DOD Interview of Marine re: Character statement of a Marine

Interview of a Marine regarding the character of a former platoon member.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Monday, January 1, 2007

13 July 2004


From; 111.11.11111.111.1111111111MEMS

Investigating Officer


ki•;(t) -ESN


-ince February 1, 2004, when I

1. I have personally known 0:6(7)(C)

was given command of the Reellaillitary Police Detachment. During the
period in which I have known/111 I have found him to be untrustworthy,
delusional, and not to have a firm grip on reality. The following
examples are provided to exemplify this statement:

approached by several Matinee in

2. While in Camp Udari, Kuwait, 1 was

o 'wippropriate homosexual statements and
gestures made by After receiving these complaints, I
approachedlIl and counseled him on the DOD Policy on Homosexual
Behavior as well a the policy on sexual harassment. Following this

the platoon in
stated that he was being propositioned by
numerous members of t e platoon to participate in homosexual activity.
He specifically stated that he witnessed a homosexual orgy between 4

arracks room in 29 PaImas stated that the had grabbed his buttocks in a bomosexual manner; stated that
rd a convera ion
(who is married) and

told couldn't be 's over becaus 7 I in as oo young for him is
older than ; and that t re was

sexual acts occurring in our
billeting spaces (I was living in the billeting space with the Marines
and saw no such conduct ever happen).

relieved of his duties as

because he wee in violation

of the Division order forbidding non-duty related contact with
detainees. Specifically,

was giving detainees unauthorized items,

i.e. foodi.ebich he had not been directed to do. In addition, he was
talking to detainees about subjects net related to his duties.

4. While in Camp Fallujah, Iraq, 1111 requested mast or a court martial in reaction to counseling he had received for numerous deficiencies including Unauthorized Absence from a class he was directed to give, disobeying an order (specifically not wearins_df a proper uniform and failure to keep his weapon on his person). MI stated that be was being unfairly harassed by me and the SNCO's in the detachment, and that *e'es, had it out for him and he could prove it." 1111 was counseled by the &IX that this wan not the case. Subsequently, he was removed from duty with the platoon, which had changed missions from the Detention Facility to MSR/ASR security, and remained on duty at the detention facility. All Marines within the detachment have been ordered to stay away from..
S. elayed to me that following the above
incid, approachedd him and stated that the previous =ping,
while was walking to the detention facility for duty, 1111observed
a RUMVEE with a broken headlight start in proximity to his position.

III believed that the HUNVEE belonged to the platoon, because it had a
broken headlight, and that the intent of the individuals in the vehicle
were to kill him. Marines in the platoon were on MSR patrol at the

Enclosure (12)


DOD 57757



approximate time of the incident. In then "low crawled" across a
field to the detention facility to elude his killers.

6. It is my opinion that fbA7(0) has serious psychological
deficiencies, matt le to separate reality from fantasy I

also believe that

Lad invent stories to either draw
attention away or towards himself depending on what is the most
advantageous situation fox himself. in regards to his allegations of
abuse at the detention facility,

I believe that unless his story can be
corroborated by an another individual, his allegations must be suspect
due to his psychological deticiencies and behavior in regards to
relationships with detainees which he has exhibited in the past.

Enclosure (121

DOD 57758