Detainee Abuse Allegations Report

This document is a list featuring descriptions of various abuses that occurred throughout Afghanistan. Most of the abuses involved slapping and punching.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bagram, Afghanistan March - April 2001) -I , claimed he was punched and
• slapped-by Americans made a point of statin females also hit him during this
incident.) When asked how he knew was in Bagram, Ieported another detainee
told him they were in Bagram. I I could not have been 100% sure because he was
blindfolded the entire plane ride from E gram. When asked how he determined
the detainers at Bagram were American, noted all the personnel wore U.S.
military uniforms similar to the uniforms worn at GTMO, :without name tags and they
spoke English.
Bagram, Afghanistan (March - April 2001) - Ile ed he was "beat the worst" by
an American civilian who spoke Egyptian. Specifically tated he was slapped
on the back of his head several times, and hit on the back of his head with the butt of a
handgun. When asked how he knew the man that beat him was American,
conceded he assumed the man was American because.he spoke good English and wore
civilian clothing. 'described the man as having black eyes, dark skinned (but not
black), a big face, a pointed chin, a small-beard, and wore jeans with a handgun belted
across his chest, t-shirt and a baseball cap.
Mazar-a-Shariff (December 12 1 - December 17 th , 2001) -1 laimed to be.
slapped with an open hand "half-a-dozen" times on the back of his head during the first
of two interrogation sessions by idual wearing a black uniform. I 'assumed , .
the interrogator was American. noted the slaps were hard, but not enough to '
knock him unconscious.
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Pasni, Pakistan (After December 17 th - January 2002)-1 'reported h
hard with the butt of a gun on the back of his head after being flown off th
the first time in a hangar at an unknown location. (Investigative efforts determine• p ace
of alleged incident was Pasni, Pakistan). I I described the hit as hard enough to
knock him forward- but not unconsciousness.