DOD Memo re: Talking Points on Allegations of Abuse at Abu Ghraib

This DOD memo is to address allegations of detainee abuse at Abu Ghraib in the wake of news reports and features, i.e. Sixty Minutes II, The New York Times, and The New Yorker. It lists the events and action taken in response and specifically mentions units and individual persons who are being investigated and held to account for the abuse that occurred.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

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Talking Points on Allegations of Detainee Abuse at Abu Ghraib Prison
Question: Sixty Minutes II, The }/ew York Times, and the New Yorker all report­that there have been allegations physical and sexual abuse of detainees by U.S. Forces at Abu Ghraib prison. Is that true? Please describe the al.1egations and any investigations that are ongoing.
Background (not for use as Talking Points):

At a press conference on 20 Mar 04, BG Kimmit, CJTF7 Deputy Director of Operations, related that ~harges had been preferred against six reserve MPs for physical and sexual abuse at Bagdhad Central Confinement Facility (BCF) at Abu Ghraib.

BO Kimmett did not name the soldiers or their units.

The soldiers aIJeged to have been abusing detainees were assigned to the 372d MP CO, (USAR, Cumberland, MD) ofthe 320th MP BN (USAR, Ashley, PA). Both units fall under the 800th MP BDE. The SOOth MP BDE is a theater asset, assigned to CFLCC and TACON to CJTF-7. It is an internment and resettlement brigade from Uniondale, NY, and many ofits soldiers are corrections officers in civilian life.

The 800th has·since redeployed. The six soldiers have remained in Iz and have been reassigned to the 16th MP BDE, an active duty unit.

A seventh soldier faces possible charges, but has been transferred to CONUS for medical reasons.

Of the six charged, three Article 32 investigations have been completed, and the investigating officer has recommended referral to courts-martial. The four remaining Artic1e 32 investigations have been delayed at defense request.

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o Indecent acts for ordering detainees to publicly masturbate

o Maltreatment of subordinates for non-physical abuse such as ordering detainees into a "nude pyramid" and taking photographs of the nude

• o Assault consummated by battery for shoving and stepping on detainees o Dereliction 'of duty o Conspiracy to maltreat subordinates. Also, two ofthese MPs have been charged with aggravated assault, one for striking a detainee in the head with enough force to render him unconscious and the other for striking a detainee in the chest almost rendering--him unconscious.
• Commander, CJTF7 initiated the criminal investigation immediately upon b,!!coming aware of the al1egations when a so1dier provided authorities a copy

of a CD with digital photos and video showing physical and sexual abuse of detainees.

Commander, CJTF-7 ordered a separate administrative investigation under AR 15-6 investigation into systemic issues such as command policies and internal procedures relating to detention operations, which is ongoing at this time.

The Anny IG is also leading a team that is conducting an assessment ofthe doctrine and training associated with detention operations.

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