CIA Memo: Guidelines on Interrogations

This CIA memo provides guidelines on interrogations of detainees, Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters. The memo is divided into the following sections: 1) Permissible Interrogation Techniques; 2) Medical and Psychological Personnel; 3) Interrogation Personnel; 4) Approvals Required; and 5) Recordkeeping. Under Enhanced Techniques it states that "Enhanced Techniques are techniques that do
incorporate physical or psychological pressure beyond Standard Techniques. The use of each specific Enhanced Technique must be approved by Headquarters in advance, and may be employed only by approved interrogators for use with the specific detainee, with appropriate medical and psychological participation the process." and "Whenever feasible, advance approval is required for
the use- of Standard Techniques by an interrogation team."

Non-legal Memo
Tuesday, January 28, 2003
Sunday, August 23, 2009

CI • .1. OZ• •.1 •• WIZ •S• • 11. z These Guidelines address the conduct of interrogations of persons who are detained ursuant to the authorities set forth i TheSe Guidelines complement internal Directorate of Operations guidance relating to .the ­conduct of - interrOgations.- In the event of any inconsistency betweenexisting DO guidance and these Guidelines, the provisions of these Guidelines shall control. 1. Termipsible Interrogation Techniques • Unless otherwise approved by Headquarters, CIA • officers and other personnel acting on behalf of CIA may use only Permissible Interrogation - Techniques. Permissible Interrogation Techniques consist of both (a) Standard Techniques and (b) Enhanced Techniques. Standard Techniques are techniques that do notincorporate physical or substantial psychological pressure. These techniques include, but are not limited to, all lawful forms of questioning.employed by US law enforcement andmilitary interrogation personnel. AmOng Standard .Techniques Are the use of isolation; sleep deprivation not to exceed 72 hours; reduced caloric intake (so long -as the amount iscalculated to maintain the general health of the detainee), depriVation of reading material, - use of loud music-or white noise (at a decibel level calculated to avoid damage to the detainees hearing), and the use of diapgd periodsg not to exceed 72 hours, ALLg ONS OF THIS DOC CLASSIFIED TOP S TOP TOP Guideline on Interro.ations Conducted Pursuant to the • EnhAnced Techniques are techniques that do incorporate physical or psychological pressure'beyond Standard Techniques. The-Use of each specific Enhanced Technique.must be approved by Headquarters in advance, and may be employed only by approved interrogators for use with the specific detainee, with appropriate. medical and -g • psychological participationg the process. These techniques . are, the attention grasp,•walling, the facial hold, the facial slap (insult slap} the Abdominal slap, cramped Confinement, wall standing; stress positions, sleep deprivation beyohd 72 hours, the use of diapers for prolonged periods, the use of. harmless insects, the water board, and such other techniques as maybe specifically approved "pursuant . to paragraph 4 below. The use of each Enhanced Technique is . subject to speCific temporal, lthysical, and related conditions, including a competent evaluation of the medical and psychological state of•the detainee. 2. Medioa1 and PsyChologioal PerSonnel A ro riate medical and psychologicalpersonnel shall beg eadily.available for consultation and travel to the interrogation site during. all detainee interrogations employing. Standard Techniques, and appropriate medical and. psychological personnel must be on site during all detainee interrogations,employing Enhanced Techniques. In each case, the-medical and psychological personnel shall suspend the interrogation if they determine that significant and prolonged .physical or mental injury,•pain, or suffering is likely to result if 'the interrogation is not suspended, In any.such instance, the interrogation team shall immediately report the facts to Headquarters for manageMent and legal review to.determine whether the interrogation may be resumed. 3. Interrogation Personnel The Director, DCI Counterterrorist Center shall ensure that all personnel directly engaged j interro ati•n of •ersons detained-pursuant have been appropriately screenedrom me. ca , psyc o ogical, and security standpoints), have reviewed these Guidelines, have received appropriate training in their implementation, and have completed the attached Acknowledgment. TO Guideline on Interrogations Conducted the . 4. Approvaiti Required Whenever feasible,. advance for the use-of Standard 'Techniques by an interrogation team. In all instances, their use shall -be documented in cable traffic. Prior approval in writing (e.g., by. written memorandum or in Cable traffic) from the Director,, DCI Counterterrorist Center,: with the concurrence of the Chief, OTC Legal Group, is required for.the use of any Enhanced Technique(s); and' provided-only where DJCTC has determined that. (a) the specific detainee is believed to possesa information about risks to the citizens of the United States Or -other nations, (b) the .uSe of the Enhanced TechniquelsLis appropriate in order to obtain that information, (c) appropriate. medical and psychological.personnel have-concluded that the use of. the Enhanced Technique(s) is not expected to produce "severe physical or -mental .pain or suffering, N and (d)--the personnel authorizedto.e-nploy the Enhanced.Techniqueis).have completed theattached Acknowledgment, Nothing in these Guidelines altersthe right to actin self-defense. • 5. Recordkeeiling In each interrogation session in which an Enhanced Technique is employed, a contemporaneous record Shall be created setting-forth the -nature and duration of each such technique employed, the identities of those present, and a citation to the required Headquarters approval cable. This information, which may be in the form of a cable, shall be provided to Headquarters. . APPROVED: Dir tor o Ce'g Intelligence Date TOP G ideg n Interro ations Conducted rgthe WaR10211020.:Pilli g, acknoWledge that I have read and understand and will comply with the "Guidelines on lnterro ations Conducted Pursuant to ACKNOWLEDGED: Name Date-. 4