Criminal Investigation Task Force (CITF) Interview re: Detainee Claims Attempt to Commit Suicide at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay

The Criminal Investigation Task Force (CITF) interviewed two detainees at Camp Delta to learn of camp conditions. One detainee informed the interviewers that in response to the "mistreatment and injustice that he and his Muslim brothers have endured" a mass suicide was being planned. He explained that he was no longer a man, but felt like an animal in the zoo. Another detainee stated that he complained of his medical problems to the the medical staff at Camp Delta and they laughed at him. He also reported that the guards have beaten him on several occasions. He also explained that the mullah was a liar.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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Title: FM40 111111111114111111M. _ J
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Narrative: , Internment Serial umber (ISN) N,On 18 Oct 02,
cilinill- 12 (7)
was interviewed by Naval Criminal vestigative Service (NCIS) Special Agent (SA) at Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Translation services were performed byliall.1111111k_
civilian. provided the following information: ...ti(
-2. refused t acknowledge the prdsence of the interviewers.
During the initial stages of the mtervie stated that he had beeX on a hunger strike for
After approximately one hour of report buildin approximately twelve (12) days and planned on continuing the process spoke of the mistreatment and injustice that he and his Muslim brothers have endured during the last year and insisted that he is no longer a man, but is
now an animal living in a zoo.
stated that in a few days the guards will come to the cages around the camp and fmd half the detainees dead, which will cause the investigation to be over for good. When questioned as to how the detainees would die,— 4e Ye)-s7 stated that there are many ways to kill yourself without denying food. 1111111111111111 stated that there are ways for people to die within two minutes, befoie the guards can stop the process. b("ta)--s-
6b)(6-c 6 (-5)(p-504 C-7)to -C ppened in Cuba, and to
MIIIIIIIMIewent on o explain that shortl the whole world will be shockea i-.2 s ee DO,it make sure everyone watches the news to see outcome. After explaining to 1i tquicide was against
stated that it is permitted to kill yourself if put in severe conditions.
most religions, including Islam,
explained that Allah will reward those that carry out the plan to kill themselves.
refused to elaborate on the topic but stated to watch and see the news. The interview was subsequently

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Activity Contents
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LIDLOMINIMI Narrative: 1745)(6-• 5--,..12 t7,, -3. / e"•-i)0(c)- 6 •4 ((0 --5-
was erviewed at Camp elta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
On 10/30/2002, 1.111.1111..., ISN
Interviewing personnel were Special Agent (SA) ederal Bureau of estigafion (FBI) and sAm -k
Criminal Investigative Command (CID). The interview was conducted MM. Language Specialist
waspresent and acted as an interpreter.111•11111111 provided the following information: ' (7) C1) CO 205C'7)tclS-
-iim. If investigators want to learn what
IIIIIIPB has answered all the questions which could possibly be asked abeill
will not provide names and
d of person is they can go 4111111111.11and ask people there.
addresses because American investigators are liars. ‘-.1.)( .-1)(c),,,s--L 6 (TY?)
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has suffered from headaches and dizziness since arriving at Camp Delta. The doctors have seen him, but the i medicine he is taking for the headaches only makes them worse.
6 (1)a)-s-
when he complains of his medical problems.
The medical staff at Camp Delta laughs at
The mullah at Camp Delta (provided by the Americans) is a liar. MEW cannot remember specifically what the mullah
lied about.-.

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cannot recall what the guards who beatThe guards at Camp Delta have beaten on several occasions.
cannot recall when it was that the
him looked like. cannot recall what the guards beat him with.
guards beat him. 1.7 h)(c)-5-
b C-5)(C)-5-

has been in Camp Delta for over a year, he has forgotten everything about his past. He therefore cannotBecause
answer any questions about his past actions.
will not go back. )

If released,11011.5 will buy land in Cuba and live there because he likes the climate.
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hi fmil
, 11111110p because it has been at war for the last 25 years. does not want to see his family.
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