Commander's Report re: Court-Martial Findings (0073-04-CID939-82567; 0058-04-CID939-82650)

<p>Commander's Report of Disciplinary or Administrative Action concerning CID Nos. 0073-04-CID939-82567 and 0058-04-CID939-82650</p>

Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

SUSPENSE DATE COMMANDER'S REPORT OF DISCIPLINARY OR ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION (YYYYMMDD) For use of this form, see AR 190-45; the proponent agency is Office of the Provost Marshal General PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT AUTHORITY: Title 10 USC Section 301; Title 5 USC Section 2951; E.O. 9397 dated November 22, 1943 (SSN). PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: To provide commanders and law enforcement officials with means by which information may be accurately identified. ROUTINE USES: Your social security number is used as an additional/alternate means of identification to facilitate filing and retrieval. DISCLOSURE: Disclosure of your social security number is voluntary. 1. THRU 2. TO 3. FROM US Ile /2 C o pe r 4i-ilms 0-g- , es‘Oro df4 CA 1 (r'4 fhP 4A r Cc 1 0) 3 ,-01 141°6PP .o 8'- 7--5? -Al . FA de/ voi.- V, 220‘0 -5J 3 411 cla 7/-46 11-16 ft '-(54.5 4(Z 4 USACRC CONTROL NUMBER Cr% , 5. MP REPORT NUMBER 6. SUB-INSTALLATION IDENTIFIER _ILI - c i 0 cal-Ir g.6 j- 7 _dn....! &S e -G '%-C/0 qt/ 42 ere The first Lieutenant Colonel in the chain of command is responsible and accountable for completing DA Form 4833 with support documentation (copies of Article 15s, court-martial orders, reprimands, etc) for all USACIDC investigations. The unit and brigade commander or their equivalent will also receive a copy of the DA Form 4833 for all USACIDC investigations. Company, troop, and battery level commanders are responsible and accountable for completing DA . Form 4833 with supporting documentation in all cases investigated, by MPI, civilian detectives employed by the Department of the Army, and the PMO. Accurate and complete DA 4833 disposition reports are required to meet installation, command, HQDA, DOD, and federal statutory reporting requirements. The data is used to identify crime trends, establish command programs in law enforcement and other activities, and to ensure that resources are made available to support commanders who must address issues of soldier and family member indiscipline. - In court-martial cases, a conviction of an offense at court-martial may be for a different, or lesser included offense. List the offense for which the individual was convicted at court-martial in the remarks section. Block 5. Provost Marshals must enter the Military Police Report number for all cases referred to commanders. Block 6. This block is used to enter report number f om a civilian law enforcement agency police report. Other information on the civilian law enforcement agency (e.g. civilian law enforcement agency address) may be entered in the remarks section. (b)(b) L , (b)(0)-.5 , 7. t, First, MI) 8. GRADE 10. DATE OF BIRTH (YYYYMMDD)E-4( 11b. DATE OF OFFENSE(s) 11c. ACTION TAKEN 11 d. IF NO ACTION TAKEN, EXPLAIN: (YYYYMMDD) _., YES K4 NO Dere iiC--Fr'ovp 4 Ad ,/54 faVect -/7 II6,--( 4 I"' YES NO r filse Ofti'a,.( A4, Aoti 7 YES gl NO si,,„,.45 -r--4 4-9 (7-1P...,( 4:44.:1 1 /lor 0 gr 12.. ACTION TAKEN (check all that apply) • Subject was advised that although no action was taken, the report would be retained in Army records and that requests for amendment, correction, or expungement may be submitted IAW AR 190-45 (MP Reports) or AR 195-2 (CID Reports). • a. NON-ADVERSE PERSONNEL ACTION REFERRAL: REFERRED TO (Check appropriate blocks)oDATE REFERRED (YYYYMMDD)oDATE RESPONDED (YYYYMMDD) F = FAMILY ADVOCACY D = DRUCi/AI COHOI AR(JSF S = SPECIAI FFRRAL E = EQUAL OPPORTUNITY L = LEGAL OFFICE M = MENTAL HEALTH R = RELIEF AGENCY b.ADVERSE PERSONNEL ACTION: • _. FILED: LOCALLY OMPF LETTER OF CONCERN/COUNSELING ADVERSE OER/NCOER COMMENT RELIEF FOR CAUSE OER/NCOER REPRIMAND ORAL WRITTEN __ SUSPENDED SECURITY CLEARANCE OR OTHER ADVERSE ACTION REGARDING SECURITY CLEARANCE DISCHARGE PURSUANT TO AR 635-200 (ENLISTED)/AR 600-8-24 (OFFICER) Regulation Chapter Characterization Discharge Date c. NONJUDICIAL PUNISHMENT (Article 15, UCM.1) (ATTACH COPY OF ARTICLE 15) no SUMMARIZED _ FIELD GRADE GCMCA IMPOSED COMPANY GRADE GENERAL OFFICER IMPOSED pziAd. JUDICIAL (If subject was tried by court-martial attach a copy of the court-martial order giving findings and sentences.) SUMMARY COURT MARTIAL RI GENERAL COURT-MARTIAL _ SPECIAL COURT-MARTIAL CIVILIAN OR MAGISTRATE CRIMINAL COURT DA FORM 4833, JUN 2004 DA FORM 4833, Dec 1998, IS OBSOLETE Page 1 of 2 APD 9V1.000 020921A pii DOD-043923 13. JUDICIAL FINDINGS _ X GUILTY DISMISSED _ NOT GUILTY OTHER (For example, guilty of a lesser included offense. Explain in . Remarks.) 14. RESULTANT SENTENCES, PUNISHMENTS, OR ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION a. REPRIMAND b. ADMONITION (1) ORAL (2) IN WRITING . c. DETENTION d. FORFEITURE e. FINED $ / MONTHS f. REDUCED FROM e'l.f TO E Iog. EXTRA DUTY FOR DAYS Elh. RESTRICTED FOR DAYS i. CORRECTIONAL CUSTODY FOR DAYS O. CONFINED ( YEARS O MONTHS k. SEPARATION: IS PUNITIVE DISCHARGE Li OTHER Type B..0oChapter: Characterization: Effective Date: El I. OTHER (For example, suspension of driving privileges. Explain in Remarks.) 15. REMARKS 661-7,i4ved la).4-, gfedt 1/.oD6.-fo /3517-oyo:,-.ono B/'4 'Ther-1A 3/Dec a -so va oy 40' 7A e.44 or r,"red.,,-.,o1/ I. 1 74,, 0 Cy Al P.1,0L111-o 17 P94y0c1o tof W I WI-a Do'citc w of, f;',,7 eq Are &en% Y 411e ( -1-inj A no I-4s / lao li-1)1,}. - ( 5-3-un 05,o eentfrt,oGiloC? -f•iSL 41/4t 16a. TYPED NAME AND GRADE OF COMMANDING OFFICER Wib)" I j (6)(7)(C) -1 5F6 Op ere. 41/1.1 L.* Ce unk 16b. SIGNATURE . 16c. DATE OF REPORT (YYYYMMDD) 0900-50 (4/g 16d. AKO ACCOUNT E-MAIL ADDRESS (12)( 0 -z 1, co(a( ),_ 2. 0 o DA FORM 4833, JUN 2004 Page 2 of 2 APD 9V1.000 . 02092 UU00 0 9 DOD-043924