CaseMap Facts Report -Moazzem Begg Interview 1

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The document includes notes from interviews conducted with detainee Moazzem Begg, regarding his general knowledge of incarceration in Egypt, his allegations of being threatened by two FBI agents, and his experiences being detained and interrogated in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Mon Mired To gam** *Mamma Bog latawiew - J= or 7111 (0AIi) Th
Casa TBI rIIMItary Zama
Cnested: Ma= 10:4&11 AM
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1 M osaaMit Bea mpisiood *Pomo" kintnisii$ of Inninannika in BBYP1 Ind *town i-l-int
prisoners lad to ardor*. Mom= Hogg rested theta reputsdoa of plawallim Egypt owe
known Iv tats }Aladin wog Monello llogg mid timi tie twos ofiosture is tholosidooso sad .
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Intervirw 1 0
00s00:30 - -
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Bqg mid duo Um boned Boo aspisioad dm
*lathe Genoa spelling is without Bog said the thay ids
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05fP7/2CM2 Morisse Bea said that isa Bra snocustor wiiii jsmil_.__1woo in
logroonn BIM
laterview I I§
Bag am and &bid with another ;mon was gym ths Omani 'mailman Apooy. ms
Image= Ammoy mew mu {anima an II-14. and Mosso name had a Salt Wake
(b 6),(b)(7)
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(b (6),(b)(7)
(b 6),(b)(7)
Minium Begg said diet the thraet made 'tab was tbt he email he taken. to Bap. Mamas
Hagg mid that the direct threats were made initially by the ' Agency perm.
Mng Pegg said thee 'they add", thin he mid k was - %met Sheik B.
Uhl, the sneak ember, who had heart:mewed,. in 200i...wee hen playing the some
genies you am. We sent him to sad he bib within two digs. Yea're going to Egypt too.'
Mon= Begg
interview I 5
lidwaseet Begg said that iddt seem to be in as mon .
eon* as the Central Agency nth, military oaken pima. idommam Bea amid
dist the Central and the Miry oaken were 'cibrIT in area air'
05M/2002 Mosmemetilegg laid midi Iowa alkali' quietism daring Mean; Nag
Intmvisw 1 tg
those interrcigations. hioasmem Meg said Met he cid mot:mail Inking any
rebates tes Rpm
osmiloca kicamemBegg denim!' the theility as ten dove ground building the* hews ease
phologriphs. Moan= Bea was on the first Boor inside the detention center, in one otthe
several roomt used lb intarogatione Masada &fa mid that he nu rubbed at thalami,
including blade and legs. Moaned Beat mid that the feletilik Want aka ant they wand
him to write Mammal Dm tad tat be are *Rad lathe *MAW &dm, time.
Moan= Bea
Interview 1 5
05177/2002 Moen= Bounce ea eves i where he .wie sat lo oath* moot mod well maid with a chain Monism Begs
.1ristview 15
comet:dog hid leg shackles to his hands, idoussal Begs mid thal (4) (6), (b )(7)(c) -1 ,
lied the Canna/ Inaeleanacer Ameeelf velum wire there wheelie was mint to &II room
05/77/2002 Meineen Bin raid that over a period ti's math, he was interviewediwproilonsty, .
intermittently, he wen interviewed 10 to 13 times. Mom= Begg said that its almost impossible
to recant
Mass= Bugg
Interview 1 5
05177/2002 Hoarsen Begg eipained that hives 'bog tad.' Unman Bin said in it the end sten
intarogstket, they believed thet hicamenaken want noticing theme& Moment Bigg said
that he does not know who ordered the netraint, bort soldiers came In and took him to the next
room Thatied the hark of his bath to the bait &his imp whore the guides had been put on.
is that be then had ahead plead over his heed. later a sager
Moen= Ikes
laterIirm 1
!keg said thighs his a *Wang& in end told .
Homan Begg the reediting Meal to el Syrian ems sad the of Moen= ilksg
being mut to Egret was very reel .
