies);
T., 'This, Conduct pc:purred in oOnneetiOn with
'One detainee
2 Q., Several detainees (2=4)
3,0 molly- dotgi.tA tirott: than 4
4 0 Do Not Recall
M. (Optkmalj Please, describe the relevant circumstances: intnOredetall:
TO/a*, the-20d of our tour, weleorned that DIA Personnel had d to their headquarters
?AMA the abuse Of detainees: ata: tenhporary detention fealty b. erSOnnel. The: Military
'WeS, InveStigating the Matter and" the DIA persOrinel were reCal le eir eadtpartersand were
no 'longer participating 'in interrogations. never personally:saw the detaineewha was- alleged ly
/abused Idon't believe that he was even brought to the screening facility Where we were
statiohed.1 ohly- ichoW of the 'allegations because of the abrupt departure of the DIA personnel:
from :otir facility ; Later, I would see documents on the Internet, that were released, by the '
Milltary, regarding the COMplaintS by the DIA t6I I The. detainee!scOrid ition'was not
',described to me ,byanyone,in- Iraq as the DIA personnej did not discuss the matter in,detail with
us'. I was oni,,e.Lawa re of the allegations , because Of the abrupt :clepartdreof DIA interrogators from
tattip: Nartia. MOStly, learned Of the extent of the allegations reading the reports provided to
the ACLU. by-the:military.
waterto prevent breathing by a detairieeOrto :create the.sens,atiOri Of droWning
DOJOIG 000646
a • r personally observed this.conduct, •
Ep. • I:-observed detainee(s); in aoond'itionthat led me to believe'thatthis conduct had occurred.
c. • 'Detainee(s) 'told me that this conduct had 'o -ccurred. • ,Others who 'obSerVeci this tonclubttroscritied It to mel
II have relevantInformation classified above 11,81kEr'''.
f: IZ g never,observed,this-:COnciptt nor heard :00,1-lt. it frorrusorheori-Whq did.
32. Using' hands, rope, >or anything ,else, to :chpke or strangle a d'etainee
a. • I persbnallyOhSerVed thistandutt.
b. • 1 observ,ed:cletainee(s) in a tandition that, led me to believe that this conduct had occurred. :
c. • Detainee(s): told Me that ,t,his'etindtict. 664 t,idCPrred,
.d. • Others Whb ob.SerVed thiS cbrititidt destribed it to ite.
e. • I tiaVe ,releVarit infornietlori classified a boVe "SEC RET".
f. Ef I never observed this conduct ,nOrTheard about: it froth , sarriebrie-Who - did.
'33..'Thr.eatening other anion ttitailSe, physical Pain,: injury, 'd isfloutirilit,. Or death, .
a . • 'I personally-observedthis,conduct, '
0 jIobserveci, detainee(s)' in a:condition that, led me to believe thatthis conduct had occurred.
c. I betainee(s) told me that thisconduct h,a d occurr• ed-. • ,„„ .,„ , .
d. 0 Others who absented 'this cancluCtdestribed it to me. ,
• L have relevant InfOrmet,lan classified above' ",$EtkEr":
El j. never observed this ;condi:let nor' heard ',a bout it from 'someone:who, d id,
al:. C).1p,e17- treatment praction•causing, significant p,aJi or injury, or causing disfigurement or
a. EI I personally abser-Ved thiSCOndtret. ' .
b. • LobserVed.detalneettl lri a;dand Mari that led. me ta belle Ve that thiscOndut had badurred.
c.. II Deteinee(S) , tald hie that thiSCondutt had ,b,et tiered.
d. I Others who observed this conduct described It to me,
DOJOIG 000647
e. 111 I have relevant information classified above ''SECRET". •
f: M I. never observed this conduct nor:heard about it from:someone:who did,
,35. Kadin a detainee cin a hdt stiff-ace br burning a detainee
. • I personallyo served this:conduct,
i:PWervecl -Cleta.liV.C.$1 in a condition that IN .flo, to believe that this conduct had Occurreci..
• ' Qetainee(S) told me that this conduct had oCCUrrecr,
• • i - - i" ' . ii i i ct. described Et ,tO,rne.
• tfieVe releV0Tit ififOrMatiOn ClaSelfied abOVe ' 18:EORW.
f. fli never observed this:conduct nor heard about it from,SorrieoneWho did.
tiqing. Shackles or other restraints in a prolon9ed manner ,
a. Er I persdnal&bbserved this,CoriduCt.
• rDb8etVed.detainee(s) in a condition that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred.
Detainee(s);fold Me that.. „t..h. is cond„,u.._c. t lied oCCurred. •
III pthers who observed this conduct -described it to me.
