DOD Memo re: Detainee Deaths at the Bagram Detention Facility

DoD memo on recent deaths of detainees at Bagram detention facility. This is a Q&A to be followed when investigating the circumstances of the deaths.

Non-legal Memo
Monday, December 16, 2002
Wednesday, June 14, 2006
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December 16, 2002


Recently, two detainees have died at the Bagram detention facility. The first death occurred on December 3, the second on December 10. Coalition medical teams comprised of representatives from Jordan, Korea and the United States performed autopsies on the two deceased detainees. As in all cases of unattended deaths within the scope of DoD's jurisdiction, an investigation has been initiated. These cases fall within the geographic jurisdiction of the Army's Criminal Investigation Command.
Questions and Answers in Response To Query only:
01. Do you suspect foul play? Were there indications that they had been beaten?
A1. The circumstances of the deaths will be determined by the investigation. Because the
investigation is ongoing, we are unable to comment specifically at this time

02. How did the 2 detainees die?
A2. The circumstances of the death are being investigated. Because the investigation is
ongoing. we are unable to comment specifically al this time.

03. What commonalties did the two persons under custody share? .
A3 Both were being held under US. control at Bagram Detention Facility at the time of their

Q4. Were the detainees under any medical care?
A4. As of this time, we know that both had undergone a medical exam upon in-processing at Bagram, approximately five to seven days before their deaths. Both were determined to be in fair health at the time of inprocessing.
05. What led to the investigation into the deaths?
AS. All cases of unattended death within the scope of Army jurisdiction are investigated by the Army Criminal Investigation Command.
06. What similarities were found during the second autopsy?
A6. Because the investigation is ongoing, we are unable to comment specifically at this time.


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