CID Report (Death): 0331-04-CID259-80336-5H1A; Arkem Yosef Rahim, Baquaba-Diala, Iraq, August 28, 2004 ("Homicide")

This is a CID investigation into the involvement of four (4) American soldiers of 3 Platoon; C Company; 1/41st Infantry Regiment in the unlawful killing of three (3) Iraqi civilians. The civilians: Arkem Yosef Rahim; Maitham; & an Unnamed Iraqi Male, were killed at different times and at different locations in Iraq. The investigation determined that three (3) of the soldiers: 2nd Lieutenant; Sergeant; & Specialist were responsible for Conspiracy & Murder. It is reported that the soldiers violated the Rules of Engagement (ROE) for the missions they were on by shooting unarmed, or surrendering persons, in and around Sadr City, Iraq. This Report includes Statements of the soldiers involved, Sworn Statements of the members of C Co. 1/41 Platoon, photos, sketches of the crime scene & laboratory analysis of evidence. Cause of Death: Arkem Yosef Rahim; Undetermined: Manner of Death: Homicide; Cause of Death: Maitham; Undetermined: Manner of Death: Homicide; Cause of Death: Unknown Iraqi Male: Undetermined: Manner of Death: Homicide.

Investigative File
Wednesday, March 30, 2005
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