DOD Memo: Statement of Specialist, Interrogator, 325th Military Intelligence Battalion re: Interrogation of Detainees at Abu Ghraib Prison

Interviewee was an interrogator at AG. During his interview with MG Fay, he invoked his rights and the interview was halted because he disclosed that he interrogated a detainee in the nude, but the majority were clothed. He stated, "[t]he detainee was naked when the Tiger Team arrived at his cell." Saw other unclothed detainees as well. "The detainee had fashioned an empty 'Meals-Ready-to-Eat' (MRE) bag to cover his genital area. Someone on the interrogation team then instructed the inmate to raise [his] hand to his sides, and when he did so the bag fell to the floor exposing him."

Non-legal Memo
Thursday, May 27, 2004
Wednesday, March 2, 2005

CJTF7- TF FAY 27 May 2004
SUBJECT: Interview of SPL
1. On 27 May 200 ian1111111111111. interviewed!".
I5PC/E-4, US Army elerve, 97E (HumanIntelligence
Collector/Interrogator), 98 th Division titutional Training), with duty as an instructor at the Reserve Center in
Colchester, VT; previously assi ed to B Com an , 325 th Military Intelligence (MI) Battalion (BN), Abu Ghraib
(AG) Detention Facility, Iraq. interviewed regarding HIS knowledge of possible MI
personnel involvement in Detainee abuses or unauthorized interro ation ractices at AG as part of an AR 15-6
inquiry. Approximately fifteen minutes into the interview, 'made statements that led MG

Fay to believe thatelli......pmay have been personally involved in detainee abuse, and violation of provisions of the Geneva Conventions and the existin intelligence Rules of Engagement (IROE) at AG. MG Fay stopped the interview and read
S rights under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice
(UCMJ) and informed at HE was susp of the violations annotated above. After
hearing HIS rights and the charges of which HE was suspected, :invoked HIS rights under
UCMJ, stated that HE did not want to be questioned or sa an . king further, and requested a military lawycr to

represent HIM. Prior to invoking HIS rights,
!stated, in essence, the following information:
00111111.11111Wrwas mobilized for duty as a 97E for duty in Iraq and was cross-leveled • ned to the 325 th M initially stationed at Camp Cropper and then AG Detentions Facilities. 15 Se • 0 ived at AG and was to an interrogation "Tiger Team". cmalc IS team leader was HIS team's analyst, and a fema e teen t ie• on y as
was t tern r an a (VT) for HIS team. Sometime during HIS first week at AG (15to 20 Sep 03), 'read the' and signed that HE understood it but HE id not receive an oral rte g on tthe WOE. Short y a er e mortar attack on 20 Sep 03, moved
from the Interrogation Tiger Team to the Screening Cell. During HIS short time o
ger earn
BRUTTOMESSO conducted approximately six interrogations, all but one being in the AG interrogataontents. HE
participated in one interrogation of a detainee in Cell Block

IA in the AG "hard site". Other than this interrogation,
HE was only in the hard site on two or thee occasions while 1-11 was assigned to the Screening Cell and escorted
detainees to the hard site

b. On a specifically unrecalled date while HE was assigned to the Interrogation Tiger Team (15 Sep to shortly
after 20 Sep 03),1111111111111.011. participated in a nighttime interrogation of a detainee in Cell Block 1A.HE could not real' the detainee' ame1 but HE described the detainee as a suspected "foreign terrorist",
approximately 17 years oid.
the team leader, was the lead interrogator for the interrogation an
was the VT. The detainee was naked when the Tiger Team arrived at his cell. All the Mili olice (MP) i the
area at the time were males.

As the team was entering the area of the interrogation inforrn C at the detainee they were about to interrogate was naked. HE was unsure if was imply passin that fact because the MPs had informed as such, or because she had directed the MPs to stripthe detainee. recalled seeing "some" other detainees naked, but that thema'ority of the
detainees were clothed.
i not ow who was approving the practice of striping detainees. stated that, at the time of the interrogation, HE "didn't remember the part about humiliation (ofetainees in the Geneva Convention", and it was not until HE saw the news over the week preceding this interviewthat HE realized that what HE did "could be considered wrong". The interrogation began in the detainee's cell, but
due to the small area, the interrogation was moved out of the cell into an open area at the end of the Cell Block lA tier. The detainee had fashioned an empty "Meals-Ready-to-Eat" (MRE) bag to cover his genital area. Someone on the interrogation team then instructed the inma e to raise HIS hand to his s' when he did so the bag fell to
the floor exposing him.
could not recall if HE or gave the detainee the order to
raise his hands.
2. At this oint M halted the interview and read IS ri hts which HE mediatelinvoked. was provided the name an p ace in contact with

DOD 000796

real Defense Service attorneys.111111111.av photocopy of HISsign DA-Forth 3881, Rights Warning Procedure/Waiver Certificate, so HE could prow de it to HIS attorney.

3. POCs ar1111.11111111,11111.or the undersigned anni
Inv tigating Officer
AG 0 0 0 0 7 1 0
DOD 000797