-e. • 1,1‘ have relevant informatiOnclasSified above "S:ECRET".
. • L neverobserved this conduct nor heard about It fromysorneong who did.
.g. Please prOvide the approkirriate time frame d u ri rig. Which this ,condUctocctirred.
Froin .05/4940134 to 0.746/2064
Ii. The detaineeM treated in this WaY- iiere Iodated at -the tinielIV.
L 0 'Gliaritarlarno
g Iraq
0 Afghanistan
'4 CI 'Other Location
CI DO Not Walt
1. Pleaseidentify the cletairiee(s) by name and number:,
J. Please Identify- the person(s) who treated the, detainee(s) in this manner, Including their
name(s) and governmentagency(iesl:
DOJOIG 000648
Citio Not Recall
k. Please identifyanratier FIbeat -Wittel non-FDI personnel '-who..ohserved detailiee(s) treated
in thig.rnarineri including their riarne(t) and agericy(ies):
I. This-conduct _occurred In connection with:
:10 -One detainee
4 CO 'eY..era! detainees t2-jj
•0 -96! Many detainees (more than 4):
-40 DO Not Recall
171: please describe,therelevant circumStarice$- in more -detail:,
Themilitary used a system whereby, upon, ,custody„.: detainges, were handcuffed behind the back
' while in their cells. If the detainees demonstrated that they were gOing to he. cooperative in
Custody and during questioning,, the handcuffs would theheither be moved to the front or taken
off *a ItoOtther. HOwever,, if the detainee was nCoOperative, then the ti etainee 'wou Id rertia in
handcuffed behind the back even in their cell.
:Reqiiiring a:tietainee:to (inairitain„ redtrairiing" a detainee in a -Stresful or eRntylpositiOn
. • I PmdlIallY'9,PsPi.11,c1.011VconcPc
t?. • I observed detainee(s). in atcondition that Led me to believe that thisconduct had-occurred,
c. • Detainees) told rne-that this conduct had occurre4.
4. l Others- - Who OlaserWl :OAS, Ociridact de scribed it: ttx rhe,
. • t have relevant thfOrtriatiOn ClaSSified -a bOVe, "5fORt7 11".
• i never obserVed thiStOndua 'nor heard about it frdm someone Who did.
Please provide ;the appro4rnate time frame du Ong which this , condtjet txctirre,E.,
rOm° 0/09j2004 to 0,11:612004 • Elio Not Recall
h The detainee(s) : treated )11 this way were located at the time in
3 :kg ha raglan
•ki ti.Qttidr Location
5 in Do Not Recall
I. Please identify thelletairite*BytAitit and nuiriber:
Please the persoti(s) -yho'lr.eptecl It* d etainee(s) in this manner, including their
name(s) arid governrheritagen,Cy(10:
le. Please identify anyxither FLO personnel or non1 personnel who observed detainee(s) treated
this rnalineri including their name(s) and agency(ies) -:,
DOJOIG 000649
I. ThisfOnduct occurred in :connection With;
,Q,ne detainee
2 O Several detainees, (2 -4)
' 30 Many 'detairieeS cin6re than 44
..4 Dc Not Recall
m. '(,CIptiOnal) Please describe `the relevant. circumstances in nioredetaih
Military' persbhtiel deSeribed to.4;irie seirrie of the techniques they Used ,during internigationS-in
orderto ttitss ;dealhees, such ascertain ;Sitting OositionS, standing 00Sitians, p,hySalexercfse,
'etc I neyerpersonally,Oserved this conduct
38. Forclns a detainee to .erform 'demand in II hysical exercise
• t person011Y, 0,0,served thiS 'cOndtiot,
'1?' III I' ohserVeci cletain'ee(s), irta condition that led "rn to IPOleY Mat.this 0/10 Pct, hal joccurrOci.
: • petairiegs, tOld rite oa till's; c,ohdutt, had ',Occkirt-01.
,c1 , El Others who observed this CpridnaadeSoribed It to, Me,
, . • t have relevant information Classified abOve "SECRET'''.
