DOJ-OIG Questionnaire of FBI Personnel re: Detainee Treatment

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A DOJ-OIG questionnaire for FBI personnel who were involved in detainee interview or interrogations at assigned locations in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Iraq; Afghanistan; or in other areas controlled by the U.S. Military. Questionnaire primarily focused on personnel training regarding detainee treatment standards and reporting of inappropriate treatment, and on knowledge of certain interview or interrogation techniques. Example techniques of the latter include: "depriving a detainee of sleep," "beating a detainee," "using shackles or other restraints in a prolonged manner." Document paid specific attention to the difference between training, reporting and activities done by FBI and non-FBI personnel. Document name: DOJOIG000353.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A. Personal Information
Department iof 3,Listice Inspector Genera' Questionnaire- Regar41 rig Detainees
QUESTIONNAIRE ID: test-00000:669
As of the leet,thne this questionnaire was savq4 some required fields have not been completed.
PleaSedre)rieW your responses.
PleaSe firoVidet hefollOWitrY information:
1. Fitt name'
2., Middle initial:
3 Last name',
4, Entered On Duty Date (MD);
Current „Division/Field Office:
Current job
3.. Directdial office,telePhone number:
8. FBI tell PhonenuMbet:
FBI Pager:Put-00P'
Uest contacihumber foryou.;
B. Background of Specific DepioyMetits ASSignrrientS
Atany timeafteSetiteitiber 142001, did you Sehte as, a member of the U.S. Military, be, aS dri
employee or contractor of the FBI or any other government agency, at Guantanamo Bay, : tiaba; Iraq;
Afghanistan, or in are as controlled by the U.S: Military or'e U S intelligence service in connection with the
gbaI warolnerrOr:1
0 Yes 0 Na
12. Enter the number Of tirriegiyou were oras Signed t&éablof,the following IO,catiorK
:(Guantanamo Bay, tuba'f.iratr,,Athanistan; or in any areas controlled by the WS:. Military or a U.S.
intelligence PgrAce):;1-
FOreach deployment or assignment to Mplete the following section.
Location (seleet one ), o or assignment began On or De01,Okr,ere oi':.asOdrkedot ended on
or about,
Lqr:l1 901) 91119 Bay, 10/03/2002 11/15/2002
kaa. What was the general nature and purpose of your assignment and aCtiVities 7?
IntervieVier/Interfogatolfor CTIF
1211 Please provide the names Of thaspediflocamos, bases t or facilities where you 'worked.
.Guantanamo pay Naval US Detention Facility r; tamp Delta
Nte If information :about a :specific camp, ba se, orfacilityistlaSsified above S.* RET,
please check. here Ll, 'include in your answer that you have additi onal information classified above
SECRET,7 and, if you know, identify theclaSsification level, ticket,IcOMpartMenti program, or ,JAher
designation that ,applie& to the information, po not include theadditiorial classified information In your
DOJOIG 000353
6 8,-; 7C
A. 'Training Prior tti‘Ovtrseas- Deployment Or As&igninnt
questionnaire resporises, personnel with the, necessary clearance Will contact you to receive it.
Name Position,
Ffq, SUpervisor
120 bid' you jointly interview or interrogate any detainee with non-riBt perS0 tine'?
Y,os 1.0
With- what kinds of non-FBI personnel did you work.jointlyI
::1ZE (rIF
'0 'Other Military
intelligence agency
El fOi^eIgn rritiltary or intelligenteagericy
:12f, Did you jointly plan-any, detainee interview or interrogation strategy,. objectives, or tactics with non-
:0 No
=. With What kinds of nonFBI personnel did 'You Work,jointly? ,,
;Other .U.S, Military
:US: intelligence agency
'03mign military or intelligence gerfey-
0 Dthet
. .t
C'12g . Were you ever otherwise involved in 'detainee interviews or interrogations With litin-FB±. personnel?
-Please desoribe:,ObterVettarl interview of detain ee after hearing screams coming ' from another rdOrt, ThiS-,
Is thitherdescribed in the follciWirig queStietis. , .
1%Did you receive any' training, instrUction,'or guidance specifically iri prqma,tign, for any of your
overseas deployments or assignments?'
Oyes 0 No ,0Do Not Recall
1 preparation for any of your overseas deployments - or ssignrrierits.,, did you reeeiyeany., training,
iristtuctidivoriguidanCe concerning the,sta Oards:oU conduct ‘a p0110 big to thetreatment,
interview,. or interrogation of detainees by FBI, pergOnnel?,
DOJOIG 000354
oYes NO D9 Not Recall
15. In preparation for any of YOLK:overseas deplaytnéntsor assiOriments,:did ,you receive any:training,.
instruCtion, or gu !dance :conceal ing the,Standards of:conduct applicable to "the:treatment,.
Interview, or interrogation of detainees by nolm- FB/ personnel?
'Oyes e No (;)Db Not Recall
16. In prepaiation for any of your overseas deploymeritSOr assignments„ ,did you receive,any training„
instruction,,orguidanceconcerning what you were,suppose*to do if you -Observed -Dr heard -about
e treatment, -Interview; or interrOgationof detainees by FBI personttel, which you believed, to
be inappropriate, unProfesidnal, ctiertiVe, :a bijsive„ 'unfeWfulZ
°Yes e No ,ODo Not Recall
17. In preparation for any of your overseas deployments or assignments/ did you receive any training,.
instruction, - or guidance concerning what you were supposed to do if you observed or heard .about
the treatment, interview, or interrogation of detainees by nun-FBI nerSonnel,, which you believed.
'to;be inapproPriate,'UnprOfeSSional;mertive, abutiVe, Or unlawful?
,0Yes ONo 0,Do Not Recall
B. Training During Overseas Deployments or Assignments
18. During any of your OVerseasdeploytnerith or asSightrientS, did ydti receive anytraining, instruction,
orquidanceroncerning the standard's ofconduct applicable to thetreatment, intenrievtyor
interrogation of detainees by Fpx, personnel? ,
'0 Nor 'ODo_Not- Recall
18a. wrici provided this training, instrtiction ; or -guidance?
CITE personnel provided in-brief training on-site shortly after arrival at 'GIRO
18b, Briefly.detCribe the sUbStarice Of the training, instruCtion, tit-gUida nee proVided to you.
VariousAciAiccovered including ;detainpe: legal Isstia5; ajigrogriOte,.
interviewtinterrogation strategie s , aännddthewãr trinie 18,c. Was any of the training, - instructiOrr, or guidance 'provided ihiwritingl ONo 0 DO Not Recall
- During any of yaw= overseas,deployrnenits bi aWgrirnent, 410 you TecOve, any training, inStrUctibri,
.Or g,iiidance;cbricerning theStatidamt 6f-0A-a act applicable to the freatrtient, interVieW„
iritarrogation Of detainees by hon-FBI personnel?
Oyes . ONo. ODo Not Recall
19a, Who provided this training, Instruction ror-guidance?
'ClIrpersOnnel provided Ori-site Shortly after arriVal t gr:Mo.
19). BtiOly'describe the substance of th instruction, or guidance provided to .YO
Just thatinteryiewtinterrogation;te0inigues Utilked by military' interrogators were
different and .110t o limiting as those used - 11''F'1).ersonrIO:1 "(leWeriforcernaht).
DOJOIG 000355
Wasany of the: training, instructiOn, 'or gUidanCe provided In'writing?
0YeS NO 0 Do. Not Recall
io.buring any Ofyour tiverseas:dePliAnTienisor aSSig ritnentS; iI YOU 'receive any training; "inStr4ctiOn;
*g uldncêcOc&ñiri What yOu weresuPPOSed tO do if You obSerVed br'he-ard a bbut the.
treatrnent, Interview, irithfrOgation of detainees by FBI personnel, which you: believed to be
inappropriate, Unprofessional, coercive, abusive; pr unlaw4,0
()Yes Do Not Recall
,;20a. Who this' traini ng, , instructionror guidance?
CITEpersonnel provided in-brief training 'on-site, shortly afterarriVat at iGTVID., This
issue was also .dtscussed throughput the - duration of my assignment.
Briefly describe the subSbhae:orthe traIñlng instrifcticin t orUidance.proVided td:yoU.
Wg-WOR:tOld to report all such instances throUgh.the,Fal Chain of Command (i:e.
GTMO FBI StiperViSorl. We were albo given instruction on hoWIct document repOrts Of
or instances of suspected War rimes.
;209. Wag ,any of the training, inStruttfon, :Or guidance provided in :Writing:?
i0N(es , ONo 0 Do Not kcof,
:21. During any oryOUroVerSeastleploynientS or aSsig nriieritS, did 'YOU redenie any tithing :, ihstrktibk
o guidqnce concerning Oat you were supposed to do if YOu!observed or beard:about the
treatment, interview, or interrogation of detainees by non-FBI personnel, which you believed to
inapipropriate, unpitifestiOrial,,COerCive, abu$iy;0, :0,1161804P
Oyes ONO 0D0 Not Rel l
Adequacy of Training
22..In your:opinion( did you receive adequate training( instruction ( .or guidance relating to -standards
of conduct by.FBIand non-FBI personnel relating. to treatment, interview, or interrogation of
detainees Prior to yOlirderilqr(Iffit or assignMent?
les 0 No
22a. Please describe themay,s2in which you believe the training; instruetiorror guidance was
It Would have been Helpful to know What stand artis' would , be applied to these intewiewsfinterrOgatiOnS-
‘_ Elor tO;deployirient'sinteWeWereWorking With, personnel.
23.1n youropiniOn; aid you receive adequate:training, instruetion, 'Orguidanoe relating to :standards' .
of c•onduct by FBI and non-FBI personnel relating to treatment, interview, or interrogation of
detainees during your deployinentorassignment?
Oyes 0 No
Please describe them Which pp bel eve the training, instruttionOr, iluidanCe :Was
Ont,0:14rrived LWas-Clear On FBI StandafdS btit I Was never clear On the Standard's applied to military
. interrogatorsor 1:YEA. person nel-At times this interfered With successful interviews.
DOJOIG 000356
AND HER TYPES D TAM 'MBA, MEN -yolir,on,inicin a id you reCebleadeqUate 4010 nO, intti-OttiOn,, Or ,quician;ce Concerning What yOki
Were supposed tOdo if yeti, observed or heard about the treatment, interView„orinterrogatiOn of
detainees, by fig or non-FBI personnel/that you :believed was inapprop'riate;, unprofessional,.
getCiv abuSiVe, or prilaWful?
O'Ye.s 6 No
211e. Please deSaribe the Waya 'in Which yoU believe the training, inStriktion:ar guidariCe Was
OnItas it:appliedto militarrinterrogatOrs Or, 00,A staffs
2:6. (Optional), In what ways can the FBI 'improve training on this subject for future deploymentsor
PO/We:clear guidelines on wharour role is 'u ring these deployment as it relates:to :our military:
counterp4rmot OA personnel,
D. COmments,
26, Please provide,any additional informatioWconcerning training 'for -overseas deploymenta.or
assignment of FBI personnel yqu believers relevant..
hortlraOr my dpjo ent'theF legarisendi,PerSprinel for bre-dePIPYrnent 'training like the
Thilitary"iAjas; doing With :their inVesAattir i would eXPectthattlear guldelines regarding differences in
'mission between LE and military interviewers is being provided during this training If not,. this
:Information needs t' be disseminated prior to deployment.
Introduction to Part;M: In this sectiorri.weare -seeking information regarding a wide range of
intervieW,9rinWrogatiOn techniques and -other types', detainee - treatment alleged to have occurred
Y00 should riatafttne, just because vyeare aaking abbut a particular technique Or ,OraCtice, that:Well -aft
concluded that it in fact- occurred , We recOgnize that sortie of these -tedttnigues or practices may at times.
be rieceS,sary for safety and:Seditity in a '.d.etentiori setting. In addition,. e 'recognize thatsorne of these
techniques or practices, may have been authorized foruse by,military or other government personnel,
With rop,gtt 0:,a-c'h ilioritiftod, technic:11;e, prEpOrg,e t. 'ortygo .VCOntluCt described '15,010W, We are 1S.0ektn9,
kifonriatiOn bait, itoceurrerice during Or ir OnfiectiOri with the intervietii' of interrogation of a ,
detaineer.or during the detention !of a detainee beyond what is needed for safety and security.
In that :context; we will ask you to tell us whether one or more of-the following statements are true:
gersonilly;observed thi„$,cOnduct.
I ,Osserved 'detainee(S) in a ;condition that: led theta believe that thiS;Cciriddct had Occurred.
Detainees told me that this conduct had occurred.
'4 Otherswho observed 'this-conduct:described:it to me;
have' relevant inforMatiOn Classified abovetRETv.,
I never observed this :ondnct nor heard about it frOrh,"sOrnetine4 -Wheydid„
DOJOIG 000357
-entlyav detainee, of or water
a. I personally observed this_conduct. . . .
b: • ',observed tietainee(s) in a-zond Mom that led me to believe that , thls conduct had occurred:,
c. • Detainee(s) told me that this:canduct had 'occurred..
, • Others who observed this conduct described it to me:-
e. • X, have relevant information' elasSified POW. ",$,FCW'' ,
t El I neverobserved this 'gond uct ',nor heard about. it from „someone , who' did.
28. DepriVing a detainee, of',ClO,thing
'a. • I Personally observed. thiS.condutt.
b,, • I observed detainee(s) in a.cond Non that led me to. believe that-this conduct had occurred',
d . ?
11 Detainee(s) told me that this' conduct had occurred'.
I Others who 'observed this pond uct,described it to- me..
- I . i' have relevant ipfOrrrIPPQn daWfied above "8:E,PREr ,
I neverobserved thiScoriduct.nor heard about it from someone:who, did.
:29. Depriving a detainee of sleery: or interrupting .sfeep by frequent cell relocations or:other methods
• !r perso nal ly. ObseNed this ;Condu et, . ..
b. • robserved detairieets) in al'Ond itlbri that led, nia; to believe Tbt-,his cod.uct had 'occurred.
, !Detainee(s) told me that this COridtict: had OCCOrred.,
10therS WhO ciliserVed this CdridLict,dedetibed it to; rne.
. .. „ .

, El
e. • iI, have :relevant infOrrnation:daSSIfied a boVe 7SECRET".
f; • II never obSerVed.this:cOndUct nor heard abbut it frothsorneOne Who. did.
-g. Please proVide the PpprO5drhate time framed uring which this cOndUct occurred.
From 10/03/2002 to 1.1./15/2002: CIDo Not Recall
h. The detained(s) treated in thiS Way Were located at the time In
1 El GUantaharriti
2 0 Iraq
g 0 Afghanistan
4 D Other Location
DOJOIG 000358
:50 Do Not ReoaIl
L. Pleaseqderitify the detainee(s) by name and' nurnbep,
J. ?lease identify the person(s)'who treated the detairieKS), in this manner, including thélt
name(s) and governmentagency(ie:
k. Please identifyanrother FM personnel or non-FBI personnel who observed detainee(s) treated
in this manner, induding theirname(s) and agency:(105):
I. Thistoriket octUrred in connection with :
One detainee
20 SeVeral detaineesp.-4)
3 0 Many detainees (more than 4)
-40 Do Not Recall
m. (Optional) Please describe the - relevant circumstances in more detail:
roily heard thiSactiVitrocCurred to -effect a sdecesSftil interrOgatibn.
313. Beatin4 a detainee
a. • I personally observed thiscondUct.
b; • ir observed cletalnee(Sy in .a:CcIriti ition that led me to believe thatthis conduct had 'occurrecl-
Detainee..(s) told me This gond uCt had 'ocOrrQc.1 ,
I Others' who observed this conduct described it to mg. .