05/7//2002 Moment Begg said that gociat in every case, the tratment dun detainee was based lathe
interrognord say so. Amin= Bea said that he didat hew soy barometric tell dna godlier to
holt-de Menteeln Be= but MOWN= Bin believes the intscrogptors were imbed with it. '
Jainism 1 @
05/774002 Wants Btu said that be bowl the Central Intedigence Agony Person go out ofthe room soil
ley that he was going to arrow iffoarnin.Bqigi Ponishmea
Moen:am Btu
Interview 1 ta
osintl(xa Mountie Begg said that the hottying took place at the mond or third intesrogatioa, * the
Bag= harrow= , .
. - .
Irdwvisw 1®
' 00:10-45
`Moment Begg saki that he lino struck indolent sad in the heed, sad Moms= Bs believe k
was the solders that did this. Berme it pass oboe In *sato ides he was pin on the mond
Mona = Bin
Iainvfew 1 g)
osent2002 MosEizen Ben was mired how the 4% ewe ended. idoesnot Beg said the tiny are in the
next day and untied Min sad 'meld nothing of it' Memo Bee said dist mit hansom did not
Wow Intim
ltioanani Bea
Irderview 1 41)
Moment Begg said up wail *ohne Chinn b004ying Memo Begg had staohnely ao
knowledge of whet happened to his wits and children. Moms= Begg said that he believes they
were pitying a per bologna gates whiehierinded des streaming oft warn ow door, yob) -
Monsen Begg was lead to balloon voila* wiin /Acumen Beta mid he was led to Wive that ,
Moen= Be
Interview I la
bessuee he woo eolainuing to ask shoat hes tateity's waft& I Pada photo of
Moon= Bagga child that was suede Meth inibeendion on 14Darsersikall power. sad he
waived it in [neat alio:ram Bags Wit, that he would raw ape dish spin.l
would ask Moerzeds Begs, 'dont you cure for spar hseilyt Dori% 'on can km your wide?
Shortly miter that, Mn.n= Bag hand the aroma of e wenn% bath. wet 'exo 'hail to at die
question, because be meson &bid of the teases, but Brent daininate downwnolts, who also
heard the irdnantin& also said... we were op child that k woo your wife they had lacuna*, and
they were using this technique on yen.' Mom= Ben said ha:~ tem a koala denim, but
wine= he was told den on 24onnis than were ffinals &Mhos. • .
Monsen Begg paid *et rake era Sinlannlin lib' PnIt tfousamBegg
that they esietthot your gin* is only a phase cell sway. they brought int nemesis OM and Interview 1 0
and that If 5= =mita we can stake these *ea eons *den Mhaentre Ben and that that
(b (6),(b)(7) •
(b)(6),(b) ,7)
R1(6),(b) 7)
(b)(6),(b 7)
(b 8),(10(7)
waived the phone in front *thins.
05/77/2002 hfccesem13400 mid dsit the other interMiedon
Inialligeoce Agency pawn by the
and a =Rimy hrresdplor lase a daughter with born on .
Maar= Bigg
Interview 1
5/3/1 00:17:00
. - Itfreudim Ban
Inters*, 10
(bi)(.6'f b)[7C1( )
f b)(6),(b)(7)(C) —114oaneen Begs laid del dime =cc Peden! Aram of
Invvelignion swift at Begram Bach admit was involved with Bugg's interrogation. Macon
Ben ink* the 110110fiMa them was cordial mnyork wasn't *ewe ao intraosalioa.
MIMI= Meanest Beg stated that he had losoodedge of two . MmotiamBsig mid that he think, MossamaBagg
OD 1:00
l'iramiltanuadidolthailmisladaDmrt.oflurretigetion was aware of tkia, hoesnaybe not . lotaviesv ) @
they wouW bevel the dm Meth
accosted. Menem Begs sato UM MOW Ammo .. . . around st thin
time aft Ant death, and during the mond . b 6 b 7 C thero. Moo=
Beg mid that he hoard tiro Pardo Pik Mtge week . • • ..
said the! Mb:mak the pad didn't say codfmally what bed . ., . time 'we're
going to be in the skit for this.' Moursomdilegg sold that k ova , , , • . 1 • . osier domineer
that the blows that can* his death were gine to him in the isolation mit Moir:ern Begs mid
the was &genitals, an &dome to keep doom of this Vrici•
ornacca . .. . _ ,— lailms ,: — ..i• U.S. Navai-Bfas Guannusazio Bay. Ulm by Hamm Bleg
Interview 1 4
(33.2),(b).(71(c) 04.1m Hogg said that he Isar in room 13 in Camp
*hal(.13 WM .1b Ian) 'had a statemant drafasurann ftio to elan.
