DIA Office of the Inspector General Memo re: Report on Interrogations from Iraq

This memo summarizes a debriefing of a DIA officer who was in Iraq conducting counter-intelligence operations and detainee interrogations. The DIA officer participated in the interrogation of a suspected bomb maker. He stated that the detainee was never touched or abused. He did relate that he had heard of the use of sleep deprivation and dogs at Abu Ghraib prison to "instill fear in the detainees" but he had no first-hand knowledge of those events.

Non-legal Memo
Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Tuesday, April 5, 2005

APR-06-2005 22:15U




Defense Intelligence Agency
Office of the Inspector General
Office for Investigations
Report of Conversation

Date: /$ Jane 2004_ Project Time 0900

(b)(3` (b)(6)
Manse of Coldiel;_ Onice/Dk Phone
Address of Organbelltimill01/11111.1111.11 Employee Nana: NMI_OM//ft Idea: IC ?bone I: elute one
&object: IRAQ PRISON
What was said:

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Ise purpose visit was to assist la an isterrogatioa of a' itifiliiiisits iiint inikli bombs. In
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Interrogator._stated that daring the interrogation, there was no tsoehin of the data n by any of the teterregalors, nor ,nu there att.,-rank trimmest or the detainee_at did notke that the detainee had bruises wader both of bis Ct CS. sod that the brakes did not appear tobe frescummated they acre not the will roup to isterrogote the detainee, as Ike detainee knew airocedures at the interrogation. durin_time In irse.alstaled NM have multiple ielephoce tam versalloos It hit the folirregators who worked as Use Abu Gareth rhos, sad daring these conversations there nett ranee any discussions of the aethittes that were soils lea at not prisoallisIstedliticard rumors of the detainees belles subjected to strep derivation. sad the ase of dogs to Instill rear is the dehisces. but has no that band kaoo ledge of those Incidents._pro' Wed no additional in Coronado' concerning either prison facility.
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