CID Report (Death): 0088-2005-CID259-36251-5HF6; Sadunn Hamza Feihan, Foward Operating Base (FOB) Ishandariyah, Iraq, March 28, 2005

A CID investigation into the death of Sadunn Hamza Feihan, and Iraqi national who was shot dead on November 15, 2004. Mr. Feihan was reported with several men on a vehical that attempted to avoid a roadside check-point. The vehicle was pursued, and found abandoned. After a search of the area, Mr. Feihan exited a suspected house. Following a positive Gunshot Residue Test, Mr. Feihan was placed in custody with Flex-cuffs. Mr. Feihan slipped out of his Flex-cuffs and attempted to take a soldier's gun. Mr. Feihan & the soldier struggled for the gun, and fell in to a ditch and shot was heard. Mr. Feihan was shot dead. It was later discovered that Mr. Feihan was one of the top men on the Priority List for insurgent activities in the Jurf As Sakhr area, and wanted by Special Forces. This file contains interviews and statements, as well as photos and medical reports. The Army investigation concluded, after interviews with soldiers present, that the shooting death was not deliberate criminal act, but resulted from the struggle between the soldier and Mr. Feihan. No charges were returned against the soldier.

Investigative File
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