• r have relevant information classified above n$FiE71-'1,
f. • T trevor observed this conduct nor heard abmit it frorn:SOMOrte,WhO did,
g. Please provide the approximate time frame du rIng, which this: conduct:occurr0d.
rrom OVI/DATYY fOrrriat or mMYy) to M/D/YYYY format or MMYY,) QM Not Recall
The detainee(S) treated In this way were located at the time in:;
I. CI Guaptariarrio
20 Iraq
3, El Ahanimn
40 Otlier Locatioh
5J Do Not Recall
1. Please Identify the ;dtaine(,$) by name and numbtr:,
DOJOIG 000359
1.1Please identify the persdn(s):'Who treated :the detainee in this manner, including , their
narnets1 and 'governmentageneWes):
FBI personnel and possibly, 0.0A versonei
k. Please identify any-other FBI personnel or non-FBI .personnel Ayloobsprved detainee(s)' treated
in This manner, induding their name(s) anti ageriMies)1:
1. This conduct occurred In ,connettion With:
'i® One detainee
2 O Several detainees (2-4)
Many detainees Trnore than 41
40 Diot1.ecall
rn. Optional) Please:de...scribe the relevant circumstances in more
The Information was:provided to-me by thedetalhee during an' Interview :61-01b, and
suhsequeritlyreported;in FO-:502. The alleged treatment occurred while the detainee' was being
' interrogated In Afghbtn.
IL Using water tO prevent breathing by a !cletalneeor to create the Sensation ord(OWflirig
L^^.4 J
El I personally this conduCt.
• LObserVed,detainee(S) In aiCondittOri. that led ,me to belleVe that, this conduct had 'occurred.
• Detainees), told The that thiS cal -duct had occurred.
Ef Others who obSerVedIhiSconduet described it to me.. 1311:11I have releVant infcitmation classified a boVe "SECRET",
: • I neve-observed. this !conduct nor'heard 'about it from 'someone who' did.
g. Please provide the elJprOkirnate frarne „dal rig WhiCti this ,„cOndutt:oCCuited.
From .(lvi/DiYYVY 'format or IVYYYY) to (frifiDNYYY format or 'fil/WW) Do Not Recall
, h. The ,detainee(S) 'treated in this way were ibeated'at the tirrie
2 0 Traci'
El Afghanistan
.4 0 ,Other Location
SD 1)o, Not eIl
please:identify' thedetainee(s) by name a.nd, number:.
Please identify the 'person (s) :4hd treated • the detainee(S) iri this manner, including their,
• OIGQ-000360
DOJOIG 000360
name(s) and 9Oveinment agencigies):
WS. Army interrogators and ..OGA staff-
,PleaSe Identifyanybth& FBI personnel Of non-FBI personnel who observed detaineqs) treated
in this manner', including their nanie().arid e. ncy(ies)'.
I. This Conduct 'occurred s in COnriettiOn with:
1 '0 One detainee
2 Several detainees (2-4)
30 Many detainees .(More than 4)
' 4 .0 Do Not Recall
hi. (Optional) PleaSedeStribet he.releVaiit.dirCuMStandeS in Moref.detail:
This technique was only described to me by -others- vvh0 .say it was. tieing used 'on Certain
32. Using hands, rope, or anything.elSe to Chole or strangle a detainee-,
a: • I. personally observed thiS:conduct.
b. • I observed •etainee(s) in a condition -that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred.
c. • ,DetaineeN told me that this conduct had occurred.
d. • Others who observed this conduct described it to me. -........
• • I have relevant information classified above "OECETT" ,:
t L I never observed this conduct nor heard aboUt it from'scirrieOrrOVOO did.
•8S. Threatening other actiontocause ph sical ins. injury, disfigurement, or death
a. • iI,persOriallyobSetved this COnduCt.
-. • II.ObterVed.detalnee(t) in condition that led me to believe that this: conduct had occurred.
C. • iDetaihee(S) told me that this Ccind.utt had occurred.
d. IFflOtherg, WhO ,ObServed thit Conduct deSCtibe:d it to hie. .
• JI have relevant infOrchatIon classified abOve "SECRET.
fk • !I neVer observed this.condutt nor heard about it froni,Sorriebne•Whb did.
. Plea8g provide the epprogirnate time frarne,during WhiCh,this-conduct tic:Out -red.
From '(14/.121/YYY1fOrmat or MleYYY) to (M/D/M( format or M/YYYY) OD° Not Recall
DOJOIG 000361
The .detaiiiee(s) ,treated iii this War were located at the time in:
2 t):Irarj,
3 E Afghanistan
Pther tpcation
El Do Rot gecall
I.: Please identifythe .cletainee(s) -- by name and, number:,
it. .Please identify, the PerSoncsyWhO treated the detainee(s) in this. Manner :, ifiClUd IN their
name(s) and 96verrinnentagenc.y(les):
U.S. Army iraerrggators, and .00A staff '
k. Please identify.,anrot her FBI personnel or non-FBI personnel who observed detalneers.) treated
in this manner, including their nam) and agericY(1e):
:1, ThisOnduct 'occurred In 'On riettion With:
10 aria detainee
2 0, SeVetal detainees (2-4)
3:0 dete IrP9Mtllail
4 Q N.Qt 17.tecall
rm. Please describe the natu re arid,' circtimstances of .the.threat(s1 ,,
'This 'technique Was on d es&lbed 'to .me by.'.6the'rs;Wh6 :say it was being used on cértaih
.34. athertreatrrient or aCtioh.Causing significant Physieal ‘nain or injUry,or causing ,disf1'uëthehtr
• is personally nbServed this cOnduct.
b. • I onsited detairiee(S). In a onditiOn that led Me to believe that' this cOnd nor had Otalrred.
c. 0 Detainee(s), told hie that this conduct haci. octurriad,
d. II Others Whip obSehied lthis, conduct destribed it to me.
. • I have releVarit informatioff ,classified bbOve, "SECRET'.
t Ef I heifer obserVed this conduCt :nof hear'd a bont if from somebnelivho did.
as. Placing a cittninea:on 'a hot Surf or burning -a detainee
0 II personally observed fhts,condnot.
DOJOIG 000362
b: n Dobserved'detaineeN In a.cond [don - that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred.
n Detainee(s)told me that this conduct had:occurred.
n Others who observed this conduct described it to me.
n I haVereIeva,nt information classified above - "SECRET'''.
f. i I neverobserved this=conduct nor , heard about it from sorneone who did.
'86. Using shackles or othe•restraints .in-.a prolonged ;manner
n f persOnail•obServe,ci'thisoOriduCt.
• Observed cle,tainee(s). in ''a donditibrahat led. me to believe that this, Conduct had eCairred.
c. n Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had occurred.
n gtherS who Observad this cOndUct deSCribed It to: me
n 1 haVe relevant InfOrMation claSsified aboVe "SECRET".
L neVerbliserved thiS:conduct nor heard a bbut it frbm ,sorneone who, did.
:..32.3e9Aing a detainee to maintain or restraining a detainee in a stressful Or aintui position
,personally observed this:conduct. - n
b. n I observed detainee(s) In a condition that led me to believe thatthis conduct had occurred.
c. Detainee( told me that this conduct had occurred.
n Others who obseryed this conduCt described it to me.
n I have, relevant information classified above nsECR'Er".
n I newer observed this conduct nor heard about it from somporre,-Wbo ,d;10.
Please provide the approximate timeframe which this condUct :occurred.
From (Plip)erlYformat or MtehN) to (icijbMYY. format or lvitYYV.): QDo.Not: Retail
h. The detainees) treated in this way were located at•the time in:
I 0 Guantanamo
2 0 'Iraq
114 Afghanistan
:4 0 :Other LOcatiOn
5 0 Do Not Recall
1,15leaSelderitify thedetaineet by forno an licfrilber:
DOJOIG 000363
Please identify the person(s) who treated the cietalnee(S) in this manner / 'including their
nethe() and goyernrnentjagenpy(ies):
FBI personnel arid possibly QA pargoriel
k„.ilease, idehtify.anYP,01,0 FBI personnel or non-FK personnel who observed detainee() treated
in this Manner, including their narrie(s) and agetiol(ias);
This conduct occurred in connection
CY:One detainee
20 .Seve,ral detainees (2-4)
0, Many detaineeS (more, tban
40 Do N6t Recall
M. (Optional) Please describe the relevant circumstances, in more detail:
"-Tbeinfonriatinn_was,-,provrdec(0 me by-the detainee during an interyieyy‘ ,0 OTMO,,and,
subsequently reported in an FO.=.02. The allegod treatment 'occorreclWhile the detainee Was being
irterrOgated'in. Atbahistari.
86. SF6rting 'deraineeto pethitn;:d.ernanding physical exertiSe
a. • r perSOnally observed this conthict.
, • kobServeddetainee(S) in .a>conditiori that led me to believe tharthiS conduct had oectirred.
-: - • ,Detainee(s) bid me that this conducb had occurred. -
td. II 'Others who 'observed this conduet described it to me.
fe, El I, have relevant information classified a laove: "sECW".,
If. Or never observed this conduct nor heard 'a hoot it from;sopnwho did.
39. Using electrical shock:on a detainee
a-; 0 I personally'observed thiS:condiact.
b., . • I OliterVed d'etainee(s) ina:COnclitiori 'that led 'me to believe:that: hi$:.0iid.kitt. had ,9cali-rea.
I L Doainge(8) .0:0:1r,n0 that thiScOnduct had cf(cgrred-
t I Others, who observed this, conduct de,stribed it tO rile..
• I have relevant information da6ified aboVe "SECRET"'. '
RI :1 never Observed this conduct 'nOr heard ',a bout it frorn,sorfiebne whO did.
DOJOIG 000364
4iY. Threatening to use:electrical shock on a detainee
• • t RPrAgnOY observed this conduct.
• •I . r cijrAt e,d, ,.f log ine a(s). in a onation that tad-me t O„ b'elleve thatthis conduct had io.ou,rred. pataineacs) tOlti me that this conduct had bcctirred. • Others, Who .61Dei-vci 'this COncitit destrib,ed itto Me.. • I' haVe relevant infOrmation'clasSified above' `,SECRET". .
f. hexer ObterVed, this conduct -nOr'hea it -a bOut it 1rorn-Sornedne4vho. did.
41, Intantlonally ,delayIng or _denying - detainee .medical care
• r perSdnalg observed this COnclUet. • • [observed detainee(s), In acondition that led me to believe thatthis conduct had occurred'.
• Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had :occurred,
• Others who observed this cond uctdescribed it to_ me.' •
- • i, have rplevant Information claafted alyove "SECRET
El I, neverobserVed this-conductnorbeard .about if from someone who did,:
42. Hood ing. or bliridfOld ing a -detaineeother than during transportation
• U . 1 perdnafiy,observed this'co ridum
• • t observed ciatainea(s) - In :aonditiort that lad ma to believe trial thiS coridutt. hatloCeurred. -
.. • Detainee(s) told hie that thiSOntluCt naci aCtiu-i-act. . . . . .
' . • oitter5, Who .observed this cOnduct described It to me..
e. • I hate releVarit iriforrriatiOn clasSified,abbVe 9,SECRET".
f. la I rieVerbbSerVed thig ,donduttnor:heard'abbut it from stirtreorieAvho did.
43. StiblettiO a ',detainee to ektratnar cold 'hcit 'room temperatures rejdended liOrropts,
d I personally observed this'conduc
Lobserved detainee(s) in a condition that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred.
DOJOIG 000365
c, • iD'etalnee(s) told me that this conduct had occurred.
.41. ffi Others, who observed this conduct described it to. me.
e. • have relevant inf9rri,lOtion clasPiflO ,Pl?dve."'SEC,RET'''..
, • I neve:I-observed thisiconduOt nor heard ,a bolt' it from, someone who. d id.
24. Please provide the approximate time 'frame during, which this„conduct occuorroed t), .
04 00:11
47030q2 4/I512,60.-
h. The detainee:Cs) treated in this way Were located at the time 'in:
1 El ,GUaritanatnd
P :Iraq
3 EI Afgianistan
4 0 Other LOcetiOn
5 0 DO Not Recall
PleaseVeridfOhe'detainee(S) by nemse and r4,00,err:
j, Please, identify the person(s) who treated' the detainee(s). In this manner r including their
rAilie(s) - ancl governawntageacy(ies)::
Please, identkanryther FIR personnel or noflii 'Personnel wh -cy observed detaineets)• treated
in this manner,. including their name(0) and
, Unknown
I This.concluct occurred in connection with:
1 0 One detainee
Several detainees (2=4)
Many xiexaii-f?"es' crnprO•tban
40 'Do; Not Recall
rn. (Optional) Please - deep:11)4 the relevant ctrcurnsfnces Mored - .etail: ,
This technique was only described to me byothersmho say it was ; being used on:certain
44, Su bjeCting a 'detainee to "loud music
a. • T'persOnally,Observed thiS,conduct, , ,
• LOPterVed :detain:WS). lii Se COnd itiOri. that led, n td belieVe thatthi ddrid net had ottu,tred.
c. • DetaineeM told me that .this:coridtitt had .otCurred.
' , °theft'. WhO observed this OndLitt deSeribed it to rfle.' , . •
DOJOIG 000366
e.: I have relevant Information classified above n5ECRET". •
f. l I neverobserved this:conduct nor heard about it from:someone:who' did.
:45. 5.0J4ectind a detainee tO bright, flashing lights darkness
• L personaltrobserved this:conduct.
b. • II ol'aserved detineeCs in Co 'ion that led Ine to believe hat'ithis cortduct ilaCI,occur esle • iltain0) tpicl, me that this cond !Act had :Occurred. .
'Others whO Observed this OM uct described it TO Me.
j,4-: 1
• i' have relevant i.ri fO„rrn.a tk a clifted above "SEME1*". • I never gobsOtVdd, this. -40miutt nor bean! .a bout. it from. torildone Who did.
g, PleaSeproyld e the approximate, time fram"durtng,W, hich thisconduct:acciirred.,
From 16103/2p0,2-to 1145/2002 EIDO Not Re,dall
h. The detainee(S). treated in 'this AtvgY:w.ere icrateci,at the time 'in:
1 IZItuantanamo
2 alraq
3, 0 Af4hanistan
4 0 Other Location
Do>.Not Recall
ideitify theAeainee(s) by name and 601:Tiber: ,
,j. Please identiTY the PerPon (S) Who treated the detainee(s) h this rh hnet, inCluding'0eir
narrie(S) and government aeriCy,(ies)::
Names Unknown. 1 'from FBI-NY.0 and i ArinfaD
k. Please identify any other FBI personnel or non-FBI prsonneI who observed cletairiee(S) treated
in this man nerr includ irid 'their name(s) and a0ency(16S):
This conduct occurred in'connection with:
1 0 :One, detainee
'20 ;Several 'detainees (2-4)
3 0 ,Maq,cletaineet „(Mbre than 4).
4 :0 Do Not 'Recall
(:optioh61) Please'at circuiiist6iitds, in rtiOredetaik
DOJOIG 000367
. 1n49;:partner and I. were'Scheduled W.:interview a certain detainee but were unable to Makethe
ppOintment. Insteed c 2other LEOsConducted the.interVieW. Was-told the.detainee.Would not
answerquestlons as was consistent with previous interview -attempts. Therefore rtheychanged
techniq ues including turning out the lights while all 3 rema ined, in the roorn; However, it was not
COMPletely' dark as ambientlight came from the hawdy,
SO. Isolating a detainee for an extended period
a • I Peitonally-obterVed this conduct.
b. IN LobserVed detalneetS) In :acdricl Mon that led me tb.belleVe that th s conduct had occurred. • DetaineeNtOld rhe that this' Condi:rd. had 'oCati &ed.
d. • Others who observed this conductdescribed It to me.
.e. • I have relevant Information classified above ''SECRET".
f. g- I never observed this conduct nor heard about it from someone who did.
Using duet tape to. restrain, -gag, or punish a detainee
• I personallY05grveci this,COndi4- • tobserved-detainee(s) in at ondition that led rne to belieye thattbis 6::,:ntluct had pcourred.
0 Detainee(s) told me that this, ContIptt had OccUrred. ri • Others Who ohSerVett thiS COO act - desoribed It to me..
-.. • I" hie relevant itifOritiatiori claSSified a 110V ECRET". 113 0 I rieVer 'Observed:this:Conduct nor heard-about it MOM .SomeOneWho: did.