: • I' nev,ei- Oilserved:thiS,:danti.utt Tiot• he:a al -8 batit it from scitnkinev O 'did. '
g. Please groVtde the approxirnate lime frame 4during which hioucVccturrh,
Frani: :05/Q91404 th 07/16/2U4 ElDo Not. Recall
h. "rho AetaiiI000 :trOPIOd in This way. Were:10,0W at the time tn:
1 0 01.rantanettift
a rAfjtiaiii,tari
'4 El Other Location
5,0 DollOt
'Please Identifythetiainee(s) hy name and: nurribe: -
J. Please icIghtify the. pereonO)vho„t„ reated the detpineets)' in t his men 1:1 Fr- ineNding their
narne(S) and, ,gOVerninentagenty(le9:
lt,13,1ease identify ahypther F0.1 personnel or Pqn-FBI,:PerSonnel!wil0:9,1.)P,erVeti tletainee(S)' ;MOW,
in this. rpprine'r, inOacitng their narne(s) anti fagency(ies):
I. ThiS:CdriduCt bcairred in tobriettiOn With: '
I '0 ',0,:nd; dete") hoe
DOJOIG 000650
Q sovor41 detainees (24):
3 0 naniuletine .irtiort,,thOn 4),
- 4 0 DiiNcit Recall
m,. (Optional) pleae: describe, the releVent.circumstanc,eS' in more detail:
Again; lfoci titspi,s51,cins military person nei . regarding 'spm0or their techniques:I:bey
adViSed that, rii6riy Of their "'ha rth UP" tethniqUeS were nothirig -inotethan :physical ceiis Suh
as running in place, jacks, etc. in an effort to filacestreS -Oh.tne,detainee that the.
'detainee would *cooperate during ueStioning t I never personal irsobswve4 thIscotici4ci_
39. thing 'eleetticallincic oira detairiee
., El, T personalfr.phserved thiscpriduct.
observed detainee(s) in ia7cOridAiorrthat led me to believe that this conduct had -occurred.
• IPOtPitVq:($) tOld'r110 that this: OrIclYt't 40 *CSItriXii- . . .
Others, whO :observed this cOnduct,deSCribed it to
I haVe.'releVant infiirtriatiph"dastifitTlObtiVe."SEC.RET''. MEI I hew r 6,1i ty'0 , t h IS, ic.(5 ild act nor heard ,about it from Scirneone:Who, did.
- 40,ThreatOning u6e,eletti-idOisii94(pti aMeta ittOe
a; • persdnally-Obseeved this gbj-iduct.
b, • I obserVed detainee(s) inatdridition that led me to believe thatthiS conduct had .00cUrred.,
C., • Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had occurred.
d. • Others who observed this conduct described it to me.
e.• I have relevant information classified above !'SECREr.
gui. neyerobseryed this 'conduct nor heard Out it from someone who did,
'41. Interitkirialipdelairing deny,in4,detarnee Medical tare
a, • X personally Oserved, this conduct. „
4 • r observed ,detainegs) In a:cond tilort that 10 'me to believe that this 0;KI.duct had pccurrea.
• DOtaineP'(S) tO,Id.rne that this Conduct had Occurred, '
Others WhO observed this conduct it 0,- ine.
DOJOIG 000651
„ ... .
• g have relevant Information - classified above ''SECRET".
f: l II never observed this :conduct nor heard about it from someonewho did.
42. Hooding or blindkildifig, a ,detainee:Other than ddeirig trans Ortation
a, RI' II personally this•condqcf.
b, • a observed detainee(s) In 'P‘Cglici ition that led me to believe thet tbiP. conduct had ,occurre,c1.
c; • Detainee(s).told yr ie that this conduCt had ,occurred.

Others MO Observed this conduct desCribed it to me. •

. .
• -,,I heVefeleVent. infOrinattort ClaSSified aboV.e, "SECRET". ,
lii never ob,501110. this ; • to ndoct nor heard abbut it frOm ,sorrieOnoWho did.
Pleas o provide the approldmate time frame during. which this coriduct.occu med.
From 0.5/09/2004 to 07/16/2004 ODo Not Retail
h. The detainee(S) treated in this Way Were looted at the time in:
1 U -Guantanamo
2 E Iraq
3 Afghanistan
4 0 Other Location
5 El Dp Not Recall
I. ,Please identify the ,detairtee) by name arid ribrnberf
j. Please identify the person(s) who treated the detainee(S) in thisManner, inCiLicling their
harrie(i) and 06yerrimerit agerity(ie0::
14. Please identify any other FBI personnel or non-FBI persOhnel who observed detainee(s) treated
In ',this: manner, Kelt:Wing their name(s)and agency(ieS):
I. Thiscanduct Occurred. in Connection with:
I:0 One detainee
2 0 Several detainees (2-4)
•3, 9 Many 'detainees (more than 4),
4 0 Do Not Recall
m. (OptionairPtease describe the relevant circumstances in more detail:
,It was standard procedure that detainees W er.e b lin. dfo. lded. Instead Ofthe:heiad. s. f the Military
DOJOIG 000652
used gogg leg-that Were cOVered by dila tape so the detainees cbtild nat tee. The:detainees
alWayS had 'the-covered goggieS on -during trarispOrtatiori. Aiso, the,gOgg lea Would be lefLOn‘t he:
.detainee while in their cells, if they remained' uncooperative., kavingsthegoggies orrvasiused - in
conjUnction with keeping the detOriee handcuffed behind his back. HOWevermiost detainees-were
hle to gettheloggies,off by pushing up against a Wall. Otherwise, if the detainee was
dopath1e,ônce iii theii=tell, they could .feitioVe -theAbggleS, I iieverobserVed the tise.Of Nods
- as Awes no longer used by the military during our deployment
.-4.51..-5. .:112Lecting a detainee ta.extrernely cold Of hot room temperatures for extended periods
II 11 personally observed this :CoPc1Pcf,
b;, • ,1, observed -detainee(s), in wcond ition-that led me to:believe:that-this conduct had :occurred.
