Department of the Army Memo re: Standard Operating Procedures for Tiger Base Detention Center

This memo describes the standard operating procedures for the Tiger Base Detention Center in Iraq. The memo outlines instructions for bringing detainees to the base, guard force responsibilities, the detention center battle rhythm, and personnel tasking and logistical support.

Non-legal Memo
Monday, November 3, 2003
Monday, January 13, 2014

r•• Squadron, 3'd Armored Cavalry Regiment TIGER BASE, IRAQ 38S FT 985940 -------~--
. AFZC-R-1-S-3 03 NOVEMBER 2003
SUBJECT: Standard Operating Procedures for Tiger Base Detention Center
1. Bringing detainee to Base compound/ entering Base compound
a. Notify Tiger X-Ray immediately when detainees are picked up.
b. Always utilize the 5 S's (search, segregate, silence, speed, secure)
c. Have detainees blindfolded and zip tied for movement:
d. Capturing unit will conduct a thorough search o(all detainees.
e. Capturing unit will complete two copies of DA form 5976. One form is
worn by the detainee, the other form will be given to the S2
f. Notify Tiger X-Ray when detainees are inbound.
g. Tiger X-Ray will notify S-2, and the guard force NCOIC.
h. All personal items and captured weapons will be handed over to the S-2
with a detailed description of who, what, where, and how the items were
i. A representative from the capturing unit will remain with the detainees
until released by the guard NCOIC.
2. Guard Force Responsibilities
a:. Guards will do a thorough search of all detainees and vehicles.
b. Guard detail will inventory personal items on DA 4137 (2 copies) and
maintain proper accountability of items.
c. One record of items will be placed in a sealed bag along with the items,
the other record will be given to the S-2.
d. The bag of personal items will be tagged with the detainees serial
e. All detainees will be separated as the situation permits. They will not be
allowed to speak to one another.
f. The NCOIC in conjunction with the Cl/lnterrogator team will determine
when the detainees are given food and water. · ·
3. Detention Center Battle Rhythm
·a. The NCOIC will be overall responsible for ensuring each detainee is
properly documented and serve as a liaison be.tween the guard detail and
S2/ Cl sections.
b. Capiuring unit representative back briefs the Battle Captain, who then
sends report to the S-2. ·
c. Initial Screening of all detainees will be conducted by the guard force
d. Detainee Screening reports are then sent to the S-2.
e. The S-2 analyzes initial screening, then prepares INTREP for
Cl/lnterrogator team.
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f. Cl/lnterrogator team conducts further Interrogation to collect intelligence
from detainees.
g. Interrogation report is sent back to S-2 tor analysis.
h. The S-2 determines further usefulness of detainee, and determines
release time.
i. Upon release of detainees, the NCOIC will verify the identity of the
detainees and ensure they receive their personal belongings
j. · If detainees are to be released the NCOIC will escort them to their
transportation, ensure they are properly logged out and notify the Battle
Captain before they are released.
k. If detainees are to be transferred to AI Asad detention center (OBJ
Webster) the NCOIC will ensure the guard accompanying the detainee
· has the DA5976, DA4137 and a copy of the interrogators summary
report. He will also ensure that the guard has the detainee's personal
belongings. The NCOIC will keep originals of all reports. He will ensure
the detainees are properly logged out and notify the Battle Captain before
they are released.
4. Pesonnel Tasking and Logistical Support
a. The S-3 will ensure the detention center guard force is properly manned
with a ratio of 5 detainees to one guard. The minimum is one NCO and one
b. Guard shifts should be no longer that 6 hours.
c. The NCOIC will send a daily report to the. S-3 of the number of detainees in
the holding center.
d. The S-3 will coordinate with the S-4 to ensure that MREs and Water are
being pushed to the Detention Center.
5. POC tor this memorandum is Tiger S-2
Squadron XO