;AB:. vf:119i0pici rOSpflgQ teams AN/0 f60-ed:ta eXtraal:Ori
a. • I pei-SonallyObSerVed this
b. • I'. observed ,detainee(S) iii acOndition that led me tO believe thatthis cOndutt had octtirred.
c. • Detainee(s)"told me that this conduct had occurred.
.c1., • Others who observed this conduct described it to: me.
e. • I. have relevant information classified above ' ,SECRET%
0 I neverobserved this conduct nor heard about it frornsorpeonewhp did.
DOJOIG 000368
0: 1pOrtolhaity,ohsoivaci thls•conduct.
observed etainee,(4 ih a condition that led hie to. believe that thr$,Ohdtict had Oteurred.
Detainee(s) told e tha this COnduOt had odCurrecl. -
49. Using a :military working 'dog on Or hear a detainee Other than, during'detainee transportation
a; Ill, I Personally observed thisconduct.
I. I:observed detainee(s) in ;axondition that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred..
• ip etainee(s),told-n-Je that this condutt, had -occurred.
II Others who observed this conduct-described it to Frl.e.i.
e. • i, have .relevarit information classified above "SEtRET"..
f: I i never observed this °conduct nor heard about it frorrysomeorie who did,
50. Threatening to use military. working dogs-on or near a detainee
. „ .
EI I personal ly observed this cOndUCA.,.
i b.; . CI I. observed ,detainee.(5) - in a cOnditiOri that led rne ta believe that this conduct had 'occurred.
. ,.
I . II D.etainee(s).told hie that thKOndutt. had OCCUrred.
d, • Others: 106 ObserVed this cOndtitt described it to. rri8.
.._ .'
Et I haVe teleVarit inforrnation Classified aboVe n:SECRET.
f. El I never observed thiS-Condutt.ner heard about it from someone who did. .
:scqpiOnS, Snakes, or Other a nirrialSbri or hear a detainee
; I 1,1 personally observed thiS..conduct. . .
: 0:T,obsayArcl detainee(s) in a‘condition that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred,:
c. jJ betainee(s) tbld me that this conduct had occurred ;
d.. 171 !Others: who observed this conduct described it to me. . .
a • I. 1,1aver*rat*inr9rt1109P clasOfkci 0'9,va s's,cET"..
. .
l It never observed thisconduct „nor heard about it from someone who did.
52. Threatening to usesOklers, scorpions, snakes, or other animals on a detainee
DOJOIG 000369
d. • Qthers who observed this conduct described it to me.
e. 0 I have relevant information classified a bove.'!SECREr.
. 1Z1 tneverobserved thiSconOuct nor heard "about it from: sorneonewho did.
3. DiSres ectfur Staternerits, banditti ,oractionS involving the Kbrati
0 t Per=5CMPJIY observed this ;conduct. • I 914,eryecetatnee(syin =a condition that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred.
JI betainepOrtold me that this cOriduct. had occurred.
• Other hO :Observed -thi' . Orkluct=dcribeci it to me.
111I have relevant information Classified above ',SECRET".
f. • I never observed this-COnduCt norhea rid ,abblut it frOM-sorneone'whOjdid.
- 4. 11108e provide the apptoxitfmte time frame =during which thiSconcliict occurred.
Froth '10/03/2002 to 11/15/2002 :01210 Not Recall
treated in thig. way were ]td at the time
1 21 Guantanamo
,0 'hag
g0 AfOhanistati
4 0 Other Location
50 Dci.14ot iecafl
.I. PleaSe'identifythe,detainee(S). by tiarne and: nUrri ben!
" Unknown
:I, Please:identify the. persori(s). who treated the. detainee(s) in this mariner, including their
name(s) and government agency(ies)
WS. Military Police personnel
k. Plea Idefitiflariy-Other F8IberSbritiel be ridn-FBI .bersorinel who observed detainee(s); treated
- in this manner,. including their name(s) and agency(ies):
I. This conduct cOritiection
0 One d,etainea
2 O. Several detainees. (2.-4)
5 0 Mar*" detainees Oford than :44
40 Do Not Recall
err. (.Obtional) ',Please describe the -relevant direurristanceS Fri liriord-detaik
DOJOIG 000370
One detainee told me he personally witnessed the mishandling of the Koran by military guards
and he heard such activities from other detaitiees;,
4. Shaving a detainee's facial or other hair to ernbarrasS.or humiliate a detainee
I PersdnallyoliserVed thisconduct. .
I observed detainee(Slin:acoriditibn that fed tne: to believe that, this conduct had ocCurred.
• Detainee( told Me that this condutt had Urred.
LA, • °theft" whi5 ObSerited this conduct deSeribed . it to rrie.
e. • I haVerelevant information classified abaVe"-SECRET.
f. Er I neVer observed thiStoridtiet norheard about it frorrisOrneone'Who did.
.5s. Placing WorrianWierqthirig on :d'etainpe
a. • I personally observed this:conduct:
b. II I observed detainee(s) - In a'cond Mon that led me to believe that this conduct had -occurrOc:
I Detainee(s) told, me that :this' conduct had ocp;IrrPCI;.
d, • Others who observed this conduct described it to me.
e, • t haVe teleyant infOrmatiOriCtaStlfied eat? -00.: n.FRt-r.
f El I never observed this:co:11E14a nor heard ''about it from someone whodid. :
50. 'touching a'detainee or acting toward a detainee in a sexual manner
a. ril : perSotiallybkiterVed this edrauCt. . .
b.- Ej I:0'4507+10.d ,deta(ii:e(§). iti,,:cdrildition-, that kcci ine W believe that:thiS cOridtfot had ;catered..
c. • Detainee(s) told Me that this Conduct bad ,OCcurred.
El Others' whb observed this conduct describe.d it to fte,
e. • I have relevant information classified above "SECRET"
f. • r heVero-bServed this conduct ne.r:heard a ficitit, it frorti , sciniebne:Who did.
PleaSe prOlde:thaPProXitriate tire ftortle, du,t-rii4: Which thiS.COndtiot Oteufred.
FrOM 10/03/20,07 to 1111S12002, OOP N.0I Recall
DOJOIG 000371
ti.Thetletainee(s) trited in this way were Iticated a the tune in:.
1 aGuantanarrio
2 El Vaci
8 0 Afghanistan
:4 Cl -Qther Location
$D PO. Roi.R.O.c?ill
I. Please.identifythe-cleteinee(s)- by name and number:,
;j. :Please identify the PiettOqs) who treated thk detainee(S), in this mariner, including their
name(s). and uovernmentagency(leS).:
"$ergeantl Army' (unsure of full name as it was, provided tO,rrie ,by someone else),, I'cap;
oflly describe her as a Bla ck female with iphg.„ black hair, I did not personally Observe this.
(la harneiageney.,
k. Please, identify any her FB personnel or non-fBI -personnel who observed detainee(s) treated
in this, ifp- h net. !brit id ire( their narrie(s) and 4etidiodo
CaPtPin I Air Force-081;
I, This conduct occurred in connection wtm:,
Orie file
Several detainees a-4)
0 Mahy sitOtaitieesAni-ott. ri, 111
Dalot Recall
M. (OntIOnal) Neese describe the teloant circumstances: in mOredetell:
Captain' land I were acting an ,eXientiyp :ipteniiew'With a detaineka rid'tayed after
our scheduled time This tesdited in tA, being in the interview faoility ifitetrOgators'
began their interVieWs. We heard Sdrearrigifrorri ä riIãI OitC, yeiiiho !Allah" aver -and bver. We.
went-to Investigate:the origin and walked into :an , observation worm We observed three uniformed
personnel in the interview room' picking u • thedetainee, from thgf floor, An unknown female
soldier, lcjentlfied by others as Sergean. had her hands-On the detainee but I could not tell ,
what §. h,'.v .ra ,t1.0ing,. Her body was pbsi ion between Me.,apd, the detainee,. thUss.otislemeting
,:.complete view. The detainee had bltiod on Mini apparently :from his2ticisek and we werelold he hit
his face on the floor after falling from the 'chaif hancicuffed to he:floor: It should -be noted
that all ietaiflees were kept banooffect,i,h4(ing thiorvfewtintetvgattom Othqi! pers'qns'Oh,P0r,viOg
. the, intertOgatiOn (harries unknOWh)/Old -us $ergeahtr—lhad betri rubbing on he detainee after
:40151S/i4 ).gthfled band ktiOn to her hand S, Thediried -WaS tetiisirig tO. talka rid it Web, said
Sergeant lbegarrtouthhing the detainee's' genital:area. This resulted in the screaming and fall
- t0 t ticiOr: My partner and 'I 'then went .backto'cOrinplete our interview.
Holding detaineers)- who were not offiCially.acknowledged or registered as such bythe, agency,
a, • I persOriallY PtSONO thistOndUct. .
E .fl^
• r observed detainee() in a condition that led me tObiatieYethat_this concluct 110:dcetirrati. i
DOJOIG 000372
.121 • Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had :occurred. ' . .
d. • Others who observed thistonduct described it to. me -.-
..: • ' have TelPYOtillfo,rnet4tion classified elhO \f' "$,F 'CAW',
lif 1 never th(q,colitiut ;nor yie4rd abotit it fromsomeone4 who, did.
SEI. Sending a detainee to another country. for moreagg ressive interrogation
• I. personally observed, thiStpriduct. • I cibrveci detainee(S)( In 'a tbnciltionthat led 'Me to bretieve,that this conduct had occurred..
NI Detainee(S) told :me _that thiCond (la had eta' rred .
.d. •
eil I
Others Whe Obterved this, tend uct„deseribed it to me..
I' have relevant inforrnatiOn ClaSSifieci aboVe;"SECRET'''. 3E31' never observed this conduct nor ,heard ,a Wilt it from someone Who did.
g. Threatening 'tos.nda Ita1ne priothr cop ntry*r Oetertion rni-it.e:00 re's:sfitp interrogation
t PerSbnally ci,bSenied this ccindtiet:
Lobserved detainees) in a.conditiorythat led me to: believe that ,this conduct had occurred. .
c% Et Detainee(s) told me that this: conduCt had occurred. .
121 others who observed this, conduct'described it to me.
. • I' have relPv,0 11t 1111.01TriatiPrl; dssififfl above Q'S'EtRql-iz.
• I neyerotyserVed,thiS'condutt nor heard :aboUt it from: seri -lee:lie Who did:
g,. Please provide the approximate time frame,during, which this' canduct occurred.
Frotrk1;910340(2 "0* .00.0 Not Recall
h.'The detaineeN treated in this way were located at the time in;
1 IZI ,Gitaritanarrio
3 0 Afghanistan
,4 0 otho Looaciti
' 5 El DO: Not Ile!tall
PleeSe identifY:theAet4ille(S) by name qrld. riPttiber;
' Unknown
DOJOIG 000373
j. Please identify the person (6);WhO treated the detainee() in this manner,. including-their
name(s) and government, agency0e4:
k. Please Identityanyi.other FBI personnel or personnel 'who observed detainee(s1 treated
. in this r0Ohnera, Including their name(s) and OgericAles)'.:
I. ThiS conduct occurred in .corineetion with
1 0 One> detainee
2 0 -Several detainees (2-4),
3 0 iviany ,oetainees two; than 4i
:4 0 Po Oa Regal'
in. (Optional) Please descripz -th)-elevant, circumstances in more detail:,
: Although never threatened with' this activity, discussion or other .detainees being, held by
governmerits:otother,CWritries Egypt:and:Saudi Arabia') vves a common practice
.during Interviews by the time atriVed r suspect the, threats may have occurred before my time
:,and remoihed,oh the minds &the detainees,, One inmate -told me "we" (interrogators) :should not'
talk,Of such things in that it is CoUtiterprOdudive.
620. Threatening to take adtionagainst tietaitiee'S, fa m
,„ •; r personailTobseryed this !co ndu,ct
bt • r'94§D.7e0,40att)q0' in Ag91049.19. that led me to believe tnat,.#0 c 1,cP had 9c9Irrect,,
c. • Oeta1nee(5) told T.r.l that tN5:'PPrtd 110 f.i.±:lx?cqurr,Pcl,
'.ct., • Others Who Pt)"§el,vg,c!Ols..00nduotdesoribed it to me:, ,
. I I' nave relevant information classified above "$.`C,RET'''-,
I l I never observe. d this conduct 'nor heard about it from 4orrieoneswho Oici.
:=6.1.. ,qther treatment or action causing severe emotional 'or psychological trauma : to a, sietainee
. , II 1;perSdria)VdbserVed Itivsooatta.
b . • r ohteiv6-6r:dsetairi(syiii fa 6,ridition that ieci, m to believe' thaffhi ''.'elifi'd cid. had :occurred.,
• Detainde(s) told the that this condUct had dcai reed.
'd, II Others Who ObSet:Vett this tOndatt,described It to me.
e. • sI haVe relevant information ClaSsified a liciVe "SECRET.
I never observed this ,cond uct norheard ,a bout it from someone Who did.
DOJOIG 000374
Other relig 01..152,0r >$exua 1 h4.r.Srnent or nutnillatiPn -of a detainee:
a, 0 L personally Observed thiscondu.ct.
b. n LobserVect:detained(S) In ,acond Con that led me to. believe that'thls conduct had .occurred:
• Detainee(s) told rhe that this conduct had ,occurred,
, d. n Dthers. who observed this conduct-described it to ma
e: n L have relevant Information classified above t',ECIZET"..
f El' I neverobserved this :conduct' nor"heard about it fromsomeone who did,
'63, Othertreatment. dfa detainee that in your Opinitin wasunProfesSiOnal t undulYhersh OragAreSsive,
coercive, abusive, or unlawful
. III, t personally ObServed thiScOridUct.
. n I observed detalriee(S) 10 a Orid itiun that led Me to believe that this cdrifitta had occurred.
c'. n Detainee(s).tbld h=ft that thiS dcinclutt had :occurred.
n GtherS who -observed this conduct described it to. Ma
. III r haVe.teleVarit inforMation clasSified above ":SECRET".
f. It r rimier obtervecl thiS mud ilet :nbr heard about it frorasorneaneviho did..
RARIT . EITG:E onlitER, matririEL
64. Did you aserNie,Ofq irrinersbriatiO,n of FaperSorniel *anyone' during ab interview orintetnigatiOri of
Ci 'Yes .NO
'65: Did any detainee Or other person tell 'yOu:thaehe Of she had WitilMsed the "impersonation of FBI
persOnberintonnectiOn with a detainee: interview Of interrOgatibriT
, . .0 Yes 0: No_
56;:, Are you aware of any "sham" or ''staged" detainee' interviews or interrogations conducted for Members
:Of- the:V.5, .Gong reSS Or their staff"!
0, Yes. -0 NO
_6,7.. Tn . your IcnOwledge, did,any rriilitaryor in.telligenc0 personnel 'ever deny" or-delay FBI 'access to,a
detainee the FBI wanted to question because the00tAine.aih: 1 s ustiain ed Rij nri es after hO was captu„r.e..d ?
DOJOIG 000375
lAlon=fBI Rersd3
Other gnictentiPed Military p ersonnel
Old 'ydia 'eye t end your patticipatiOri iii aroberVatidn of intettagatititi
because or•the=infervIeW.or interrki9tion methods being Used?:
'Ps' 1*i
Oa. 'Briefly dostrihe the interview orinterrogationmethodS being .used, and when
and wher'ethiS Occurred, including the harrieS:tif FEU:ebd/dr ndn-FBI personnel
-Otto.ttr 20,02:a't.destribed Ir f #5,Q
Other P rerinnef Involve:1
bYes. No
Vero *)11 ever told that another FBI .employee :ende.d•is .ofher participation:in:or observation of:, a
.detainee interviewot hitettogationanse:oftheitit'erVioiti dt, inteirogatic;n,inaid4 tiel*.usedi
G Y.ۤ; Na
7Q. Wring:any drYduroverseas,depid entt atigyiniehtS, did you report any donc.01:65.1 -eprdin4
anydetitinee ititerVieW'Or interrogation practice -S., dr other typet of detairieetreatnient, to an FBI
5 Yes it)
7:1. During any of yogroVcr.Se.a5,aegloynientg or as*f9nrnerit*si did you mgort any-ccfrKerri6-mgarding
any detainee triterYieW or interrogation practices or Other ,tyges. Ofdeta inee- trtattnent /ou
observed or heard "abotit, to a' tnpenilsorot other
Yes: '1r-i Nfo
71a. when..aid to whom did you make thi moon?:
Inimedi4tolYEothe:Otr Coordinator, - FNUI I •
711), Did the. report relate to cond uct' by FBI or- nom-FBI: personnel?"
