DoD Request for BA/U Support

This document is an email to the FBI asking for help with a project at GTMO. The project is the build town homes with "culturally correct" decor to reward detainees who are highly cooperative. The email also states that Intel Officer Lt. Col. Buikeme is extremely interested in further developing the interrogation process at GTMO and requests information on any new technological advancements to help with this endeavor.

Saturday, May 4, 2002
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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By way introduction, I am currently assigned TDY at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to address the GTM9"
INTEL PROJECT. We have a key and dose working relationship with DoD, specifically JTF-170: DoD
has designated'JTF-170 as the command responsible for developing intelligence from the detainees. •
Two (2) issues or requests have been raised by DoD and your units were identified as possible.P0Cs:
1) DoD at GTMO is looking to renovate eight (8) town homes to house highly cooperative detainees.
The town' homes will house one detainee-each with the appropriate security personnel. Do • plans to
renovate existing town homes near Camp Delta, where the main detainee population is being held. The
purpose of this project is to provide a living and working environment to foster and reward, to some
extent, the detainees' continued cooperation. In addition, once known to the general population, it is
believed that it may also provide an incentive for others to cooperate. Presently, there are no measures
available to DoD at "GTMO to segregate and house cooperative detainees, short of placing them in
isolation - which, at GTMO, is a negative re-enforcer.
' With that being said,•DoD is looking to furnish the town homes with "culturally correct," - if you will -, wall
colors, floorings and furnishings. Keeping in mind that the current detainee population are generally. from
' the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, this may change in the future to include those of the
South Pacific. In addition, DoD plans to make this compound•a "fenceless" fadlity - with the appropriate
security eleirients along the facilty's perimeter of the facility. So, 'DoD is also interested in monitoring
devices - equipped with G.P.S. - to monitor the detainees' movements.
REQUEST: Do you or do you know of someone within the FBI who may be able to assist DoD at GTMO
with this nrniect' Annan:. OA
thus, they have turned to the FBI. This maybe an opportunity, if we possess bl
experts, to runner a monstrate -the FBI's broad base of experience. DoD has set aside $2.4 million,
to complete this project and they expect to break ground within the month. •
2) The INTEL OFFICER forJTF-170, Lt. Col. BUIKEMA, is extremely interested in further developing .
'the interrogation 'process at GTMO.' On behalf of the DoD command staff at GTMO, he has expressed a
keen interest in any new technological 'advancements that may assist in this endeavor. Moreover ; he is
also' interested in any new developments in interrogation techniques that may be more effective on our'
target audienCe. One advancement mentioned by HQ, was the use of the
that also monitors
brain wave activity. In regards to the polygraph, GTMO has requested that UC Band along with Dr.
,Andrews travel to GTMO in the near futurft brief JTF-170 in he u e of is technique. a •
REQUEST: Do you have any ideas or know of advancements in interrogation techniques
that may benefit DoD and the FBI's GTMO INTEL PROJECT ? ' . r:Lice•
CC: Andrew Arena,'