Criminal Investigation Task Force (CITF) Interview of Guantanamo Bay Detainee re: Claim of Maltreatment at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay

The Criminal Investigation Task Force (CITF) interviewed two detainees at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to learn of camp conditions. The interview was conducted by the FBI and other agencies. One detainee explained that since being detained at Camp Delta he had been beaten and spat upon. Another soldier explained that he was beaten by American soldiers while in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He stated that he was lying face down in a medical tent, restrained while a soldier punched him several times, the soldier also kicked him in the face, causing damage to his face and breaking a tooth. He added that others in the tent laughed as the soldier kicked and punched him.

Thursday, October 10, 2002
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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111.111.1111111101.1111111111 was interviewed atCamp lta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. he interview was
conducted by Federal Bureau of Investigation,

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and the identity of the interviewing agents. \ 6 1-7)(6 - 2.- '6ey, (1)- s-
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wireiused to answer any questions that have been previously answered by him from prior interviews and is already
contained within "the file."

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dinsed he "feels sorry" for Americans, due to the fact Americans alieadvilllggi-iiitargets in the Middle East. 7)(c)-S advised Americans will not be safe in any Middle Eastern country. believes the planning of these attacks on ericans is already taking place in Middle Eastern countries, more specifically, the country of Yemen. advised
elf, at
these attacks on Americans will be a direct result for the incarceration of the "innocent" detainees, to include Camp Delta. 6/1(c)-
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lof advised he is ' satisfied with the treatment the detainees are receiving by U.S. Military personne\that are assigned to amp Delta. advised he and others have been "beaten, spit upon and treated worse than a dog.'.elaborated on the fact that the U.S. Military Canine (guard dog) receives better care than the detainees...could not provide details pertaining to alleged beatings administered by the U.S. Military personnel. \' 17b) (c) -5-
usrequested me interview to be terminated. Attempts to obtain information regarding the safety of Americans in
Middle Eastern countries, was unsuccessful at this time.

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FSubject of Activity - 1-0(-?) (6-c

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7 1 0 . 9/28/2004


Activity Contents
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ID Title: FM4011111=li

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Internment Serial N ber (ISN) was interviewed by Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Special Agent (SA)at Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Translation services were performed by Saracivilian.4111=11111voluntarilyprovided the following information: cpc6-2.
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stated that since his move next to ,11110111111111111111111111, he would
ecided to cooperate in the future. abfully cooperate with all interviewers. In addition, he stated that111111111111141111has also denied being part ofUMW provided the following additional information beyond his original story: anted to retrieve/II
any group or organization, and stated that he traveled to Afghanistan for two purposes. (1) He —6(-7‘ Lie\ and return him home for festivities with his family, and (2) wanted to act u on the fatwah issued by
-t--7)(e) -3 when questioned about illegal drug trade stated that until arriving in Cuba, he did not know that heroindenied having any affiliation with drug trade and having
was produced and exported from Afghanistan.
seen any drug activity during his travels. ` 19 c-p) L.

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-7)( C) when questioned a du war crimes, stated that he fell victim to unjust a se while in Kandahar, AF, by
American so ers. stated that on the day of his transfer to Guantanamo ay, Cuba, he and others were

on the_floor face down he wasbeing medically examined in a large tent by the Americans. While restrained and 1 stated that he was being hit on hispunched several times by an unknown American soldier in uniform.
also stated that an American soldier then kicked him, causingback (the exit wound from being shot).
tated that after he was kicked all the people in the tent laughed.
damage to his face and breaking a tooth.
The interview was subsequently terminated.

Involved Participants
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Subject of Activity 1111111111111111111.110111- 17 (7)(C)-
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