1. EI.F61 Personnel
2 IZINcirt-FBI PersOhnol
identify ineagepcwit Which thg.., rton7fa personnel vrer,e affiliated.
71o. Was this report in writing?.
71d. To your knoiNledg mat any aetiOrr taketrirt: response tcry.out, rebortl
1 ElYqs•
.3 ElDo Not
72..Have ynever beet, iattlOrekoridirtote.d tiotto :report, or di4gOuritge:d in,anyr*ity from.tqfbitint„ ..
DOJOIG 000376
Obs. etyhtiOA or ,alhgatiorist:elatatO dotairiolrpatitrOtot intpMe* Or ..iirtarOgation Utinris Ox
72,a., Who dis,cnuraged the, reporting arid how sthe reporting discopragedl
Nc direct statementSjustinsinuatiOns that our standards of conduct fcliftore0 from Military or 00A,
counterparts and we should. not interfere 'With thern.
73. Have you experienced any actual or threatened retaliation for reporting -observations, or allegations
of detainee treatment Or intOrWeW or triteirrqggPti actions or practices?
74. 0.ptional), Please provide any additional comments, regarding the reporting of concerns related to° ,
interview or,interrogationtechniques, detention practices, or other detainee treatment We were
never provided a list 'Ofacceptehje techniques vet -Sus unacceptable techniques utilized at GTMO by
anyone, Asa professional LE ,officer, Lconducted myself ?s I had been trained, within' the confines
of:the law. However, it was: clear to me that I was notto question techniques,used byother
75„ Werre'yoU, debriefe0,, other than the ,standard debrief in Fp-772, c,oncrping,your overseas
assignment(s) or depioyment(s) ft- you tAtripietd.the -',Cleployifient(0. r assig niTient(s)?
.0.Yeg 0 No:
AdditiOnal Ciirdinentsand RetOrnriiendations:
TharikyOu for your coopera tion in cortiolOti Op, this Ou05tfoniaaire,
DOJOIG 000377
Department of justice Inspector General questionnaire Regarding Detainees
QUESTIONNAIRE ID: test-00002458
of the last time this questionnaire, was saved, some required -fields- hav,e nqt been completed.
Pleaft,reVidW your rtsponses,
B. -eR
A. Personal Information
Please he f011owirq infOrinatiOri:
1, First name
2., Kiddie initial:
a. Last name:,
Enteied on,Dtity Date .(OO):
(Urrebt'ID‘riyisforitEreld Office:
Current fob title
bffidelelephOne nun!' ber:
8,„FBI. COO pnone triber:
BI pger-Put-ollorf,
10., ;gest contact number foryom
B. Background of Specific DeplOyMents or Assignments
11... At "any time afterSefiteitiber El:2001i did you. terifeaS a Member of the U.S. MilitarY, or aS
'employee ,or contractor of the FBI.or any other government agency, at Guantanamo 'Bay, : CU ba; Iraq;
Afghanistan, or in areps:controllObythe US Military or a, U.S. intelligence 5ervice irl,"CP-PrieCPPO''With the
lobaI vor-on terror?
0 Ye§ "0 NO.
Enter the riuMb0 of 'Met you,Were_deplOyed Orassig ned to:each of tifejoilowihq iaeOtiOr).
:(GUantanartio Bay, 'Cuba'i, Iraqi:At hanistan; Or- in 'a Ay areas coat:Oiled by:the:116. -Military Of a 46..
intelligence serViCe.);I:
For each deployMerit or assignment complete the following Settion..
1"74.911Cle.10# P110)
Deployment or assignment 441* Deployment gr4ssjdroe. o'pnd oil. on
Oboikt .opatiout
PO* na noBay 04/15/2003 06/01/200-
12e. What was the general nature and ligrp`05e Of 'Out 'assignment and aCtivitieS?
IntervieW Detainees
12b. Please provide the names Of the..speafic camps, basesiz, or facilities where you 'worked.
14 Note : gillf:611409110944Weific camp, .bas; " qr fqcilitY z cl4s§ifi0;,41vv9,SKUT;
please check here 0, :include in your answer that you have.'"add itio nal into typaticio,cjasSified above
ISE,CRBT.,'" ;arid; if you, know, identify"thetlaSSifidatiOn leVei r tleket,:comparinient, PrOgrarnri,Ceother
designation lhatapplies to theinformation. Do not include the additional information in :your
DOJOIG 000378
Supervisory $peO0FAgerit
'04TC *R14 OREEMENr .
A. Training Prior to Overseas Deployment or Assignment
questionnaire responses, *610 nersonnel with tile neeessary Clearance will contact you to receive it:
i5o mit teoll
12e. Did you joIntly interview or mtei-i-opae any detainee with ion-FBI ijerstinhei?
Q Yes 0 N5q .
• 70. X ^9 • k OA a, r
With vylia,t15.irids of non-F% personnel d i ygu wprk jointly?'
0 'Other U.S. Military
0 iJ,S.intelligence agefity
0 'Eateig-n tnilltarY or intelligerioeagency
0 Other
,int API no n AnW no * no, >en ................. to. ..... PA n. Ye 1,n •n•• ........ non ..... g
yojuo nitly plan any deintae e interview or interrogation strategy-, objectives„ or tactics with non-
Tl3I personnel?
With what kinds of ntin=FBI Personnel ti id 'YOU WorkjdintIy?
: CDT'
U other:Ws. Military
0144; intelligence. agency
'FOrelgit military- or intelligence agency,
El --other"
120. Weig,-,you ever Otherwise invOlyed In cietaireg, interviews or InterrOgations with riOn,FBI personnel? ..
13. Did"yOu 'reCeiVe any training, hist ,tit :g uidance specifically inl5teparatidn for ariYeif yOur
OVerseasdeplOyenents or asSig nitients? .
;:Yes . ONo 'Olio Not Recall
.1.8a: Who provided this trainln,g„ instruction,orguidance e and where did you receive' it?'
On site FBI personnel
13b Describe the subject bliWniekyOU 'received this ttaihihq, instruction or gtildarice,
Tactics end strategy on how to approach detainees during interviews ariff for follow up
, ‘ OntattS; Instructiciri waS done in a n 'MAI-no] settihg,
ClYei ONO: Not_ReCall ,
DOJOIG 000379
14a. Who -provided 'this training!: inStruction,,-or .guida,nce,, and where did you, receive it
'On site, FI personnel.
14b, Briefly esari be the Sithstance Of the träiiIng instruction,. Pt guidance prOvidei ta
I recall ;tieing. Wd: the detainees are to betreate'ci as though he interVieW Was
cOndiided in:CONUS 'Which. one teasbn we.proVided breaks,. offered -sOft d rinks,
opportunity for a smoking break etc :
14c. Wasany of the training, "InStrUction, or guidance provided in:writing?
`ON0, '0 Dcx Not 'Recall
OYes ONO ODo Not Recall
is. In preparatiOn for any of your Overseas dePlOyments,Or assignmePts,.. did yPu reetveapy training.
ifi§truttiOri,:or,giliddnce concerning What you were supposed to dp if you observed or heard about
thetreabriett, :Inteniietkr e or iriterroaationof detainee's by FBI iiat'kinhel, 'which ystit.Lbelleved to
be inappropriate, unprofessional, coercive,. abusive, or unlawful?
,Q)DO Not„ReCall
17. In, preparatiPri fdr any' ofyolit Overseas deployitentsorassigntrierits rd id you receiVe2ehy
instruction,- orguidance concerning whatyou were,supposed to do if you observed or heard 'about
-the tteatment interview, or interrogation of detainees, by non-Mr-PefgOnne.11):::which. you believed:
AO be, inappropria,te,,UnprPfestiorial, cberciVe„ iabusiVe, r ui1laWuF?.
Ores ,ONo eDo, Not Recall
Training During Ov'ergeas Deploynie0s or'Assignments
1434 1Xi ringanY of yOU'r OVersea$40151pyr1iehtS PrasStgrirrients, did You reCeiVe ahrtrAihing, iriStruptiOni
Orgia Ida-Ike:Concern lag theAtandarliS of :COndUCt aolitabld tO theitreatthent, interVieW .t.or
interrdgatidri ;of 'detainee's by FBI prsbri het?
OYteS NO; To Do Nat-Recall
18a. Who p raided this training,: inStrtiction t or,gu id aft?
0h Site, FBI personnel
iop; )3, riOty-Aestribe the substance of the training, ItAstrodtion; or9uc1ante provided to you
Detainees were to be ;treated as though in CO NUS and following -DOJ/FBI stand a rds,
18c. Wasanylifthetrainingt 'instrUCtion, or guidance prided fiViktiting7
'0 Q 1.4P, Not Recall
19: During any Of`yOtir overseas deplaynients cit assignrtielitS, did 'yOU IeCeiVe any tiaining, Instruction
or, gu idanceconcernjng the standards of corouct applicable to the treatment, interview, or
interrogation of detaineeS y non-FBI' per4onnelI
Vees • '0 No CaDo
29. During :any of your overseasdeployments or assignments, did you receive any training, instructibn i
-concerning 'W hat you were supposed to do; if you observed or heard the or ,g uidance
DOJOIG 000380
treatment, interview:, or interrogatiorrof detainees by FBI" pernnei, which you believed to be
inappropriater unprofessional, coercive, ahusive, gr ghla vyfta I
Oyes Ql\lO citIO Ikkg Retail
21. During any of your overseas deployments or assignments 'did you receive anytra Ming; instructibn,
Orguidance concerning -yvhat you- were, supposed to do if you 'observed heardebout the'
treatment,, interview, or interrogation of detainees by non-FBI perpontiet, Which you believed to
be inapPrOptiate,, UnprcifesSiorial,,coercive, abusive, or uniaiAful?
Ores 0 No ODD ,NotRecall
1c. Adequacy of Training,
22,In your ,opinion, did you receive adequate training, inStructiotvorguidance relating to 'standards,
of conduct by 'FBI and non-FBI personnel relating to treatment, Interview, or interrogation of
detainees prior to your deployment or aSsIgtiment?
'rag 010
22a. Please describe the-ways in which you believe the training, inqructioriwguidanee was
NaVing'receiVed little if any instruction, as far as I Wail, regarding' the conduct Of nofi -Fa persOntiel
It related tothe treatment, interview ladies/. and detainee handling', was in hind site a ti issue; Not
understanding non-FBI limitations prevented FBI personnel from knowing the limitations °fall those
participating in the interviews; and how it could impact interview 'tactics; ethics, and detainee responses
duir ng our contacts them;
In youropinionf 'dki you receiveadequate training, instruction; 'orguida nee relating to:standards
Of conduct by FBI and non-FBI personnel ,relating to treatment, interview, or interrogation of
detainees during your deployment 1-assignthdrit?
-O:res No
2,a. Please describethe waysin which 'you believe the 'training, instructignor guidance was
your -opinion, did you receive adequate training ( instruction, or guidance concerning what you
were supposed to do ifyou observed or heard about the treatments interview, or:Interrogation Of
detainees, by FBI or non-FBI PersOhriel, that you believed was inappropriate, unprofessional,
coercive, abusive, or `unlawful?
,0 Y øNq
zia„ Please describe the ways in which you believe the training, instruction or guidance was
I4o not tecall receiVing any ttaining or instruction but since intetVieWs were considered as in CONUS
and we were to abide by D03/FBI ethical standards, identified improper treatment would have been
openly‘discussed and/Or reported to the supervisory personnel I would like to preface that the first few
days on-site were gre8SigI and numerous regulations, and documents were 'Signed andior reViewed.
DOJOIG 000381
25.:(Optiona I) In what ways can the FBI irriProVe training on thiS subject for flitufe deployments or
He training session upon deployment andthen periodie:refreShinett sessions as you becorrie-Mete
accustomed t(?'the task and routine.
1D. Comments
26, Please provide a,riy additional information concerning training foroVerSeaS deb loymentsoi -
aSSIgriments of FBI personnel you belleVe Is feleVant.
I think FBIHQ or -Quantico should provide standard training to those' being deployed. ,Ashort 2-3 day
meeting; would enable participants to digest the requirements of the tleploymentrfron interview
te4hiliquesi limitations, ;Safety, health, co,mmuniCations,:eto.
IntrodUodOn'to Part iI! In this.:§ecticirr, w rieekjrtg information reg Wide range of
WWI% or interrogation teOtiniqueS and other types of .ctetaiRee treatment alleged tb have Opal tied..
You shoU Id not assurne, just;becattsaWasking abOut a particular tech higu eiO r practice, t hat.We have
concluded that it irr'fact occurred: We recog nize .t hat .some of these-techniques-or practices may at times
be necessary for safety and security In a detention setting In agition, we recognize that some orthese
techniqbe$ or practices may have rbgeh duthotizel faru"se by, "milb:nt Or other gOvernMerit perSOrinel.
With :respect to ,each identified technique, practice/or type of.cOrid LictdeScri bed below, We are seeking
information about its occurrence during or in 'connection' with the interview or interrogation of a
detainee, or during the detention .0f a detainee beyond 114.114t is needed for safety and security
In that cbriteict, we Oil to :W{I is Whether one pr More of the fOiroirvirig StaterneritS are true:,
fpersonally observed this Conduct.
ifob$erved, :detalstee(s) in a ,conditioRthat fed me to believe that this :conduct had occurred.,
3.. Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had ocCi-lrre0 ,
4. Others who observed this conduct It to m,e.
have releVant informatibri dassified abtke";SECREI",..
&, I never-observed this conduct nor heard about' it from:someone who:did.
Depriving :4' detainee orfooci or Water
a. • I pertonally'obserVed this tondutt.
b, • I Observed - dethineetsy in a-condition that led 'me to believe thatthis Conduct had .occurred.
c • Detaihee(s) told Me that this conduct fiad OddIrreci.
d. • Others who observed this conduct described it to me.
e. II I have relevant information classified above 45EcREr, '
f, 121. I neverobserved this 'conduct nor heard 'about- it from sOmePneWhO clid,,
DOJOIG 000382
8. D.epriVing.a.'detainee or,clOthing
a. • r personally' Observed this;condUCI.
b. • LObserVed detairied(S): ln a condition that led. me to belleVe thatthls conduct had occurred.,
,c. • Detainee(s)told me that this conduct had :occurred.
• Others who observed this conduct described it to me.
have.releyant, information classified al?osie '-',$BC'REI-"%
1, n,everohserved this conduct norheard about it ,frorn 'sornegrt who did.
Depriving a detainee asleep, or interni ting sleep b fre uent cell relocations or other methods
• ' I. personally observed this conduct
12f TOO,Served -detainee(S), in *cold itionthat id 'me' to belieVe that this conduct had occlirred..
• betaine trig that thiO` oti:ciAtt, hod, oecUrred.
• OtherS wild ObSerVed this tOridUCt desCrjbed it tO, me,
e. • r have taiayant information Classified a boVe ''SECRET'' .
f; • I neVerObsehied, thistiduct rio.r heard about it frord.scirrieOrie-Who did.
q. Please proVide 0PPrOimate tirriefratne du ring-which thiS Co tialct'OMirreci.
