DOD Memo: Statement of Military Intelligence Officer, A Company, 302nd Military Intelligence Battalion re: Detainee Interrogations at Abu Ghraib Prison

Memo describes a telephonic interview of [redacted]. The interviewee was assigned to AG from approximately the first week of June 2003 to September 21, 2003 as a Liaison Officer. Interviewee stated that she knew detainees were stripped during in-processing.
Interviewee recounted a story of a detainee disrobing of his own free will.

Non-legal Memo
Thursday, June 10, 2004
Wednesday, March 2, 2005

CJTF7 TF-FAY 10 June 2004
1. (FOUO) On 9 and 10 J tit.. telephonically interviewed at her office • residence in Wiesbaden, GM. She . is assigned to A ompany, 302I'd MI LIN rom approximately the first week of June.2003 to 21 September 2003 was deployed to Abu Ghraib. She served as the liaison officer between the CJTF7 C2X and the Interrogation Control Element (ICE) in Abu Ghraib. Her primary responsibility was to ensure C2X requirements w met and to ' tain visibility (track) high value target interrogations. She reported to C2X who in turn re rted to MG FAST, C2. Day-to-day she was supervised b d CW2 the ICE wh e she was fully integrated into operations. During her time at Abu G' ver' observed or heard of etainee ab . Other than on one occasion, describe m the following paragraph never observed detainees stripped or partially clothed. She heard that detainees were stripped as a standard operating procedure during in-processing. Operations in the ICE included two daily operational ("pass down") meetings, one at 0800 and the other "at the end of the day". These meetings were to assign and plan the interrogations for the upcomin shifts. They were enerall led by either 4IIIIIIIIIIIIIIknight shift) or CW2 0800) and/o r the ICE NCOIC (unidentified E 5) if they were unavailable. Assignments or
interrogations/interrogation teams would be made and the teams would get together to write out their interrogation plan (objectives, questions, techniques) have them reviewed, and approved. Generally the analyst assigned to a team only saw reports and developed questions and did not participate in interrogations. The TIGER TEAM concept of Interrogator/Analyst integration had not yet been employed at Abu Ghraib. Almost all • interrogations durin this • n ere conducted in open tents as the Hard Site was still under construction. • 1. ver saw or heard of nuct 1 : ; • • is Ogation (ego down) technique. She never w stress positions employed. , , It the Interrogation Rules of Engagement (IROE) were well known an• polled out what was authorized very specifically. No "special" techniques were • cussed, used, or employed. She never heard est to higher for approval of an interrogationtechnique. On 21 Septembe as reassigned to the C2X in the "GreenZone." She worked on the e e ease Board. She was responsible to conduct thebackground file review before a detainee was referred to the board. She would review the entire file (interrogation reports and arrest report but oftentimes not much more than the arrest report was in the file) to determine 1.) Why a detainee was incarcerated. 2.) What information he/she provided. 3.) Why he/she should be released. 4.) If not enough
information was available recommend additional debriefing or interrogation.
2. While assigned to the ICE as the C2X liason at Abu Ghrai
nee participated in an interrogation in the Hard Site. When she an rroga r arrived at

DOD 000824

the detainee's cell he was unclothed. She was asked to stand back by the MP while the
detainee dressed and did so.

On 10 June the undersigned recontacte ppdrililliro obtain further information
on this incident. An investigative review of Logs at Abu Ghraib indicated on 16
September 2003 "MI directed a i e e s 11" The interrogation
report for this detainee indicate as the analyst and
as the interrogator for an interrogation con cted 17 September.
ecounted the following additional details. She did not remember the interrogators name. He was a "young, big, guy; a Specialist." This Specialist had just returned from R & R leave at Ft. Bragg. She could not recall the exact date but thought it was in late September. During the morning meeting she observed the interrogator working on his plan and she volunteered to work as his analyst. While not her normal duty, she saw this as an opportunity. During this time analysts were usually not sitting in on the interrogations and the hard site was not being used but on this day she was offered the opportunity to "sit in." The interrogator had already developed his plan and he briefed her quickly. The technique to be used was "love of family" as the detainee was elderly and the sole wage earner for his family. They requested (to the MPs) the detainee be brought out for interrogation. After waiting about 30 minutes near the open tents in Camp Vigalant (assuming the detainee was housed there) they asked what the delay was. The MPs (names unrecalled) re-checked and determined the detainee was housed in Tier lA and they would have to go there. Upon arrival at the cell an MP (name unrecalled and described as 6 feet tall medium build, strawberry-blond hair, mustache, from Nevada asked11.111.11111ro move to the side as the detainee was naked. Both
and her interrogator were surprised that the detainee was naked. The interpreter (name unrecalled and described as older, short, possibly Pakistani whom she could likely identify in a photo) asked the detainee to put on his clothes which were in the ce11.11111111111asked the MP why the detainee was naked. He explained the detainee was extremely agitated and had been taking off his clothes as a protest. The detainee dressed and they took him to an empty cell at the other end of the hard site to conduct the interrogation. The detainee was very angry at first but calmed down as the interrogation proceeded. He was a plumber arrested on his way to work and apparently had been arrested without cause. (Note: A check of the interrogation report noted that this was the only interrogation of this detainee ever thought to report the detainee was unclothed. It appeared to be the etainee's choice, he never complained of being forced to disrobe (even though excellent rapport was established by the end of the interrogation) and his clothes were in the cell. The interro ator ed the interrogation report and back-briefed the ICE Operations. did not know if the interrogator documented or reported the nudity. It was not discussed at subsequent ICE operations meetings.
3 (U) POC is the undersigned.
Lieutenant Colonel, USA
AGO 000738
DOD 000825