DOD Office of the Inspector General Review of DOD-Directed Investigations of Detainee Abuse

This is a DOD OIG review of 13 senior-level investigations of detention and interrogation that were initiated as a result of allegations of detainee abuse made in 2004. The purpose of the OIG review "was to evaluate the reports to determine whether any overarching systemic issues should be addressed." The review contains three main findings: 1) "Allegations of detainee abuse were not consistently reported, investigated, or managed in an effective, systemic and timely manner." 2) "Interrogation support in Iraq lacked unity of command and unity of effort." 3) Interrogation techniques and procedures used exceeded the limits established in the 1992 Army Field Manual concerning intelligence interrogation. To address these systemic issues, the review recommends that the Secretary of Defense direct all Combatant Commanders to assign a Deputy Commanding General for Detention Operations and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff expedite issuance of Joint Publications that outline responsibilities for intelligence interrogations, expedite issuance of Joint and Multi-Service Publications, and "develop and implement policy and procedures to preclude introducing survival, escape, resistance, and evasion techniques in an environment other than training."

Oversight Report
Friday, August 25, 2006