CIA Memo re: "horizontal sleep deprivation" and the use of waterboarding in conjunction with other techniques

<p>This document was faxed from the CIA to Steven Bradbury (OLC). It describes the CIA's technique of &quot;horizontal sleep deprivation,&quot; wherein a detainee is placed on a large blanket on the floor and chained such that he cannot sleep. The document states that the technique is used to help the detainee to recover from the effects of the edema that sometimes occurs when the detainee has been chained standing upright for long periods of time. The document goes on to discuss waterboarding when used in conjuction with two other techniques: dietary manipulation and sleep deprivation. The document states that insult slaps, belly slaps, attention grasps, facial holds, walling, water dousing, stress positions, and cramped confinement will not be used with the waterboard but that most or all of them will have been used prior to the use of waterboarding.&nbsp;[OLC Vaughn Index #107]</p>

Non-legal Memo
Friday, April 22, 2005
Sunday, August 23, 2009

ROUTING 0: NAME AND ADDRESS DATE MEll (Security Ciassification) EligitiMMAMEMIIM111111=11111 4 111111.111111IMMENIMINIIIIIII IENIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIMIIMIIIIIMIII 4.111111.111111111111.111.1111 _ MIN mu Iti-lIMIN ki. REPLY • •PREp . r, I. APPADVAL ill DtSP.ICH MI -* _An : 9 ThaN 011 L Ii;,N iuml• ,1111Ummillill• -MN AMATI ICeP Wokk --11111 I \FORVATCN CONTROL NO. 9.4.2?9 REMARKS: COPY l OF Ar FROM: Handle Via COMINT Channels (I/ Access to this document will be restricted to those approved for the following specific activities: A d r 01 1 NATIONAL SECURITY INFORMATION Unauthorized Disclosure Subject to Criminal Sanctions p TO ET I (Security Cicpsificatien) • - NO.717 P.1 TOP F AXSE:11 T Central late11igen,c 7 e Agency . "Ne A.‘ • Office of General Counsel Washington, DC 20505 22 A e ril 2005 To: Steve Bradbury 4 ___Itirsanmation; 07014c • ••••••¦•¦11.....1.• Phone: (uractOury) Fax:_ C ,gourmand Ctri_ From; _ Orge_izAllon: Phone; ,,,,,............,,,,./• ¦•••¦••••••••••¦— ¦••••••••¦¦¦nm,•••••••• Fax: Number of pages (including cover sheet); 4 Coxnments: Per your request., NO Dissent — This Note and Attachment are Attorney Work Product $6 P99 NO.717. P.2 T/, _ /20300422 LE VIA CHANNSLB ONLY Beet pfitalegogsieldeArm On three occasions early in the program, the Interrogation team and the attendant medical officers Identified the potential for unacceptable edema in the lower limbs of detainees undergoing Interrogation. In order to permit the limbs to recover without impairing _sleep deprivation requirements, the subjects underwent horizontal sleep deprivation, Horizontal sleep deprivation occurs when a detainee Is placed prone on the floor on top of a thick towel or blanket, a precaution clesIgniad to prevent reduction of body temperature through direct contact with the cell floor. The detainee's hands are manacled together and the arms placed in outstretched Position either extended beyond the head or extended to either Side 'of the body and anchored to a far point on the floor in such a manner that the arms Cannot be bent or used for balance or comfort, At the same time, the ankles are shackled together and the legs are extended in a straight line with the body, and anchored to a far point on the floor In such a manner that the legs cannot be bent or used for balance or comfort. The manacles and shaoklee. are anchored without additional stress on any of the arm or leg joints that might force the limbs beyond natural extension or create tension on any joint. The position is sufficiently uncomfortable to detainees to deprive them of unbroken sleep, while allowing their lower limbs to recover fromthe effects of standing sleep deprivation, All standard precautions and procedures for shackling are observed for both hands and feet while in this position, Horizontal sleep deprivation has been used until the detainee's affected limbs have demonstrated sufficient recovery to return to sitting or standing sleep deprivation mode, as warranted by the requirements of the interrogation team, and subject to determination by medical officer that there is no contraindication to resuming other sleep depHvation modes, HANDLE VI eitlaNNELS ONLY CREW/. '/20300422 NO.717N vv r P.3 TO/I_ / //20300422 HANDLE VIANCHANNELS ONLY 22 April 2008 Transmitted by Secure Facsimile Eg„0,a)--- Intelligence Agency's use of the "waterboard" in combination with two other techniques, The waterboard is an interrogation technique as descrA.bed it our Background ?ager on CIA'S Combined Use of Interrogation Techniques, provided to you previoUsly. /./The following is the Central AgErear We also previously provided the Department of Justice with our description of the waterboard. The following is our description of the two interrogation techniques we use in conjunctiva, with the waterboard. These techniques are dietary manipulation and sleep deprivation. While an individual is physically on the waterboard, we do not use the insult clap, belly slap, attention grasp, facial hold, walling, water dousing, stress positions, or cramped confinement. many or all of those techniques almost certainly will have been used before the Agency needs to resort to the waterboard (and, indeed, since March 2003, the Agency has not had to resort to use of the waterboard to transition an individual from resistance to cooperation). Further, it is possible that one or more of these interrogation. techniques might be used the same day as a waterboard session ' , swt¦/01,0,11r As you are aware, the Central Intelligence .Agency hasestablished specific guidelines'for the use of each of these two interrogation techniques and the waterboard. These guidelines incorporate the guidelines established by the CIA Office of Medical Services (OMS)./ • C iX1As we briefed you, previously, an individual is always placed on a fluid diet before he may be subjected to the waterboard in order to avoid aspiration of regurgitated food. The individual is kept on the fluid diet throughout the period the waterboard is used, DANDLE VIA.N CRANNELS ONLY TOP/;20300422 Tii7 11 W ,O.VVt NO.717/ P.4 . T2R_Saegti;-/;/ ./20300422 .HANDLE VIA t/ CHANNELS ONLY //04eCT--'keep deprivation may be used prior to and during the waterboard session. As has been previously noted, the time limitation on application of sleep deprivation is strictly Monitored, In addition, the detainee's physical and mental state is also monitored to ensure they are not harmed, There is no evidence in literature or experience that sleep deprivation exacerbates any harmful effects of the waterboard, but it does reduce the detainee's will to resist, contributing to the effectiveness of the waterboard as an interrogation technique. In the event a detainee were to be perceived as unable to withstand the affects of the waterboard for any reason, any member of the interrogation team has obligation to voice concern, and if necessary to halt the proceedings. CANDLE VIA/ CHANNELS ONLY TOP T/// :20300422