DIA Office of the Inspector General Memo re: Concerns Relating to Iraq Prison Situation

This memo summarizes a conversation with a DIA personnel who was involved in detainee interrogations in Iraq. The DIA personnel corroborated a Washington Post article describing incidents occurring at Iraqi prisons and that senior leadership knew of or were aware of the incidents going on at the prisons. The DIA personnel did not personally witness any abuse, but was certain the accusations and accounts in the Washington Post piece were accurate.

Non-legal Memo
Wednesday, May 5, 2004
Tuesday, April 5, 2005


APR-06-2005 22:15 US ATTORNEYS OFFICE 212

Defense Intelligence Agency
Office of the Inspector General
Office for Investigations
Report of Conversation

Date: S May 2004 Time: 1020

Name of Contact: 0 frices•Dhisioa:
Phep4IIIIIIIIII Address of Organization: iimmimmilm
Employee Name: Office/Dhision: IG Mimic N:
arete Ouc
Subject: Concerns relating 10 IRAQ Prison Situation
What utas said:
Net n *be related that related thalarecemly returned from a 6menth_
• rotation toIRAQ related th, iuldllinkRe In IRA was In chine of the interrogations of the prisoners. and during this time and the senior
-leadership knew of. or were aware °film ineideals pia on at the risco% as it has been described In the nes% er Washington Post, dated 4 May 2004). pros Wed a copy of the newspaper.
%seat as to sur that related that there Here two incidents tai oh ing the rape of two female detentes. was *sled KEENS itneued or knew t+ ho committed the alleged rape...UW.4E11M not know who committed the rape and did not knout %lions the art, Additionally, brlefh related that the detainees were treated very roughly, as described in the newspaper. Once seals did not provide specific delails..111111.relatml that aas despondent over the feet that %1 capons of mass destraetioo (VMD) had not bees Mind. also could not say mush any certalaty iffhad control over or the flow of information from the interrof start or altlis directly somehow in charge of the la terrozutors.IIIMIIIts as asked if
al bile in IRAQ, rias in a supervisory ea acit • or salon to re ort or intervene with any regalolor• violations, or human rights vlolallors stated did not stale or indicate that van In any e¦ ye of supervisory positive. Roamer, did related that uhlit iq IRAQIN worked at Camp Slayer, the prison nests anther location, but had the o otiosity on inurethea one occasion to visit Ike prison. Once a aim sled that related that Mas assigned to bundle theistic anon: staled is nal accusing of
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