Criminal Investigative Task Force Interview of Abu Ghraib Prisoner re: Communication Between Prisoners at Abu Ghraib Prison

A detainee was being questioned about his attempt to pass a note to another detainee at Abu Ghraib prison. He stated that he was in fact attempting to pass a note to another prisoner who was acting as an interpreter. He wanted the note to go to another prisoner who was being released and the note to be taken back to his family. The prisoner states that he only confessed to attacks upon coalition forces because he was tortured, but is really innocent and there is no evidence to prove he is guilty.

Investigative File
Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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On 1611, V May 2004, umill11111¦11111111.mpt aka MINIIIII, ISN INIllaiwas interviewed by Special AgentIIIIMIMIMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMOP of the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command (USACIDC) and Special Agent of Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) assigned to the Department of Defense Criminal Investigation k Force-Iraq (CrilL1). This interview concentrated on was observed trying to pass a note during is preparation interview today. The note was taken by a guard. The note as reportedly -meant for
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The interview was conducted at the Abu Ghuraib Prison in Arabic and translated through Language Specialist MS
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IlliNiacimitted he authore the note which ht attempte to pass to a detain acting as an interpreter for the guard force
to (2):7 to place on his bed so that e note would not be foun during a search. stated he intended to pass the note to ISN

111111111Pby tying a rock t it and tossing it to IIIIIb stated he is worried about repercussions from because of his statements to us. stated that knows Abu Msab Zarqawi (AMZ). egg states upon his rele e if -----believes he prOviding information about him he will be in danger upon his release wheire ever he may go. ryk 5-7,---
64.11(c)-5b,..12 el al -3 ikri)Ce.) C., too et).-r IIIIIIIII believes llaIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIt did not confess his knowledge of attar" Coalition Pokes (CFs). stated 11111111111 had a note in his home that detailed information on future attacks. showed1111111116 a map for future attacks on CFs. state that he could not recall any details and they were extremely secretive abecut their plans. Mimi states this was the st note he as written since being detained. stated he did not think the de ee acting as an iiaterpreter for the guard f ce would open the note and thought it was ju t a favor request. ib (/) (6- 3 .
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A rough translation of the notes reads:
1.11111411- In the name of god the merciful, greetings to you all. To our brothers in struggle the gracious people, peace be with you. I learned about the attacks on your homes may go d be with you and I wanted to send this note to clear my conscious after what I heard from my brothers.
L, (-1)(0-1 •
In regards to the destruction of the El Sabaa se n (Ec Shurtan) when the destruction of the EC Shurtan began im interrogation did not start but I have been de • ed for 12 hours of the questions were about my name where I came from. The interrogation was focused on they did not care much about me. 12114)-3
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was surprised to briar about the des tion of the el Radwaniya. I also w surprised to he from the • terrogator that I elonged to group. I tol that I did not belong to I was asked I nfessed that I belonged to the told me to take them to el Radwaniya to they told me I know I told them I do not and never took them to the house of then I confessed that I know AIR
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1111.11 but did not take them to the house. No Ill CO-3
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EC Sacimate I swear I never c essed a out them and ne r said anything w n I was questioned about them. I was surprised to hear that confessed about the and who came to prison with us. 1,/"-al -3 .! N111111111111110 house after I was de d I was told I know the driver who is with illiftwommt after I was tortured rower?, for 5 hours. I confessed about s house location I told them only that the one with the N. , andallipparents do not know what he does and do not know illimalp).. Go • my witness. 6 nire }.3
to riVeV's' ,..C114-e) 3 ben) er) 1 But about they found some papers regarding1101111111111111111, the kniglt club ana details about the location
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and they started to torture me and 1111111191111111110 regarding that place, 1111111111111111111111 the knight club

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After six days of torture I was forced to confess to the soldier/interrogator.
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