FitirKt 04/152,n03 to 06/01/2003 On Not Re6all
h.. The'detainee(S) treated in this way, were located at the time in
l Ou4ntartamo
2 El ,Itaq
- 3 0,Argliaiii§thil
'41:10ther Location
bo Not Recall
Pleaseld'entify"thezdetainee() by -name and., riuhi ber:
1. Please identify- the,'krstisho):whd treated the, tietainee0 :in this Manner, including their
harne(s),, and gd,Verrin'.ieritagericAlesy:
U.S. 'Military (Army),
PleaSe identify,anrOther FBI betsOrlifaJbt noff-FBI sriertbrinel detaineeW treated
in this manner,. including their name(s) and agency:(ies):
DOJOIG 000383
I. This conduet bet Otrett in donnectiOn with
O. On detainee
2, 0 .SeVeral detainees (-4)
30 Many. detainees (more:than -4)
4 Q 11t Req11
m. (dptional) Please describethe relevant circumstances- in moredetaik
:Aminterview Was scheduled with a specific detainee: (do:not.recall name) and the Army
interrogatorsapparently discovered 'our intent theday before. When conducting the interview the
i,detalnee stated riehad.n in terviewed tcrSeYerAl hours theinig brand' accordingly was
Very tirel. It Was our belief the interview covered the same topic and the military interviewers
'Were seeldrig tO4obtairi the In'fbertiattiSti
:30, Beating adetalnee
a. • penally ciliterved thidbindia et..
., • Lobservecidetainee(s), In a zond ition that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred.
r I I, Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had occurred.
,. •, Others who observed this' conductdescrihed it to me:, '
• I. have relevant InfOrmatiOn Classified 13 :::qe.''''$RET%
t If I neverohserved thisdonduct'nor.heard about it :from_ prilori.-imlio did.
,Using water to prevent breathing by a detainee.or to create the sensatiOn of drowning
• I personally cbserved this conduct
b.. 0. rObSerVed detainee(s) in a' ,,. cdnd itiOri that led .me tb believe that this coridutt, had occurred.
C.: •, Detaineets)3Old the that thiSCoridu4 had Occurred.
• Others. Who obSerVed 'this cOnd.utt described It to me..
'e. • I haVe teleVant infOrrtiation classified a b'ove "SECRET°.
T. fff I never observed this:Cdriduct fief- heard `about it fram sornedrietWho did.
wo 40410, rope, 'Or ,arlythitig:e.ltOChOke: r strangle
-. • r personally observed thiScondUCt. .1
' • LobserveCidetainee(s) in a ,cond ition that led me to believe 'that this conduct had occurred.
DOJOIG 000384
a, I Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had 'occurred.
d. • Others. who observed this conduct'described it to me: .
' . • I, have relevant lnfoçmatipn classified above ir$ECKP'..
lE1 I neVelobserved thistonplutt nor h-eard ;a WO it from someone who did.
3: Threatening other action to,:cause physical pain,: infury e disfigurementi or death
a, I r person* observed tbis'onauct:
b,. • tohserved d,etaineeN, In "a;eondition'that led me to belleyeShat this conduct had occurred.
•• beta' net(s)' told Me that thl conduct had oCcO rred . OtherS, Who observed this -cOnd Litt destribed it to me.
e. • I have relevant irforMation tiassitied aboVen,SECR.Er.
1. Et I never obSerVed. thiscohduct 'rick fle:ardzbbitt it friith,sothearie Who. did. .
4. other treatment or actIOntapsing significant physical pain or injury, or catiSing disfigurement Or
• T,personally',ObservedthiS conduct:
' ''. NI 1observecl'detainee(s) in:at chd itiorfthat led me tO believe that' this conduct had Occurred., .
1-07:141 16-161
betaine(s)foid me that thfs,priduct , had 'PCCPrie4;.
Qthers: Who observed 9,11s conducttlescribed ft to, me. ,
• I have relevant inforrnation:claSsffied aboven$,EtRET'".
L4Hz :
Et I: rover Observed this conduct norheattLabriut itfrom sorneorie,WhO did.
'15. Placing a detainee on a; hot surface or burning -a detainee
. • I personally observed thWcandutt.- - '
ly. • L'obServed, detained(S) in a -cord itionthat led me to belieifethatthiS conduct had .oddurted.
. • Detainee(8) tbid The that this:CM:dad had :octurred .
d. • Others who observed This conduct deScribed It to me.
e. • L have relevant inforinatiori classified abaVe!!SECRET'.
f. Ef Is never observed` this:conduct nor 41eard -a bout, it from someone who. did.
DOJOIG 000385
36,. Shackles or other restraints Irra prctIonged manner
personally obterved this conduct.
b. • observed detainee(s) In a condition that led Me to believe that'this condUct had occurred:
C. • 1Detainee(s) told me that this cOnduct had occurred.
d. • lOthers who observed this conduct described it to me.
e. • ,I have relevant Information classified above t`85.tRET".
' „ • I neverobserved this conduct norheard about: it from someone' who did.
g. Please provide .the approximate time 'kerne &ring which thisCondUttoccUrred.
1:1Do Not Recall
Please. identify'the'detainee(s) , by nettle ang number;
Please identify the ,)ertoncsiwho :treated the detaineefs) in this' manner,, including their
name(s) and governmentagency(les).;
(1.$: Military
k. Please. identify,anyother FBI personnel or non-flAI personnel whoobserved detainee(S) treated,
in this manner, Including their narne(s) and 'PgPri'PY(iPs):
I, Till's- conduct occurred in "con tiectiOn With
f, 0 One detainee
2 0 ,Several detainees
,5 0 Many detainees (rnot-e than 4,)'
40 Do Not Recall
m. (OPtiorial):Please describe the 'relevant circumstances in More.detail:
detaines Were handcuffed and shatkled 'during rhOvernent and 'the initial phase Of the
hitervieWs. If during the interview it was determined they Were not going to bea physical threat
DOJOIG 000386
From '04/15/2003 to- 66/010003
h. The detaineqs), treated in this way were located at the
1 El GuantanarnO.
2 I: Iraq
4 0 'other tncation
50 DO Not Retail
they.were,Pettnitted XI go Unhand cuffed. At titrieS:the detainee§ retained ,harideuffed for
personnel Safety.
37. fte00ifin4 aAetairieeto Maintain', itestaining a 'detainee, in', 'a :StreSSffil or painful positioP
• r personally:observed th is 'conduct
b , • Iobserved . detainee(s) in p,'condition that led, me to believe that this conduct had *eccurred,
• Detainee(s)told -The that this :c.9110.(1.4 had 'qtglITPPI- .
d , • Others who observed this condUctdescribed it to' me,
. • r have relevant infOrrneon^tlassified '0400 11:ScRET," ,
: Et I never Observed thir.Orid,u4 licit he'afd ab0,4 it "frOrri"WhieOlie ,WhO did.
Ie. 'Forcing a:detainee to' perfornrdernand Ing -physical exercise
• • I, bersOnally observed this conAct.
• • Lobseneed,-detainee(s) in a tOrid itibtr that led Me to believe that this conduct, ha'd ,occurred.
Cietainee(s) told rile that thiS condUct, had .oCcd meth ,
• Others who obServed this Conduct :deSCribed it too hie.. ,
e I I have relevant Infortnatiort clat§ified above '!SECREP.
f. I I never observed thiS,cond Lid nor heard about it ‘frorrrsomeone'who, did.
39. Using electileal shcickkbna detainee
• t personally observedthis :conduct.,
., tobseryed• detaineek.$), in a:conditio n that led yne to bellYe:tflOt this cood.u4 had 'pectarrp:i.,
c-. 0 Detainee(s) told pie that 'this. coric(udt had occur.
d, LI Others who observed this conductd.escribed it tc): mel ,
. II I' have relevant infOrmation'Classifie'd above "8.ECFET.
El t never observed this,icOriditt nor beard ,about it from someone.:who did.
Ab. Threatening to ,,useelectrical shockon a detainee'
Et l'fit'fs.t4i..diV , oborvea thiOtidist. s
DOJOIG 000387
b.. MI tobserved detainee(s) In a'cond Mon . that led me. to believe that. this conduct had occurred.
c. 0 Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had 'occurred. .
d. • Others vv,ho observed this conduct, described it to me:
0,, I I have -relevant information classified above. "SECRff".
Ei 1 never-observed this tonduct nor heard -about it fronsgmeonewho did.'
41, Intentionally -delaying ordenyibg detainee medical care -
a., • r personally:c.hsenied this rpridp,ct, . .
Lt; i
IbliSerVeddetainee(s). in. a Coridi- tiO.. n that led me- to belieVe thatthiS Conduct had -Occurred.
Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had occurred.
.01. • ethers whO ,Ohselved this COriduct deScribed it to rile, '
6. • I have relevant irifOrrnatiOri claSSified above "SECRET'.
f. El LeleVerObsehled thiScOliduct fitir heard ,abijut it frotri,sornePrie" who did.
FlOoding or blindfolding 8 detainee other than durin tranS Ortatibri
a. Cl
I. personally observed fhisconduct.
b. I I observed detainee(slin 8 condition that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred.
c. • betainee(S) told me that this conduct had occurred.
d , • Others who obseryecl this sosyluCt descr b i ed it to me,
e. • I have relevant Orprmatjp)n claSs,ifjp.d oovc i!ScRErl.,
El I never observed this conduct nor heard :about it from somegnewhp did.
43. Subjecting ?:detainee -to extremely cold or hot room temperaturesfor extended ,periods
a . • . .
1 personally ottservea' this -conduct. „
. • ,I.obsenied.xletairree0) in,8 condition that ied The: to' belieVe thatthiS conduct had citturred..
• 'Detainee(s) told sae that this- conduct had Oteurred.
• others WO ObserVed this ton-duet described it to hie. . .
• I haVe ;relevant infOrrnation tlaSSified abOV.e."SEOZET".
g I neVeKobbervedthlicond.utt nor heard 'abbitt it frOrtiksOrdeone -Whiy did.
DOJOIG 000388
':44:',u.bfecting: a detainee. fp ,Ipud music
• I. personally.ob'8erved this conduct.
• in 1- observed detainee(t) In a.cond"ition that led ine th believe that-this conduct had ,occurred.
• Detainee(s) told riie that this conduct had roccUrred.
• • Others who observed this conduct described it to me.
e. • I have relevant Information classified aboveEtilEr,
f. Ef I never observed this 'conduct rior .heard -about it from, someone ' V!, ho clicf ,
4S. gUbjecting a -detainee to. bright flashing lights or darkneSs
a . • . 'Z personaliirobserved this toridp4
•, • robserfed detainee(s) - in a„cohditio.n that led me jØ helieve that this conduct had occurred..,
c. • Detainee(s)told nie that this, conduct had ;occurred.
, • Others' who observed TM'S' COn,duct. described it to, rna.
,. • 1 haVe relevant ink:0)5410n ClasSifieci 0 VOYe: 116:CIET'''..
f. Er 1 nevet ciberved thiS.COndutt nor heard abOUt it frOm SciftfedneVhb 'did.
Isolatinga detainee ;for an extended a. • 4- Personally-obserVed this obtidtict.
b, • Lobsenied _detalnee(s): In a-,COndition that led tne to: believe thatthis conduct had oCCiftred,
-, • Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had occurred,
d. II 6 1- i. , 1 o •"• - a. - . l' 9 • -r, -scribed it to. me.
e. • I: have relevarit information classified above ''5rcizEr.
" ;°'
I never observed this 'conduct nor .heard about' it from someonewho did.
47. Using duct tape to restrain; ;gag, :or punish' a 'detainee
DOJOIG 000389
a: • r personallrobserved thisconduct.
b. • [observed detainee(s) in aoondition-that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred.
-c, • Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had 'occurred,.
Others - who observed this conduCtdes.cribed it tO me.
ta • I have relevant information cclalsasisfiesdi ,fai,heodye"
RI I' npir ,d,berved. Olis.Conduet.nor heard `about it frorn,:scirnebne who did.
.0.• Using ra id response teems andior forced, cell extractions
a. 0 I personally observed thiscOntiud.
b. • I p,bserveddetainee(s). in a.condition that led me to believe that this conduct had oCcurred.
C. g Detaineek told Me that is Cdridutt had 'OCCurred:. ,
d. • Others who observed this conduct described it to hie. . . • I haVe relevabt.infOlthatiOn claSSified a bove "SECRET.
• L never ObseiVed thit:conduct nor :heard about it from soniebne.Who did.
. Plea's e proVide the aoraitriate tune frarne during which thisicondUct occurred.
From 04/1512005 to 06/'0'1/2003 Dr,o Not Recall
h, The detainee(4 treated In this Way were located at'tlietirtie in
1 ,IZ1' GdaritenannO
2 0 'Ira()
3 0 Afghanistan
40 Other Location
41:1 OP-11* 'aeTcA II
1. Please identify theidetainee(s) by name and number:
°j. Please identify', the lierbriSsY WhOtreated the detairiee(s) in this Manner; including their
narrie(S) and ,goVernnieritabentAits):
k. PleaSe ideritifV. any other FBI personnel or non-FBI personnel ,whO obServed, detainee(s) treated
in this planner,: inCludIng their name(s) •and eagency(ies);
L This occurred in connection
One detainee
2 Q Seera( detainees (2-4)
30 Mn detainees krihdft than -44
DOJOIG 000390
40 Do Not Recall
. rn, (Optionaj),Please describe the relevant circumstances in more tietailt
Detainee stated that he was aware ofa anothendetaingewho had thrown urine and spit an a
gQar He was su bsequently-extrp4ecf from the cell as he refused to comply With directions to be
handcuffed and moved.
AO, Using military working dagon or near a detainee -other than during 'detainee-transportation
a. • r grsonatiy observed thi§7aandpdt.
b. • I observed detainee(S). in ,a condition that 10 me to believe thatthis conduct had ocCurrgd.
a • 'Detainee(s)told me that this conduct had occurred,
d, • Other's who observed this canduCtdescribed it to Me.
• I have relevant information clatsified aboxi,e "SECRET".
I I", neverobserved this.conduct nor'heard about it from' someone:whodick
Si. Threatening to USernilitary Wbricind'dod§an or near a detainee
.. • II per.s.onallyobserved this conduct.
4 • I, observed detainee(s) in acond ition that led Me to bei* tha.t. this conduct had Occur*.
c. • °Detainee(s) told mg that this conduct had Occurred.
tit • ,
Others, whci observed ;this conduct deScribed it to me .
• I have relevant inforrrratiOtt ClaSsified abOVe."'SEREn
El I n:ever PbServed onduct nor heard about: ft .from'snmeoriewho did.
SI. Using spiders, scorpions, snakes, or other animai§, an or, near a detainee
é.0 I. persOrially 6 SerVed this .
b . 0 1 Otisrve.d. detainee(g) in acOrid itldn' that led Me ta believe that this Conduct had oCcUrreti.
; • Detainee(S), told me that thiS,cancititt had ( -.icCu rred.
di • Others who ObSerVed this conduct deScribed it to Me.
e. • I have relevant Informatioryclas§ifieti above'$,ECRET%
f. El I neverobserved thiscond uct nor heard about it from someone who did.
DOJOIG 000391
5. Threatening to use spiders, _Sco rpion s i isn a Ices,„ or other animals on a. detainee
ti • I. personally ObSented this tondutt.
Cli •

tobterved detaineek* in a condition that led me to. belleVe thatthis conduct had octurred.
Detainee(s)told The that -this conduct had Ocai med.
Others Who observed this conduct described it to me
El • I. have relevant Information classified' above .8E:CRET''..
I rieverobserved this conduct nor:heard:about it from.someone who did.
53. Disiesliettful statements, handling,:oractioriS involving the kOrati
a:. • , personallr-abserved this ,conduct:
b. • r ObserVed dethinee4Sj in a. condition that led me ro believe that. thlS conduct had oCOUrred.,
c.. • Detainee(s) -tOld me that this cOncluct had occUrred.
. • Others who Observed thiSOciriduct described it to. me.
