CaseMap Facts Report - Michael Chertoff Interview 1

The document includes notes from interviews conducted with FBI personnel Michael Chertoff, regarding his knowledge about FBI involvement in the use of legally questionable interrogation techniques for detainees as well as the role and interest of the FBI Criminal Division in detainee interrogations.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CaseMap Facts Report
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Case: FBI in Military Zones
Created: 2/24/2009 11:57:15 AM
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To Be
Any recollection of Federal Bureau of Investigation's desire to participate in interrogations of
Zayn Abidin Muhammed Hussein abu Zubaida? DNR as it relates to Zayn Abidin Muhammed
Hussein abu Zubaida. There was discussion of Federal Bureau of Investigation's participation in
Central Intelligence Agency led interrogations. Michael Chertoff has vague recollection that
Federal Bureau of Investigation had question as to whether a problem with the admissibility of
statements obtained from a detainee interrogated by the Central Intelligence Agency could be
avoided if the Federal Bureau of Investigation interviewed the detainee afterwards, separately.
Michael ChertoffDNR the meeting as described by Pasquale D'Amuro. Michael Chertoff said
he knew the Federal Bureau of Investigation believed it could add value in interrogating.
Someone raised taint question and asked if it could be avoided by coming in afterwards.
Michael Chertoff said his opinion was that coming in "afterwards" would not solve the
admissibility problem. 6:00.
Michael Chertoff
Interview 1 at 1:30
- 6:00
To Be
Michael Chertoff was aware of Central Intelligence Agency's request to use certain techniques.
At some point, he said, there was a question as to whether they could get some advance authority
or advance declination from the Criminal Division in connection with the use of the techniques.
As part of that, Michael Chertoff was aware that Central Intelligence Agency had gotten a
general opinion from Office of Legal Counsel that the techniques were legal. He said the
Criminal Division could not give an advance declination or advance immunity. Chertoff said he
knew Central Intelligence Agency got a general opinion regarding these techniques, but he does
not know when that occurred in relation to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's question about
interviewing Central Intelligence Agency detainees. 9:30.
Michael Chertoff
Interview I at 7:00
- 9:30
To Be Michael Chertoff said he attended National Security Council meetings infrequently and he DNR Michael Chertoff