. • Detainee(4 told TOO that this conduct had :Occurred .
17$1 4.[
Et Others 'Who observed this conduct it to me.,
0 41' have relevant information classified a boVe "SMIZEr.
f. • I never observed this,COndiitt nor heard ahciut, it frOrn tOrtiebneWhO did.
g. Please provide the ppprOximate time framed uri ng vybithlh„i$„Ond,tict 'occurred.
From 0.5109/2605 to 0116126,65 006 Ntrt, Recall
h. The detainee(s) treated in this way were iockted t the time in;
1 0 Guantanamo
21 :Itael
4.0 Other Location
5 0 Do Not Recall
I. PleaSeideritifythe etain'ee(S)by name and ilUrriber:
j. please identify the. person(sywho treated the detainee(S) in this manner, including their
namaNand governmentagPrIPY*)‘:
_ .
I_ ThiS,COndutt occurred in canticti3O11 With:
1 10 One detainee
0 -SeVeral data itiaks. c?-4)
5 0 mat* detainees (more than 4j
4 Do Not Recall
m. fOptiOnalYPIeagedeScribe -the:relevant- cjiturriStarkes in 'mire 'detail':
DOJOIG 000653
k. Please identify anyother FB1,personnel or non-FBI personnel ,whoobserved detainee(s) treated
In this manner, including their name(s) and a,gericy(les):
.AS:mentiOned, above, Military perSonnel described ito us another technique Whereby they
Stress the detainees. ThiSteebbiqUe Ittilized.airCOnditioned rooms as a Means stress the
-detainees. I personally. never saw thiStechnlq ye used.
44. Subjetting a detainee to !odd music
a. • I, personalirpbservethis !conduct,
U I observed detainee(s) in a.cend Mon that led me ta b,elieve that,this conduct had 'occurred:,
, : • Detablee(s);tOtd. me that this; CohatCt had Occurred.
30thrS who obserVed this ephd,Litt;deScribed it tO me.
have releVant Information' classified above "SECRET"-.
• I 0 bSerVed. this,COrlduCt nor heard a bdut it frorn scirrieenelAthO. did. .
, Please prOVide the approximate time frame du ring , which th IS, co ridoct‘ Pcturred.
FrOni 0.5/09,2004. tO;07/16M04 0Do Nat Recall
11. The detainee(s) treated In this way Were:100Pie4 at the time in
i,D Guantanarrid
2 Ef 'Iraq
3 0 ik.fghaniStan
4 0 'Other Location
SD Do Notecelt
1".. 'Please kientlf/lheAdtainee(s). by name and numbest
1. Please id,entify the. personts) wilptreated the. detainee() in :this, manner;.. including their
rhe(0. and gOVerntheritagencyCieS)„,;
k. Please identifyanrdther FBI perspnnel or nori,FV !personnel !Who Observed detainee(s) treated
inthis rrianner, ineludino their name(s) 'arid agency(ies):
This .,CbilduCt spCtUrred in itOntiectibti With
-Qne: 'detainee
0 :Several detainees. (2=4)
0 Many. detainees :(more than 4).
‘C) bo Not Recall
(OptiOnal) Pleasedekribethe'relevant circumstances in more detail
I:West:4d Witt N.:PerSOnfiel that;this VMS 'ariOther technique used to streSsdetainedS. I. never •
personally observed thistechrilque. But f .1 did see the Stereo. equipment used for the teChnique.
, 45. SubJectIng a 4etatnee:t0 brig ht, flathitiag lights bt a ritëss
DOJOIG 000654
a. • 1,1 personally observed this,conduct.
b. • ,,T observed detainee(s) iri acondition that led me to believe that tnis condutt had occurred.
c; II Detainees) told me that this conduct had occurred.
