Criminal Investigation Task Force Interview of Camp Delta Detainee re: Detainee's identity

Memo summarizes the interview of a Camp Delta detainee. The interview was conducted by two Special Agents with the FBI and CID, also, an Arabic linguist was present to translate. The detainee was uncooperative, he said it was because the Koran was humiliated.

Friday, January 17, 2003
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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Activity Contents
Title: FM40 -111111111111111.1=111111
Narrative: 6 (7)(c).­On 1/17/03 -Internment
Serial Number (ISN) date of birth NM
place of birt11111111.yee?, was intervie\N'Teci at Camp Delta, "(`)
Guantanamo Bay, Cub6a.The interview was conducted by Federal
Bureau of Investigations Special AgentlIMI111111111111111and Cc} _6
United States Army CriOnal tInvestigation Command Special
Agent 1111111111111110111. 'lie interviewwas conducted in the Arabic
language and translated by Contract Linguist

After being informed of the identity of the interviewing agents,
provided the following information:

11111111, •
The objective of the interview was to obtain information regarding
the $100 US bill found in his possession at the time of his capture.

immediately stated that he did not want to discuss
anything because the Koran was being humiliated by the guards. He
further noted that the Koran is his life and he did not want to talk or
eat anything until the situation regarding the Koran was resolved.
When asked if anything was done to his Koran, 1111111111 stated that
it does not matter whose Koran was humiliated because th 5ei'er-
only one Koran. It does not matter if it belongs to a Saudi, Afghani
or Pakistani brother.

11111111111111 then stopped talking. Approximately two hours passed
before he responded again. He was then asked abut the $100 bill
and replied that he did not have a case. 111111111115ntercommented
to look in his file for the answer. He concluded by stating that he
did not care what happened to him and he had nothing further to

6803 9/28/2004

70 (2 cr)
Throughout the interview, MI=was uncooperative and
continued to comment about the Koran being humiliated.

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6804 . 9/28/2004