Criminal Investigation Task Force Interview of Camp Delta Detainee re: Camp conditions and detainee's identity

Memo summarizes the interview of a Camp Delta detainee. The interviewer was a Special Agent with the NCIS, also an Arabic linguist was present. The detainee answered questions regarding his treatment in the camp, his past activities and his trip to Afghanistan, which led to his capture.

Friday, April 18, 2003
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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On 18Apr03,
Internment Serial Number (ISN) _,pme ;iiterviewed by
Special Agent (SA)_Naval Criminal iliv,..stigative
Service (NCIS), and ling i ist 1111111111111 civilian, at Camp Delta,
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. e intervi w was conducted in Arabic.
Throughout the course o the inte w,111Millali provided the
following information. bcwc)--1


he was good health but is not eating well due the
stress of prison._was willing to answer questions and
provided the following information pertinent to his travel to Afghanistan
and his eventual capture.

Approximately one month er the September, 11, 2001, terrorists attacks
in America,_left Saudi Arabia with the intentions of helping
his brother Muslims rebuild Afghanistan. 111/11111111rs'aiSgersaw several
news articles about Afghanistan .being bombe and felt it was his duty to be

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of any assistance he could once he arrived. _fainly ran a
furniture business in Saudi Arabia, where erAustrr)
named1.1111111.M. 1.1111/11 also convmce_s was
theCOR--ect action to tateWl Muslim and said that he (1111111MVEM -3
accompany 111111111111111111rto Atgtiamstan. 4111/11Mtalso stated two of
his cousins; Infallkand=1/11/Voccompanied thenniMe trip. sir,
maw wid he has ile4 bean a gfrict)religious person, but grew up and
was talraf in-§audi schools to fight Jihad and assist his brother Muslims.

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said they travelled by plane from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to
Damascus, Syria. They stayed in Damascus at the 11111.1111111111111,for
four days and then flew to Tehran, Iran. They stayed in Tehran for s° (") ce)-
approximately eight or nine days and then travelled by bus to Kabul,
Afghanistan. Once in Kabul,_said_connected them
with a non-government organization GO), named WAFA. It was.'

belief that AL WAFA as in the proces/of rebuilding a __r
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hospital in Kabul and thought he would assist. said he never
actually started working for AL WAFA because the bombing became so
intense. He and his cousins accompanied bye fled to Kandahar,
Afghanistan to escape bombing and stayed in KandahN for approximately
three days. -be))(6-3

alfemagsaid the bombing got worse and they wanted to return to Saudi Arabia. To get back to Saudi Ararbia, they were advised to go back to Kabul and attempt to get into Pakistan for the trip back to Saudi Arabia. iikbcVci ulimoraViiii two cousins made the attempt to get into Pakistan. art_ 1101111111t clid not see 11111111.0t2Ce le return to Kabul. The three were taken into custody by Pakistani police and spent approximately three weeks in a Pakistani prison (Kohat). While in Kohat, 1111111.11111said they were visited by the Saudi Embassy authorities. They were told they''COuidnot effect their release because they were in a foreighn country. Eventually, they were transported from Pakistan to GTMO, Cuba.
IIIMMIllndenied knowledge of AL WAFA and AL QAEDA
connections. He also denied being involved in a prison u rising at Kohat in
which sixteen prisoners and guards were killed. t not
explain why his telephone number was found in the home of 411.111111

could not provide any additional \,(110 „—
information at which time, the interview was terminated.

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