-; Ef
E3I have relevant inforrnation' ClasSitied a bOVe li-,S,ECRET.
izr r tieVei- Obterved thiS'.cdriduCt hbr 'heat.d abbut it TnIrri -sdriieCineWhO did.
haVing a: deW nee's facial -or Other hair to erribarTaSsOr humiliate a defainee :
a. • I pe,i-s6hally: Obse6ied this 'col -dud. ,
b. • I' observed detained(s) : lh a .cOndition that led me to believe thatthiS conduct. had ;octiltered,
c: • betainee(s). tOld me that this conduct had occu rred.
d. • 'Others who observed this conduct described it to me. _
e. M .t have relevant information classified above '''SCIZET'''..
f. L r neverobserved this -conduct nor heard about it from someone who-did. '
Placirig, a woman's;clothing on a detainee
DOJOIG 000392
a'. • personaliyobserved this„conduct.
b . 11:11 I,- o b se rve d .d eta i nee( s) in a condition that led me to believe that this conduct had :occurred.
• Detainee(*) told me that this conduct had occurred.
d. • who 'observed 'this cohductdescrihed it to rne'.
: I have relevant information:classified above.
t I neyer observed, this ,tOridnet nor heard a bopt it frOm,,sorrigOne.who did.
-56,. Touching a .detainee or acting 4oward a detainee in.a, sexual ,manner
a.. • r. pirsonally Observed thiscotidUct.
b. • ' I observed detainee(s), in a :'Oorid ition that led, me to believe that this conduct had .occurred.
c:. • Detainee(s) told rig that this- Conduct had occurred,.
A. • Others.: w.h6 .6.15.SerVed this caridtid- deScribed it tb Me.
.e. • IL have relevarit inforrhatiOn classified a b.OVe. 7S, ECRTE''' .
f. i IL never observed thit.tOnduCt nOr'heard ` -a boa it from- someone Who did.
57. HOlding,detainee(S) Who Weit'not Officially:acknOwledged or regiStered as such bytheiagency
detaining the •perSon.
a . II t personallyot,served this ,:conduct.

b. • I observed detainee(s) in ,a;condition that led me to tiOlieVa that this conduct had •occurred
• Oeiainea(s) Oki Me Viat this conduct had occuriV. ' , .
• Others WhO observed this Odridutt described It ne. ,
, . III I have teleVent infortrotioh: :clos:Sified..ksp- ue,40ECRE-c.
1111,31I never OD-seri/O this.:COfialiCt'liot heard about it 'from someone WhO„ did. .
54. $ending a' detainee to pilot hercau ntry for more aggresSIve 'Interrogation
a. • 1- peitohally ,ObserV0d this;conduCt.
b. LobServeddetalhed(S) In :a c. III Detainee(e) told 'me that this coed Oct, tidd oCCUrred.
d. • Others who observed this conduct described it to me.
DOJOIG 000393
e. 0I have relevant Information - classified above ”SECREr.
E RI I-never observed this;conduct nor' heard about it from-someone who did.
5.9. Threatening to Send a detainee to anothereount , far detentiOnbr more aggresSiVeinterrogatibh „
• ' 1 personaliV-observed this-conduct.
• I observed detainees') in .a.cond Rion that led me tqbefieVe thOP, this. cPilduqt had ,Poc- irmd ,
„ I p4One;e-(s) told Trio that this conduct had occurred.
. • others who Observed this conduct described [t to'rrie.
' have teleVant i,,f it. arr. riation: laSSified'abOVe "SdaET"',
I" neVer bliserVed,this ,,COridutt'nor heard about it from someone Who did..
ThreaWir9 to take. ctjoh against a detainee's:family
a. • r personally,ObserVed thiscontlUet. -
, • I obserVeddetaihee(S) iii.a,conditiOnthat led Meth belieVe that this' COndUct had OccUrfed.
Detair_ie e(S)-told the that this ctind Oct had bCCurred.
Others: who observed this conduct - described it to me.
• I have relevant information.clasified 'above 15LCRET":.
10" I never-observed this ,continct !Tor-heard .about itfrorn„sorneonewho did.
,Othettreatrrieht or action causing -severe emotional psychological tratii-na„ to adetainee.. ,
a., • 1 PeiT9nPlir 9,1?aqr-ved thts!cP1101-1-C-X ,
• I observed detainee(s) : in a ‘condition that led me to belieVe;that.this, conduct iip01:pcurrect:,
e. la Detainee(s) told me thpt this conduct had OCCUrred ,
. • kithers whO obserVed this osocigotdesOtibed it to me.
e. • have relevant ififorrnation claSsifieci abovoISECRET"'.
f: 12l II never ohsmtv4 his iohdoc,t nor'hrei ;about' it frOM.SOrrieotieWhO 'did.
DOJOIG 000394
62. Other-ref igiOus ,Or fekluar I :hea§(rtdrit pr hurriiiiation Of a :detainee
a • t personally observed thiS„condud.
b-., 11 I:observed detainee(s) in acond Mon' that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred: :
c. • Detainee(s) told me that this-conduct had occurred.
• Others who observed thiS P95 14qtdescTiPe4 it to nl,
e. • I have releyaritinfOrmatiOn classified above "'SECRET'.
: B I never abserved tiffs -conduct nor heard 'about it frorn,sorneone who did,
63. Other treatment Of a detainee that in your opinion' was ,:priprofessional, unduty harsh ,or aggressive,
toertive, abusive, or unlawful
. 0 Ilieitanally obSerVed this:COndiitt.
- , • 1:;,obterVed.detaineecty ina,-coriditiOnthat led Me tObelieVe tharthiS doridtict. had ,Octlitted,
c. • Detatnee,(S) , tdld me that this Cond titt had OCCurf '.
' . II Others. who Observed this conduCt desCribed it to me.
e. • I' have relevant information' classified above 'SECRET%
f. Et I: never observed' this,cond uct nor 'heard .a bout, it 'from-someone who. d Id.
OB. LEWcdrifiLEB
64. 'Did youi,observe-any impersonation of FBI personnel byl'anydne-fiLifing ah interview -Or intertodatiOn of
a detainee?
0 Yes 0 No
65. Did anydetainee or-Other ,perSon tell:yob :thattfebr She had witnessed 'the impertonation of fl3I
P*PI111,161 in connection with ,a detainee interview or interrogation?'
0 Yes 0 No,
66. Are you aware of anyshame or 'Staged" :detainee intervieWs , or interrogations cOriduCtedYor Members
of thell'S.:Corigress,Or their Staff?:
0 Yes: 0. No
W. TO:Our knowled0:e, did ani Militai-Y r int0110erie personnel eiter deny or delay FI aces to",a
detainee the FBI watited to clUe0on becatisethecdetainee had sastained, injUries after he Was captured?
OYes 0110
DOJOIG 000395
becaUse Of the inte.N1,...dqr tritOrcigatiri 'rriethOds; being used?
Oki you rnd your participatIon' in or P;13SerVatIO:riPtAdetain:ee interview or interrooation
Y.OP it6
„O. Were you ever told thatanotherFBI•employee.encled his or her participatiOn in oar observatibn of„ a
detainee Interview 'or Interrogation because of the interview or interrogation methods being used?'
D,uririo any of your overseas deployments or assig nments, did you report any ',concerns regarding
any detaineelntervieworinterrogation practices, or other types of detainee treatment, to an FBI
71. Midrib any of your OVerseas,dePLOYmentS or assignments, did you report any concerns regarding'.
a ny eta Inee ifiterVieW or interrogation practices or other types oftleta nee treatment you
observed or heard about, to'a„non-TBX, supervisor or other ncin-03.1:personFk0
Os* Q- Nq
72;. Haveyou aver been ordered or d irected rialo;,rpoortr,o,(41K04%0,0 Ohy'W.OyttilltrOVOttin:01,..
observations or allegations related todetainee treatment or interview or Interrogation 'actionSor
0 Yes; 0' No
73 HäV you px:rjortorloo;a:fly ectual or , threatened retaliatiOrt for reporting observations or aliegatiOns
Of detainee.trotnient interVieW, r interrciOatiOn„actiOris or Prattite
0 ''es ,O No
(Q.0tionol) PleAS.z. provide any ocisclitiool.ommorit* regarding the re'POrfin4 of oorirn 1-elated
intervieW, interrogatiOntechrilqUeSi rI6.s tentiOn P:a,ctiOs, orotherdetaineetreatMent.
PAR ABFING-:: , .EfaiO• iI
75., Were-you .debtlefed r otherthati the Standard debrief in FD-774. Conte:mind' yatiriOvelteaS
assijninent(s) or deployMeritf)' after you 'Cortipieted-thd"clepleyrrieht(g). br aSSigintrietitES),?;
0 Yes 0,- No
Additional Comments-and Recommendations;

7h4nic yqu fpr Y9147 'copp,eratiOrr i ,c4ropiqting tOts:,que§tiOhroiro-
DOJOIG 000396
A. Personal Information
Department #of 3,ustice Inspector General questionnaire Rega ri ng D:etainees
As of iha last time thig cluastionnalre, was sal(acIr some rueiqrudirfeide lds have not been completed.
PleaSereVielar your resporiSes,
Please PrOvidetlielollbWing
1. First riarrie
1., Middle Initial:
31, Last name:,
-4.. Eritemd, Orr DEity,Date (E01:?)':
Current Division/field Office:
tirrent jOb- title;
Ditect:dial office,terephcine n'aniber:
8; FBI toil phoriellumben
§, FBI pernutnr
IO., ,BeSt, Contact, nUmber for -vow-
B. Background of Specific Deployments or Assignments
11. At any tirrie after Sefitettibe'r 11, :20.01,, did ydu seiVeaS Matter of the U.S. Military, Or aS
employee,or contractor offhe Fln or any Other-government agency, at Guantanarrio Bay,,tuba; Iraq;
Afghanistan, or In areas controlled by the U S military or a US, intelligence service in connection with the
.9[044 war on Torrorl
Yes 0 No
12, Enter the number Cif tires U, WareddOtpligClOr ;assig rted tO:each i of the .fOildwirig toratioriS
s(Gdantariarno Bay, tubaIraiV,Afghanistan;,arinJañy areas contr011ed by the. U.S. Military or a U.S.
intelligence ser g
Foe,eacliiietiloirinent ot'asSiginent complete theItillowing section.,
Deployment Ora44iirrient -beim! O4lOr Deployment or 'a sOiginrnartt)sud on
about or about
1G4,910 0(f,10,4py, 03/11/2004 03/16/2004
12e. What was the general nature and purpose of your assignment and aCfiVities7
provided forensic mug shots of the:detainees-that where being processed by the FBI forfnajor case
file fingerprinting.
12h,, Please provide:'tlie names of the specific camps, ,bases,:or facilities where yap 'wOrk0.
We iNOrked in Camp 4,,and the Main camp off the main entrance into the main camp area and I believe it
was either these trip or the second trip, we Worked in the camp near the Camp 5 but 'I can not
remernberlthe name
.122c Note. If information about a specific ramp - base s orfacility is classified above SECAE,T,
& TC
'photographer facieritific and, technical)
0 '4,70PORAORkrEmgArT."
DOJOIG 000397
A. Training Prior to Overseas Deployment or As*ignment
please check here 0, include In your answer that you have'”additiorial information:classified ab,ove
'SECRET," arid,, if you knciV,v, identify the claSsifitation level, ticket, compartm ent, prorm,,Or other
designatidn that ,app lie§ to the inforthation Do not includethe additional tiaSsified infóntiOflFnyöu r
questiOnnaire responses. OIG personnel With the necessarrciea ranee will contact you to receive It
Nahle Positióii
I =
'42d. Please. Iclentifyi by name and at the time, the FBI personnel to whom you directly reported:
41nrin_g_tOur dePloyrnent or'eSsignfrient.:'
0 Ye8 0 No
S.A.S Agent
Unit Chief Latent Firigenitintartiliier
126. Did YOU:jointly intervie* interrOgatearlY detainee with nan-FBIberscirinel?
O-Ye lNo.
Pf. 'MO you jointly plan any detainee jhten*w -orinferrogati9n strategy, objectives, or tactics with non;
$.FBI persorineT, . - . ,
0 Y-e s 'c,) Nti.,
'12g.. Wereyou eVer otherwise itiVOlved in detainee intervievkis'or, interrogations With nn-FBT OersOnriel?
0 Ye 0 NO
Location (nelect one). pOgloynyent or iiasig innentlieg on On or Deployment, or !ooigninorit arida on
ot ObOnt,-
igC161)0PqT19fiaS,f.i 0/10/1004: 00/17/2064
'.i.4- What was the general nature and purpose &your assignment ; and activities?
To provided `fOreriSic: mug shots Of the detainees where being 'PrOceSSed brtheAq- for major case
12b, Please provide the names Of thespeciflocamps, basesvor facilities where you worked. ,
camp -5:and the Main Camp off tho.ragin;Ontrwice area 6featrill: 04a,
12c. Note ; If Mforrriago about a specific cam, base, or facility is classified above SECRET,
please check here 0, Include- In your Omer that you have "additional Information classified above
I5ECRET„" and, if YOU kneW, 'ideritifYtheelasSffication leVel, tierket, CorriPartniefit, Pfrig.rain,,orather .,
designation that applies to the Po. not include the addition a l classified informatiOh in your
.c11-res.tiOnnairerespOrrses: DIG perSonnel with the necessary 'Clearance will coniact you 'to receiVe it.:
1Positi:gh - .
S.A.S Agent .
Forensic 'FingerprintEgairiiner
-- ,
1:2.. mci you jOintly, interview or interrogate:any 'detainee with nOn 7 FEii parsOrinel?
. , 0 Yes '0 No g
12E Did you putty plan any detainee ihterView ,einterrogation strategy-, objectives, Or tactic d with tiOn- -,
; fOI personnel? i
12g ,, Were ever otherwise involVeil in ,detainee:ihterviews.orihterrogations with hon-riA p.erohnI7 -,
. ' 0 :Vs , 12, inip _ • ,
DOJOIG 000398
plo .Y9,14 receive erlYstf4Ining,itItrkliOttohrior ;gklicierice sPecifkallYin,WPPar#9, 11 for Pnrq 11.9Pr
overseas d:e11.10yrrienMOraighh-fehrs3,
0YeS 0 DD011/4lOr Retell
13a, Who prOVid&I thiS training,. inStruCtion, Orguidane i -ant whereritcl 'YOU receive it?'
The lab's travel office. which I,do not remember. her name Ptihh time 'and our
security Officer brief us on the geolJrity recllittOm:Ohts and issues we nee(leit to
131)..Deribt' the subject on Which you received. thisi•tratti ing:, instruction or gUiciance.
The travel information Aivep basic infg and tgOOd PNTIITIOn'ene-pri traveling in another
country The security briefing fo'r the clearanceswas entry level video review stating
What theAearaneds Ariffre a ridlhat w :Shbti id not talkAbObt'What We seeortear.'
()Yes No .0Do Not Recall
1,q-. In preparation for t-iy.01 your Overseas deployments or as,signments,,dfd you receive any training,,
rottuctioti,,or,,,gava, concerning the standard s of conduct applicable
interview, or interrogation of detainees by non- FBI personnel"
OYes ONo- Not Recall
16„ In preparaticiri for any Of (our overseas deploymentspr aSsighnientS,,did you trOiiiingt
ifistrUCtion,orgUidance concerning 'What 'YOU lAiete:supposed tb; do If"YOU Observed for'heard 'about
the treatment, Interview, orinterrogation of detainees fay, personneli, which' you believed to:
be inaPID(PPriete,, unprofessional, coercive, , abusive, or gnlavv,-,141?
QYes ()NO 0, Do Not„Recoll
17. In preparation. for a ny of your overseas deployments,or assignments e did you receive any training,
instruction, orgu idance concerning what you weresupposed 'to do if-you Observed 'or heard :about. -
thetre4tment,,intervtow, or interrogation ol 'tletaiffoe,$' by nbri7FBrpersconnOli vitil:011 you believed
to be, inappropriate,unprOfessibrial„ cbercive, a WSWor Unlawful? "
0:Yds, ONO; Opo ReCal I
B. Training During Overseas Deployments or Assignments
18. bp ring .phy or your overseas de'pJoymnts, rp$$IgnhiOrlt$:, you 'roco)yo nstruCtinn, ,
Onguidanteconcernitig the standards OfOondUCt:aplicable tot he- treatent, interVielAi,„ot
interrogation of detainees by, FBI personnel?
