CID Report (Death): 0010-2008-CID847-34682/5H1A/5M2/5X5/5X6/5X1/9G1/9G2C/9G2F/9J

A CID investigation into the conduct of 21 soldiers involved in murdering four Iraqi detainees, including charges of Murder, Conspiracy, Failure to Report, False Official Statement, and Obstruction of Justice. Three soldiers "committed the offenses of Murder and Conspiracy when they agreed to kill four Iraqi detainees, transported them to a deserted canal, executed them, and subsequently pushed their bodies into the canal to conceal their actions." Two of the soldiers confessed to the murders and detailed the other soldier's actions during the incident. Four soldiers "committed the offense of Conspiracy when they became aware of the plan to kill the detainees and knowingly joined the patrol which transported the detainees to the canal where they were executed." Ten soldiers "committed the offense of Failure to Report when they became aware of the murders and failed to report the incident to military or law enforcement authorities. Three soldiers "committed the offense of False Official Statement when they provided false statements denying any knowledge of the murders." All three later admitted to being present during the murder. One soldier "committed the offense of Obstruction of Justice" when he contacted another soldier and "instructed him not to cooperate with this investigation." Four soldiers were cleared of charges of Misprision of a Serious Offense because "there were no indications they knew anything regarding the murder of Iraqi detainees."

Investigative File
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