Criminal Investigation Task Force Interview of Camp Delta Detainee re: Camp conditions and detainee activities

Memo summarizes the interview of a Camp Delta detainee. The interview was conducted by two Special Agents with the FBI and CID, also, a DOD linguist was present to translate. The interviewers asked the detainee about rumors of a camp uprising. The detainee stated he had no knowledge of an uprising, but explained that his brothers-fellow detainees were upset about the rumors that a detainee either attempted suicide or was beaten to death.

Thursday, January 30, 2003
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Activity Contents
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Narrative: ./17 (0) CO -S 'DO Y5-) 5 (7YO-4 On 1/30/2003, 01111111111111111111111111011111111111 Internment Serial Number (ISN) terviewed at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, by Federal Bureau of Investigations Special Agent and United States Army Criminal Investigation Command Special Agent . The interview was conducted in French and translated by Department of Defense linguistallft. After being ' rmed of the identity of the interviewing agents,
all=1111provided the following information: \ L 6 OW - /
b ow -s-•-.6 t") a) -5-v cliCc)--111¦Iiwas asked if he heard anything about a possible uprising. He advised that he did not hear anything and did not have any concrete information that something was going to happen. He also noted that many of the brothers were still unhappy about the detainee who had attempted suicide a couple of weeks earlier. He stated that there were two stories going around the camp. One story was that the detainee had attempted to commit suicide, and the other story was that the guards had beaten the detainee to death. It was then explained to111111111111Mtliat the detainee had attempted suicide and was still in the hospita1.41•1111Mfurther advised that it would be difficutfor a mass uprising to occur; however, he agreed to notify interviewers with a.15,r4 ,
:)ertinent information.
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' h)(C)-r. bC1(6)--S.... 4111111.1111111111advised he studied Islam for six months prior to his departure for Afghsmistan. He was not interested in Islam while in Morocco. He only learned of Islam when it was discussed in some of his courses at school. At the age of 19, 1111111111114raveled to Germany to study science, biology and to work.10 (,)Ci) - s t, (?Y() -S-

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Shortly after his arrival to Frankfurt, Germany,11111111111.11111.began to visit the Bangladesh Mosque. He passed mosque n his way to work and would stop in to pray two or three times a week. While at the mosque, he met a Tunisi named They were only acquaintances who would say hello to each other and occasionally speak. was
11111111=11 advised thai dressed in normal attire and did not carry a lot of money. They never met outside of the mosque c \-19(7) () -s--
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411111.111111111advised he visited the mosque only to pray: He heard a couple of lectures presented by a group called
Tabalegh, which was comprised of people from Pakistan, Bangladesh and several other Arab countries. It was a very well
known and respected group in Germany. The lectures were predominately Islam and prayer oriented emphasizing
perfecting themselves as good Muslims. He never witnessed or heard of any anti-American sentiments while at the

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111111111111111wanted to live in a Muslim country and study Islam.111•1111111mentioned that Af tan was a true Muslim country and would be a good place for- to begin his journey. In March 2000, decided to take
advice and visit Afghanistan. advised at the time of his departure, he knew about the Taliban and
that ther was not any fighting where he was goin He had heard of some fighting in the north but wanted nothing to do
with it. He,.as excited about his decision to beco a good Muslim.

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