Yes ON() Opp Pot Recpl
19. During any bf your bVerSeadeployrilents or as.§jortionts., CI id yoo 're'oeiVe any:trairiing, Jostructiot),,
4itidafice.conceibirig the Standard's Ofoendtidt 'applicable to the Jtreatmerit; ihévivor
DOJOIG 000399
interrogation of detaines. by non-FBI personnel?
OY,P8 'O'No' "0 bti Net Recall
During any Of yotir OVerseaS deployments asSignrrients; did YOU receive any training, inStruCtiOni
orguldanceconcerning what you were su pposed ta doff you observed ,orheard about the:
treatment, interview', or interrogation of dvtolnees, by FBI personnel f which you believed to be
inapproVriate,,unprofesSibrial, coercive, abusive, or unlawful?'
'ONO :OPP Not Rec.all
1.,. During any of your pyerseasdeployrnents or assfg nmentsi did you receive eartraining„instructioni
orguidanceOneerning what ,f,ou Were ,s,11170P$ed. to do if ytku,NY$0111:Pd::Qt heard ,about the
Areatrnent, interVieWr br interrogation of detainee-6 by non-FBI personnel, which" you belieVed to
be inappropriate, utiproteSSional, toertiVeiebuSiVe,.Ceurilawful?
0,Yes ()NO ODo Not:Recall
G. Adequacy Of Trainirig
your opinion, did you receive‘aclegupte training/ instruction? Or-guidance :relating. to:standards
PT Conduct by 'Fa and 1)016-1.1)1 personnel relating tOtreatfrierit interview, or interitgatib,n of
,detain'eds , pricir toyOur -depleyrrient sslghment?
0-'YeS 0 No
inease.describe-the;waysIn which you believe the inArgctiOnOrguid,ance Wes
MY- assignmentdid nOt.-retiire Of even expected to need that kind Of training, Wed id ni>t expect to see
.any kind of misstrearrient dIreetlyor Indirectly. The BUrean If they pedte.V- thig' kind of treatment at .
these camps should have provided training to those who came in contact with the detainees so they
would at least have some kind Of= understanding to look for or at least fwesuspected .sornething, what
to do about wand who* bring it tofurther reYleNtV Being just a photographer, I look at people;
closely when I photograph them and would notice if something was not nornial.
23. Xii ypiir Opinion, did yk20 receive adeguate training, ihstruworii.s:or,guidanCe relating tdStandard$
:Of cbriduCt, by -EBI.and rion-FBUperttinnel 'relating batreatMent, interview,. or interrOgatlifinOf
detainees during your deploymentor assignment?'
w ,--' - ...., .."^ ." .-^..",. • ,.. ..,,.. -.,
... .,.., .-.••n, , ..,....* a ^..,,:,, m•-' ,.. --4,,, ........ wv,.. ,...-^, , -,--. ,...,- ...., - — ..., -.- -.- - ., - -,.........- - -.... --- - i
.23g. Please describe the wgysIn which you believe the training, instruction or Old, pit0 was
Inadequate: .
Again this was not part of my assignment and 'generally would not need this, irrdepth lev.el of training,.
24. In yi5tir OPiniiin„did you reCeiVe adequate training, itistruction„Or guide nee bilk-eft:0g What -you
were supposed tddo if you. observed or heard about the treatment, interview, or interrogation of
detainees, by FBI or non-FBI personnel, that you :believed was inappropriate, Low rofes5ionalr
pr unlawfUl? coercive, abusive
DOJOIG 000400
O'Yeg No
244. Pleas e desdribethe ways which you believe the trairling, iristruttiOnor guidance Was
Agairisthis Was not part of m, yassignment arid °generally would not need this in depth level or training.
25. (Optional) In what ways can the FBI improve training on this subject for future deploymentsor
.Since, most of'ps'Wheretalcen of guard by he actions of our military and :contractors, we shOUld next,
tirffetiePrOVtded Mit-rand at lea$t. the. 1:141C :training to tell us what to look for or at least who We'ShOu Id
contact if We suspect sorriething. Basle:training for il tan:onlY make-the Bureau stroll* fet both Agent
and su pport.who. assist the Agents in held operations:
D. Comments'
26. Please provide any additional information, concerning training for overseas deptoymeritsor
igniiirits of FBI perSatinel yOU,believe is 'f-eleVant.
The BLireaU should ,prOVided, a better bagit,traiiiiN Oh what might happen if you- are traveling fOrthe:
Bureau. The Agents seem to receive this:basic-training, and supportr butforthasu pport personal who
assist and provided a Very need 'service for the. Bureau, that basic , training is lacki ng in slop il.!
Introduction to Partin; In, tl-)1*; ectlilnM Are -*ee15,1 q9.,1 1.017rnPtion regarchng a wide range of-
'1rqervley4 or ihtetroptiloriteOtlicll-lean0 Other Wpgq,,clf detainee treatnlent alleged to he :occurred
You, should not -assume, just because ware about particular rethnique.Or pradite„that*e have
concluded that it in:factOceutred .. We tecoghiZethat ,,sdme of these techniques or practices may at times
be necessary for safety and security , in avdetention setting Inraddition; we recognize thatsorneef these
techniques or practices may:ftye:been' a(ithOrized fOr use by Military orother government perporinel.
With :Yespect to each iidehtified techniq net. Prectice,:or type of cofiductde§dribed below, vite-re Seeking'
information about its occurrence cluring:or in connection with the interview or interrogation of a
detainee; or during the detention of a detainee beyond what is needed fpr safety and „security.:
In' that COriteict, We Will ask .42g t9 eU us whether one or more ofthef9110NiflY '..gaternetitS are true!.
1, I perSonally Observed thiScOndUtt.
2. robserVed detainee(s) in a condition that led Meta believe that this,Cohd !Jct. had Occdrred
Detainee(s) told me that this,.c9hduqt had 'occurred,
-4, Otherswho Observed this omrot .desoribedg to mg.
have releVant infOrmatibri classified abOVeSECRET":.
6', I. never observed thiS conduct nor heard about It from someone Who did.
17..De rivin tletdin'ee Offood Or water
• • 1 per thialiy. obSerVed this ciiiidUtt
• I Observed detainee(s); in a 'CONOCO-) that led me to believe that this conduct had OccUrred.
DOJOIG 000401
151130etalnee(s),told me that this conduct had occurred,
d. • Others who observed this conduct described it to me .
lir I rievqr012,wrved Ojs3c9odut,nd,r heard ab,0ut. it fromsorneoriewho did,
.2.8„'DA)rivIng ia,detainee Ofdlothing
,. • I perStinalbibbSerVed this.candutt.
b. • Lobseked detainees) in a cOrid Moil that led Me to belieVe thatthIS Condi& had bc.Cutted.
Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had occurred:
d . • Others who observed this conduct described it to me.
• I have relevant information classified above "SECREVh,
f. Ef I; newo.Pservpc! this,ond,uct norfLpard ,about it 'from', someone who did,

. De rivin a detainee of ,Slee or interru ' tine slee b frequent cell relocations orcither methods -
, • I personally' o bseNed thiohtItidt.
El I 91-v0pi'dOtairfeKsY Irii.a:Conclltiori th at led Me to believe that this condnct-had OCOurred: ••, DetalreeW'.tPid meat thiS Conduct had ,occurred.
• , Qth,.0.1-P°:Wh,O;ObSe'rv00 n34:01000 Opt:01W it tEi me.
e. • I; have relot,4trt infOritatiCin ClasSified ab We "SECRET'.
f. l I heverobServed this:o -duct not harti ,a bout it frorn,SOmeoneWtio did.
bbatirtg adetainee
a-. • I perSohally observed this conduct.
b . • Observed .cletainee(s) in a condition that led me to believe that this cOndUct had Occur -red".
al Detainee(s)told me that this conduct had .occu rred. • Others, who observed this conduct described It to me: • I have relevant fnfOrmation classified above ",S,.EC' REV".
'f . Z., I neverobserVed thisconduct.nor,heard about it from,sorneone who did.
DOJOIG 000402
;IL:Using waterto prevent breathing by a :detaineeor to create the sensatibrr ord rowning -
a. I. L personally observed this conduct.
b. • I, observed detainee(s) 41 ...c,Ond itiorrthat led rn,to,. believe X11.01.01.1$ :00'.d„Lict hod occurred,.
C. • oetairia.e(s) told me that thiS,' conduct (I'M occutegd.
• Others who ohServed This conduct destribed it to me.
.. .
e. • r havereiey ant Information Classified aboVe ns,,EcRL--,ru.
f. El I never Observed, this„ -conduct hcir heard abut it ftorii,SOrileorieNvhci did.
32. tising hands, rope, .oranythIng" else to Choke' or strangle a detainee
a: • it peitorial w Otiseived,thiScondlict. ,
• ;Lobservetrdetainee(s) In a,cond ition that led me to believe that:this conduct had occurred'.
c.,, • betainee(s) told me that this conduct had :occurred:,
, • Others who observed this conductd ..wribed it to rne,';
., I, I have relevant informatiOn classified above 1!EC)3.Er-. ' .
f. f A never-observed this conductnor heard out it frpm„surngorg-who did,.
1.38. Threatening -other action to-caLise- p.hysica I pain, Mury, dlOfigurement, ordeath.
a. • r oe.rsooarly=91)5rv8c1 ttitsond0q-
: b.: • I'or.i.rv,eci detainee(s) in a Conditibri that led rrie to belleVe that:thiS conduct had Occurred.,
.. • Detainee(s) 'told rhe that thiS: Conti got had sidt u fried,
. • OtherS. viftio Oh-Served this cOnduCtdescribed It to me. '
e. • 1 haV.e -releVatit information classified a boVe "SECRET'''. ,
r. Et never Observed this :cohdUCt tetra:dal a boat it frOM-SOrfiedrie ,Who did.
.34. fOthertreatrnefit Cle witch ta*.uSitig 'significant physical dtirIjUry, or causing ,:dieigutrnent or
a. • I personally observed this conduct. .
DOJOIG 000403
b, Ei ' ,observed detainee(s), In a-cond ition:that led me to believe that-this conduct had 'occurred.
c. 0 Detainee(s) -told me that this conduct- had :occurred.
-d. • Others who -observed this conduct-described it to me:,
" . ID I have relevant (*Traction ciassiffed above ":gtRET''''.
0 I never ob5erVe6 this conduct nor ,heard :about it:from 'someone: who did.
4. Please provide the approximate time frame during, which this:conduct occurred.
- From .03[1:1/16.4tcrO/i6M(4 ODO Not Recoil
h. The detaineeks1 treated in this way were located at the time in:
5 MI-Wigan
:4 0 Other Location
50 Do Not Recall
1.. Please-identify the b name and her:
WhenI -Wapho-tcgtapjiing the detainees, I photographed ooneh allI BI Nan ber
"a"blood :Shot eye:With WhataPpea,r tO be blood that congealed to- his
:eyelashes. I. photog raph the person op March,12„
Please identify the person{) who treatedt theOeta)noe(s) in mariner, including their
fiatne(s) -and b 6*i-tin-rent agency:0es)::
k. - PleaSe identify any other FEL personnel or non -FBI personnel who observed detainee(s) treated
- in this manner, including their name(s) and egency(ies) .i
No OM 13h:served. this:JAIL have-photographK'record
1. This:conduct -occurred in orihection
1 0 :One. detainee
0;56i/era detainees (2-4)
:3 0. Many detainees (More than 4)':
:40 Do Not Recall
rd; ijleaSeciescribethe nature and circurristances-of The treatment or-action: ,
W01904 -I do riotknow lithet -caused:thedetaineeld have a , Wood -shot eye and blOOd his
laSheS, before he cameto be- prOdesSed bVnytearri.
Placing a detainee: gn a hot surfaCe of ismining -a detainee
-. • L personally observed this-conduct.
Ib , 'Pobserved detaineefs): in a:condition that led me to believe thatthis conduct had occurred.
OIGQ-00 04 04
DOJOIG 000404
c. Detalnee(s)'told me that this conduct had ;occurred. •
(1.- El Others. who observed this conduct described it to me.
. • t have relevant information classified above s'SfatEr.
never this conduct ,nor heard a bout; it from someone who Old.
Using shackles or other restraints in a prolonged manner
. -
I personalty observed this conduct: . • t observed detaineeN In a:condltlanthat led Me to believe that:this cOriduct had occurred.:
Ill ibetainte(S) told me that thiS: conduct hal otcm rred.
d. El citnert who observed this COndi_ict described it to me.
- • I hay,p teieyant information' Classified aboVa "SECRET":
I never obSerVed. this conduct hatheard hout it frcitn ,scithebrie Who did.
7. 1,41N a detairielQ rn4intain, or restraining. a 'detainee in, a stressful or painful .paSition_
q ^ q ^
I per-Sahel& observed this cOnclikt.
tobserved detainee(s): In a-conditiorrthat led me to believe that this conduct had -occurred.
C. • Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had .occu med.
, • Others who observed this conduct described it to me.
e, • i have relevant information, classified above ''SECKTi".
I: j Jr never obserVed thistonduot nor heardaboUt it from someone, who di&
I& Forcing a detainee, to' perform demanding physical:exercise
. : • I, personaihrobserveti this conduct.
,, • [observed detaineeks) in a -cOnd Won that fed. Me to believethat this _gond utt had ocCurred.
. • Detainee(s told Me that this tondo& had Occurred.
• Other who Observed this ttinduct-deScrib,ed it .tO Ine, • I haVereleVant inferrhatiOn 'Classified aboVe 'SECRET".
f. iii I neVet obSerVed thistanduCtrior,heard -about it frarnsoffidorievirho 'did. "
DOJOIG 000405
39. Using electrical shockon a detainee
• I personaliyobsery.ed this OOndutt.
b. • 1:Obterved.detairieets) in a cOnditiortthAt led me, tO. lielieve that thiS conduct had Occu:rred..
C. • petairiet(S),tbid me that thiS cOriduCt ll -ad 'OCcared.
d. • Others „ who observed this conduct described it tO. me.. ..„ . J!Ii
have relevant information classified above "3EaREr" - .
I - neVet observed this tbriduct nor heard :abatt it frOrti. ,SOttiedridAkto did.
•40. Th reatsimig to. Use electrical shock. on ,detainee
la. • I peitOnally observed thit,COndifet.
b. I Lobserved detainee(s) In azondition that led me td believe thatthis conduct had occurred,
c. • Detainee(s) told me that This conduct had :occurred.
d, • others' who observed this conduct described it to me.,
e. • I, have relevant information Ci8i,fiecl above "SECIZET'',
f: WI T. never:observed this ,conduct nor heard about, it from someone -Who did.
Intentionalty'delaying or.denying detainee medical care
. • , rxersOnallyobserved thkoondUct.
I. CI lObterVed.detairide(s) in A ,COriditittri that led tne to believe that this conduct had Oceu.rred.
,. • Detainee(sitold tne th.a thiSCOriduCt. had OCcurred.
d. • Other S who observed 'this CO)Iduttdesqrthed It to me,
e; • t kaVe teleVant infOrrnation classified a boVe "SECRET'.
f. [4 Jr neVerObServed thiS!conduct tier -heard ;abaft it fl-Orti -S!tirtleeneywho did. .
.42. I-bOding' Or blihdfOldiri a detainee other thati dutihi transportation
a. El I' personally observed this conduct.
lb. ID observeddetainee(s) in a•condition that led me to believe thatthis conduct had -occurred.
DOJOIG 000406
o. • Detalnee(s), told me that this conduct had occurred.
d. II Others, who observed this conduct described it to. me.
e. r have relevant information classified above •
f: Et I never -observed this'cond trot Tor heard :p ()Opt it frQ131,W-inleOnq wt1p , cud.
41 Su *cling a detainee to 'extremely cold or hot room temperatures for extended periods
: • I personally observed this conduct,
'.. II tobserved detairieets) In e. conditiOrithat led Me to belleyet.hat thiS conduct had occurred.
Petal net(S) tbrd rhe that thfS. cOnduct had ti dal med. •
. Others who observed this conduct described it to, me. •• I: have relevant information classified above: ",SECRET'.
