Criminal Investigative Task Force Interview of Guantanamo Bay Detainee re: Detainee's Activities in Afghanistan Prior to Capture

This investigative report was generated by the Criminal Investigative Task Force (CITF) and the interview was conducted by the Air Force Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The detainee stated that during the Soviet occupation he was part of the Mujahadeen but since then is has not been part of any military activities. He states that he is uneducated and he only worked as a security guard. The detainee agreed to take a polygraph to prove the truth of what he was saying.

Investigative File
Tuesday, October 21, 2003
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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ID Title: FM4011111111111110
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On 21 Oct 03, Internment Serial Number (ISN) 111111111111Miall, was interviewed by Special Agent (SA)
Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The
interview was c ducted in Pashtu as translated by

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This interview was conducted in response to a lead from CITF-Belvoir. The questions and responses were as follows:
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Response - Detainee related that he was removed from a van by Afghan Militia Forces (AMY) near Sarahbaga, AF.
Detainee stated he was blindfolded, taken to the Americans (he doesn't know where), interrogated and beaten for days
while still blindfolded. When asked how he was sure Americans were beating him vs. Afglisna, he responded that only
Americans were in the room because he could hear them 'Akin When asked about the Afghan translator that must have
been there at the time, detainee stated there was no translator. When asked how he could tell he was being questioned if
only English was being spoken, he said he didn't know, and asked for tea.

Response - Detainee stated he fired one rocket launcher at a Russian airplane during the Russian occupation, but that it missed. When asked the name of the launcher, he said it was called the "Rocket." Detainee related this was his first and only experience with rockets. Detainee could not.provide any details about the arming or aiming sequence beyond holding the launcher up to his shoulder and "hitting the button like the one on the Kalishmlov" (detainee made trigger squeezing motions with his index finger while describing the "button"). See question #4 for more details.
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Response - Detainee related that he both heard and saw rockets come up from Khowst and land in the vicinity of the American base while he worked at his office job (security guard). He had no further information about rocket attacks.
Response - Detainee stated that he was provided no training as a Mujahadeen, and that he knew instinctively , how to use a Kalishnfirov without training, but that he also learned how to use a rocket launcher (vs. aircraft). When asked where he got the launcher, he said that it was provided by someone else (NFI) to his commander, who provided it to him.

Response - Detainee related that he was uneducated, and so he wasn't quite sure what position he had. During the course of answering this question, detainee related that he was an intelligence officer. When asked to provide more details about this position, he related that he was a security guard. When pressed further, detainee explained that intelligence officer and security guard, "ifs everything." When informed asked how he could perform the duties of an intelligence officer as someone who cannot read or write, he re-iterated the fact that he was "uneducated" and that he was a security guard.

Response - Detainee related that he hadn't killed anyone that he knew of in his entire life, to include the five years as a Mujahadeen, and didn't know why anyone would say otherwise.
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Response - Detainee plans to return to Afghanistan, re-unite with his family, and work on a farm, or his gas station, or possibly move to Dubai or Holland and become a truck driver like his brothers.
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Response - Detainee stated he had no animosity towards US Forces and no desire for Jthad or revenge.

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Response - Detainee stated that his wife and children are in the Khowst province. Detainee stated he writes to them all the time through the International Committee o the Red Cro (ICRC). _
Detainee also provided the following relevant information:
When asked if detainee knew what a polygraph was, detainee related that other detainees had told him the Americans had amachine that he could be hooked to that would determine if he were lying or telling the truth. After confirming that the device he'd heard of was indeed a polygraph, he was offered an opportunity to be examined. Detainee then related that he would take the polygraph exam, but that we should expect some inconsistencies in the results, because some days he was not in a good mood, and that he would sometimes lie on those days. Detainee also stated that the translations were probably sometimes wrong as well, which would cause us to think he was lying about things but he felt sure he could explain them.
• When asked to relate some things he had lied to interviewers about previously, detainee refused and stated that we would have to tell him things we didn't believe, and that he would then tell if the example was a lie or not. At this point, the interview was terminated.
Post - interview, the translator related that in his opinion, Detainee spoke like an educated person, as opposed to the
uneducated person he claimed to be.

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