DOD Document Production Cover Letter, ACLU v. DOD, No. 1:04-CV-4151 - Photo Processing Request

List of photographs redacted in the document Production request re: ACLU v. DOD, No. 1:04-CV-4151 (S.D.N.Y.)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

PHOTO PROCESSING ACLU et. al. v. DoD et. al.
Applying the guidelines and criteria articulated by the Court in camera, photographic exhibits withheld from previously released Criminal Investigation Command (CID) Reports of Investigation (ROI) were processed.
329 photographs in the below listed ROIs were determined to be non responsive.
0136-03-C1D259-61187 0147-04-C1D259-80210 0153-04-C1D146-71446 0137-04-C1D899-81702 0473-04-C1D023-67329 0234-04-C1D259-80271 0041-03-C1D899-63500 0149-03-C1D469-60209 0035-03-C1D259-61144 0055-03-C1D349-59657 0025-04-C1D469-79635 0133-04-C1D452-63629 0140-03-CID389-61697 0260-03-C1D259-61229 0013-04-C1D789-83982 0537-04-C1D034-72601 0264-03-C1D259-61231 0374-04-C1D093-65446 0014-03-CID919-63732 0190-04-C1D259-80234 0085-03-C1D939-64011 0184-04C1D259-80230 0046-03-C1D899-63502 0011-04-C1D469-79630 0114-02-C1D369-23525 0232-04-C1D259-80267 0011-04-C1D679-83487 0573-04-C1D023-67403 0100-04-C1D452-63608 0139-03-C1D469-60206 0040-04-C1D469-79638 0139-04-C1D789-83995 0140-04-C1D259-80204 0262-04-C1D259-80294
28 photographs in the below listed ROIs were determined to be responsive and are withheld, consistent with the Darby photographs currently on appeal, under FOIA Exemptions 6, 7c, and 7f.
0153-04-C1D146-71446 0353-03-C1D093-45256 0100-04-C1D452-63608 03 84-04-CID023-67275 0133-04-C1D452-63629 0374-04-C1D093-65446 0190-04-CID-259-80234
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