2 ptherS. who Observed thisc'ondo4 described it to me,
e. • It have releVant InfOrniatidn dat.Sified above "SECRET'''. ,
f. • 1I, never Observed this conduct nor heard abut it 'from someone whO did.
ig. Please, provide the approximate time frame during which this conductocCurred..
IF:rord 0,5i09/2004 tost)7/10,004. • 1:11Do „Not Recall
h. The detainee(s) treated in this way were located at The time in
1 0 Guantanamo
2 laIrag
31D Afghanistan
.4 0 Other Location
5 0 Do Not 'Recall
i. PleaSe identify the détaiAees by narrie and hien-bet::
Please identify the person s) who treated the cletainee(S). in this rnanner, , incJuding their
narne(0 and governmentagency0e0:
Please identify any (Aber FBI personnel or non-FBI personnel who observed detainee(s), treated
in this Manner, Inaluding their narne(s) and agency(res)
I. This conduct occurred in connection with:
0 One,tletairiee
:2 0 Several detainees (Z-0,
3 0 Many detainees (rnOte. than 4)",
:4 0 Do Not Recall
m. (Optional) Please deseribe the.teleVarit clitnihStandeS in more :detail:
This was anothertechnique used by the military, I don't recall :discuSsionsabout darkness, but I
Was told aboutthestrobe li4htS„etc. I did not Persdrially observe it beihg used.
46:Itolating, a detainee for an:extended period
a; 12i I personally-observed this conduct.
b; • I observed detai,nee(s) in acondition that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred.
I • •petalnee(s) told me that this coral uct had occulr,c1.,
DOJOIG 000655
d. • Others who observed this conduct ,described It to ma
. . • I have relevant Information classified above "SECRET".
f. • ::neverobserved this "conduct nor-heard about-it fronrsorneone: who: 414.
PleaSe provide the aPPrOArnate time 'frame:clang Which this tondUCtoccUtrel
From :05/09004 to 07a6/2004 ,EIDO Not ecall
h. The detainee(S) treated in thiS way were located at the time in
1.0 GUatitatiaito
2 ef Iraq
3 1:1 Afgba*tan
4 0 LOcation
5,0 DO Not Recall
I Pleaseldentifythedetainee(S) in 'name and number:
:j. Please identifythe person(s) 'who treated' the detainee(SI in this,manneG. including their
narnecs) :and governmentagency(leS)::
k. 'Please identifyany' other FBI' personnel or non-FBI 'personnel who observed detainee) treated
in this manner/ including their ripme(s) .and gexcy(le,$):
ThISNcOpd,U,Gfctcpirra, in connection with:
1 0 .Or; detainee
2 0, Several detainees (2=0
CI, Many detainees „OriOre than 4)
,40 DO,-, NOt Recall
hi. (Optional) Pleasederibe the,relevr iriiniStariCeS
..A11 detainees CwnP., NqmalnTei-e heist in isolated cellSw There 'VMS no interaction b,etween
other than;theycould Opeak,to eath 'other through the Wail$ of tbeir
47 iluOt tape' td restrain ; geg'. punish a detainee
a. • r personally observed thiscondiact.
b. • r observed detainee(s) in a,condition that led 'me to, believe thetthis conduct had oCcUrred.,
; • Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had occurred.
d, II Others who observed this conduct described it to me.
e: El
I, have relevant Information classified above "SECRET". ,
I: neverobserved this 'conduct nor heard about it from, someone who did.
DOJOIG 000656
Using rapid repose 'teArr,S. andfi?r, forced 'cell extractions
• 1, personally' observed this conduct.
b. • I'observed detaineeN1 in a ,condition'that led me to belieVe thatthis conduCt. had .occurred:
c. • Detaiiiee(s)' told the that this conduct had .occurred.
d, • Others who Observed this conductdesceibed it to. me:
. • I, have relevant l'nformation classified above 'JSECRET'. .
f. Er I neverobserved this 'conduct nor :heard -about it frornsipmeone who 'did,
-49. Wing a 'Mil itarY Working dog on or near a detainee -other than during detainee trarisPOrtation
• T personally observed this conduct:
. • :r, ob8erv'ed .cidtaiiieeWs in a:conditiori that ted me, tO believe that this. Conduct had ocCurred,,,
: • petainee(s) - tOtd me tj* 0711§; t-)0-1-60 had pcorr,eci. .
d. • btlilery who observed this eptiduct cWscrfbeitl lt tO, Me.
• • I have relevant infOrrriation'tlasSitied a tithie ‘ ".S,ECRET*.
EI 'I never Observed thiS:cOnduCt riOr'heard abdut it TrOm sdrriedne'WhO did.
