CID Report (Death): 0136-2006-CID919-77463-5H9B/5CIN

A CID investigation into attacks against two Iraqi brothers, one of whom, Muhammed Abdullah Nejim-Obaid, was shot and killed and the other of whom was subjected to aggravated assaulted. An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) reportedly detonated near Crescent Security Group (CSG) while it was providing convoy security for AEGIS, Defense Services Limited. Roughly 30 minutes after the explosion, CSG personnel fired at and detained two local national (LN) males riding a motorcycle said to have Iraqi Police (IP) markings. Investigation after the incident later revealed the surviving male to be an Iraqi Police Officer who was serving subpoenas. When one of the males attempted to escape, a CSG employee "fired warning shots, then shot shot and killed one LN," according to CSG personnel. CSG personnel reported that "the deceased LN had approximately 50 meters of balled up copper wire with leaves and twigs intertwined." According to the Iraqi Police Officer, CSG personnel fired on his brother, who was carrying a grape basket, after he pleaded for his life. "CPT assumed custody of the "badly beaten" Iraqi Police Officer after the CSG personnel related they would take the LN 'out to the field'."

Investigative File
Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Thursday, January 13, 2011