Army Provost Marshal Compliance Inspection Report: Brigade Central Collection Point (BCCP) Compliance Inspection January 2004

Army Provost Marshal Compliance Inspection Report: Brigade Central Collection Point (BCCP) Compliance Inspection January 2004.

Investigative File
Wednesday, January 21, 2004
Tuesday, November 29, 2005


020460 c3/5

TFIH Brigade Central Collection Point (BCCP) compliance

inspection (21 Jcill 04)

Scope of inspection. The 4ID Provost Marshal and the 4ID

Inspector General conducted a compliance inspection of one

TFIH BCCP as well as two TF collection points on 21 Jan 04.

The provost marshal officer operated one team IOT conduct

the ins ections. The team (CPT WI, SFCS, SSG

inspected 3rd BCT and two TF collection points.

Two checklists were used .during the inspection. The first

assesses the units for compliance to applicable portions of

AR 190-8 (Enemy Prisoners of War, Retained Personnel,

Civilian Internee's, and other detainee's) and Geneva

conventions relative to the treatment of Prisoners of War.

The second assesses the unit's compliance with TFIH FRAGO

1291 (Detainee Operations).

The scale of assessment used is: Fair, Good, Above

Average, and Excellent.

3 BCT:

Overall Assessment: Above Average

Summary. The facility is well organized and the leaders in
charge have a firm understanding of detention operations
and requirements outlined in FRAGO 1291. The operations
are being run by 4th Platbon of the 411th Military Police
Company. The procedures for receiving detainees from
capturing units and detainee in-processing ensure only
detainees with proper documentation are accepted into the


Observation: The facility did not have an adequate climate
control for the detainee's.



Recommendation: That the unit develop a plan to improve
the facility to deal with the Seasonal change in weather
for both the Summer and Winter.

01.,LvaLioll; The fauiliLy Dues IRA have d showet fauiliLy
for the detainees to properly wash or sanitize themselves.

Recommendation: Command emphasis needs to be put on
sanitary conditions for detainees at the brigade level.

Observation: The CAT II translator that works with the CI
team was on vacation and they did not have the capability
to interrogate detainees.

Recommendation: Assign another translator or transfer the
detainees to the Division detention facility.

TF FOB's :

Overall Assessment: Fair

Summary. Two collection points were inspected. One
collection point was very good, however they were not
compliant with FRAGO 1291.111111were not running either (bYd 3
collection point. Additionally detainees are routinely held
for 96 hours or longer. The other facility was "Unsat" and
not too standard. It met the minimum standard of a hastily
prepared collection point. The TF was holding a detainee
for 8 days. Both unit S2's and one S3 expressed their
reluctance to transfer detainees because they did not
receive any Intel or feedback once they were transferred to
Brigade and or division Control. One TF S2 indicated that
his unit was trying to determine whether or not the
detainee was a "bad guy" although he was in possession of
two Mortar tubes and ammunition. This specific detainee had
been held for 8 days. The PMO transferred, the detainee to
the Brigade Collection Point for the unit.

Observation: At the two TF collection points the exception
of holding detainees more than 24 to 48 hours has become
the rule.

,Recommendation: Once they arrive at battalion ensure the
paperwork is complete as soon as possible and that the
detainee be transported to the brigade immediately.