Threatening ,to Use. military working, dogson pr near a detainee
• I. persorialhrobserved this Thdtict.
.b. • L observed detainees). In a..cOndition that led me to, believe thatthiS conduct had occUrred.
.c. • betainee(4told me that this conduct had 'occurred.
d. •- Others who. Observed this conduct -described it to- me:
e. El t have relevant information classified above 1§Eartrrk,
L never observed, this 'conduct nor heard about it from :sorneone; who= 44.
,..§.LEsihRIpickrILscorpions, snakes, orotheranimalson or near a -detainee,
DOJOIG 000657
'. • 1 personally observed thisxonduct.
b. 111 I,ObServed detainee(s)An 'a-condition that led me to bailey thatthis conduct had 'occurred.
, -. • 1:letainee(s) told me that this conduct had foccuffed.
d . • Others who ob'servad 'this contiuctclesCrIbad It. me.
. • I have relevant, information classified above '':81t,RErs.
. Ef I: never ob,s`eNed,thist'Ondudt nor heard 'about it froimsorneoneV,ho, did.
Threatening to usespiders, scorpions i snakes', or' otner -animals on .a detainee
'a. al P',o.6$'01-Yd thiscOntli.fa.
b. • JobseVeddatainee(s) in' .a condition, that led ma to belie,ve that thi conduct had occurred.
c., 1 D'Otainee(s). told MO that this conduct had dOCurrad
:,d.Ellather-§, who observed "this cljnthict described it to hie.
e. • LhaVa releVatit infOrniatiOn claSsified ab,OVe "SECRET".
f. Et r never observed this conduct nOr:heatd -a bait: it from soMeOnalivho did.
,53. DiS,respettful taternents, .hapd liñg, br actiOUS inVOIVi no the Koran
a. 0 I personally observed' this>conduct,
b. • Lohserveci detainee(s) in a 'condition' 0* led STI to' believe :that 'this conduct had -occurred.
q, • Petaillee(P) Old me, that this conduct had :pc91cied ,
d ., • Others who :01yeryacl :thla pond pa,d ,,.s;pribect it to me'.
e^: •
I: have relevant information clasSified above "SECRET"
E tneYer phseryed. this conduct nor heard about it frOm:sOmeone*hp did,
54. S haVing a detainee's facial or other hair embarrap5or .hum,iliato, a .detatnee,
. • I, percinally observed' thiStondutt
I. • I' Obsetveddetainee(i), in a OnditiOn; that jed frief to believe that, this conduct had ocCurMii.
c.• Cletainee(S) tOld:rhe that this 'cord Uct had ,00dirred.
rilElotheit. who obsenied this ctinduat described it to nie. ,
11[31I have relevant information classified a bo'Ve: "SECRET";
DOJOIG 000658
never observed this, conduct nor heard about it from someone who did.
55 'Placing a wornarl'S;Cldthing radetairree
_ , • I personally observed this 'conduct.
b. I obser*- d,cletaipee(s) in a -cond ition that led me to believe thatthis conduct I -rad -occurred.,
Detalne(4) , tgid me tl,'Iat this conduct had .occg r.r
I r Others, who observed this conduct described it to rner •
- • f have 'relevant infdrination classified above] 11,s8RET1'..
RI f never 01-.)S6lied" this .cohdoct nOr-heard a'bOut it Vorn SOmeone who did.
516. 'Touching a detainee oractinp 10Ward, a detainee inas.,SeXua) manner
MOIL Pei-Sol-rally observed this col-Wild. - , ,
b. • I ObSeNed ,dethiriee(4 in a -cOnd Merl that led me to believe that thiSCoridUCt: had Oceurred.
c., i D,etainee(s) told the that this. conduct had ,OCcurred.
^..t _.
^..2 ^.
• Of hers who oliserVed thiS drindtret,deSeribed it to Me.,
: -- m.-- • I, have relevant information classified above ",SECRET. '
f; Ef I never observed this,conduct nor heard about it from someone who did.
;57, "Wilding: detainee(s), wha.Were not officially'aakndwied0d 6i- registered as such bV-theageney
'detaining the. person:
IN, ,
I personally o,bservedthis.conduCt- ,
r observed detainee(s) In ;aoOrid itiori that, led me to, b,oilove that this orti.ut_ had 6:carred.
.c. E Detaibee(s) tOld-frie that thiS conducthad OCt Prred.
hers who observed this cOndutt described it to Me. ,
r have teleVarit info,rniation tlasSified aloe "SECRET".
El I tieVerdbterVed, thiS.:COhd uet 'nor lhea fd a batit, it frOm:SorneOrie -Vvhd did.
