DOD Memo: Interview of Official re: Conditions at Abu Ghraib Detention Facility

Interviewee was interviewed via phone in order to clarify details from her May 21, 2004 sworn statement.
Interviewee stated she did not personally see any nude detainees in AG.

Non-legal Memo
Friday, May 28, 2004
Wednesday, March 2, 2005

CJTF-7-TF FAY 28 May 2004
On 27 May 2004 the undersigned conducted tele honic interview from our o ices located in Metro Park, Alexandria, VA wi Fort Huachuca, AZ. The purpose of this interview was to clarify details included in her 21 May 2004 sworn statement.
IIIIIMIIeiterated she personally saw no detainees in Abu Ghraib who were nude or stripped of their clothing. She did not generally observe the in-processing of detainees but the few she did observe did not involve stripping_ of detainees. To her knowledge, such methods were not part of the in-processing protocol and "pat-down" searches were the standard. While stripping newly arrived detainees to facilitate the search for contraband and weapons was the norm in Afghanistan she opined it was not employed at Abu Ghraib because the job would have been too overwhelming, they didn't have sufficient numbers of prison uniforms to issue the de inees and there was not sufficient space or resources to securely accomplish the task. id not observe any detainee nudity associated with interrogations. Question: t you observe any nudity at Abu Ghraib? Answer: "I don't think so...unless it was used as an incentive (interrogation) to get clothes back. I don't recall and didn't see any (nudity). She added that the Interrogation Rules of Engagement made it possible to strip a detainee but would have to be re uested ny such request would go through her or her OperationsOfficer, d she never saw any. Her interrogators had also been instructe not to m e any direct request or give ariv directions to the MPs; all re from M to the MPs wre directed to go through orked for He conducted initial MI screening of detainees duringin-processing to Abu at o etermine MI interest and recommend detainees for MI hold status and interment in Tier IA. He worked with CACI linguists conducting screenings of paperwork to "narrow e fi Id" and then quick interviews to further narrow those designated as MI hold. voiced no objection t dditional questions and provided her cell phon d office phone

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