CID Report Executive Summary: 0006-04-CID259-80132

Email containing an executive summary of CID investigation into allegations that a soldier threatened a detainee with a gun, fired the gun on the ground next to the detainee, and "butt-stroked" the detainee during a "knock-and-search" operation of an Iraqi house.

Investigative File
Friday, January 9, 2004
Monday, April 4, 2005

Executive Summary • .TA N az/ Pertains to USACIDC ROI 0066-0-vCIO2.51-gd Previously Released on DODDOACID 009376 From: Sent: Friday, 09 January, 2004 13:45 To: ARMYWTCH; BG Davis, DAMO-ODZ; XO; COL 11111111MUSAXO; COL1111111111.DASX0; COLNIIIMCSA XO; COL 111111.TIGX0; COLIIIIIM. G-3 XO; COL110111111.11¦ASA (M&RA) XO; COL TJAGXO; LTCM11111gAX0 Acting; OGC Cc: UMW CW5 ; 11111.111.11000L11.11000LIIIIIIIMIWOL useDonald Ryder; OL Army . G3/AOC; Subject: EXSUM [Mistreatment of Detainee] EXSUM is provided to ArmyWatch for filing purposes only as all approved distribution has been completed LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE UNCLASSIFIED 9 Jan 04 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY JUl DETAINEE MISTREATMENT/AGGRAVATED ASSAULT - IRAQ [USACIDC]: Self­initiated. On 7 Jan 04, Army CID was notified of a possible maltreatment and aggravated assault of an Iraqi citizen during a "knock-and-search" operation of an Iraqi house by D Co, 1/152d Inf, [FOB Kalsu, Iraq]. Four Iraqi males were detained on-site and guarded by SPC111111 1.300th MP Co, Ft Riley [FOB Kalsu, Iraq]. SPC IMO ordered them to be quiet and when one attempted to communicate with SPC1111111110he "butt-stroked" the detainee once to the back of the neck and once to the face, cutting the lip area of the detainee. SPCNIMPthen took a separate detainee to the rear of a HMMWV, asking him where any weapons were hidden. When the detainee replied there were no weapons, SPCMIIIIIItook the detainee to an adjacent field. There, he'placed the muzzle of his M-4 rifle in the detainee's mouth and "dry-fired" the weapon. The Soldier then removed the weapon from the detainee's mouth and charged the weapon, chambering a loaded round. SPC pointed the weapon at the detainee, but then shifted the muzzle to the side and fired a round into the ground about 5-6 feet from the detainee's feet. The detainee was then escorted back to the others where SPC1111111•111116 attempted to "butt-stroke" the detainee in the groin. The detainee attempted to avert the assault, but was hit on the inside of his right thigh. SPCImpinvoked his rights and declined to make any statement. Investigation continues by CID. Ic4c-1 b‘-/ 10P- COP/ APPROVED BY: COL b4c-1 1 b6,,z pc.-3 LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE All information related to this matter is law enforcement sensitive and should be restricted. Any premature release of case-sensitive information could jeopardize the investigation and affect LI 1.1 1 1. 1 DODDOACID 009377