DOJOIG 000659
5l. Sending detainee to another Country for more aggreSSive interrOgation
a. • , I personallyobserved this.conduct.
" '.. • jIobserved detainee(s) in a-,condition that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred ...
c. • told me that this conduct had 'occurred.
• Others who observed this conduct - described It to me:-
e. • 1, have relevant information classified Owe "stc,I3ET",
1: 0 g never observed this 'conduct nor heard about it from : someone who did,
$5. Threatening to .send a detainee to another country for detentiorrorm. ore aggressive - interrogation
a. 0 I persOnally:ohserved this conduct. .
h. • . it,obServed detainee(s): In a condition that led me: to believe that this conduct had occurred..
C. • betainte(s). told me that thiS.Opricluct h'fi.occurre'a,.
.d. • Pthers: MO. obserVed thiS COW uCt.deSCribed It to. Me.
.e. • II: haVe relevant iriforniatiOn Classified abOVe "SECRET".
f. '• I neVerObserVed thiscanduCt.nor heard -.a boa it from-scinfeoneWhO. did.
g. Pleasep rovide the apprOkimete tinie ft-al-tie ,d1.rIng: which thisonduct 6,cturted.
Fioth 05/0.9/2.004 to; 0711612004 DD.o Not Recall
Ii The .detainee(s) treated in this way were located at the time in
E] Guantanamo.
2 Iraq
:3 ClAfghanistan
A I -Other Location
$ Do Not kecall •
I Please.identify thelletainee(s)' by. name and' number:
Numerous; .
j. Please identify 'the peron(s) .who ;treated the tietairiee(s) in this Manner, including their
narrie(S).and government ageneykles):
k PleaSe ideritifY,any'Other FBI persorinel or non-FBI person'n'el imh6bberved tiirieb(s) treated
•in this. mariner, including their name(s) and agency(ids):
I. This'.conducf occurred in connection with:
O One detainee
2 '0 'Several de, tainees (2=4)
DOJOIG 000660
c.), (Teta irkee„s (triore„ th4h '4)
DO NOt Retell
rt OlAirjnal) Please describe the relevant Circumstances in rnPrt-40tail:
Nippy alis, were uncooperative during questioning ; We occasionaily told 'detalneestbat
they continued to he to the FBI and the military that they could either be Seq to 'Gua ntanamo: or
the united statet. nd, face time injail As with.crinilnali in the 11-S., we used the possibility of jail
'time in the United States: to attempt:fel behtheir "cooperation. tioWeVer, almost eVerYdetaihee
understood that they could continue to' lie to us with impunity, They knew that nothing had, would
happen to thern:.. Just,os: thejr friends before them, 'they knew that.eyetittially they would be
transferred to Abu GiVi,ti aridafti" a few months therer''OleY Would be released Tiled etajnees
kneW that alithey had to do was vait it Out:
54. Threatening to take actlem,atalnSta tiotOlOde$' -faini.ty
a.. IZI II: personally observed this condi:lot.
b;. 0 Lobserved'detainee(s) in ,azond itiorrthat led me to believe that this conduct had occurred. a 0 al •
13 •
Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had occu med.
'Others who observed this conduct described it to me.
I have relvarit information classified above ";"SEtiZ.Er.
II 0 I' 110Yerob§erved thisx:oricluct.nor heard ;about it frorrrsOrnOne who did.
g. Please provide the approximate time frame during, which this conduct occurred.
From 0$769J2:1104 to:07/161404 Elboiniot Retail
The detainee(s) treated In this way were located at the time in:
3: CI Afghanistan
" 4 J=1 '000 Location
50 bQNotRelI
F. 'Pleaseliferitify:the dqtairf04i). DV- n:arne a rid, nurn her:
'1. Please identify the hersOntsrWho treated, the detalneefs) In this Mariner ), including their
namets) , and go.vernmantagencykiesy:
k. Please. identify:any other PBI, personnel or hon-FBI personnel Who observed detaineeksy_tfeated
in this rrianner,, including their name(s) and agencyties);
occurred in cOrvection wIth:;
One detaihe
DOJOIG 000661
P, Several detainees (-24),
3 Many detainees kriiore than 4),
42- 0 00, Not Retail
m. (Optionl Please deSc,ribe the„rpieyant, circumstances, in -moredetail:
Many times the detaingeS' families, were inv,O1Ved in 'fro rtgeritj tIVitls, epeclaily father,
brother. UndbOberative deteibeeS 'witaild beasked if theV Wanted, their farnihi
Members to be picked ,arid ijuestkined knoWind thtthe'cãilitithtiiriet&the detainee "iri
irisurgeritaFtivities. There were numerous: times that fathers,.;sons: and brothers were detained
together because they were all inyoived. Detainees Were also told that if they cooperated 4-their
faqieror .11rother$ çouid 110 released,
&L Other treatment or actioricap5ing ,severe emotional or radiological trauma to a detainee
• • I,I perscirialIV observed thiSAnduct.
b.. Li Lotiserved,,detaineekS) in a,coridition that, led ime VI belieVe that this Conduct had Apt:culled,
• IDetaibee(s)'tad Me that this cOnd ad had bed:I -meth
• • 10thers Who obSeeved tiffs cOridUCttlescribed it to me.
