DOD Statement of U.S. Marine Corps Soldier re: Accuation of Detainee Abuse at Camp Fallujah Detention Facility, Iraq

This document is a statement by a Marine who was accused of detainee abuse. The Marine was stationed at Camp Fallujah, Iraq, from June 2004 to July 4, 2004. A witness alleged that on or about July 4, 2004, the Marine made a detainee stand up and sit down repeatedly and then kicked dirt in the detainee's face. The Marine stated that he could not communicate with the detainee in Arabic and had difficulty instructing the detainee to stand up, which resulted in the detainee standing and sitting repeatedly. He also stated that he did not kick dirt on the detainee, and the witness who accused him of doing so was too far away to see or hear what was happening.

Friday, July 9, 2004
Monday, January 1, 2007

Statement of (b)i 7 1(C) given on 9 July 2004:
This is a statement regarding an incident at the Detention Facility in Camp Fallujah, Iraq on or about July 4, 2004. I was assigned to the Detention Facility on Camp Fallujah for the month of June 2004 and was extended for the month of July 2004. On July 5, 2004 I was accused of prisoner abuse concernin• an incident that was around the date (7))(. 7C)
July 4, 2004.i•nd I were working 'HESCO's -during that day. This post requires a food, water, and head call at 0530. One Marine has to have a shotgun with non-lethal ammo and the other Marine is pulling the detainees out of the cells and getting them food, water, and a head call. 1111=filled up the detainee's water bottles and then took them to the heads in the South West corner of the facility where I was with the shotgun. He then came up to me with a detainee and said, "Watch this guy, he is being uncooperative", and then sent him to make a head call. The detainees then came out of the head and washed their hands. The detainee that (L)(71(C) warned me about proceeded to start washing his hands, feet, face, and hair. I then told him to 'DOOM" (Arabic for stand up) because he is not allowed to wash everything just his hands. He ignored me and acted or didn't know what I was saying. I then said "WOW' at least six more times and he didn't respond. The whole time I'm telling him to stop and stand I was no less than 15 feet away, because I had the shotgun. He then finished and came over to me, keeping a safe distance, 15 feet. I then demonstrated 'GOON' and7"/LL-A-THEE-ZICK" (sit down). I proceeded to tell him Boom and ill-a-thee-zick and he started to sit
.O-il .p.

and up, learning the commands. At that time (b)(7)(C) from behind the facility building at the rear of the detention facility (North) about 250 yards away
yelled, 'Hey stop that Marine*. I then told the detainee to stand b cause he was sitting at the time, and return to (1.)(71(C) along with the other detainees. He returned an. was put back into then walked off and was later approached b j=1, 7 )(C) ayi
dirt on him (detainee). q)71(Ci and
cane up to me and asked w y . 1. t ey see (b)(71iC) yelling across the prilained the story and they both agreed that was way to far away and
that I didn't do any type of kicking dirt.
In conclusion at no time was I ever closer than 15 feet to the detainee, nor was I kicking dirt on him.
Enclosure (7)

DOD 57748

After two months of combat in Fallujah I would never let

cri 'nal come close to my weapon. I believe that

was way too far away to be exact saying what he
said. I like the prison job and at no time would I want
to jeopardize my good standing and the job there.


Enclosure (7)
DOD 57749