02/7V2003 Moaners Begg mid Mal 03) (6),(ID)(7 )(C ) (pemersd him with a drifted Moss= Btu
Interview 1 8
stremeat aster Mosszemain mid it vim stout S pyre) and mid' him that belted to sign it and
if he nribsed he could be facing Innasid amounts ofyeers imprlarroesse in Quunansmo without
ever seeing my family or having acmes to any legal recourse. which also maid include emsudou
by laths/ w
hatever" '

003 MomentBa kt some beget was coefuring. At Mum they raid be would be suet
to Britain. and at times it was Pakistan. lidowisin Boma misters what he understood was that the
Maim= Bogs
laterviim( I 4
( 3)(6),(b) 7)
(C )
- (b)(6),(b) 7)
(t6),(b) 7)
(b 5),(b)(7)(C)
(b • ),(b)(7)(C)
rubs of law bed no piece bora andhe fklicomplaidy It disk may. hioaxonie Ban Maid the this
is fvlist la numbed this . L. . , ..___i .. - 1.-.-.: ......
02M/2003 ?dome& mid (b)(6). 02) (71( C) %weed Mato taler I:1 a Moeszain Degg
Disco 1®
barged& Mommasea Bog aid that they dead the teem plea bergs* whams median thdi Soo
kin wanks oVt3ankm7 tbilaidr, they mid that he Wad 19 people, and only did two yore
02177/2003 bdocume Begs ad that he was given to maim ch and be did. They goad "Mommtellegg
latently* 1.
Maxim Bea to mike some damage. is ad were back
in minutes with an amended ropy mina Maxim Beggs changee. Mousse Bigg irked
to sea a lawyer, and said you We aaa a and oedema you do this Moi
Begs mail that ha the aura ' ' theta/ you sew it beibrajou
would have thought we were 1)1 Sts aT.,
02/7?/2003 Mamma Begginiel that he sigma the document Wawa of impend* isolation, fiber,
appnMeasion, and all of them things that had happened Including the beaten's and the dream and
the bodieds dem he was niketrenywhkes has had
thiamin, 1 igt
doessemBegaid thsdoeuzient (0)(6),(b)(7)(c) 7 hmumm Bags -
Inoeview 10
aelnleaBegs said hone brae bop ma goo swum cop
routine, by Ben mid they Were mod
02/M2003 . - air he *meg dm document. Malt mid /4ommani.Deig
Merrier/ 3 0
hiceasem Sep saw . over _ . . .1 an; and
, • " - emu of Inventigadca apes . .- Begg mei
(b1(6).(b)(71( hfrislinuabed in February, 2002. met him spin in
U.B. Neeei_Nekatettlemino Dix Cube,
02M/2003 Monism Box explained his intertatlea will dee Ineserations2 Committee of the LedCima Moment Bea
Interview 1®
021/2003 Woman* Bois mid that .Americana Wartiet &eye bed to him aid that they total his good cc
trivial ocomione, Meluding the Igularal Weep of Invaded=

Monson Nig
Interview I 0
06/7112004 Moment Bigg said thet in Me IOU, 110FrOgebzi 6.0m the CM wpmeeted his and showed-
Mm picherom of a hooded body with a number oa tbn back of lie shirt that bdoeinanlinte
Woman Begg
Interview I ft
b ).(b)(7)(C)
(b 6),(b)(7)(C)
(b 6),(b)(7)(C)
(b)(6).( 3)(7)( )
roxigaizoi Tlfe CE:i people told Idatoiwn Btogdott this room was In Moon= Bent alit
(fad in Decornber 2002 or moult of blows iofikool to It holy. They shed Mumma Begs if
her would. lid Wang to polo. cot who we's dtoporEstrotom spd they brought *moo Boa
*turas of members of she whole unit Mom= nogg sold that he pointed cid dame nsop000iblo