Il have relevant infOrmation classified above r:SECP.Er%
14 I. never observed this:conduct nor heard about it from someone who. did.
Other'rel igious :SegualTha rassmentor htimillation ,of a:detainee..
• I PPrPPII1PPY Albeivqi tiii$olic-ft.
III itobseryeri..detaineers), in a condition that led, me to belleye'.thOt'this conduct had occurred.,
-, • if:10040gs) told .nie that this coridti4 had oocprred":;
• Others w.1-10 'ObserVed this conduct described it to me.
e. • lt, have releVant frifOritatiO It clasSified aJ0\4e I'S. ECiEl"i) .
f. lEf Ir never observed this conduct nor heard -a Nut it from sor1-1:00e. who did.
O'dinerireatment Oa detainee that in 'your op,iriiorrvyas unprofessional, undo !The rsti -oraggreSivO,
coartiVe, bliSive; arilaWful
.. • L personally observed thisconduct.
b, • t Lob,served,detainee(sI in a condition -that led me to believe that this conduct had ',occurred.
DOJOIG 000662
,c • Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had occurred.
., • Others who observed this conduct described it to me.,
, ,, • t have relevant information classified ebove "-SEC:Er. .
1= I
ES I neverobserved this)cOnduct,nor heard :about it from' someone who, did.
64.. Did you observe- any impersonation of FBI personnel branyoneduring. an 'interviewor 'interrogation of
65. Did any detainee orother person tell you that he or she had witnessed the impersonation ,of FBI
personnel in connection. with a otafrte,e interview or interrogation?
Yes NO'
65. Are you aware of ",gnani".or";•.tag- do tietainee interviews or interrogations conducted for .Members:
.6f: the U.S. :Ding ressortheii- staff?
0 No,
T6.'1101:if knowled4e,,did 'any' diititry or intelligence perSbn nel ever denY Or dday FBI tO, 6
detainee the FBI wanted to question because -the:detainee had sustained injil ries 'after he was captured?
0Yes OW,
ixtt ,you .'avr end your participation in or ObserVatiOri Of atletainee interVjeW, or interrogation
because of the interview or interrogation niethods; being used?
Yes 0.1' Np
69'.'Were you ever:told that another FBI employee :ended his„or her participation in orobsenration of f.a
.0taineginterview„or interrogation' because of the interview or interrogationpethods!being used?
0 Yes 0 No
Di/dri anyof yOur overseas deployments br'asSiOrnentS, did 9óu report any ethic:erns 'regarding
any detainee interview or interrogation practices, Or other types of detainee treatment, to an FBI
71. During any Of your bileas,,d0016yrinent§. or asSI9 rirrientsi did you report 'anrcoricerns regarding
any detainee interviewor interrogation practices or other types- ofdetaineetreatment you
observed or heard' about, to 'a nort-iFBI 'supenileor or other nOrt -FI personnel?
, 0, Yes,. Ps Nohave
,av,er been Ordereddrdiretted nottci repOrt, orditociuraged in any way from -reporting,
DOJOIG 000663
'`iies 0 No
observations or airegations related to detainee treatment or interview, or interrogation actions or
0: ® Ncs
73, HaVe.yonr 4kperiented actual, Or threatened. retaliation, for 'reporting, obserVatiOns,or IlegatiOns
ofdetaineeAreatment or intermiew, or interrogatio n actions or practices7
0, Yes (3' No
74. (0:otib nal) Pleate proVida ariyadditiOnal On ents-reqrditig the teortio f tonterris: related :to.
interview: or interrogation techniques, detention practices, orotherdetainee treatment,
75, Were you debriefed ? other than IneStandard debrief In FD-774, concern ing your overseas
assignment(s) r deployment(s) after you -oinpleted the ilep,lpymeni(S) pr assignrnent(s)?
OYes (7' Nq
Additional Qdrilite'nts,,arld RecOmrtiendatip,na.:
Thank you: 'for your coop:oration in completing this 'quostionnaire
DOJOIG 000664