CID Report: 0048-03-CID899-63504

<p>An investigation into a detainee's complaint that $6,200 had been taken from him at a military checkpoint in Baghdad, Iraq.&nbsp; The report states that investigators were unable to interview, resulting in an incomplete investigation.</p>

Investigative File
Saturday, July 26, 2003
Sunday, November 7, 2004

CIOP-OP (195) 26 JUL 03 MEMORANDUM FOR SEE DISTRIBUTION SUBJECT: CID REPORT OF INVESTIGATION - FINAL (C)- 0 04 8 -0 3 -CI D899 - 63504-7G2A1 DATES/TIMES/LOCATIONS OF OCCURRENCES: 1. 04 JUL 03/2300 HRS ZULU, AL KHADRA POLICE AREA OF OPERATIONS, GRID COORDINATES MB353879, BAGHDAD, IRAQ DATE/TIME REPORTED: 05 JUL 0 3, 0500 Z INVESTIGATED BY: SA le­ ,&& -/ SUBJECT: 1. UNKNOWN [LARCENY] VICTIM: 1. 7e-4, 66-V IRAQI CIV; M; ARAB; NFI 'LARCENY] . INVESTIGATIVE SUMMARY: Investigation established that the victim was uncooperative and would not make himself available for an interview by USACIDC personnel. This is a final "c" report. This investigation is being terminated IAW paragraph 4-14a(5), CIDR 195-1. The complainant/victim's cooperation is necessary for the satisfactory resolution of the investigation and such cooperation is not forthcoming. STATUTES: Article 121, UCMJ: Larceny of private funds Attached: 1. Agent's Investigative Report (AIR) of SA ob1 9 JUL 03, detailing his receipt of the initial complaint, and subsequent attempt to interview the victim.. Not Attached: The original of Exhibit 1 is attached to the USACRC copy of this report. - 0 • e - CIOP-OP WO, SUBJ: CID REPORT OF INVESTIGATION: 0 04 8 - 03 - C I D8 9 9 -6 3 5 0 4 STATUS: This is a final "C" report. Report Prepared By: Report Approved By: hb-/ bb -/ I I 62- A Special Agent DISTRIBUTION: 1 - DIR, USACRC (original), Fort Belvoir, VA 22060 1 - THRU: CDR, 10th MP Bn (CID)(FWD), APO AE 09336 TO: CDR, 3rd MP Group (CID)(FWD), APO AE 09336 1 - SJA (ATTN: LTCcie IAD, Baghdad, Iraq APO AE 09324 1 - PMO (ATTN: LTC -XIbb- IAD, Baghdad, Iraq APO AE 09324 1 - File —P01rOFFICIAL—UST-ONL-Y--- ROI NUMBER AGENT'S INVESTIGATION REPORT 0048-03-C1D899-63504 CID Regulation 195-1 PAGE 1 OF i PAGES DETAILS BASIS FOR INVESTIGATION: About 16001 07 JUL 03, this office received notification that an Iraqi civilian had $6,200 stolen from him at a military checkpoint. About 1400Z, 08 JUL 03, SA 76-/ bk-/ and SA 7e--/ ho--/ this office, drove out to the Khadra Baghdad, Iraq police department and made an attempt to interview the victim. SA '7e..7 and b:7-1• • SA 2 -I Li -/ 'aited for several hours to interview the victim but were unable to locate the victim. About 1030Z, 25 JUL 03, SA -R!-/ 66-1 lade numerous attempts to contact the victim in this case but was met with negative results on each attempt. SA 1e/ 66 -I vas never able to interview the victim in this case. 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111INOTHINGF OLLOWS0/0/0/0/0/0/0////////////0/0/0/0// ORGANIZATION 323RD MP DET (CID) (DSE), APO AE 09324-2955 DATE EXHIBIT 25 July 2003 1 Uilll-ORM 94 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY r-7 1 FEB 77 :1 ,J •.AGENTS ACTIVITY SUMMARY (CID Regulation 195-1) TIME, DATE, AND AGENT Control Number SUMMARY OF INVESTIGATIVE ACITIVITY 1J 1 Y- r fx-i S JA, r) Pfi, 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 CID FORM 28 PREVIOUS EDITIONS OF THIS FORM WILL HE USED UNTIL EXHAUSTED 1 Dct BO