Army Provost Marshal Compliance Inspection Report: Brigade Central Collection Point (BCCP) Compliance Inspection February 2004

<p>Army Provost Marshal Compliance Inspection Report: Brigade Central Collection Point (BCCP) Compliance Inspection February 2004</p>

Oversight Report
Thursday, February 5, 2004
Tuesday, November 29, 2005

05 FEB 04 BCCP INSPECTION RESULTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY TFIH Brigade Central Collection Point (BCCP) compliance inspection (5 Fel) 04) Scope of inspection. The 4ID Provost Marshal and the 4ID Inspector General conducted a compliance inspection of one TFIH BCCP on 5 Feb 04. The provost marshal officer operated one team IOT conduct the inspections. The team (-2(2LT_SFC_inspected 173rd ABN.' Two checklists were used during the inspection. The first assesses the units for compliance to applicable portions of AR 190-8 (Enemy Prisoners of War, Retained Personnel, Civilian Internee's, and other detainee's) and Geneva conventions relative to the treatment of Prisoners of War. The second assesses the unit's compliance with TFIH FRAGO 1291 (Detainee Operations). The scale of assessment used is: Fair, Good, Above Average, and Excellent. 173ABN: Overall Assessment: Excellent Summary. The facility is well organized and the leaders in charge have a firm understanding of detention operations and requirements outlined in FRAGO 1291. The operations are being run by 3rd Platoon of the 64th Military Police Company. They haVemade a number of improvements to include storage bins for the evidence room They are in the process of installing heating systems located in the detainee holding cells and proper lighting throughout the facilities cells. The procedures for receiving detainees from capturing units and detainee in-processing ensure only detainees with proper documentation are accepted into the facility. They also do an outstanding job of documenting injuries sustained to detainees before arrival at the BCCP. 020464 DOD-043544 off(b)(-t) 3 Observation: Recommendation: The unit is currently in the process of renovating a nearby building, which has four rooms. Two of the rooms can be utilized as UMW Observation: This was the best facility in the division. The platoon leadership has done an outstanding job of utilizingrtheirresouVteg to improve the facility. The BCCP clearly exceeds the standards. that have been outlined in TFIH Frago 1291. Recommendation: Keep up the hard, dedicated work that has made the facility the best in the division. 020465 DOD-043545