CID Report: 0005-04-CID149-83131

This is a chronological report of a CID agent’s investigation in to abuse at Abu Ghraib following a mortar attack and shooting at the facility. The agent interviewed six (6) soldiers including a Captain and Master Sergeant concerning the allegations of detainee abuse. A Sergeant witnessed a Captain fake abusing a detainee to cover for the detainee being an informant and providing information about the detainee who provided the gun another detainee used to shoot a Military Policeman. The Captain was interviewed and also stated he was faking hurting the detainee who provided info about the detainee with a weapon. He stated that after the rouge he "pulled him off to a side and gave him a Coke and a cigarette".

Investigative File
Friday, January 23, 2004
Wednesday, June 14, 2006

CPT and the CPT was to make it appear as if he was beating and hurting the detainee as to not allow the other detainees now that it was he who had provided the information about the weapon.
bb-l! bie l bl.-I} f h1c· if t 1800,22 Jan 04, SA I I interviewed SFC • I 166111 Military Intelligence Group, armstadt. GM (deployed to Abu Ghraib Prison, Iraq) who stated therE? was a rouge aone the night of the shooting on a etainee. and it was the detainee who provided the information on the one detainee having the 9un. SFC h' tated he did no! know,.'fholl} the Army person was that took part in the rouge.
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~t 1755,23 Jan 04, SA interviewed CPT I 372M Military Police Company, Eumberland, MD (deployed to Abu Ghraib Prison, Abus flralb, Iraq, who provided a verbal statement relating he \partiCipated in a rouge with a detainee. CPT. • stated he was to take the detainee who provided the information I~ 1c-'1 about the detainee who had a weapon, out into an open area, and make it appear as jf he was being abused. CPT
If bic-if I stated Ihe reason for this was the guards at the facility did not want the other detainees to know who had r,rOVided the information about the events. CP I stated after he made it appear he was abusing the detainee, ,b-rc.-I/ 1e pulled the detainee off to the Sid~ and gave him a coke and a cigarette. J:h-I, b1C-( . . bl-Y h1C.'!
bout 1400, 26 Jan 04. SA I coordinated With CPriiiiliiliiiiliri~1 Counsel. aSSigned to 205111 M . ntelligence Brigade and briefed him on all aspects of this investigati~pinedunder the circumstances of incident being stage to protect the identity of Detainee I he did not feel CPT ilad committed any against Detainee _ IIfLAST ENTRYIII hb -'f I b1c -~