CID Report: 0841-04-CID259-80230

CID Report outlines the timeline for the incident of alleged abuse of a detainee when he was taken in to custody on February 8, 2004. The detainee was on a list of individuals to be captured and was captured. He alleged that he was assaulted during capture, but no bruising or injuries were found upon him during a medical exam shortly after his capture. This is a chronological report of the investigation and is part of a larger CID report.

Investigative File
Wednesday, November 24, 2004
Monday, September 19, 2005

ACED' • BASIS About 9_830, 19 oy 0 ce received a Reg:pest Assistance use Task e"te, .:78th 014 'PO ( CID); Ba 0400040 use of 1 ISN r. • OIC40, elision on 8 Feb b4 Initial re' o *44.'00 rOatO 0.0101 were Approo l by personnel 001 . 11a Arthd NO' 444 OOP* Trp AC] Fort Carson, CO 80913 (FCC), 0.4i* tiested this office locate.'.6 members of l Trp, 2/3rd Atitialiollieci 464 110.. •-t#014 P ilnllig to th0it47 1000'04o. the ordOeOtiOited .001i0e0i00*11 detainee Itse ..44dittoia Obi* n documentatio.ofthe 'unit's involvement in 0*...aPPre $104 confinementof -06 elPrei44itit.16fiect de : AbO4 1115, 19`.'N:oy 0.4i SA . $4. offipt, m44.440.*$. and Headquarters Tteoo, 2/3r4 AC incident reports . 0,3 the unit was requested and provided teb Oiti ofiehritiatioti Act Public • • . Affaiit officei. FCC ,•; 76' About 135kp Nov 04, SA an is office, coordinated _ z of the Daily Staff:On 1W Log with Ms who -A Form 1594) and Spot . 47 C-5. 4 06-' Report of /31dACR, FCC for 8 Feb 04; A review of the DA Form 1594 ri*caled that E Trp, 2/3rd ACR, FCC, captured Mr: approximately 0620, 8 Feb 04. Upon th , .. .. , the capture of Mr ilk the headquarters elementi of 3rd ACR and 47c.f."(I'. . 3rd Corps were notified. The wh ereabouts, of the original of this document is unknoWn. (See DA Form .. . 1594 for details) . A review of the Spot Report revealed that an element of B Trp, 2/3rd ACR. F; FCC, located at Forward tr Observation Base Broomhead captured Mr . _ . eb 1 apprdximately 0620, $ F 04, The whereabouts of ep 7 the original of this document is un ovki. (See Spot Report for details) .-(/ ‘6—// About 1400, 19 Nov 04, SA revievVed the Area of Operation Doyle Incident Report for 8 eil /Jr/. (‘ e...-r,..)4. Nov 04, which revealed that W. . - .. waa captured by an element of E Trp, 2/3rd ACR, FCC, located at Forward Observation Base Broo ad while he was traveling from Saudi Arabia to Iraq through BCP. . The incident report stated Mr.m peared the_PISCESg list. The headquarters ele ent of 3rd ACR 6 7C- (C. directed the caPturing element to transport NInakto Al Asad on LOGPAC and detain him at , the Rifles I7 Cae until transportation could be arranged.. • Agent's Comment Other portions of the incident report are classified thus a copy Could not be obtained. • • 676-1/C -.(62About 1450,10 Nov 04, SA and IA coordinated with SS7411111111111111 Regimental S-2, 3rd AC FCC, who conducted a review of the detainee custody documents with negative results for Mr. stated SGT 66th Military Intelligence SA ‘„/ 48, MP Det (CID) ttFfort carson, CO 80913 Sign -/ Date: Exhibit: 23 Nov 04 . • . • FOR oreptatt, Usx LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE. 01,5 0 3 9 , 0 G0051: . . - • DOD-024114 A CID Re. rOc:40,, PNY r.r.1P01 4100.0* 4004000r* eon tided a: search of the leteal files for SGT ( and CV,15 . 17 this in reference nee abuse. 7‘— 11„,._‘OPth:tcA00•VieW . 04244;COW CIP14 10itO•• . 6-4(4'13 A review o the previousrevealed invoked, 441fii had legal 46iti.isat gerlt • e PreVioUs case file revealed SGT Vises.' of his , ri which, he waived and review provided a verbal statement in whichhe cletfailed he 414 not witness any detainee abuse. 6.5 coordinated with is TrO .0100 . .C.1101 • ihvolY wised SGT of hs rigtts which he invoked, stating he . About 1405, 25 Noy,64, did not want to questioned o g. (See non-waiver certificate for details) , ‘C1( 16764 • • . • About 1441, 23 Nov 04, SA conducted an interview of SGT .•'. e6-V •which SG e ,at Mr, vas t ea into custody _ E Trp, 2/3 ACR when his Hanle was fOund to be on the black list SO• , 7c-ceia-f---- raqi BOrder Patrol and given to. . _ " • " statedTit *.4$ not involved in the physical capture of .1111 SMANINistated at time di 5(‘‘"KtsitANNbused and further th4t Mr had: no bruising or sign.l'a414e. (See Sworn , Staten-Lent fOr 'details) ‘7C.‘6t.e - About 1459, 2.3 Nov 04, SA conducted an interview of SOT 4 rc-ite o:‘,.vo-TRP, 2/3 ACR in which SGT detailed that Mr. vas originallYtak0 into custody b O. Iraqi Border Patrol and given to B Till when his name was Aifind to be on the black list. SOT 76.-- stated E triWas not involved in the phYsteal caiiture of Mr.. IWI SGT4111111111Stated at no time did , he ‘? e-4.6‘... Mr.11111arinsed and further that Mr had no bruising or other signs of abuse. (See Sworn 6 0 e- 6‘..... see Mr Statement for details)///Last Bntiyiit . • 48th MP Det (CID) SA Fort Cataoil, CO 80913 ..• ==¦1.1P=MIIMI”==4M1M,08.=11111M**1=1*,••••••••••••¦¦¦••¦•••¦•••=111MINME .MINBOINOIMMito. • Date: Exhibit: Sigliatfire. • 23 Nov 04 ,. • • • • CID Form FOR OFFICIAL tisgbrax LANy WFORCEMENT StlIPTIVEi 015040' 000052, DOD-024115