El never obSerVed, this conduct nor ifeard about it fedin,sbrnebrie who did,
:441:$ubjeoting 8 -clw in0e2to loud music
I personally' ebServed this conduct.
Lobserved detainee(s) In ,a-cond ifion that led me to believe that this conduct had :occurred.
c. Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had occurred. •
d. • Others who observed this conduct described it to me.
e. t have relevant information - classified abOVe "SF-C1 ETI11". •
l I never observed this 'conduct nor heard about it frorry,SOrnebrievVhO did,
M5:-Su bjecting a detaineato'bright flashing lights or darkness
• I perspnally observed this conduct.
• • I-observed detalheeks), ina'Oonditiorithat Fe A ..1-1-(e to- balleve that this Co-rici act had occurred.
• Detainee(s) told rot that this conducthad OcCurred.
• . Others' who bServed this cOnduct-described it to Me. •
e. I haVe relevant information ClasSified a boVe "SECRET'. •
f. l I neverobserved this conduct riae,heard abblit. it frOmsorneoriev.vho did.
DOJOIG 000407
4. Isolating,a detainee for am extended period
a: • . .
t persoallyobserved this conduct.
".:.. N observed detainee(s) in A cOnd,itiOrt that led MAIO b'elieVe. thaVit$ cgridilet 114d occurred. .
'. M Oetaiiiee(Syttild Me that thiS'Oricititt td beturred.
d. • Others who observed this tbridutt described it Itt the.,
e. • T he releyaTit information' Classified ahove ',SECRET''.
f. 4 I never .6 bserVed, this conduct AO s hea rd :a hOkit. it froth ,sorneOrie Who did.
•47. iUtsninigctJapeto restrain, ,gag, or punish; a' detaineo
a. • 1 pertonally otiseived thiSbfiridUot.
, • 'Isobserved detainee(s) in a -condition that led me 'to' believe that;this conduct had occurred'.
c. • ,Oetainee(P) told me that this conduct bad :occurred,
: • Others who observed this conduct described it to rne,,
• I have relevant friformatiOn classified atioVe, ''OECI3E1*. ,
'f . 121 I. neverobs,erved this 'conduct nor.heard laj?ont it from sorneonewho did,.
Ad, using rapid response teams and/or forced cell extractions
' . • I persOrially,ob5erved thiscOridtia-
I . I LObSetVed detainee4 in :a - cOntlitiOrit het led me to believe that thiS -conduct had occurred.
Detained(S) told Me that thiS:Col:id uCt had *OCcured.
d. • ' Others who ObserVeri this cOtidutt described it to. Me,
-. • I haVe releVarit inforMation classified aboVe "SECRET".
I' rieVerObserVed thiS,Cdrid Ott tie-rhea rd ,labtlut: it frOnl ,sdrifteOriemitiO did. '
12.1.ffricarnlitatyLing:l ig nOr near 'a detaiheebther thati4ui1h detainee' tranS ortatiOn
;.a. • II personalty observed thiSoonduct.
b. • LobserverFdetainee(s) in a.condition that led me to believe that this conduct had occurred,
DOJOIG 000408
c, I Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had 'occurred.
d. • Others who observed this conduct described it to me. .
T; have relevant information classified above w$ECREr,
I neverobserved thivconduct,nor beard la bout' it from - someone who, did.
O. Threateninq to usemilltarr working dogson or near a detainee.
a, • I, personally observed thiS'condud.
•. • rowed cietainee(sy In 'atond Porithat led me to believe that' this conduct had occurred..
• Detainee(S) told me ,that thiScOriduct had occurred.
1:1 Others who observed this aind Litt described it to me.
. :. • I have relevant infortnatiorr classified aboVe "SECREV -.
f. RI I never observed this conduct nor heard about it from someone who did,
5.1. 'Using spiderS;$cOrpions, snalces,or other animals on or near 0 detainee
a. • li nerSonalIV, observ_e d. .t..h_i..s.. .c..O. ndlict.
b. II I.:observed detainee(s) In a cond Mon that led me to' believe that'this conduct had occurred. .
c, El Detainee(s) told, me that this conduct had occurred.
, • Others who observed this conduct' described it to. me.
e. • I have relevant information classified above 'tSECREr.
1E1 I never obServed thistonduct nor heard 0out it fromisornedne who did.
52, Threatening to use:spiders, scorpions, snakes, or other animals on a detainee
. : ID I' personally observed thl$ 'coricli-l'ctb
. • I:Observed detainee(s) in a COnditiOrithat led Me tO believe that this conduct had occ,urred.
: • Detainee(s) told ri*that this conduct' had occurred.
d. I Others imiiti Observed 'this CI-induct described it tO rhe.
e. I I haVe relevant inforMatiori ClasSified a,boVe. 7SECRET".
El I ,neVer obSerVed.this,onduct riorheard about. it freirri,:scirrieeneWho. did.
DOJOIG 000409
.58. Disrespectful statements, handling, or actions involving the Koran
.4 • t p,ersonally observed his :conduct.
• • , I: ohserved kWh:100W h .0 condition that led M,O.,t0. believe tha.thi,s, orittga, hadOcCurred..
• Detairiee(S)1Old me that thiStOrid:utt had OccOrred.
• If OtherS, who observed this tbndUct described it th me.
e. • r have relevant information Classified abOve"-:sECRET' l .
. • I neVer Oh:served, this :child uCt l'ibi - bearti abtitifit frOrri ,,sdrnedrieltd, did. '
. g. Please provid e the apProOmate, time frame .during which this conduct ciqckirred.
From 06/10/2.004 16060312004 0Do Not Recall
h. The cietainee(s) .treated in ti way were located St the time in:
I lEr,Goantariam.O.
20 'Irag
3D Afghanistan
Li Other Location
Do. Not RaIl
Pleaseidentify the detainee(s) by narrie Ond: niirribeft
•t, was told by one of the guards in Prison 5 that when one of the cells where accidently flooding,
th'Oetaiiiee; tried: to give his Koran fcrtfwgtotd,:fOr safe keeping end away from the flooding
Water. The guard stated that the .guard at the time would push it ti.c-rc into the cell, which Of
diuitethe ifirnateWOOld: push it thrbligli the door bad thegitard. The guard for the.DC -
reservist just laughed at theevent;
,Please Identify the pertbrits) who treated the detainee(s) - in this manner, inOludinsg their
ilahle(s) -and 4ov6rhitieht`gericKies)1
rat) not ten-len-11)er the guard'S name bit hewas'a reservist from the DC'area, Lbelieve.
k. Please identify arrYother FBI personnel di non-FBI pet:Shrine' :whO.ObSerired detairiee(S) treated
in this Mariner,: including their harriefs) .arid agentY(les).:
DOJOIG 000410
I. ThisconduCt bccur'red intonnectieri With:
i (:) ,One detainee
2 (i ,Several detainees (2=4)
30 Ma ny..deta lnees (more than4).
4 10 Do. Npt Recall
m. 'Optional) Please describe the relevant circumstances in more detail':'
This was a story the guards to. us ,Well weviialted for the nekt inmate to be pratessed:
54.:ShaVing 'a, cietairie Or bth'ei-iiajrtij etritrartasSar hurl -dilate a detainee.
a: • I personally observed this conduct:
b, • t:.91:iseryed.detaine(s) in a:.eandition that led me to' believe that4his conduct had occurred..
'c. • Detainee(s) told .rne that this conduct, had occurred.,
d , I !Others who 'observed 'this conduct it to me:
e. • I have 'relevant information classified above "3%,RET".
L 1' 60/er-observed this Canductitar heard a bot,i,t it +.0m: ,Scirileorie'Who did-.
,.55. Plaeing a woman's 'clothing on a-detainee.
a. • I PersonallYabServed thiS.condilet. .
b, • I: Observed.detainee(S) . in a 'cOriditiOn, that led me, to belie thatthis candliOt• had cc:Cur:red.
e. • Detainee(s) told rtie that this conduct had ,C,icCurred.
. • Others wha 'ObSerVed this ebb(' udt destribed it to Me.
• I, haVe relevant infarinatiOn elaSsified abaVe ".SECRET".
f. l I neverobSerVed.this conduct norheard 'fa bont it 'frorri:sorneoneWho. did.
56. Touching as., detainee, or acting toWard.a detainee ina sexual mariner
a. 0 I personally observed this:conduct,
b. • Iabseryed'detalnee(sy In aTcond Man' that led me to believe thatttp conduct had ;occurred. '
c. • Detainee(s) told me that this 'conduct had 'occurred: ,
DOJOIG 000411
e. IN t have relevant Information classified above "SECRET".
f. I l I never observed this.conduct nor heard -about it from-someone who did.
57. Hold detainee(S) iiho Were nOt officially ackhOWledged Of regiStered as Such by;theageneV
detaining the; person ,.
131011: personally ObserVedthiScOnclitt. . .
• i ts,001,-vod potott*,,t) In :0,tPnditioll that (Ooti. Mgr.° belleN:/..P PtAt this conduct had 'occurred.
c; El II
• bttaine.e(i).tOld me thetthis: toriciliet had "o;&-t)rred.
Others who observed this conduct described it to me
e. • vI have relevant lbforrhatiOn classified above "SECRET".
f. Er I never ObSerVed this conduct nor heard a [lout it freeksarneehe who, d id.
Sending 0 detainee :to anOther- tduntry for more .aodt,es§ige 'interrogation .
a. • I. personally observed this -conduct.
b,, 11 11. observed detainee(s) in .a.conditiorr that led me to believe that this conduce had -occurred.
ci • PPOItlee(s) told rrle t,l)Pt this cPuct .1.1P0 Pcc14 1-T4
I Others' vihb .011-Served this pOndUct'deScritied It to; rho.,
k. U I. have relevant information classified above- ttE„C..k ET. ".
J. RI I neVer obServed this. tOridut 'nor heard ,about It ,froirrsOrrieorte Who, OA;
25g, Threatening to send,a detainee to another for 'detention or moreagg ressive interrogation
a. •,tiSersorfally ObSON.ed this conduct.
b. • It ObServed d'atairiee(S) in .a 4dridtiOrahat led tile tO tielleVe that thiScOrfaict had ,o- curfed.
C. • Detainee(t) told me that this toriiltict had otctored.
d. • !Others WhO bbSerVed thiS torld'utt deSeribed it to. hie.
e. 0 II have releVarit InfOrrn'atiOn cleSsified a beVe "SECRET'.
f. Et I never observed thls.donduct nor - heard about It ftbinsamedrieWhO. did.
DOJOIG 000412
VerscitiMis):ObServed this conduct.
.ri)bsetVed detainee(S), in ;a 'COOd itiOn that led Me to beiieVe that this condtiCt had occurred.
69., Threatening to take action againSt gOtaln e:0 family
I t peitotiall'Obsented thiSCOndu:Ct:
b, • LObserved detainee( li a COnditiOn that led :me WI believe thatthis conduct had OCcUrred„
Detainee(s) told the that this conduct had Occti &ed.
Others who observed this conduct described it to me. .
I have relevant Information classified above 'ISECRET ,,
I, neverobserveti this ,conducthor heard about it from someone, who did.
61. other treatment dr action causing Severe emotional or psychological trauma to a detainee
• I. Per,s9PPIIT-911Wvet0 11!4*cPPOuc.t-
";: • r observed ,detainee(s),,i0 a4Condition that led me to believe thatthi,S conduct had occurred,
'c-., III Detainee(s) told me that this conduct had ,occurred:
111 Othem who observed thiS; conduct dOs,Cribed it to me.
e. El I. haVO-ervarit, itifOrinatiOri 00W:fed 0 boVe i':'S,tQl:ET"'.
. El I never observed this conduct nor heard 'a, &did it fri4m,k.inieOrleWhO did.
Other religious orsexual bareSsment or Iiumlliationo.. detainee
"a. • L PerSbnallyobseeved thistOtidikt.
b. • f,obsetVed detainee(S) in ,a,cand ition that, fed the to, believe that:this Conduct had Octikred.
c. • Detainee(S)trold tne that thiS Cdridirct had octi.irred.
d. I Others who observed this conductdescribed It to. me.
e. U r have:relevant:information classified aovSEtREly'.
I. 0 i never observeil, this:conductnor,heard 'about It from someone, who did.
6' Other treatment of a detainee that in youropinion was unprofessional ( unduly harsh .oragoressive L
corciye,thgsive,or unlawful,
DOJOIG 000413
• 1:).etalnee(s) told me that this, conduct had occurred.
• :
• 0.thers.who observed this conduct described it to me
1: have hfOrrnatiPn clifi:Pci''Pl?0\fq''''a. %REP'',
RI i never observed triWcoriom,nor heard :abut it frorn,sorneOne Who did,,
%BF •...QM. LODAL oF(4118.ER
64. bid you observeany impersonation of FBI personnel 'branyonadu ring, an interViewor'interrogation of
(5 'Yes .0 No
:65. Old any detainee. or other person tell you that he or she had witnessed the impersonation of FBI
personnel in connection With detainee Interview or intrrogaTio0
5 ® 10
Are you aWate.,Of any "-.§hArri".Or "otavd" A6Karro:itim-views:.arinterragatians-tOriductecitor,mmbom
of the U.S. :Cang Staff?
0 Yes, ø Pát
i67. TO wilt knoWledga did intelligence personnel eVer deny, Or -delaY Biateess to a
detainee.the FBI wanted to queStion becausethedetainee' had sustained injuries after- he was captured? -
&Yes: Olio
68. Qfd 'yap Ver yqur participation in or OSerVatiari dtletainee interview or interrogation
Ifeemise of the: interVieW.or interrogation rneth.ods: being ,uSedT
n:Q!`fes C> NP:
.,69'.'Were you ever told that another FBI employee ended 'hisor her participation in orobservation of f, a
detainee Interview or Interrogation' becau se of ti*Irteryiew'or',Interrogation rnethodg being ped?'
0 yes. ®No
70. Miring ,anyoryOur overseas deployments ör assigntrientSf did "you, report any 'concerns 'regarding
any detainee interview orinterrogation practices, or other types of detainee treatment, to aljr,
70a, When and to whom did you make this. report?
704. Did f=1itop,ork relate worgioq by FBI Or ran,FBI persOnnel7
1 El FBI'Versonne
DOJOIG 000414
2 EINon-FliI Personnel,
Identify the aoarity with which the non-FBI personnel Were affiliated.
70c. Was this tepti.if' in Writing
1 gYes
2 Olio
700, 'Was any, action la ken: in response to' you r report?'
1 Ores
2 ON°
1 01)oNot Know,
I-was intetvieWed‘ by Th0 Itiilitry'vv6ith thy received 000, of the EC r think
and 'photograPhs that rtaken:
71,,Duiing any of YO.06k6i-s:das .d6019361-Ient or assignment, did you report any concerns regardmg any
,dQt4ineintefVievr,dr` fhtPitogaiOnliraetidOs Aok Otherlypeg d iiothitiottAttileilt:yo4.0b's.avor or heard
.4b,dAt, toa- non-FAT suportirispr oy other non-! porsonn-01?
Q Yes'
72, Have you eyer been ordered-or directed, not'to rPPPrtf Qr,,disc9tiraged in qprvyAy froth .reppriTng„
Oservotions or pliegptiOns related to detainee ;treatment or Interview or Interrogation actions or
O' Yes, '0, No:
73. Have you experienced ,any actual or threatened retaliation for reporting Observations:or-allegations
of detainee, treatment or interview or interrogatiorLactions or practices?
OYes NQ'
74. (Optional) Please provide any,additfonal comments regarding the reporting of concerns related to
interview or intetrogationtecjintques-,k detention practices, or other detainee treatment
75. 'Were You debriefed, other -khan the standard dahriKlin FD-').72,,-cQnCeming ygur overseas
assignment(S) or deployment(s) after you completed the ‘deployment(s) or assignment(s)'?
Ds No
76. Additional ComMentS and ;FtecOrrirriendatiOnS!,
Tha nk you fOr your thfatiu,o`ttiortriair,
DOJOIG 000415