CID Report (Death): 0095-2006-CID579-79225-5H6; Ezaldin Awand Hazzaa Al Doulaimee, Theater Internment Facility (TIF) Hospital, Camp Bucca, Umm Qasr, Iraq, October 12, 2006 ("Homicide")

This is a CID investigation into the death of Ezaldin Awand Hazzaa Al Doulaimee, a detainee at the Theater Internment Facility (TIF) Hospital, Camp Bucca, Umm Qasr, Iraq on October 12, 2006. On September 30, 2006, Mr. Al Doulaimee was one of three (3) men traveling in a vehicle near the Mobil Supply Route (MSR) between Camp Al Asad and Camp Korean Village, Iraq. A US patrol investigating gun fire spotted the vehicle. There was an attempted to stop the car for inspection, but the driver refused to yield, and took off through the desert to avoid the patrol. US patrol ran down the vehicle, at which point, Mr. Al Doulaimee, and the two other men, leaped from the car, took cover and engaged in a firefight with the US forces. Mr. Al Doulaimee was taken alive, but wounded. He was transported to the TIF Camp Bucca Hospital for treatment. He died from his injuries on October 21st. The investigation determined no violations of the use of force, or escalation of force rules. Cause of Death: Cardiac Arrest, 2nd to Gun Shot Wounds; Manner of Death: Homicide (Justifiable).

Investigative File
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